One of the quandaries I had as a runner was the question of why and if it was important to win.  The goal of sports is to win but I asked myself "what virtue was there in beating the other guy" and "isn't life about helping people and not defeating them?"  I also thought that everyone has different capabilities and the fact that someone outruns someone else does not necessarily mean they tried harder, it could simply mean they have better genes. 

One way to look at an opponent in sports is not as an enemy but as a friend who is helping you reach glory by creating a challenge for you.  The faster he runs the greater the glory if you win.  Such a challenge is not just a physical one but also a spiritual one in the sense that how well you run does not only depend on your natural strength but also on how hard and well you train and push yourself.  Training is not just about pushing yourself hard as many have found out who have pushed themselves too hard.  Likewise winning a race is not about going as fast as you can the moment the race starts unless you're a sprinter.  The same is true in achieving objectives in life.

Running was good for me.  When I was a team I became part of a group of friends, when I ran I felt free and relieved of stress and enjoyed myself and it was very good for my health and outlook. 

Running was very good for a woman named Shamila Kohestani.  The link titled The World's Greatest Soccer player is a link to her story.