Islam and Slavery

   Charles Jacobson, president of the American anti-slavery group spoke about Islam and slavery in the Sudan: (Rocker rescues Sudan slaves New York Post 12/11/01 p10)

Because the blacks in the south, who are mostly Christian, don't want to be ruled by the Koran, there is genocide and two million people have been killed.

As part of holy war, they raid African villages and shoot the men and capture the women and children and have them as Jihad slaves.  They force them to become Muslim.  The women are genitally mutilated and raped, the little boys become goat herders, and God forbid you lose a goat, they chop your fingers off.

Bishop Dolli, an Episcopal bishop from Sudan was in Washington in the week of Oct 15-19 2001 at the invitation of the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD). He attempted to warn Congress and anyone else who would listen of the dangers to his country and the United States posed by Islam, especially in its militant form.  The Bishop said that The congregation of All Saints Cathedral in Khartoum, a peaceful assembly of Christians, was recently disbanded and many members were arrested, tried in kangaroo courts and either imprisoned or punished by caning.

     In Sudan, says Bishop Dolli, many Christian church buildings have been either bulldozed or bombed from the air.  Non-Muslims suffer persecution in employment, and all women, whether Muslim or not, are forced to wear the black chador and veil. The government army has been renamed "Jundy Allah" (the Army of Allah) and they fight jihad (holy war) against those in Southern Sudan and non-militant Muslims.

     Slavery continues to be practiced by the murahaleen, members of government-backed militias who regularly conduct raids against Christians in Southern Sudan. The murahaleen have killed thousands, enslaved children and young women, stolen cattle, plundered and burned food stores and crops and are reported by various human-rights organizations to have raped both men and women.  According to the New York Post (10/21/02) up to 15,000 people are held as slaves in the Sudan, and more have been traded to other Arab countries.

     More than 2 million Sudanese civilians are estimated to have died since 1983 as a result of the continuing warfare, according to the IRD. Many millions more have been forced to flee their homes. Bishop Dolli says radical Islam's goal is to dominate the entire African continent with its militant, oppressive, dangerous and increasingly popular brand of religion. So-called "Islamic moderates," in the bishop's view, are among the first targeted for extermination by the extremists, even before they go after Jews and Christians. 

According to Middle East News Line (10/16/01) "Moderate" Saudi Arabia arrested  least 15 Christians from Africa in August to October of 2001 for conducting non-Islamic services in private homes. Three of them are said to have been tortured in prison. Saudi Arabia does not allow the worship of any other religion other than Islam. Jews are not allowed in the kingdom and Christians are warned that they risk arrest if they participate in private prayer gatherings.

   According to Islam those who convert from the faith must be killed.  Jeff Jacoby in his article Durban, racism, and Islamism (Boston Globe, 9/3/2001) wrote how:

Afghanistan's Islamist dictators, the Taliban, announced that six international aid workers who have been jailed on charges of preaching Christianity will be put on trial. As for the 16 Afghans arrested with them, they will face the death penalty if they are found to have converted from Islam.

  Luckily the workers were saved by the Northern Alliance. 

   Muslims in the Sudan enslave non-Muslims.  Rod Dreher wrote about the experience of Francis Bok in his column in the New York Post 5/3/2001.

ONE DAY in 1986, as Francis Bok stood in a market in southern Sudan, trying to sell his family's eggs and beans, a Muslim militia backed by his country's government descended like a swarm of hornets.

"They shot people in the head, and cut off heads with swords," Francis says of the raid he witnessed on the town.

Why did he make it out alive? Because he was 7 years old.

Having murdered all the adults, the Arab militiamen took the children as slaves. Francis and two his sisters, all Catholics, were tied up in baskets and hung like saddlebags on a donkey.

One of the girls wouldn't stop crying for her parents. So the Muslims stopped the caravan and blew her head off. When the other began wailing, they chopped off her foot. "I learned to be quiet," says Francis.

   For an excellent article about current slavery under Islam see The Slave Trail by Linda Slobodian.


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