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"Moderate" Jordanians Incite with Medicine

American Soccer Defeat Celebrated by Palestinians

An Interview by Muslim Women's Magazine

Anti-American Statements by the Palestinian Authority

Anti-Christian Incitement

Arab Musical Hits

Arab Racism

Arab Wedding Celebrations

Arabs Celebrate Bat Mitzvah Murders

Arabs Celebrate Massacre of Americans at The World Trade Center

Arabs Threaten Walt Disney

Arafat Asked Terror Groups To Attack Israel

Arafat's Definition of Peace

Arafat's Ultimate Plan

Arafat's World Trade Center Cease Fire

Beware the Jewish Jinn

CIA has tape of Arafat Ordering the Murder of Two American Diplomats

Censoring the Movie Independence Day

Cleansing Palestine Of Jews

Clinton's Affairs Blamed on Zionists

Cutting Off Hands

Death sentence to those who sell land to Jews

Don't Touch the Wall

Fear and Censorship in the

Fear and Censorship in the *

Fear and Censorship in the **

Firing at Funeral Processions

Holocaust Denial

In Osama We Trust

Indoctrinating Children

Introduction to Shockers Web Site

Introductory Remarks For Shockers Web Pages

Is U.S. Policy Good for Israel? Hamas Doesn't Think So

Israel's Existence is Forbidden by Islamic Law

Jamming Broadcasts To Hide the Truth

Joy in Ramallah

Killed in Her Cradle

Killed in Her Cradle*

Moslem Slave Traders

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PA Official Calls For Destruction of America after Albright

PLO Children Call for Chemical Warfare

PLO Definition of Peace

PLO Finances

PLO Wealth

PLO's Voice of Peace, The Palestine Broadcasting Corporation

Palestinian Authority War Preparations

Palestinian Love of the Land

Palestinian Oppression of Fellow Palestinians

Palestinian Poetry

Palestinian School Writing Competition

Palestinian Sermon: Destroy America

Palestinian Snipers Shoot Babies

Palestinian Summer Camp

Palestinian Summer Camp*

Palestinian Torture Chambers in Jerusalem

Palestinians Discover the Internet

Palestinians Discuss Health Care

Palestinians Support Saddam

Palestinians Target Children

Peace Treaty Signing Egypt Prepares for War

Prison Holidays

Recruiting Children to Kill Jews





Scud Mania

Senate Hearing: Barakat, Testimony of a Lebanese Christian

Sesame Street, Palestinian Style

Set Your Minds at Ease

Shocker Links

Shocker Logo

Something Fishy is Going On in Gaza

Sources of PLO Funds

Stinging the Frog

Terrorists in PLO Police Force

Terrorists in PLO Police Force*

Terrorists in PLO Police Force**

Thank you Hitler

The Egyptian's Schindler's List

The Palestinian Identity

The Reason for Sabra and Shatilla

The Sweet Fragrance of Martyrdom

The True Cause of the Middle East Conflict: Islam

They're Just Kids Throwing Stones

United States Betrayal of Whistle Blowers

Virtuous Saudis

We're Slaughtering Your Husband

Who Says The PLO Doesn't Respect Jewish Rights?

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