The Palestinian Identity

Moslem Slave Traders

Palestinian Gratitude

Gas Masks

Palestinian Police Moonlight As Rock-Throwers

New PLO Laws

U.S. Objectivity About the Arab Violations of Agreements

PLO Assistance in the War Against Terror

Land for What?

Crucifixion of Christians

United States Punishment for Whistle Blowers of US Support of Iraq

Palestinian Authority Punishment of Condolence Calls

Arafat Does Something About Terror

PLO Plans War with Israel

Peace treaty signing Egypt prepares for war

PA Appreciation of American Support

Source of PLO funds

Arab Wedding Celebrations

Palestinian Summer Camp

American Soccer and the Palestinians

PLO's Voice of Peace, The Palestine Broadcasting Corporation

Arafat Reveals What Oslo Means to Him

Censorship by the State Department

Sesame Street, Arab Style

Aren't They Cute?

Clinton's Troubles Blamed on Zionists

Stinging the Frog

Lets Kill Children

Arafat in Favor of Saddam

Who Says The PLO Doesn't Respect Jewish Rights?

Arafat Asked Terror Groups To Attack Israel

Is U.S. Policy Good for Israel? Hamas Doesn't Think So

Terrorists in PLO Police Force

PA Official Calls For Destruction of America after Albright's Visit

Arab Racism

Indoctrinating Children

Senior PA Official: Destroy America

Those War Loving Palestinians

Prison Holidays

Slavery of the Press

Death Sentence to Those Who Sell Land to Jews

PA Torture in Jerusalem

CIA has tape of Arafat Ordering the Murder of Two American Diplomats

PA preparing for War

Censoring Independence Day

Cutting off hands

Scud Mania

Arabs Boycott Yankees

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