Commandeering Palestinian Homes

Palestinian health and security officials said that a group of Fatah Al Aksa Martyr's

Brigades terrorists killed a 15-year-old Palestinian boy Friday morning in the town of

Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip after the youth tried to stop them from setting

up a Kassam rocket launcher near his family's home, Army Radio reported.

Members of the Arafat-linked terrorist group were trying to plant Kassam rocket

launchers next to the Zanin family residence in northern Beit Hanun, when the family,

concerned over IDF retaliation, argued and ultimately struggled with the terrorists.

In the ensuing scuffle, the terrorists opened fire on the Zanin family, killing Jamil

Zanin, 15, and injuring 5 others. The Kassam crew gathered their launchers and

missiles and left the scene. No Kassam rockets have been launched out of Northern

Gaza so far Friday. (Jerusalem Post 7/22/04)


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