The following paragaphs are from the New York Post (5/20/02)

That Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was so cruelly and viciously slain - his throat was cut after his captors forced him to "confess" that he was Jewish - is horrible enough. Last week, it got worse.

CBS News reported that a videotape of Daniel Pearl's final hours - including his on-camera beheading - is being used to entice recruits to radical Islam.

The tape, disseminated on the Internet from Web sites originating in Saudi Arabia, is titled: "The Slaughter of the Spy-Journalist, the Jew Daniel Pearl."

CBS termed it "a recruiting poster for America's enemies" aimed at young Saudis.

"The audience for this Web site [is] young Saudis: college students, high school students and unemployed Saudis," according to dissident Saudi journalist Ali al-Ahmed, who discovered the site and brought it to CBS's attention. 

According to Ali al-Ahmed the reaction of Saudis seeing the tape was

 "They said, I wish I was there, I wish I had done it.' "


England's Telegraph Group Ltd. wrote a report (March 15, 2002) that quotes Saudi newspapers to the effect that scuffles broke out between firemen and members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice when the latter tried to keep the girls inside a burning school in Mecca.  Fifteen girls were killed as they stampeded to escape from the blazing building in the holy Muslim city.   The Telegraph reported that a civil defense officer said that he saw three members of the religious police "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya."  This was also reported by the BBC online on March 15, 02.

   In an article published by the Saudi government daily Al-Riyadh (March 10, 2002), columnist, Dr. Umayma Ahmad Al-Jalahma of King Faysal University in Al-Dammam, wrote on "The Jewish Holiday of Purim."

This holiday [Purim] begins with a fast, on March 13, like the Jewess
Esther who vowed to fast. The holiday continues on March 14; during the
holiday, the Jews wear carnival-style masks and costumes and overindulge in
drinking alcohol, prostitution, and adultery. This holiday has become known
among Muslim historians as the "Holiday of Masks."

She also wrote about the Hamantashen Jews eat on Purim.

During this holiday, the Jew must prepare very special pastries, the
filling of which is not only costly and rare - it cannot be
found at all on the local and international markets.

Unfortunately, this filling cannot be left out, or substituted with any
alternative serving the same purpose.  For this holiday, the Jewish people
must obtain human blood so that their clerics can prepare the holiday
pastries. In other words, the practice cannot be carried out as required if
human blood is not spilled!!

Before I go into the details, I would like to clarify that the Jews'
spilling human blood to prepare pastry for their holidays is a
well-established fact, historically and legally, all throughout history.
This was one of the main reasons for the persecution and exile that were
their lot in Europe and Asia at various times...

Let us now examine how the victims' blood is spilled. For this, a
needle-studded barrel is used; this is a kind of barrel, about the size of
the human body, with extremely sharp needles set in it on all sides. [These
needles] pierce the victim's body, from the moment he is placed in the

These needles do the job, and the victim's blood drips from him very
slowly. Thus, the victim suffers dreadful torment - torment that affords the
Jewish vampires great delight as they carefully monitor every detail of the
blood-shedding with pleasure and love that are difficult to comprehend.

After this barbaric display, the Jews take the spilled blood, in the bottle
set in the bottom [of the needle-studded barrel], and the Jewish cleric
makes his coreligionists completely happy on their holiday when he serves
them the pastries in which human blood is mixed.

      In the same month in the same paper (Al-Riyadh) Ms. Al-Jalahma wrote a piece "The U.S. Should Expel the Jews,".  She wrote that George Washington bemoaned the fact that the states "have not attempted to fight and annihilate the Jews - even though [the Jews] have proven to be a group of lethal insects who [pose] the gravest dangers to the United States and its security." She quotes Benjamin Franklin as agreeing, declaring that unless "you do not make haste and expel the Jews from our country today and forever, your children will curse you in your graves." These words, according to Ms. Al-Jalahma, came from a "1789 convention for the declaration of the American constitution." There, she writes that Benjamin Franklin demanded an amendment to ensure the deportation of Jews from the United States.(THE SAUDI MEDIA HATEFEST Diana West The Washington Times 3/22/2002).

     What you never read about this in the history books?  It must be a Zionist coverup!



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