Islamabad, Pakistan after the World Trade Center Massacre -- T-shirts and turbans bearing the image of Osama bin Laden and the words, "World Hero"are big sellers at the open market.  So are fake credit cards and $50 bills with his picture and the phrase "In Osama We Trust."

  But forget about buying cassettes and CDs of his fiery teachings where he says, "Every American man is my enemy."  They sold out hours after last Tuesday's attacks at six times the normal price.

  "Osama has become like a god for the Muslim people," said Aamir Khan, 21, as he waved a white Taliban flag and led an anti-American protest outside the city's Red Mosque, "America and Pakistan should be warned" If they try to kill Osama or attack our Afghan brothers, we will wage war against them.   American and Pakistani blood will flow in the streets." ... Musharraf says the groups (that feel this way) represent a small portion about 15% of the country's 144.6 million people. 

USA Today, "To some Pakistanis, bin Laden 'like a god'" by Jack Kelley, 9/20/01




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