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   On Monday March 26, 2001, a Palestinian sniper shot a 10 month year old baby in the head and then shot the baby's father in the legs.  On April 3, 01, Voice of Palestine radio reported that 10-month-old Shalhevet Pass was not killed by a Palestinian sniper but by her mother.  The VOP report was as follows:

On the matter of the baby settler who was killed in Hebron a few days ago, we already said that her death was a fishy action and there is information according to which this baby was retarded and it was her mother who killed her in order to get rid of her.

   Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Gideon Meir said the statement is "a genuine indicator of just how low the PA is willing to sink to win over world opinion." He said that the Foreign Ministry continues to carefully monitor PA media reports to document the ongoing propaganda campaign being waged by Arafat and PA officials.  Education Minister Limor Livnat, during a Voice of Israel interview today, said the radio report was "just another example of ongoing incitement and anti-Semitism that has become an integral part of the PA media war against Israel."

   Need we mention that Palestinians threw rocks at the funeral procession for Shalhevet and after the mourners returned to Hebron resumed sniping at them.

   For pictures of the funeral of Shalhevet Pass click here.



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