Palestinians Discover the Internet

    Investigators said Ophir Rahum, 16, of Ashkelon

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was kidnapped after being lured to Jerusalem by a Palestinian woman he met over the Internet. The 11th-grader, who may have exchanged love e-mails with the woman, left home with a large amount of money and met the woman Wednesday, they said.    She drove him to Ramallah, where eyewitnesses said the boy was shot by three Palestinians, then repeatedly stabbed ( The New York Post Jan 19, 2001).

   Due to the extent of the gunshot wounds, the Palestinians had difficulty in identifying the body, but claimed that it was that of a Palestinian who had been shot by Israeli security officials.

Israel denied the claims, noting that shots had been fired in the area by Palestinians at an army convoy traveling on the road to Psagot.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians continued to claim they had a body but did not offer any description.

Yesterday morning the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria and IDF received a report regarding the missing youth. Recalling the Palestinian claims from the day before, Israel once again asked for details. The Palestinians insisted that the body they held was a Palestinian's, but toward the afternoon Israel handed over a description of the youth and other details and demanded to immediately receive information.

"The request was submitted by senior officials," an Israeli security official said last night. Later yesterday afternoon, Palestinian security officials confirmed Israel's suspicions and at 8 p.m. the body was handed over to the District Coordinating Office in Ramallah.

According to a French news agency, an Israeli youth was seen driving with a Palestinian woman on the Jerusalem-Ramallah highway on Wednesday. Eyewitness said that after he entered the PA-controlled area, three masked men shot and murdered the youth. They reportedly left the body on the roadside while the woman, an apparent accomplice, was seen driving in the car following the perpetrators. (
The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition Jan 19, 2001)

 Palestinians Discover Chat Rooms

The IDF Spokesman  reports (June 2002) that  the official Hamas website recently hosted an electronic chat in which at least four participants offered a fifth user advice on how to murder Americans.  Excerpts: "Once a week, a group of American "dogs" come near us on the sea front. I  have been following them for a long time and am interested in your suggestions for ways to get rid of them secretly." "If they arrive in a private car, put a large amount of sugar in the gas tank of the car. Then, you can ambush them on the way back because the car will get stuck in the way. You will have many options to get rid of them.  You can run them over on the road, after they abandon the broken down car.  You can put a trap on the beach if they tend do a lot of walking. If you have people with you and four cars, you can stop them at a certain point on the road, at a traffic light for example, block them from all directions and burn them in their cars using a Molotov cocktail."




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