Israeli police shut down an Arab summer camp in the Galilee after a televison program showed hundreds of chldren shouting "We want bombs."   According to the New York Post ( Hate camp closed, 8/1/03)

Israel's Channel 10 prompted the raid when it showed a video clip Wednesday night of about 300 campers singing songs in praise of "martyrs" - shahids - who die in terrorist attacks.  "The best thing to do is die as a shahid for our country," one song went.

The children were also shown marchin to the chants of "Don't want flour, don't want sardines - we want bombs."...

Israeli officials have been increasingly concerned about Arab citizens, mainly in northern Israel, who are taking the Palestinian side in the 33 month conflict.

This week the body of a kidnapped Israeli soldier was found in a shallow grave in what officials called a terrorist murder carried out with the complicity of Israeli Arabs.

     An article in the New York Times describes how Palestinian summer camps teach young
Arabs how to war with Israelis.  New York Times reporter John F. Burns
wrote of camps for 25,000 Palestinian teenagers which
offer "no fun-in-the-sun by a cool clear lake, no rousing sing-alongs
beside a roaring campfire," but rather "the chance to stage a mock
kidnapping of an Israeli leader by masked Palestinian commandos, ending
with the Israeli's bodyguards sprawled dead on the ground," a "mock attack
on an Israeli military post, ending with a sentry being grabbed by the neck
and fatally stabbed," and "the opportunity to excel in stripping and
reassembling a real Kalashnikov rifle."  The article can be seen, after
registering, at

There are scores of PA-sponsored summer camps in the West Bank and Gaza that drill children in weapons use and in how to attack Israeli targets. In Rafah, the officials said, children used firebombs against a simulated IDF post as part of a military exercise.

The Jerusalem Post 7/20/00 regarding PLO summer camps:




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