Beware the Jewish Jinn

    It should not be surprising that some entrepreneurial spiritualists have been able to profit from the Middle Eastern readiness to succumb to conspiracy thinking. "Jinn theory" concerns the characteristics of minor supernatural beings, like elves or sprites, a legacy from the Middle East's pre-Muslim polytheistic past. It is a traditional part of Middle Eastern folklore, and since the intifada erupted on December 9, 1987, contending with Jinns has become a growing business in Gaza. Sheikh Abu Khaled, an exorcist, said the number of possessed Muslims has more than tripled: "I suspect that Jewish magicians send Jinns to us here in Gaza. In fact most of my patients are possessed with Jewish Jinns.: Both Jewish and Christian Jinns are reported to be black in color, but the Jewish ones are distinguished by the horns growing from their heads.

From: "Robert S. Robins and Jerrold M. Post"
Political Paranoia, the Psychopolitics of Hatred
Yale University Press 1997



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