No Hannuka this year for Smokey the Bear.

    One of the least covered events in the Middle East is the systematic environmental terrorism perpetrated by the Arabs. For years groups of Israeli and Palestinian Arabs have exploited every heat wave and every day of dry easterly winds to set forest fires intentionally. The areas with the highest frequencies of arson are the corridor of Jerusalem and the Carmel Park next to Haifa. Groups of Arabs, no doubt at the command of the various groups of Terrorists for Peace, take to the forests with cans of petrol and start fires. Given the wind direction, the fires are often planned so that the flames reach Jewish neighborhoods, such as the Carmel fire last year. This week's repeat forest arson was also designed to burn down parts of Haifa.

    The bleeding hearts have been telling us for decades how the po' Arabs yearn for their beloved homeland and positively worship their lands...   In the case of Arabs, their great "love for their lands" is manifested in the countless cases of intentional forest arson and environmental terrorism.

From: "Steven Plaut"
Subject: The PLO's Hannuka Gift?
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 08:18:15 GMT



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