Friends, I would like to set your minds at ease. For those of you who have been concerned at the possibility that the PLO and its assorted factions are arming themselves for some purpose OTHER than attacking Israel, you can now relax.

    You see, in the past week concerns were raised in Lebanon that the Fat'h terrorist organization, the largest military and political body constituting the PLO, was amassing armaments for the purpose of assaulting its political rivals in Lebanon, including the Shit'ite Lebanese militias.

    Not true, now insist PLO spokesterrorists, including one As'ad Abd A-Rahman, a senior PLO Gauleiter. The massing of armaments is solely for the purpose of attacking ISRAEL, he insists. (Haaretz Nov 12).

    So Oslo goes on and we can all relax.

From "Reassuring Words from Our Peace Partners"
by Steve Plaut Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999




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