Palestinian Oppression of Fellow Palestinians

Arutz 7 News Sunday January 14, 2001

     Palestinian security forces have been detaining two Israeli-Arabs from the Be'er Sheva region for a number of weeks. The PA claims that the two had planned to transfer ownership of properties to Jews. Kol Rina News Agency reports that the two Israeli-Arabs are being tortured, and that Israel is not taking action on their behalf. A senior military officer told Kol Rina that he is interested in leaking the story to the press, "as that will be the only chance we have of saving them."

Palestinian Says Cops Shot Him

AOL News December 2 1999

     NABLUS, West Bank (AP) - A Palestinian lawmaker who was shot and wounded by three masked men after signing an anti-corruption manifesto said today that at least one of his assailants was a member of the Palestinian security forces. Moawya al-Masri, 55, said he believed he was attacked because he signed the declaration which for the first time holds Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat directly responsible for rampant corruption in the government.

     The legislator said he did not know whether the attack was sanctioned by the Palestinian Authority or was a local initiative. Palestinian security officials refused to comment on the allegations.

     Arafat has taken swift steps to quell dissent. He has arrested some of the signatories and has pressured parliament to censure dissident lawmakers.

     In another warning to dissidents, parliament said Wednesday it would form a committee to monitor the public statements of legislators, with the implied threat that those who went too far could have their parliamentary immunity lifted.

     ``Corruption is in all official institutions,'' said al-Masri, the legislator, speaking to reporters in his Nablus home, with his injured leg resting on a small table. ``There is a small group that has money and influence and acts to increase corruption so that it can make more money.''

     On Wednesday evening, Al-Masri was attacked outside his home by three masked men armed with knives and pistols after returning from the parliament session in Gaza City.

     Al-Masri, an independent, said he pulled the mask from the face of one of his assailants and recognized him as a member of the security forces.

     Ha'aretz reports today that the host of a popular Palestinian television show was arrested last week by the Palestinian Security Service, after he allowed the mother of a prisoner held by the Palestinian Authority to speak against the PA and its chairman Arafat on the air. Maher al Dousouki, 38, was arrested in Ramallah, and reportedly began a hunger strike upon his arrest. PA security officials said that Dousouki was suspected of serious offenses against the Authority, and that his show had nothing to do with it. Ha'aretz reports that many viewers call in to Dousouki's show to express their opinion on various social issues, "something they cannot do anywhere else on Palestinian radio or television." A delegation of the Council of Palestinian Human Rights Organizations went to visit Dousouki in jail, but was not permitted to see him.

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Arutz Sheva News Service
September 21, 1999



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