Egyptian Foreign Minister Amru Mussa warns Disneyworld against opening its new Jerusalem pavilion. He said that the Arabs would take "appropriate measures" against the company if it opens the pavilion - which is to be the largest exhibition in the new Millennium Village at Epcot Center in Florida. The Arabs are against any presentation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

     IMRA reports that the Palestinian Authority has also joined in the call to boycott Disney. In an official statement, the PA writes that the exhibit contradicts " the world's massive recognition of Jerusalem as an occupied city." It further writes that it "considers this exhibition as constituting... support to [Israel's] non-stop attempts to Judaize Jerusalem... [The PA] appeals to both Saudi Arabia and Morocco to boycott" the entire exhibition if Jerusalem is portrayed as Israel's capital, and "also urges all sisterly Arab and Islamic nations to boycott the company's products as a means to force it to cancel this exhibition."

Arutz Sheva News Service
Monday, September 13, 1999 / Tishrei 3, 5760



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