Cleansing Palestine

      There are two schools of thought about what would happen if Israel adopted the unilateral withdrawal proposals for Lebanon tossed about these days by all three leading political parties. There is the Beilin/ Sharon/Peres/Four-Mothers/Mordecai/Clinton view which says that once Israel was out of Lebanon the Hizbollah and other "activists" would have no grievance and would settle down to honest and peaceful co-existence in the New Middle East. Removing Israeli troops from Lebanon would remove the entire raison d'etre for the conflict there. And then there is the other school of thought, that stated openly and officially by Hizbollah. Haaretz Mar 21, 99 reports that Hizbollah chief Nasrallah once agin repeated over the weekend what would happen after Israel withdraws from Lebanon: the Hizbollah will continue its military actions until all of Palestine from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river has been cleansed of Jews in rivers of blood. So which are YOU going to believe?

Steve Plaut Sun Mar 21 1999



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