Land for What?


Excerpted from Jeff Jacoby, The Disastrous Wye Accord The Boston Globe October 29,1998 Reported in Steve Plaut's email broadcasts

      The road from Oslo has led to calamity. What Israel offered was land for peace.. The exchange it got instead was land for terror: More Israelis have been blown up and gunned down by Palestinian terrorists in the five years of "peace" than in the previous 15 years.

      Israel has exchanged land for threats: Farouk Kaddoumi, head of the PLO's political bureau, vowed on Oct. 14 that the Palestinians will follow up their declaration of a state next May by launching "the battle against Israeli forces" to eradicate "the Israeli presence on Palestinian lands." Kaddoumi is seen by many as Arafat's most likely successor.

      Israel has exchanged land for antisemitism: The largest newspaper in the Palestinian Authority, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, writes that Hitler's persecution "was a malicious fabrication by the Jews." That "Jewish control over the mass media has . . . put a pleasant face on the vile image of Jews." That "Jews spread prostitution as a means of plunging the world into decadence, abomination, and corruption."

      Israel has exchanged land for incitement: Fiery sermons in Palestinian mosques preach jihad against the Zionists. Schoolbooks exhort children to "gather for war with red blood and blazing fire" and assign essays on the question, "Why must we fight the Jews and drive them out of our land?"

      Land for peace? Israel surrendered land and was paid back in hatred. The Center for Palestine Research reports this month that 51 percent of the Palestinian public supports acts of violence against Israel. If those are the sentiments of Israel's peace partners, how must its enemies feel? ...

      For the fifth time in five years, a peace agreement has been signed that brings war closer. There is a reason Arafat wore battle fatigues to the signing ceremony.



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