Arafat Asks Terror Groups To Attack Israel

"Yasir Arafat has asked some Palestinian organizations to carry out fedayeen operations against Israel but the leaders of these organizations replied: We do not wish to place the blood of our martyrs at the service of an authority that will sell us out at the first opportunity.

    When 'Arafat asked what makes them think he will sell them out, they answered: Abu-'Ammar [Yasir 'Arafat], you will be the first person to arrest our leaders in the West Bank and Gaza in order to be able to tell the Jews: These are the people who are fighting you.The leaders continued: After you release them, our heroes will become easy targets for pursuit by the Zionist security agencies. We will not hand over this opportunity to you or to them. If you want to fight Israel, you have thousands of troops, employees, and security personnel whom you can use."

Beirut weekly newspaper A-Shira' (October 27 1997, p. 9)




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