Arab Wedding Celebrations

B"H July 30, 1998 6 MenachemAv, 5758

To the Rabbis of the Jewish people in every place re: Danger to Life

Peace and Blessings.

We send you this special message to inform you that the local Arabs surrounding us have for months been performing military training exercises with live fire and cannons, preparing for their attack on us, the Jewish communities. The situation is unbearable, and we are pleading with you to relate to our situation.

This activity is separate from the war preparations being conducted by the "Palestinian Police." We are discussing here the local Arabs training with the tens of thousands of automatic weapons which they have acquired since the forming of the Autonomy. We hear the shooting here in Nachliel, and it is also heard in Neve Tzuf, Ateret, and in Nili, Talmon and in Dolev. The shooting is also heard in the Shechem area - in Yitzhar, Alon Moreh, and Itamar (where there was a shooting attack on a Jewish family this past Friday). Not only in the Shomron - I also have reports from Anash who live in the Judea area - Hevron, Kiryat Arba, and the area. I almost could not find an area in the whole Yehuda-Shomron where this phenomena has not been observed to be snowballing in a frightening way in the past months.

We see this taking place outside our windows, and hear it day and night in our homes. At times we hear ourselves surrounded on three sides by cannon and automatic weapons fire, and we see - even without aid of binoculars - how the Arabs are practicing with their machine guns, running and shooting, running and shooting, training carefully and well. All of the Jewish residents here are under great stress and anxiety because of this state of affairs, and we constantly report to Tzahal how we see with our own eyes that the Arabs are preparing literally day and night to overrun and slaughter the Jewish communities here. The cruel and cynical answer of the army is that there is nothing to worry about, for the shooting that we hear is only Arab wedding celebrations. This is the outcome of Tzahal's do- nothing policy which seeks to keep the Jews as subdued as possible, even as the Arabs continue to plan and practice our slaughter.

I learned recently from the Area Brigade Commander Col. "Y." that according to the most current army information, there is "high probability" that the Arabs plan in the next confrontation with Israel to conduct an all-inclusive assault, such that if the Palestinian Police and local armed population attack in Israel's interior, Syria and Egypt will threaten and even attack our borders . In such a scenario, the Yishuvim will have to fend for themselves as the regular army rushes to the front lines. We will only be able to expect reinforcements later. Drawing on our experience from the Sukkos riots two years ago, the army is incapable of protecting all the Yishuvim simultaneously.

Our equipment is sorely inadequate compared to the vast weapons stores found in every single Arab village. Any attempt to reply adequately to the heavy volume of Arab fire will be out of the question. The situation is similar in all the yishuvim. We beg you to raise a bitter and desperate outcry which will be heard over all the radios and read in all the newspapers - that Israel must take the situation into hand immediately, for the danger to life is very great now. Has the time not come to awaken Israel to the situation?

Dear Rabbis! If you don't believe us, we invite you send an emissary to come and spend two days here with us. He will see and hear everything. Let one of the Rabbis come and see for himself our grave situation. May the self sacrifice of our fathers, sages, and holy men provide you strength to make decisions to take immediate action to save Jewish lives.

Thank you,

Mordechai Sones / Yishuv Nachliel, Eretz HaKodesh / 972 8 924 0365 Nachum Schifren / Kfar Tappuach, Eretz HaKodesh Victor Atiya / Kiryat Arba, Eretz HaKodesh



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