PLO's Voice of Peace, The Palestine Broadcasting Corporation


Following are extracts from the Palestinian Authority's P.B.C. Television broadcast, from the 14-15.5.98, now accessible by video through "Shalom L'Dorot" peace movement in Jerusalem

1. Interview with Dr. Ahmed Tibi (Israeli Citizen and personal advisor to Yasser Arafat) - Ramallah studio of the P.B.C on 14.5.98 ...

We are here to state that we are the owners of this land.

Furthermore, we state that the historic evolution of the Palestinian people is stronger than temporary and changing happenings when the forces of tyranny use their power against the historic rights of the Palestinian people.

From Nazareth to Saphoria, from Taybe and Umm el Fahm, and Jaffa, and Lod, and the Negev and the Galilee (we) are hugging you, today the people of Gaza, Ramallah and Shechem and all the regions of our homeland to state in a forceful manner we are the rightful owners. This is our history and we will never bend.

At the same time we say in a loud voice that we seek to fulfill a just peace that is based upon our national pride and the return of the rights of the Palestinian people.

We declare and insist that the following are taken into account beginning with a full withdrawal from Palestinian lands and continuing with our demand for public recognition from the international community taking moral and political responsibility against the intransigence of Israel.

2. Scenes from "Nakba Rally" in Ramallah 14/5/98. The following is a chant led by leader (unidentified) response by huge crowd in musical chorus.

Palestine is Arab.
The holy martyrs our emblem
Palestine is Arab
Netanyahu Binyamin
Netanyahu Binyamin
Nazi, son of Satans
Netanyahu Binyamin
Netanyahu Binyamin
Nazi, son of Satans
Listen to the sound of the millions
Listen to the sound of the millions
The entire land in Palestine
The entire land in Palestine
This is my country Palestine
Lod, Ramle and the Galil
>From Sfat to Jenin
(During the chant, the cameras focus on the burning of a model Jewish community village and Israeli flag burning).

3. Live Report from Nakba - Rally in Gaza. T.V. presenter says the following:

All the holy martyrs who died for Palestine, we will remember all the holy martyrs who fell for Palestine. All the holy martyrs, like Mustafa Hafez - died uttering these words:

"My friend, take my place in the struggle. Take my gun, I have fallen and so my blood does not cease to flow from my wounds. Look at my lips, stuck together against the forceful wind. Look at my eyes, that close as dawn breaks. I have not yet been killed and I still call upon you despite my injury."

To the commander and hero Abu Jihad - the first bullet, the first stone - and to the commander Abu Iyaad, the commander Abu Alhol and Abu Yusef el Najr, and Abu Ali Iyaad, and Abu Sabi Saytem, and Kamal Adwan and Kamal Nasser, and Majid Abu Sherar and Saad Sayel and Abu Munder, Abu Alho and Khalel el Hassan; and to all the holy martyrs of the Palestinian homeland Hassan Kanafani and Yihyeh Ayaash and Omar el Kassem and to all the holy martyrs we say this Palestinian people that perseveres generation after generation will never disappear and will realise its dreams to return and to establish an independent Palestinian state.

Chant on the main dais in Gaza in the presence of Yasser Arafat and other P.A. dignitaries. Arafat himself joins the chant enthusiastically, including;

All of Jerusalem is Arab All of Jerusalem is Arab The entire land is Arab Lod, Ramle and the Galil Haifa and Jaffa, Sfat, Acco and the Galil Arafat himself leads the chant Our soul and blood will redeem you O Palestine!

4. AL NAKBA catastrophe English Language Broadcast on P.B.C 15/5/98 LIKE TODAY LIKE YESTERDAY Production by Lana Shaheen, Mohammed Nayef Directed by Mohammed Nayef Written and supervised by S. Sabawi

..."I have raised my children on Jihad - Holy War and on the principle that they never to give up on their land. I told them that they must return " said an 81 year old refugee who fought against Jewish forces to defend his village of Beit Daras in 1948 and even today bound to a wheelchair he vows he would fight to get it back. His son, 28, said he returned with his father to visit Beit Daras in 1984 now just outside the south Israeli town of Ashkelon and he saw the remains of their house which had been demolished by Israeli soldiers. "I felt that I belonged to this land even though I was born in Gaza: he said.

"No one will accept compensation or accept being settled elsewhere - that would mean giving up our rights. "It would mean burying the Palestinians and their cause" said a 57 year old refugee who is convinced he would one day return. My hope is that my children or their children will be able to achieve what I never could - the return of my land.

(Voice of Yasser Arafat): "The Syrians cannot forget their Land - everywhere from Chile to Scandinavia to Sydney in Australia - that they own the Arab Land, they cannot forget that Palestine is their homeland."
....(1/2 min.) Program ends with visuals of skirmishes with IDF soldiers
Presenter -
"We swore by G-d not to leave our land, we swore to strive to die but not to leave our land, because we are part of this land and our roots are struck too deep in its soil to be uprooted. We swore by G-d to continue our march behind our wise patriotic leadership until we achieve the Palestinian peoples aspirations and the light by establishing the Palestinian state with holy Jerusalem as its capital".

The official PBC TV, which operates under Arafat's direction, maintained a consistent call in the days that led to the riots of May 14, 15, and 16 for Palestinian Arab violence and for "Jihad" .

The themes on the PBC telecasts were:

  1. Descriptions of Israeli troops as "fascist, racist and genocidal", with allegations that Israeli solidiers "cut bellies of pregnant women for the embyo and for the blood"
  2. Calls for "Jihad, to restore the Palestinian land"
  3. Video clips of Intifada riots, with a message to "follow in the footsteps of Abu Jihad and Yehie Ayyas"
  4. Dramatic musical clips of children picking up the broken pieces of a destroyed Palestinian Arab village with children taking a vow to "return to Haifa, Jaffa and Acre", singing a song that "we will never relinquish our land".
  5. Longwinded speeches by officials of the Palestine Authority who threaten "Jihad" if Israel does not allow for the return of Palestinian Arab refugees to the homes that they left in 1948.

Anyone interested in obtaining or distributing these videos or their manuscripts should forward a message to "Shalom LeDorot" at: or by fax: 972-2-6257121
Shalom Ledorot (Jerusalem based peace movment) compilation of the official Palestine Broadcasting Corporation Television programs in the days preceding the "Nakba", which is the Palestinian Arab observance of the founding of the state of Israel on May 14. Friday, May 21, 1998




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