"Peace for us means the destruction of Israel and nothing else"

Yassir Arafat in an interview with Oriana Fallaci 8/25/97

Arafat Reveals what Oslo Means to Him

JERUSALEM (April 28) - The government intends to lodge a protest with the Palestinian Authority over an interview PA Chairman Yasser Arafat gave earlier this month in which he compared the Oslo Accords to a temporary truce and said he envied Palestinian suicide martyrs and hopes to become one of them.

Officials referred to Arafat's interview to the Egyptian Orbit satellite television channel on April 18 in which the PA chief compared the Oslo Accords to the broken truce Mohammed signed with Koreish tribe some 1,300 years ago.

The accords, the officials pointed out, contain an exchange of letters in which Arafat pledged to renounce terrorism and other violence.

"Everyone must know that all options are open before the Palestinian people and not just the Palestinian people but before the entire Arab nation," Arafat said in the interview.

Arafat explained his orders to stop terrorist attacks against Israel, saying that Mohammed agreed to a 10-year truce with the Koreish tribe. The agreement was opposed by one of Mohammed's chief aides, Omar Bin Khatib, who called it the "inferior peace agreement."

"I do not compare myself to the prophet, but I do say that we must learn from his steps and those of Salah a-Din," Arafat said. "The peace agreement which we signed is an 'inferior peace.'"

Arafat said he suggests "we maintain quiet. We respect agreements the way that the prophet Mohammed and Salah a-Din respected the agreements which they signed."

Historians say that Mohammed and Salah a-Din agreed to a truce with the Crusaders and then broke it within a short time.

Steve Rodan
The Jerusalem Post

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Censorship by the State Department

I covered the US House International Relations Committee Hearings on September, 1995, when the head of the GAO arrived at the session to report PLO finances, as the House considered further allocations. The GAO official came with a briefcase overflowing with documents concerning the billions of dollars of assets of the PLO, yet explained to the thirty US House members that he has been advised by the US Administration, while en route to the hearing, that the documents in his briefcase were to be declared classified.

When a congresswoman asked why, he said that the reason was classified. Laughter burst out in the room.

Except that it was not funny.

A nice news story, no?

At least twenty reporters were in the hearing room.

However, their bureaus were "visited" that day by State Department people who "advised" them not to publicize anything about the hearing, which also featured twelve video clips from Arafat's American-funded Palestine Broadcasting Corporation, in which Arafat called for a continuing Jihad/holy war on the people and state of Israel.

With the exception of the Washington Jewish Week, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and a few other Jewish papers who were not present, not one reporter who covered the session reported the hearing.

And, under pressure from the State Department, the House has never released the transcript of that hearing.

David S. Bedein, MSW
Media Research Analyst
Executive Director
Beit Agron International Press Center
Jerusalem, Israel
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