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Introductory Remarks

      The purpose of this site is to promote awareness of the extent of the irrational hostility and fanaticism in the Arab world toward non-Muslims in the Middle East. Those Arabs that are moderate and try and show peaceful intentions toward the Jews (see for example the reaction of the Palestinian Authority to Arabs who make condolence calls) are persecuted or are afraid to speak up in favor of peaceful coexistence.

      If peace is to come to the Middle East it will not come by appeasing fanatics like Arafat. Peace can only come if the Arab friends of Israel are strengthened and their enemies are weakened. Strengthening Israel's friends does not mean arming any Arab nation to the teeth that signs a peace treaty with Israel. The United States has armed Egypt in return for the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty but Egypt is anything but peaceful. Increasing Egyptian military power can only increase the chance of military aggression by Egypt.

      Unfortunately both American and Israeli policies toward the Arabs in the Middle East has been one of appeasement. One of the many negative consequences of such a policy is that an increasingly powerful tyrannical Arab State is emerging under the control of Yassir Arafat which is already oppressing the Arabs within it's territories, which is harboring terrorists and which is teaching a new generation of Arab children to hate Israel.

      The Arafat controlled autonomy is escalating its demands of Israel and is not complying with the agreements it signed with Israel. It's only a matter of time before armed conflict breaks out between the autonomy and Israel and when it does a stronger then ever Egypt and Syria are likely to come to the aid of their Arab brethren. Egypt has already said that it would come to the aid of the Palestinians should war break out.

      This site is full of the opinions of Arabs quoted from their own mouths. Every shocking item in this site has a reference to its source. It is my hope that after reading this people will be shocked into action, even if the action is as small as informing others about this site and the information in it.

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