The Reason for Sabra and Shatilla

      When the Israelis drove the PLO out of Lebanon, Lebanese Christians entered the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla and massacred the inhabitants.   PLO propaganda has blamed Ariel Sharon for this. They have only themselves to blame.  The following are several accounts of what life was like under the PLO in Lebanon. 

   The first is an account by David Shipler of the New York Times:

The PLO, "whose major tool of persuasion was the gun," ruled over a large part of Lebanon, terrifying and terrorizing the local populace, Christian and Muslim alike.  It took over land and houses, it confiscated automobiles, it stole at will from the shops, and anyone who complained was likely to be shot.  Operating as a state within a state, the PLO humiliated local Lebanese officials and displaced them with its own police and "people's committees."

On top of this, writes Shipler, the PLO "brought mercenaries in from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and North African countries.  By all accounts the outsiders were crude undisciplined thugs."  "Before the PLO," one Lebanese woman told Shipler, "we used to be pro-Palestinian...[But] when we saw the Palestinians were killing us and threatening us and having barricades and shooting innocent people, then came the hatred.

Suleiman Franjieh, Lebanon's president in the mid-1970s, in his farewell radio address to the nation on September 19 1976 said:

They (the Palestinian Arabs) came to us as guests.   We awarded them every possible hospitality but eventually they turned into savage wolves.  They sought to kill their hosts and become masters of Lebanon.  Indeed, our guests have already sabotaged Lebanon's executive, legislative and judicial authorities, as well as the nation's regular army...

Dr. Khalil Torbey was quoted by Frank Gervasi in "The Media's War Against Israel as saying (p242)

I know of cases of people being thrown into acid tanks and reduced to unrecognizable masses of porous bone.  Many young girls came to me for abortions after being raped by PLO gangsters.  Very often, mine was the only car circulating the perilous streets of West Beirut after dark to help some unfortunate victim or other of PLO or Syrian violence.  I treated persons with armssevered by shelling, and men whose testicles had been crushed by torturers.

I saw men-live men, mind you- dragged through the streets from fast-moving cars to which they were tied by their feet...

    In time, the Lebanese nad nothing with which to defend themselves and no one to help them so that it was easy for the terrorists to take over homes, shops, garages, apartment houses- anything they wanted.   Our children were growing up in terror and our people, robbed of their homes and belongings, were reduced to living like Bedouins, moving from place to place, seeking refuge from the terror.  The lucky ones were received by friends or relatives in the hills and mountains to the north or south.  The less fortunate lived like hunted animals.

Mr. Frederick El-Murr a Lebanese civil engineer described the situation in Lebanon as follows (Quoted by Frank Gervasi in "The Media's War Against Israel as saying p244)

The terrorists, virtually destroyed with artillery and Katyusha rocket fire such Christian cities as Damour and Tyre, and badly damaged mostly Moslem Sidon. In West Beirut, hardly a building remains untouched.  In 1978, the apartment building in which we lived in East Beirut was hit by PLO rockets 16 times.

And we have seen mutilations and rape.  I know a worker in my factory whose mother was raped by PLO terrorists.  A favorite method of ridding themselves of political opponents was to tie the feet of the male victims to separate cars speeding off in opposite directions.  One such incident was witnessed by my 17-year old daughter, Nada.





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