To me, no less heroic [than the soldiers] are the guy and gal who pay most of the taxes
and whose main concern is to leave their children a world a little better than the one they struggled with.

Bob Hope, The New York Post 1983


    What is our value?  Is our value how much we contribute to society?  Is our value related to our looks, our wealth our status or our power?  Is the leader of our country more valuable than we are?  Is a highly trained doctor who cures the sick more valuable than a garbage man? 

    What would happen if garbage men stop collecting garbage?  There would be health problems that would probably overwhelm the doctors.   Most of our jobs are important for the welfare of society and so are valuable.

    If we contributed nothing to society would we have value?  In the meaning section I suggest that contributing to the welfare of other people is part of the meaning of life.   This implies that there is an intrinsic value to the welfare of others which in turn implies there is an intrinsic value to our own welfare even if we make no contribution. 

    Does an evil man have value?  If someone is going to kill an innocent person than they have lost their value since they are going to destroy value.  They can take on a negative value.


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