The following was related to me by a retired teacher in Nov 1999.  She said the first 20 years of her teaching were wonderful but the last 10 were difficult.  In the United States, more disruptive children are entering classes than did 20 years ago and these children often influence other children to be disruptive.  Disruptive behavior forces the teacher to spend more time on discipline and less time on teaching.  As a result the children who want to learn, learn less.   One of the options open to a teacher is to complain to the parents.  In the case of disruptive children the parents often defend their children to the teacher instead of facing that their little darlings are little devils and disciplining them.   Another option open to teachers is to have the bad kids transferred to a class for problem children.  American law requires that the parents sign their assent.   The problem kids don't want to be transferred and often influence their parents not to sign. 


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