The Assault on Freedom of Speech in Israel

  "Anyone who speaks or writes against the Disengagement Plan is guilty of incitement.” 
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to his cabinet
February 13, 2005

   In Isaiah 42:6 it is written:

I, the Lord, Have Called you in Righteousness, and Will Hold your hand and Keep you. And I Will Establish you as a Covenant of the people, for a Light unto the nations.

   Compared to the countries surrounding her, Israel is a shining light in a sea of dictatorial Islamic fanaticism.  However when it comes to free speech in Israel, the light is flickering. 

   The attack on freedom of speech in Israel by the Jewish left has a long history.  In fact before the modern Jewish State of Israel was born, back in 1930, Jewish demonstrators against British restrictions of Jewish immigration were arrested by the Tel Aviv police.  The Jewish commander of the police ordered the police to beat the demonstrators.

  Several years later the Englishman Josiah Wedgwood wrote "I want to see in Palestine once again a fighting nation, free and courageous like the Maccabees...An army of forty thousand fit to defend what is dear to them and to me..."   Wedgwood wanted Jews to fight for their rights against his own country since England was preventing Jews from fleeing Europe into their ancient homeland of Israel.  Josiah was supportive of the Irgun that was struggling to smuggle Jews past the British blockade into Palestine.  David Ben Gurion the left wing leader of Labor, exploded when he read Wedgwood's words.  He cabled the Jewish Agency in London to approach British Labor immediately to muzzle comrade Wedgwood, and stop his support of "the Jewish Fascist Organization."  (Days of Wrath, Days of Glory, Yitzhak Ben Ami 1983)

   Ben Gurion later ordered troops to fire on a ship bringing arms to Israel because the arms were being smuggled in by "the Jewish Fascist Organization".  Ben Gurion has passed away but the outrageous efforts to suppress free speech in Israel have not. 

   A widespread tactic used to silence free speech is to label it "incitement".  This tactic has been used by the Israeli left in their assault on the free speech of those they don't agree with.  Israelis live in a sea of fanatical Islamic anti-Jewish incitement incitement that must be stopped if there is ever to be peace in the Middle East, yet instead of fighting that incitement they fight those who disagree with their appeasement policies towards the Arabs.

    One example of this is the use of the accusation of incitement against those Israelis who have proposed a "Jewish Alternative Disengagement Plan" to the one being pursued by the Sharon government.  The Sharon's plan involves removing Jews from their homes in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.  An organization named Mishalot Yisrael, proposed an alternative plan in which Arabs who refuse to swear allegiance to Israel are removed instead of Jews.  They posted an online referendum  at and   On Saturday night February 5th 2005, police arrived at the residence of one of the leaders of Mishalot Yisrael, Ben Ya’akov's and detained him for several hours of investigation after which he was released. The official reason  "Search for inciteful material".  If proposing removing Arabs from their homes is incitement then why is it not inciteful for the government to propose removing Jews from their homes?  The purpose of the government is to squelch opposition to their policies, if their purpose was to stop incitement than they wouldn't engage in it.

   Jonathan Rosenblum in an article in the Jerusalem Post wrote: (Think Again: The Beautification of Yitshak Rabin, 11/3/05)

Incitement, we are instructed, must be vigorously prosecuted. The catch, however, is that only one side of the political spectrum is deemed capable of incitement because only one side is made up of rabid fanatics capable of being incited. On the other side, there is only the exercise of free speech.  Words that would be condemned as incendiary if spoken by one side - comments about the sometimes salutary effects of civil war (Ephraim Sneh), calls for an intifada against one's political or religious foes (Yonatan Gefen), or reveries about mowing down fellow Jews with a machine gun (Uri Avnery) - are deemed harmless when uttered by those on the Left. (Yonatan Gefen, Ephraim Sneh and Uri Avnery are all leftists)

   According to Daniel Doron, one tactic used by the radical left in Israel to silence their opposition is to bring frivolous law suits.  Mr. Doron wrote about this left wing tactic as follows (The Pathological Left: The Jerusalem Post 12/18/03):

They file suits simply to harass critics and intimidate potential adversaries by causing them great expense and loss of time.

   One of the frivolous libel suites is against Judy Lash Balint, an Op Ed writer who has during her writings had the nerve to criticize the Israeli left.  Another of their targets is Dr. Steven Plaut, author of most of the exposes of the suppression of free speech in Israel that I have included below.   Dr. Plaut is currently being sued by Dr. Neve Gordon one of the many radical left wing professors from Ben Gurion University.  The outrageous story of this lawsuit was written by Richard Lakisher, a scholar who follows academic trends in Europe and Israel and is titled The David Irving Trial in Israel.

   Another tactic of the left in Israel has been to take over academic departments at Universities and to give bad grades to students they don't agree with.  An excellent article about this, Of Intellectual Bondage, appeared in the Jerusalem Post on 12/26/03.

   In Israel the media is controlled by the government.   There were two radio stations that were not controlled by the government, Abie Nathan's left wing radio station and Israel's right wing, Arutz 7 radio station because both broadcast from offshore.  While the right wing were in power in Israel they respected Mr. Nathan's right to free speech.  However Israel National News radio has been silenced by the left wing Israel supreme court.  A law suit has been brought to silence their internet broadcasts as well although I believe that lawsuit was unsuccessful.   The following is an audio interview about the silencing of Arutz 7 radio.

projector.gif (530 bytes)   Yaacov Katz on the Silencing of Arutz 7 radio by the Israeli Left.

   The left all over the world is in general is a lot less for freedom than the right.  The left believe in imposing it's beliefs on how to achieve a better world on everyone else.  Why this is, is discussed on another web page on this site.


The following are articles about the assault on free speech in Israel.  One of the key authors to fight against this is Dr. Steve Plaut of the University of Haifa and so many of his articles are included.



The Witch-Hunters of the Israeli Left
By Steven Plaut
February 3, 2014 - Daily Mailer,FrontPage | 40 Comments

For the past couple of weeks the Radical Left in Israel has been screaming about the “right” of communist teacher Adam Verete, employed as a civics teacher in a northern Israeli high school, to turn his classroom into an anti-Israel indoctrination center.  He used his classroom time to urge his students to refuse to serve in the Israeli military.  In other words, the Left insists the communist teacher has the “right” to advocate law breaking in his classroom, all in the name of freedom of speech.  After launching an investigation of the teacher, the ORT school system, to which his school belongs, at the insistence of the Minister of Education, merely slapped Verete’s wrist and did nothing.  Had Verete been a “Kahanist” using his classroom to advocate his agenda, he would have been dismissed faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket, and probably also jailed.  

The leading far Leftists defending the right of Verete to indoctrinate in the classroom include Yuli Tamir, who once led the campaign to fire a different teacher (and rabbi), Yisrael Shiran, because Shiran wrote a letter OUTSIDE HIS CLASSROOM with which Tamir disagreed.  Shiran in that letter claimed that the school curriculum was improperly teaching the controversial ideas of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin as unchallengeable dogma.  He was dismissed for this “crime” at the initiative of Tamir, but later sued the Ministry of Education for wrongful dismissal and won a large damages award.

Other defenders of the communist teacher include those Israeli “intellectuals”  and “academics” who insisted that the Nobel Prize-holding Prof. Yisrael Aumann be proclaimed a pariah undeserving of an honorary PhD because he holds opinions disliked by the Left.  Many of the same leftists defending the “right” of Verete also lead the campaign to indict and prosecute rabbis who wrote a controversial book; they insist these rabbis are guilty of the thought crime of expressing opinions that the Left considers to be “intolerant.”   And a great many of these leftists were among those who demanded that the freedom of speech of non-leftists be suppressed after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin based on their “theory” holding that non-leftists exercising freedom of speech produce murder.  It goes without saying that not a single leftist in Israel has ever protested the selective denial of free speech rights to “Kahanists.”  

While the radical Left in Israel has a very long record of demanding that the freedom of speech of non-leftists be suppressed, one of the most outrageous examples of the anti-democratic assault by the Left has been ignored in recent years and overlooked in the debate over freedom of speech in recent days.  It involves the case of Prof. Nahum Rakover.

Rakover is retired professor of law from Bar Ilan and Tel Aviv Universities and now serves as president of a small college in Israel.  In the past he served also as deputy attorney general.  He is an expert in Jewish law.  In the early 1990s he held a side position as deputy legal advisor for the government of Israel, this in the days of the Rabin-Peres government and the initiation of Oslo appeasement.

It was at this time that Israel’s Supreme Court made a controversial ruling recognizing homosexual “marriages,” when it ordered El Al to allow a gay steward to receive a spousal ticket for his partner.  The judges in that learned opinion cited Michel Foucault, gay Marxist deconstructionist and pseudo-philosopher, as a legal basis for the decision. The Court’s decision was written by leftist Justice Dalia Dorner.  (She later prevented the defamation suit proceeding against Arab propagandist and film maker Mohammed Bakri for falsely claiming that Israeli soldiers carried out atrocities in the Battle of Jenin.)

The Knesset (parliament) then held hearings on the Dorner decision about the stewards.   In these hearings, Rakover was invited in to say what Jewish Law and the Torah think of gay marriage. Rakover answered truthfully that the Torah considers it an abomination and that granting a spouse ticket to a gay partner is no different from giving it to someone practicing bestiality with his dog.  

That sent the PC camp into ionospheric orbit.  The Left launched a merciless venomous ad hominem assault against Rakover, demanding his dismissal from his civil service post.  It should be noted that Rakover did not even state his OWN opinion about “gay marriage,” only the Torah’s, a task for which he was getting paid as part of his job.  The real issue of course is not whether you agree with the opinion described by Rakover.  The real issue is whether Rakover or the Torah have the right to hold an unfashionable opinion about anything.  The Israeli Left unanimously said no!

Within days, Professor Itzhak Galnoor, a Hebrew university leftist from political science, who had earlier been a Peace Now leader, attacked Rakover.   Galnoor, today part of the semi-Marxist Van Leer Institute, has long advocated the position that any criticism of the Radical anti-Israel Left or questioning of its motives amounts to “McCarthyism” and should be suppressed.  See this.   Galnoor was at the time serving as the Labor Party-appointed head of the civil service, a position from which he introduced affirmative action quotas and dumbed-down standards.   Galnoor opened up internal persecution of Rakover in the civil service and led the campaign to get him dismissed from his position.  Demands for the dismissal of Rakover also filled the leftist press.  Among those demanding that Rakover be prevented from exercising his freedom of speech were the far-leftist Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), whose current president is a Stalinist,  and Tel Aviv University Prof. Asa Kasher, who claims to be an expert on ethics.  

Rakover’s reputation and name were dragged through the mud by the anti-democratic McCarthyist Left.  Never mind that he is one of Israel’s greatest legal minds and was only stating what appears in black and white in the Torah.  Citing the Torah became in effect a hate crime in PC Israel.
In 2002 the Israel Prize in Jewish Law was given to Prof. Nahum Rakover.  This was newsworthy because Rakover had been the victim of the McCarthyist assault against freedom of speech launched by the Israeli Labor Party and the rest of the Left in the 1990s.  It is also noteworthy because in recent years the Israel Prize has so often been granted to radical anti-Israel leftists.

But the radical Left’s selective devotion to freedom of speech, where everyone has the right to agree with the radical Left but no one has the right to disagree with it, continues to run amok.




 INN Journalist Beaten, Interrogated and Released, Israel National News, 8/5/2008
by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

A correspondent for Israel National News' Hebrew-language news, Chezki Ezra, was beaten, detained and questioned by police on Monday night after filming a policeman hitting a young protestor near the road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. Ezra's camera was smashed. He was later released, with apologies. MKs and legal rights organizations
The officer who attacked Ezra offered his apologies, but no explanations.
consider the incident another serious attack on freedom of the media.

Ezra had been covering the protest by several dozen Land of Israel activists seeking unfettered access to the tomb of the biblical matriarch Rachel, located on the outskirts of Bethlehem. The demonstration was forcibly halted by the Border Police. At one point in the ensuing scuffle, Ezra captured images of a police officer hitting a young civilian. It was then that Ezra also came under blows from the same officer.

The demonstration was broken up and Ezra and three others found themselves detained by police. After a police interrogation, the IsraelNN reporter's irreparably damaged camera was returned to him and he was released. The officer who attacked Ezra offered his apologies, but no explanations.

MKs, Legal Rights Forum Respond
The incident drew immediate reactions from several Knesset Members, as well as a demand for an investigation from a legal rights organization.

The same night Ezra was detained, MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) wrote an urgent letter to Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, demanding his immediate intervention. It was his obligation, Eldad wrote, "to fight without compromise against police brutality and to prosecute police officers who try to interfere with investigations and destroy evidence."

According to MK Eldad, "Police brutality against protesters has crossed all boundaries, and tonight, at a demonstration near the route to Bethlehem, it again included an attempt to hide evidence in order to prevent law enforcement authorities from charging violent police officers and lawbreakers."

MK Uri Ariel, chairman of the National Union-National Religious Party Knesset faction, also condemned the police actions at the Rachel's Tomb protest. "It is no surprise that the police smashes journalists' cameras and shuts voices as a matter of course. It is the result of the indulgent attitude by the the Internal Affairs Department in the case of similar crimes by ranking police officers," Ariel charged.

The Land of Israel Legal Forum, a legal rights watchdog group, sent an urgent letter to the Chief of Police, to the Judea and Samaria District commander and to the head of the police's Internal Affairs Department, demanding an immediate investigation of the Monday night incident.

"In the event that the information is accurate," the letter stated, "this is the third case in recent days in which a cameraman was arrested at events or during protest activities by Land of Israel loyalists, and in which a camera was confiscated or broken. It must be emphasized that the purpose of cameramen is to film the events in an effort to prevent expressions of violence, under the assumption that the presence of cameras moderates the forces operating in the area.

"The arrest of and violence against a journalist crosses all red lines and represents a danger of descent into dark regimes," the Forum letter warned.


How I Beat Israel's Dual Justice System
By:Steven Plaut
THE JEWISH PRESS - Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Israel has a dual justice system. While operating within a single overall structure of courts and related legal institutions, two separate justice systems exist in the country: one for leftists and the other for everyone else.
One of the worst manifestations of this dual justice system involves protections of freedom of speech. For many years, freedom of speech has been selectively protected in Israel by courts and legal institutions. Under the dual justice system, anti-Israel Arabs and Jewish extremists always enjoy freedom of speech, whether they’re defending anti-Jewish terrorism, calling for Israel’s annihilation, championing lawbreaking and insurrection by soldiers, or even denying the Holocaust. Non-leftists enjoy no such freedom of speech.
Under this system, expressions of non-leftist political opinion by anti-Oslo dissidents constitute "incitement" and "sedition." After the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, dissidents were carted off by the score (including some rabbis) to face charges of "incitement," and some did jail time. "Insulting a public official" is defined as a crime in Israel, but the law is selectively enforced, never against leftist Jews or Arabs.
Israel has an "anti-racism" law, making the expression of "racist opinions" a crime. But it is only used to ban and criminalize the expression of opinion by Kahanists. Not a single Arab or Jewish leftist has ever been indicted under it, even for cheering terrorist murders of Jews. Jewish teenage girls have been sent to prison without trial by judges for expressing opinions in protests and Moshe Feiglin was convicted of "sedition" for blocking traffic in an anti-Oslo protest – while Arab politicians openly engaged in espionage and treason are never even indicted.
Which brings me to what some are calling the most important Israeli free speech court case in recent years, one that represents an important victory over judicial bias and the dual legal system. As many Jewish Press readers may know, I have been involved in a long court case that has already run on for six years. It involves the malicious attempt by one of Israel’s worst academic anti-Israel extremists to misuse the dual judicial system to suppress freedom of speech in Israel – myfreedom of speech.
The case stemmed from my involvement in exposing and monitoring the anti-Israel extremism of Israeli academics. I work with several websites that do just that, including IsraCampus (
Neve Gordon is a venomously anti-Israel lecturer in political science at Ben-Gurion University (BGU). Gordon was hired and promoted by BGU largely on the basis of the prodigious amounts of anti-Israel political propaganda he churns out and misrepresents as scholarship. He regularly denounces Israel as a fascist, racist, terrorist, apartheid state, and he openly calls for Israel’s elimination (in what Israeli leftist extremists these days call the "one state solution," but what should more accurately be called the Rwanda solution).
Gordon led an international campaign of defamation against his own army commander, which resulted in attempts to indict that man as a "war criminal" in Europe. Gordon’s pieces are carried on neo-Nazi websites, including one run by Ernst Zundel, the neo-Nazi deported from Canada and now residing in a German prison cell.
Seven years ago I criticized Gordon for repeatedly endorsing the writings and opinions of the notorious Norman Finkelstein, who claims Germany is the victim of Jewish extortion and "Holocaust hoaxsters," who cheers Hizbullah terror, and who was fired last summer by DePaul University, where he had been employed as a lecturer. (Unlike BGU, DePaul is trying to impose serious academic standards on its anti-Israel extremists.)
I also denounced a group of protesters Gordon joined in Ramallah. They were there – illegally – to interfere with Israeli anti-terror operations and serve as "human shields," protecting wanted terrorists being sheltered in Arafat’s headquarters. When Gordon was shown on the front pages of two Israeli newspapers embracing Arafat in solidarity, I took to the Internet and dismissed him and his "human shield" friends as a group of "Judenrat wannabes."
For those remarks, Gordon filed a harassment "libel suit" against me. It was a classic SLAPP suit. SLAPP stands for "Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation." It is an anti-democratic harassment tactic designed to suppress freedom of speech. In many parts of the United States there are serious penalties for filing SLAPP suits. That’s not the case in Israel.
Gordon filed his suit in Nazareth court, knowing that many of the judges there are Arabs, some holding extremist political opinions. Gordon’s complaint was that I "libeled" him and damaged his "good name" by criticizing his politics. But Gordon is a public figure, and attacking the public political opinions and activities of anyone in Israel, especially a public figure, is supposed to be protected speech.
Gordon’s entire suit was based on "freedom of speech for me but not for thee," a fundamental principle in any dual judicial system. Labeling as a "Judenrat wannabe" a public figure whose anti-Israel articles are published by neo-Nazis and who proclaims solidarity with Arab terrorists may be impolite, but it is protected speech in any real democracy.
The suit, which some in the media were dubbing the "Israeli David Irving Trial" with me in the role of Deborah Lipstadt, was assigned to an Arab woman judge named Reem Nadaff. Her husband was at the time the party sidekick of Azmi Bishara, the Arab Knesset member now in hiding outside Israel after having engaged in espionage and providing assistance to Hizbullah when it was bombing northern Israel.
While most Arab judges in Israel are responsible and cautious, this judge simply threw out Israel’s entire set of protections for freedom of speech and imposed her political biases on her ruling. She found I had "libeled" Gordon by criticizing his opinions. Never mind that everything I wrote about what Gordon writes or does was factually correct. She essentially ruled that treasonous pro-terror activities are protected speech, while criticism of them is slander. In her verdict, she went out of her way to endorse Holocaust revisionism, praise Finkelstein, and then – to top it all off – wrote that all of Israel is situated on land stolen from another people.
The dual justice system had struck again, with a vengeance. The judge ordered me to pay Gordon around NIS 100,000 in "damages" and court costs simply for exercising my freedom of speech.
That was approximately two years ago. I filed an appeal, which under Israeli law must be in the same district court (Nazareth). And recently the appeals panel of three district court judges overturned the ruling by Nadaff. It was an unparalleled defeat of the dual justice system and a tremendous near-complete victory for freedom of speech in Israel.
The appeals panel, in overturning the earlier ruling by Naddaf, said that just as Gordon enjoys freedom of speech when he smears Israel, its leaders, and even private persons such as his old army commander, so those who criticize Gordon’s politics must enjoy freedom of speech, even if it takes the form of "impolite" or harsh language.
The panel, however, balked by a vote of two against one from going all the way toward establishing true freedom of speech in Israel. Basing itself on a Supreme Court ruling from last year, in which a journalist was ordered to pay 1 shekel in damages to a Kahanist because the journalist had called him a "little Nazi" on national television, the Nazareth appeals panel ruled that the court should use its powers to discourage use of Holocaust era rhetoric, and so was allowing Gordon to retain 10 percent of what the lower court had awarded him. (The dissenting appeals judge considered use of "Judenrat wannabe" to be legitimate free speech.)
That last part of the appeals ruling shows that the dual justice system in Israel is not yet shut down altogether – something that would also require the firing of Judge Naddaf. Israeli leftists, Arabs, and politicians of all stripes use "Holocaust era imagery" in political discourse all the time and it is protected speech. But for my calling Gordon a "Judenrat wannabe," the court was allowing him to retain NIS 10,000.
To overturn that remaining vestige of Israel’s selective protection of freedom speech, and to inflict a greater defeat on Israel’s dual justice system, I am now appealing to the Israeli Supreme Court to overturn that clause.
Steven Plaut, a frequent contributor to The Jewish Press, is a professor at Haifa University. His book "The Scout" is available at He can be reached at

How Olmert Defies Gravity


Israeli Police Campaign to Silence Voice of Opposition


No moving Jewish lips in prayer on Temple Mount

Democracy In Action? Egged cancels ad campaign
"Olmert Escaping from Police - to Annapolis"
Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 25 November 2007

Army Radio correspondent Guy Varon reports this morning that the Egged bus
company cancelled a protest ad campaign at the last minute of right wing
activists against prime minister Ehud Olmert, under the slogan "Olmert
escaping from police - to Annapolis".

Egged claims that the ad is improper because it offends the public

In the same spirit, Moshe Hanegbi, the legal commentator of Israel Radio,
recently said that one of the grounds for criminal charges against the
group behind an ad campaign that featured Shimon Peres donning a kafiyeh is that
it is against the law to "offend a public servant".

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
(Mail POB 982 Kfar Sava)
Tel 972-9-7604719/Fax 972-3-7255730




Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, the trial of Nadia Matar, leader of Women in Green, commenced at the Magistrates Court in Jerusalem.  Nadia Matar is charged with insulting a public servant.  She is standing trial for comparing the outgoing Disengagement Authority Chairman, Yonatan Bassi, to the Judenrat of Berlin in 1942.

Outside the courthouse, there was a large demonstration of close to 200 people who came from all over Israel to show support for Nadia.  A busload of Gush Katif "refugees", among them Rachel and Moshe Saperstein and Anita Tucker came, as well as Jonathan Pollard's wife Esther.  In addition, many people traveled from as far away as Haifa and Beersheva to protest the current lack of democracy and freedom of speech in Israel.

Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Yisrael Aumann spoke to the protestors who had come to support Nadia, who is being persecuted for expressing her views.  He did say that he did not like Nadia's language in her letter to Yonatan Bassi, but said that democracy and freedom of speech should allow expression which is not always complimentary.

"It is scandalous.  Freedom of speech is oppressed, just like in the cases of the soldier Hananel Dayan, the closing of Arutz Sheva, and the hearing that was held for Rabbi Druckman.  This is singling out individuals who express their views," said Professor Aumann.  (An official hearing was held for Rabbi Druckman, who expressed strong opposition to the expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif.)

Professor Aumann went on to say that he fears that Israel is becoming a Bolshevik state.  At this point, he told a joke about the Bolshevik mentality in the 1960s.  An American and a Russian argued about who had the greater freedom of speech.  The American said, "I can stand on the very steps of the White House and proclaim that President Kennedy is an idiot!"  "That's nothing," the Russian said, "I can stand INSIDE the Kremlin and proclaim that President Kennedy is an idiot!"

Matar's attorney, Yoram Sheftel, made a fascinating one-hour argument proving that the case of the State of Israel vs. Nadia Matar was nothing but selective persecution.  He cited many examples where even Israeli Prime Ministers engaged in insulting their political opponents.  In addition, Sheftel claimed that "the State Prosecution is becoming a pillar of the leftist camp.  There must be a public reaction for this selection exercised by the Prosecution in putting people on trial for their political views."

The judge in the trial, David Mintz, expressed skepticism about the case's validity.  He suggested to the prosecution that they should consider carefully whether to continue the case, which would give the defendant, Nadia Matar, further publicity.

And now for the power of the Israeli leftist media.  Not one of the major Israeli newspapers or national television stations covered Nadia's trial, or even covered the live interview with Nobel Prize winner, Professor Yisrael Aumann, who came to support democracy and the freedom of speech in Israel.

If the State of Israel does not revoke the indictment against Nadia Matar, the case is scheduled to continue in September.  We hope that truth and justice will prevail.

With Blessings and Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar


Israel's First Amendment Strikes Again
Israel National News Steve Plaut 2/3/06

Click here to read article.


The following link is to an article about the attack on freedom of speech in Israeli academia

Click here to read article

  Israel's Campus Watch
By Steven Plaut <> | December 7, 2005


Jailed for Ideology
Excerpt from Our World: Recipe for Social Disintegration
Jerusalem Post 11/29/05
Caroline Glick

AS AVITAL MOLER of the Public Defender's Office pointed out in October in her report on the criminal justice system's mistreatment of minors arrested while participating in demonstrations against the expulsion plan, the system's treatment of the protesters was characterized by "selective enforcement of the law based on political affiliation." Moler found that "new law" was invented by authorities for the purpose of punishing arrested protesters who had yet to stand trial. ..

In their review of hundreds of indictments of both adults and minors arrested for engaging in protests against the withdrawal and expulsion plan, Klein, Bam and Meidad found that in 97 out of 167 cases against minors, and in 68 out of 135 cases against adults "pre-trial detention appeared unwarranted by law."

THE NEED for a fair and thorough review of the law enforcement and judicial authorities' suspected systemic abuse of the civil rights of anti-withdrawal opponents is urgent today. This is so because the apparent selective abuse of the civil rights of religious Israelis by law enforcement and judicial authorities does not seem to have ended in the aftermath of the withdrawal and expulsion plan.

Case in point is the continued incarceration of Avri Ran. As I noted in a column last month, Ran, who owns and runs the Eternal Hills ranch in northern Samaria, was indicted last March for aggravated assault. Ran was arrested and indicted after punching, on March 20, a trespasser who had entered his cultivated field with a tractor with the intention of destroying his crop.

Although Ran has never been found guilty of any crime and although the action for which he is under indictment was clearly motivated by the context in which it was enacted (that is, Ran's desire to protect his property), the state prosecutors have demanded since the day of Ran's arrest that he be jailed pending trial due to his "ideology." ..

On November 19, Ran's family and friends held a vigil outside Ayalon prison, where he is being held. His 10 children spoke to their father through a megaphone and told him how much they miss him. As his children spoke, prison guards entered the Torah wing of the prison and took Ran into solitary confinement. The next day he was told that he would be even more severely punished if his family and friends repeated the vigil in the future.




Gov’t Regulation of Internet Broadcasts Could Undermine Arutz-7
Israel National News 11/9/05
By Scott Shiloh

A government body responsible for regulating satellite and cable broadcasts is considering extending the scope of its authority to Internet broadcasts aimed at the Israeli public.

The Council for Satellite and Cable Broadcasting is currently charged by Israeli law with regulating the content of satellite and cable broadcasts.

Broadcasting via cable or satellite to the Israeli public requires a license. The council has the power to grant licenses to selected content and service providers who meet its requirements, and revoke the licenses of broadcasters who do not.

If the council’s authority is broadened to include Internet radio broadcasts, broadcasters such as Israel National News (Arutz-7) might be subject to government regulation and oversight, something that could severely compromise its independence, objectivity, and ability to report and comment on current events the way it sees fit. Arutz-7 radio, broadcasting from off-shore, was shut down by the government two years ago.

The reason for concern is that government agencies have been selective in their regulation of terrestrial radio. Arutz-7 National Radio's offshore station, serving the public dubbed as "the national camp radio," was shut down in 2003 despite its rank as the third-largest commercial radio station in the country. However, the same agencies allowed the left-wing "Voice of Peace" station to broadcast freely from offshore until the station's manager ended the broadcast due to financial and medical problems.

Yoram Mokdi, chairman of Israel's Council for Satellite and Cable Broadcasting, said that while the council is only beginning to study the issue, Israel’s big cable and satellite content providers, such as Hot and Yes, are already making plans to broadcast to subscribers via the Internet.

While satellite and cable companies must receive a license to start Internet broadcasting, companies who limit their broadcasting only to the Internet can still reach out to the public without government interference.

But once such broadcasts “reach half the country via the Internet,” Mokdi said, many people, particularly Israel’s media conglomerates, will demand that the government start subjecting them to regulation as well, or in the alternative, exempt satellite and cable broadcasting from government regulation.

Mokdi said, however, that in his opinion, “regulation is not always a good thing,” and that the council does not intend to create “a dictatorship for Internet sites,”

Arutz-7 broadcasts over the internet daily and weekly TV programming in English and Hebrew at its site:

Asked what would happen if Arutz-7 started streaming 24-hr. television news content over the Internet the way CNN or Fox News do in the United States over cable, Mokdi said he could not be certain that Arutz-7 would be exempt from Israeli government regulation and supervision.

Under current regulations, the state would have to grant Arutz-7 a special license for broadcasting news, if it were on cable or satellite.

In today’s political reality, with Arutz-7 more often than not at odds with government policy, especially on the sensitive issue of holding all the land of Israel under Jewish sovereignty, getting a license to broadcast news and commentary from the government would be highly unlikely.

Baruch Gordon, Director of Arutz-7's English website, said it was no coincidence that the government shut down Arutz-7’s over-the-air broadcasts shortly before announcing the Disengagement Plan to the public.

He said the best way to safeguard the right to freedom of speech from government intervention would be to allow unregulated Internet news broadcasting regardless of how many Israelis decide to tune in, “even if it’s half the country.”

Gordon explained that Arutz-7 broadcasts only over the Internet because the Israeli government would not issue a tender for a national radio station that would be allowed to broadcast news and commentary freely without government intervention.

Most over-the-air radio and television broadcasting in Israel is controlled by the state. Israel allowed private firms to operate regional radio stations, however with many limitations. Initially, the regional stations were forbidden to broadcast their own news on matters of national public debate. They had to default to the state-run news stations. The regional newscasts were limited to coverage of local issues pertaining to the region they operate in.

In contrast, virtually all television and radio stations in the United States are privately owned, and the government does not regulate the content of broadcast news or opinion. Traditional over-the-air broadcast media in the United States do, however, require a license from the Federal Communications Commission.

The U.S. initiated licensing of over-the-air broadcasts in order to ensure fair public access to limited radio frequencies. Cable and satellite broadcasts, on the other hand, are subject to very little government regulation and interference. Controversial radio talk host Howard Stern recently moved to satellite radio in order to avoid certain regulatory limitations on speech.

Internet broadcasting in the United States is virtually free of government regulation, except for certain pornography issues, and legal concerns involving the use of copyrighted material.

Mokdi said the council will be examining the American model as well as the one being developed in Europe which tends to view more favorably government regulation and supervision of Internet broadcasting.

The council will be holding public hearings on the issue until March 7, 2006. After that, it will formulate its policy along with the Justice Ministry and the Ministry of Communications.

“We might reach the conclusion that it is impossible to regulate the Internet,” he said.




Nadia Matar was released at 1:00 pm, after being arrested this morning in Gush Etzion at 9:15 am, and brought to the Be'er Sheva police station.

The investigator showed Nadia an article that she had written a month ago, which appeared in Hebrew on the Gush Katif website, entitled: THIS IS HOW WE WILL CANCEL THE DECREE. The investigator quoted large parts of Nadia's article and accused her of inciting rebellion.

Nadia's reaction during the entire two hour investigation was as follows:

"As you and your superiors well know, I have done nothing wrong, this is a political persecution by a dictatorial regime, which not only commits the crime of expelling Jews from their homeland, handing over portions of this biblical homeland to the Arab enemy, but also tries to deny the national camp the right to free speech.

It is interesting to note that when I complained to the police against Professor Sternhal years ago, for incitement to murder settlers, the police closed my complaint, claiming 'lack of public interest'.

It is clear that in Israel some people belonging to one camp have unlimited freedom of speech, while people belonging to the national camp are being persecuted for anything they do or say, even if no transgression of any law is involved.

Because this is a political investigation, I will maintain my right to remain silent. I will not answer any questions."

The interrogator then asked Nadia tens of questions relating to her article. Nadia remained silent.

Finally Nadia had to sign a surety bond that she agreed to return for any further investigation. She was then released.

Jerusalem, September 6, 2005                       Ruth Matar, Co-Chair




Update on current status of Nadia Matar:

On Sunday, four (4) plainclothes police officers came to the home of Nadia Matar in Efrat to arrest her.

Subsequently an agreement was reached that she come to the police station in Gush Etzion on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 at 9:00 am for interrogation.

When she arrived at the station, the police were waiting outside for her and advised her that she was under arrest. They told her that they were taking her to the Be'er Sheva police station. She was informed that she was being arrested on the charge of "INCITEMENT TO REBELLION" in her articles.


Jerusalem, September 6,2005                 Ruth Matar, Co-Chair


Attempt to Arrest Nadia Matar

This Sunday morning, September 4th, 2005, four (4) policemen in plainclothes came to Nadia Matar's home in Efrat. She was told that she was under arrest, and had to come with them to jail immediately.

Nadia asked to speak to her lawyer. When reviewing the arrest order, it showed no signature of a judge. The police left, promising to return.

According to the arrest order, Nadia is accused of incitement to rebellion in her articles.

Ariel Sharon has turned Israel into a police state. There is no freedom to criticize the Government. There is no freedom of speech.

Jerusalem, September 4, 2005                Ruth Matar, Co-Chair



The following link is to an article in  the New York Post about how the Israeli government is attempting to silence the opposition to their plan to withdraw from Gaza by making it illegal to protest.

March Madness, 7/20/05, New York Post


Note:  Orange is the color those who are opposed to forced removal of Israelis from Gaza and parts of Judea and Samaria by the Sharon Government.

Prayer in Orange Forbidden At Western Wall
Israel National News 5/15/05

Sarah Baumol from Gush Etzion said her 8th-grade son and his class went to the Western Wall in Jerusalem to pray at the conclusion of a school trip this past day, Memorial Day. "A policeman stood there and demanded that my son, and several of his friends, remove any orange T-shirts or bands, and [he] tossed them in a pile," said Baumol.

She said his son asked the guard for his name, and that the latter responded only that he was acting under orders.

"My son was wearing his orange T-shirt under two other layers, a sweater and a white shirt. He was forced to undress in front of the crowds pouring in, and give up his shirt," she said. "My other son had his orange bracelet removed by this policeman."

9th-graders from a girls' high school in Beit El also attended the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Western Wall, and witnessed a similar scene. Some of the girls said they were shocked when classmates who were wearing orange-colored clothing and bracelets were told at security checks to step aside. Those who didn't agree or couldn't remove the orange articles of clothing from their bodies were denied access to the holy site.


Don't Call it Racism
Dr. Steve Plaut
The Jerusalem Post Online 3/23/05

Suppression of Academic Freedom and Free Speech At the Weizmann Institute
Dr. Steve Plaut
Internet Broadcast 3/23/05

Ordinarily Weizmann Institute is not the main target on our radar
screen for political correctness and suppression of academic freedom.   It is
usually the least politicized of Israel's academic institutions and has
the smallest number of leftist faculty moonbats (even fewer than Bar Ilan
University).  But today's headline is an exception.

    Igor Pecherksi is a Russian-born (St. Petersberg) Israeli
computer programmer, who works in the molecular genetics department at
Weizmann.  Here is his personal web page:

     The administration at Weizmann Institute is threatening to fire poor
Igor.  His grievous sin?  He expressed his political opinions quietly by
wearing a small pin on his lapel.  The pin is about the size of one of
those AIDS ribbons the PC profs often wear.  But it shows a small orange
Jewish star.  It is the symbol of the movement to support the Jewish
"settlers" in the Gaza Strip and oppose their expulsion under the
Sharon-Mitzna "disengagement plan".

     Doctor Igor wears the pin when he comes to work.  Some leftist
busybodies on campus complained that the pin is interfering with their
ability to do THEIR work.  Now if you open the URL at
you will see exactly what Igor looks like in his pin, not exactly Hulk
Hogan threatening the leftist secretaries.   The pin in the picture is the
one the lefties on campus claim is  interfering with their work.  Leftists
at Weizmann of course always park  their cars with the "Expel the
Settlers" bumper stickers on campus parking lots but  THAT is protected
academic free speech!

    Doctor Igor is now under threat of expulsion and dismissal from his job
for quietly expressing an opinion.

    If you would like to tell the chiefs at Weizmann what you think
of all this, go to

    Doctor Igor can be reached at

Intellectual Terrorism Strikes Israel

by Paul Eidelberg

 On February 13, 2005, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told his cabinet, "Anyone who speaks or writes against the Disengagement Plan is guilty of incitement.  Mr. Sharon thus went on record saying that the _expression of even the slightest opposition to his highly controversial plan is a criminal offense.

 The next day Likud Minister of Internal Security Gideon Ezra, in a live interview on Israel Radio, said that people who yell at ministers should be placed under administrative detention—which means incarceration of up to six months without trial. 

 Also, Likud Transportation Minister Meir Shitreet (a former justice minister) told Israel Radio that Likud party members are guilty of incitement when they write letters to Likud MKs informing them that future political support for these politicians is dependent on their voting against the withdrawal/ expulsion plan.

 Finally, acting on a proposal of Likud Justice Minister Tsipi Livni, the cabinet approved the establishment of a special Justice Ministry unit to combat incitement and perceived disruptions to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s disengagement//expulsion plan.

 The Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) Council criticized the establishment of the new unit, calling it the "thought police.” The Council said that the purpose of the new body is to "shut the mouths of those who are opposed to the expulsion plan, and to brand them inciters. [Its purpose is to] forbid us to think differently than the government. The democratic right to protest is slowly disappearing in face of the ‘sanctified’ disengagement plan."

The new unit will combat anti-disengagement protests and demonstrations, and will work in coordination with the General Security Services to deter activists from engaging in mass civil disobedience.  Nor is this all.

 Police Chief Moshe Karadi announced the opening of an official inquiry into the activities of the speakers and participants in an anti-disengagement gathering of thousands of people at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center on February 25. The protest was organized by Chabad.  One of the speakers was attorney Elyakim Haetzni, a forme! r member of the Knesset and an outspoken critic of disengagement.

 It should be evident from the preceding that “intellectual terrorism” is descending on Israel—the “only democracy” in the Middle East.   Why?  Why is Prime Minister Sharon’s disengagement plan transforming Israel into a police state?  Why this reign of intimidation, t! his suppression of freedom of _expression?

 The reason is this: There is simply no rational justification for Sharon’s disengagement plan.  Both IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon and Shin Bet Director Avi Dichter have testified before ! the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that disengagement will lead to an increase of terrorism—which testimony or attitude is why both of these men have been sacked.  It should also be noted that Chief of IDF Intelligence Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi-Farkash, who is retiring this summer, also testified against disengagement. 

 No wonder ex-Deputy IDF Intelligence Chief, Maj. Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror, has said:  “The Israeli government has not succeeded in producing a single serious argument that can refute objections [to disengagement] and justify the grave step that it is taking.

 Since the Sharon government has not and cannot justify disengagement on rational grounds, which is to say, since this government cannot persuade the public by means of logical argument and solid evidence that withdrawing from Gaza and northern Samaria and turning this land over to Arab terrorists will contribute to Israel’s overall security, it must resort to intimidation and the suppression of freedom of _expression and individual liberty to implement Sharon’s plan.

 But now let us probe a little deeper.  First, notice that the intellectual terrorism descending on Israel is the work of secularists.  This secular coercion—which will be imposed primarily on religious Jews—reveals the hypocrisy of those who declaim against religious coercion. 

 Second, with disengagement and its necessary accompaniment, intellectual terrorism, Israel is approaching its denouement.  The veneer of democracy is being stripped away.  The idol of peace is being shattered.  Thanks to the Arabs, Israel will have to redefine itself.  It will be Jewish or it will be nothing.

The Incitement of Ideas, Caroline Glick, The Jerusalem Post, 2/18/05

More Selective Free Speech
Steve Plaut

Nazi symbols are prohibited throughout the EU, which is why the
Neonazis this week protesting the "Holocaust" of German nazis in Dresden
had to use symbols other than the swastika.  Now a group of Euro
parliamentarians from th ehuman rights lobby want communist symbols also
banned, as part of a proposed set of measures against racism,  although their
proposal has not yet been accepted.  No one seems to think these measures
constitute violations of democratic protections of free speech.

    So if Europe can ban symbols of totalitarianism, why can't Israel jail
people who endorse Islamofascist terrorism, wave Hamas and PLO flags, call
for the country to be destroyed, or teach political science or geography
at Ben Gurion University?

    There is of course a form of free speech that is prohibited in Israel,
namely, expressing opposition to Sharon's "disengagement plan".  The
government is rattling its  swords now and today's headline is an open
threat by the Likud-run Ministry of Justice to place anti-Oslo protesters in
"administrative arrest", detention without trial usually reserved for Arab
terrorists the state does not wish to bring to trial in order to avoid
revealing identities of undercover informants.  The new leftist editor of
the Jerusalem Post joined the calls to suppress free speech for anti-Oslo
dissidents in an editorial at


Haggit Rotenberg of the Besheva weekly was requested by police to hand over her interview notes following a story on Noam Livnat of Chomat Magen campaign to refuse service with the disengagement.  She refused, noting not only professional immunity but said also that no
reporter she knows was asked to do so after interviewing Palestinian terrorists.


Cabinet Approves Evacuation Bill

Ariel Sharon the Prime Minister who once said "Unilateral disengagement under fire means we made concessions and got nothing"  decided that the way to gain peace in the Middle East is to force the Jews in Gaza to evacuate their homes.  His Bill was approved by his cabinet.  According to Israel National News (10/26/04) Clause 27a(5) of his bill states, that one who participates in a gahtering of three or more people "for the purpose of disturbing the implementation of an order" given by a security officer in the framework fo the disengagement plan is subject to three years in prison - and five years if he was armed at the time.   Minister Natan Sharansky said, "This is an exact copy of a law that was in force in Russia, and under which hundreds of people were imprisoned."  Though he strongly opposes the disengagement plan, he said that he even more strongly opposes the "manner in which the Prime Minister is going about implementing it.  How can you try to pass such a controversial law and not allow three people to talk among themselves?"


Background Info:  Bassi is a religious Jew who was appointed by Sharon to head the evacuation administration that will force Jewish settlers to leave Gaza. 


'Women in Green' head to be investigated for incitement

Jerusalem Post 9/29/04

The state prosecution on Tuesday night decided to launch a criminal investigation into remarks made recently by Nadia Matar, head of the right-wing movement Women in Green on the suspicion that she insulted a public official.

Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Natzan said that authorities have noticed a sharp increase in extremist remarks which incite to violence and as a result decided to take action when "red lines are crossed."

Last week Matar branded Disengagement Administration director Yonatan Bassi "a far more terrible version" of the Judenrat. In a letter faxed to Bassi, Matar noted "the chilling similarity" between his role and that of the Berlin Jewish Community's "Judenrat," in transferring its Jews to concentration camps.

Addressing the letter personally and by his first name, Matar continued writing "you are a modern version of the Judenrat, actually a far worse version," because at least the Nazi's forced Germany's Jewish leaders to hand over their flocks.

"We decided to launch an investigation against Matar due to the recent escalation in remarks which are incitement," Nitzan said, "We will investigate her for insulting a public official and will continue to crack down on people who make remarks which incite to violence against soldiers."

Earlier in the day, Nitzan sent a letter to Uri Elitzur, former bureau chief of the Prime Minister's Office under Binyamin Netanyahu and now the editor of the Nekuda monthly magazine, informing him that Attorney General Menahem Mazuz decided not to launch a criminal investigation against him for controversial remarks he had made.

Elitzur, in an article in the Sheva newspaper in June, called on the public to resist the evacuation of settlements and wrote that he understands people who use violence against security forces. "Uprooting settlements is illegal and appalling," Elitzur wrote in the Sheva paper. "Therefore a refusal of the evacuation orders by IDF soldiers and violence are perfectly justifiable as well as any other way a person finds suitable to protect their home."

In a letter sent to Elitzur by Nitzan, the right-wing activist was warned that if he makes similar comments in the future, a criminal investigation will be launched against him.

"After reviewing he evidence we arrived at the conclusion that the remarks raise criminal suspicions," Nitzan wrote. "However, considering our general restrained policy in the matter, the attorney general decided, this time, not to order an investigation. We do however find it right to warn you that any similar extreme remark made in the future may lead to an investigation."

Explaining the reasoning behind the decision to launch an investigation against Matar and not open one against Elitzur, Nitzan said, "We are trying to work according to a restrained policy but if there is no choice, we will not hesitate to take action."

Responding to news of the announcement of the launching of the investigation, Matar said: "I am not excited, they do not have a case, and it is an attempt to close the mouth of the nationalistic camp and all those who are opposed to the transfer of Jews of their homes."

"I will continue to scream out against this plan which essentially is giving in to the Arab-Nazi enemy and presents a danger for the state of Israel," Matar said. "Investigations must be opened against Sharon and Bassi and they should be placed in administrative detention since they pose a danger to the state of Israel."

Leaders of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip who arrived at the Justice Ministry Tuesday evening for a meeting with Mazuz, State Prosecutor Eran Shendar, and Nitzan said at the entrance to Mazuz's office that they are opposed to all incitement but that they believe that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is the real cause for the recent escelation.

"We reject all calls of incitement and violence," Yesha council leader Benzi Lieberman said. "But we think that the prime minister, in his behavior, encourages incitement and the only way to stop this phenomenon is to return to the people and to hold a national referendum over the disengagement plan."

At the meeting, Mazuz told the settler leaders that there is no excuse for public figures who call on soldiers to refuse evacuation orders or on civilians to violently resist the evacuation.


Indict Me!
Dr. Steve Plaut

As part of Ariel Sharon's efforts to implement his "disengagement
plan," he is launching an energetic asaault against free speech and free
expression in Israel.  That is not an exaggeration.
   This week saw a large demonstration against Sharon's plan held in
Jerusalem.  About 100,000 people participated, which is why the leftist
media said 70,000 and Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in
Hebrew, said 40,000.  In this demonstration, some protesters held signs
reading "Ariel Sharon is a Dictator".   To prove that the signs are
correct and that Ariel Sharon really IS a dictator, Ariel Sharon has
evidently instructed his leftist Attorney General to "investigate"
whether those holding such signs should be indicted for criminal
  I am not kidding.
  Now, describing Sharon's actions as dictatorial is not only protected
speech, or at least would be if Israel were a democracy, but it is
empirically well-founded.  After all, Sharon was elected on a platform
OPPOSING precisely the plan he is now trying to implement, and so is
disenfranchising those who voted for him and against the plan. 
Reasonable rational people might fairly regard that as dictatorial.  
Sharon is also ignoring the 60% of his own party who rejected the plan in
the party referendum a few months back.  And now he has
rejected calls from within his own party and from various other corners of
Israeli society to hold a national referendum on the plan before trying
to implement it.   After all, since voters have rejected the plan, it
behooves Sharon to ask them again before implementing it.  Sharon's
people, joining the Left, are now insisting that ballot referenda are
anti-democratic.  Tell that to California.

   This is not the only part of the assault against free expression. 
Sharon's people have been planting story after story in the media about
how the evil settlers and the anti-disengagement protesters opposing his
plan are a clear and present danger of violence, how they are plotting
murder and mayhem, how they are planning a civil war.  Yeah, sure they
  The General Security Services (Shin Bet) has taken time off from
tracking  terrorists  to operate surveillance of these "inciters".   This
is all part of Sharon's attempt to delegitimize those disagreeing
with him.  AT the same time, the leftist Attorney General, a crony of
Yossi Beilin but an appointee of Sharon, has ordered an investigation to
prepare indictment of a haredi  ultra-Orthodox newspaper for "racism".  

    Its crime?  The paper, Sha'a Tova
(The Good Hour) ran an article about the deaths of 242 Moslems stomped to
death in riots and disorders in Mecca during the haj.  A columnist
commented that, "This time the sacrifice was really a holiday," a play on
words of the "Holiday of the Sacrifice".  The columinist went on to
write that
these victims "at least made this day a holiday for us".  Now you might
disagree with the columnist, and you might think that other people's
religion should not be a target of mockery.  But there is a difference
between poor taste and criminality.   I mean, come on, Haaretz runs worse
comments than that against Judaism and Rabbis every day.  Moreover, the
investigation was in response to a petition by pro-terror Knesset Member
Ahmed Tibi.  Tibi himself has made far worse comments than this newspaper,
endorsing and justifying Palestinian terror and atrocities, and Tibi has
yet to be indicted for incitement or racism or worse.

    Let us note that the Israeli judicial establishment has long argued
that it is protected speech and decidedly NOT racist for Arabs and Jewish
leftists to praise terrorists, suicide bombers, and otherwise praise
those who murder Jews.  Not a single one of these has ever been indicted
for "racism".  It is supposedly ok to praise murders already committed, as
long as you do not actually call for NEW murders.  Those are not MY speech
rules but those of the legal establishment.

    SO where exactly is the criminal offense in the newspaper's column?  
The answer is that Ariel Sharon and his Attorney General are unhappy with
Israelis having free speech at this juncture in history.  With free
speech, too many people disagree with their agenda.

   Since Sharon wants the protesters indicted for "incitement", I have a
suggestion.  I suggest that Sharon first indict ME for incitement.


   After all, I have repeatedly referred to Sharon as Israel's Mugabian
leader.   THAT has gotta be worse than holding a sign saying he is a
dictator.  SO I hereby issue an open invitation to the Attorney General
and the police to indict me for "incitement" for exercising this
prohibited form of free speech.  I will make it easy; I will collect all
me incitements onto a CD-Rom and provide it to you for free.

    What do you say?

Meretz's Jihad Against Rabbis
Steve Plaut

Meretz has always been an anti-democratic party opposed to free speech
for non-leftists.  The latest McCarthyist assault upon free speech is to
be seen in Meretz' new jihad against West Bank Rabbis.  As you know, the
Israeli leftist media fabricated an urban legend about how un-named Rabbis
supposedly told Yigal Amir it would be nice if he murdered Rabin and who
allegedly otherwise endorsed violence.  Never mind that no one has ever
produced any evidence of any Rabbi endorsing murder of Rabin or of anyone

   Now Meretz sees a new opportunity for Rabbi-slandering.  Seems that a
group of Rabbis in the West Bank held a Rabbinic pow-wow and called on the
Israeli government to take serious military action against the Palestinian
terrorists and to strike them EVEN if it meant some Palestinian bystanders
and civilians would get hurt in the retaliations.  In other words, these
Rabbis simply endorsed the same position on retaliation against terrorists
that is contained in and ratified by the Geneva Convention and
international law.  While agreeing of course that, where possible,
innocent civilian collateral damage should be avoided, the Rabbis'
position was that priorities should be kept straight and that the top
priority was to annihilate the murderers attacking Israel.   As you can
see, this is really controversial stuff.

    Meretz of course completely disagrees with the racist Rabbis.   Rather
than killing terrorists, Meretz wants them rewarded and wants Israel to
capitulate to their demands.  That is why Knesset Member Roman Bronfman
from Meretz, Yossi "Call Me Ishmael" Sarid, and their Marxie sidekicks are
petitioning the police and Attorney General to prosecute the Rabbis for
incitement to murder and for racism (Haaretz, Sept 8).  Zeev Segel,
professor from Tel Aviv University and Haaretz legal commentator, makes it
pretty clear that he also thinks they should be indicted.

     This is merely the latest twist in the saga of the Israeli First
Amendment, under which leftists and Arab fascists may endorse terror and
murder as protected speech but Rightists must be prosecuted for expressing
their opinions.  You may recall how the Kahanists have been criminalized
and banned as a "racist" "terrorist organization".   You may, like me, be
highly critical of the Kahanists or disapprove of them, but that hardly
justifies McCarthyist attempts to deny them free speech rights, especially
when leftist rhetorical atrocities are always protected under selective
free speech absolutism. 

     The McCarthyism has already been used against Rabbis as well.   In
July 1996 Rabbi Ido Alba was convicted of "racism" and jailed because he
had stated in front of his students that the commandment "Thou shalt not
kill" does not apply to a Jew who has murdered a non-Jew.  You may or may
not agree with the content of his statement.  But where is the crime here?   
Let us bear in mind that the same ludicrous Israeli anti-racism law has
never been used to prosecute Israeli Arabs endorsing mass murder of Jews
and terror, nor has it been used to prosecute Israeli leftist professors
supporting Arab terror and justifying murder of Jews nor against leftist
journalists and "artists" who have openly called upon Arabs to murder
Jewish "settlers".    


A Major Victory for Free Speech in Israel
By Steven Plaut

   Israel's Hebrew University of Jerusalem has long been a bastion for
leftist anti-Zionism, tenured treason, support for mutiny and
insubordination by Israeli soldiers, support for "New History" (meaning
Israel-bashing pseudo-history), and leftist extremism.

    Among the radical leftists at the Hebrew University, arguably the most
extremist of all may be Moshe Zimmerman.   Zimmerman is a Professor of
German History and may be best known for his pronunciations that the
children of Israeli Jewish settlers are "Hitlerjugend" (The Jerusalem Post  
April 30, 1995) and for repeatedly comparing Israeli soldiers and settlers
to Nazis
(!gevalt5 ).  
When Benjamin Netanyahu ran for re-election on the campaign slogan, "A
strong leader for a strong people,"  Zimmerman wrote in the Jerusalem Post
that Israeli political candidates who use terms such as "strong leader" or
"strong people" are employing language reminiscent of the Nazis
( ).  During
Operation Defensive Wall, Zimmerman made the headlines when he decided to
grant exemptions from exams and assignments to all students in jail for
refusing to follow orders or serve in the military, but all students
called up to serve in the reserves, to serve their country, would enjoy no
such special consideration.  He has been repeatedly accused of using his
classroom as a bully pulpit to coerce his students to accept his extremist
anti-Israel views (see below, from
and is now even being investigated for this by the Ministry of Education,
which funds most of the budgets for all Israeli universities.

      Zimmerman is so extreme that he sometimes shocks even the other
ordinary leftist anti-Zionists on Israeli campuses with his radicalism.

    One of the more amusing distractions of recent months was the SLAPP
suit Zimmerman filed against Haaretz and one of its writers.  SLAPP refers
to Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation and a SLAPP suit is a
frivolous anti-democratic libel suit designed to harass one's critics for
purposes of denying them free speech and silencing them.

    The very same Zimmerman filed a
frivolous SLAPP suit against Anat Peri, a writer at Haaretz (and an ex-PHD
student of Zimmerman's) and against Haaretz itself for writing there that
Zimmerman regularly compares Israel to Nazi Germany at the same time that
the German government has been financing his own research.  Zimmerman
decided to pull a Neve Gordon and tried to suppress his critic by filing a
SLAPP suit.  It is part of the current wave of SLAPP suits in Israel by
leftist extremists trying to use the courts to suppress free speech for

    A few days ago Zimmerman lost his SLAPP suit and was ordered to pay a
cool 75,000 shekels in court expenses.   The judge went out of her way to
express her disgust at Zimmerman's hubris and arrogance in the courtroom. 
She expressed astonishment that a professor, who is also a public figure
who writes controversial things in the media, should attempt to silence
his own critics using such a "libel" suit.  Zimmerman himself was
protected in the past from people trying to sue HIM for libel, on grounds
of free speech, yet here he was trying to conscript the courts as
bludgeons to silence his own critics, noted the judge.  The judge also
accepted as reasonable the assertion that Zimmerman was granted German
government funding thanks to his own political opinions (Haaretz Mar 28).

     As you know, I am the target of a very similar harassment SLAPP suit
by Ben Gurion extremist political science lecturer Neve Gordon. The
similarities between the two trials are astounding.  Like Zimmerman,
Gordon publicly endorses mutiny and insubordination by Israeli soldiers
who refuse to do service as long as Israel is not following the policies
advocated by the country's most extremist leftists.  Like Zimmerman,
Gordon has enjoyed funding for his anti-Israel "research" from sources
wishing to assist him in promoting his own political agenda.  In Gordon's
case, the source was the Kroc Institute, a "center" so radical that it
also finances (according to the NY Sun) the activities of a Moslem French
anti-Semite with ties to al-Qaida, and which financed a "research paper"
by Gordon and a friend of his that "proved" that Israel is a terrorist
state.  Like Zimmerman, Gordon is trying to use the court as a bludgeon to
silence his critic (me), because I dared criticize some of his political
columns - and especially his columns prasing Holocaust Denier Norman
Finkelstein and which compared Finkelstein ethically to the Prohpets in
the Bible -  and also because I publicly criticized the fact that Gordon
entered Ramallah
illegally in the middle of Operation Defensive Wall to show his solidarity
with Arafat - exactly at the same time that Arafat was hiding the two
murderers of an Israeli cabinet minister as well as other wanted
terrorists in the same offices where Gordon affectionately clasped arms in
solidarity with Arafat.  Gordon is determined to try the same failed
harassment tactic as Zimmerman and now has yet another legal precedent
working against him.

    As you will see in the article below which singles out Zimmerman and
also Ben Gurion University, the Minister of Education is
starting to pressure Israeli universities to take action when faculty
members engage in treason, use their classrooms to force their extremist
views on their students, and otherwise use their positions for the purpose
of battling against their own country.  You will notice from the article
how prominently Ben Gurion University figures in such activities.  Please
contact the Minister and encourage her to take serious action in this
Education, Culture & Sport
Limor Livnat Tel  02-560-2330 Fax  02-560-2246 Email

     Then please read the two important items below.  After reading these,
if you would like to express your opinion about the radicalization and
extremist anti-Israel activities so common at Ben Gurion University, I
suggest you make your opinions known to

 Officials at Ben Gurion University:

 Professor Avishay Braverman
 President, Ben-Gurion University
 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
 Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel
 Fax: 972-8-647-2937

 Professor Jimmy Weinblatt
 Rector, Ben-Gurion University
 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
 Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel
 Tel. 972-7-6461105
 Fax: 972-7-6472945

 Professor Avishai Henik
 Dean of Social Sciences
 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, P.O.B. 653
 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
 Be'er-Sheva 84105, Israel.

and also American Associates of Ben Gurion University:
1430 Broadway
8th Floor
New York, NY 10018
phone 212-687-7721
fax 212-302-6443
Lis Gaines
Vivien K. Marion
Executive Vice President
If you have already told them what you think of leftist extremism at Ben
Gurion University, why not tell them again?

2.   Haaretz is suddenly alarmed at "threats" to free speech:
" Clipping the (lunatic)
fringes of academic freedom"  
By Dalia Shehori
A member of the Hebrew University's Law Faculty believes the dangers
facing academic freedom are more serious today than ever before, `due to
the addition of trying events that are continuing longer than they ever
have in the past.' 
Last March, a Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor lodged a complaint
against his colleague, Prof. Moshe Zimmerman for venturing a remark in the
classroom in support of Israel Defense Force soldiers who refuse to serve
in the territories. A demand for disciplinary action against Zimmerman was
reviewed - even after it was established that the complaint was factually
unfounded - and that it would not have warranted censure even if true.

At Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, lecturers demonstrated against
conferring an honorary doctorate on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Others
protested when Yossi Beilin was invited to lecture on campus.

In recent months, Education Minister Limor Livnat has complained to
University of Haifa Rector Prof. Aharon Ben-Ze'ev about political
statements Prof. Avraham Oz from the theater department made in class.
Livnat has also complained to Ben-Gurion University President Prof.
Avishai Braverman over comments in an article published by the head of the
university's Institute for Social Research, Prof. Lev Grinberg (Grinberg
writes sometimes in Tikkun -- SP) and
Livnat protested to the Hebrew University's President, Prof. Menachem
Magidor about Zimmerman's statement.

Responding to reports of Zimmerman's remarks, and also to a petition
signed by some 40 Hebrew University lecturers (the document was later
signed by 250 university teaching staff members) which expressed support
for "students who refuse to serve in the conquered territories," Livnat
knocked on the door of government attorney general Elyakim Rubinstein. She
asked for his opinion as to how she should "act against lecturers from the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, since their activities encourage
infraction of the law, and perhaps also sedition."

Livnat's turn to Rubinstein set the stage for a Knesset Education and
Culture Committee hearing on academic freedom sponsored by Zahava Gal-On,
MK (Meretz). To her chagrin, Gal-On found that at the end of this meeting
she was in a minority - most Knesset committee members supported Livnat's
approach on the issue.

It's worth mentioning that the Education and Culture Committee asked Prof.
Magidor to submit as evidence the petition that dozens of Hebrew
University staff members had signed. The Hebrew University President
refused to cooperate with this request, even though he personally opposes
refusal to serve in the territories. "I don't supervise what faculty
members say and what they disseminate," Magidor told Ha'aretz.

He insists that just as such matters are not for University administrators
to monitor and censor, the Knesset Committee has no business dealing with
it. Nonplussed, Livnat pushed on. She informed the Knesset Committee that
she intends to turn to the University of Haifa Rector about another
political statement made by Prof. Vered Krauss, during a lecture on

Do the events outlined here pose a threat to academic freedom in Israel?
According to Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer, a member of the Hebrew
University's Law Faculty, dangers facing academic freedom are more serious
today than ever before. "This is due to the addition of trying events that
are continuing longer than they ever have in the past. The events of the
times have created an atmosphere of impatience toward ideas that are not
part of the consensus. Worthy political leaders should have made a major
effort to stem this wave [of intolerance], and send a message of openness
and tolerance toward unorthodox opinions. I think that the leadership is
doing the exact opposite."

Prof. Shlomo Avineri, an expert on political thought from the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem, agrees that the mix of war-like events and grave
social polarization creates circumstances that endanger academic freedom.
"Without making any comparison, McCarthyism came to the fore in the U.S.
at the peak of the Cold War." Avineri calls attention to efforts made in
America after September 11, 2001 to curb the scope of academic freedom, at
least with respect to the expression of criticism toward U.S. policy.
Current circumstances in Israel, Avineri reflects, "enjoin great
responsibility and restraint on the part of members of the academic
community, and also considerable restraint on the part of state

It appears the attorney general concurs. In a written response to Livnat,
Rubinstein wrote that Zimmerman's statement and the petition "are an
irresponsible outrage. However, demands involving criminal prosecution in
a sphere outside of the IDF, in the public realm, have to be forwarded
with extreme caution." The State Prosecutor's Office has "discussed the
possibility of initiating criminal steps with respect to calls for refusal
to serve; but in the end it was decided not to proceed with [these steps],
not at this time," Rubinstein wrote. He added that when legal authorities
consider taking action against the expression of opinions, "considerable
weight is given to the crucial centrality of the principle of freedom of
speech." Rubinstein notified Livnat that complaints about concrete
statements made by lecturers will continue to be reviewed on a
case-by-case basis.

In Avineri's view, "anyone who calls on soldiers to refuse to serve in the
territories undoubtedly puts himself under fire; in moral terms, his
action is an abomination." Nonetheless, the prestigious Hebrew University
political scientist, says "I don't think that it's the business of the
Education Minister to intervene" in Zimmerman's case. Surely, Livnat can
state her view on any matter in cabinet meetings, Avineri says, "but as
Education Minister, she lacks status and authority to deal with the
enforcement of the universities' laws."

Kremnitzer regrets that "instead of standing up for freedom of speech,
which is currently endangered by a general public atmosphere of
intolerance, [Livnat] is acting in the opposite direction, operating as a
quasi-policewoman by monitoring statements made by academics. My
expectation is that the Education Minister should uphold academic freedom
rather than acting to curb it, and to intimidate the academic community."

Kremnitzer points out that the petition did not include an explicit,
illegal endorsement of refusal to serve. The letter, he says, was
formulated in a "careful manner which approaches the legal limit, without
transgressing it." He too opposes refusal to serve in the territories, but
believes that public discussion of the subject is important.

Prof. Magidor, who also chairs the committee of Israeli universities, says
that whenever provocative statements are made nowadays on campus or in an
academic context, "an atmosphere of hysteria" develops. He stresses that
all the nation's universities, certainly the Hebrew University, "uphold
the principle that any view which is not tantamount to incitement, and
does not endorse violence or any reprehensible act, can be articulated."

The root of the problem is apparently the lack of clarity inherent in the
concept "academic freedom." Everyone agrees that freedom of expression, a
staple element of civil liberties, applies to each citizen so long as he
or she does not break the law and academic freedom is subsumed within this
principle of free expression. But, beyond these basic precepts, there
remain a number of questions. The answers to them are far from obvious.
Does the principle of academic freedom apply to political statements made
by university lecturers? If the answer to this question is "yes," does the
principle also protect the expression of a lecturer's personal opinion in
class? If the answer here is "no," what rules of conduct apply to an
academic who teaches political science, history, sociology, philosophy or
other subjects in which handling of current events is sometimes

Testifying to the Knesset Education and Culture Committee, Livnat offered
the following definition of academic freedom - the right is not unlimited,
and it does not protect "any reprehensible" comment, and matters which do
not pertain to research and professional treatment of a particular
academic discipline. The Knesset Committee's majority decided that
Livnat's appeal to the attorney general was "legitimate, and did not
represent infringement of academic freedom."

Livnat's definition and the Committee's decision are supported by Dr. Ron
Breiman, chairman of the Professors for a Strong Israel (PSI) group who
took part in the Knesset panel's meeting PSI has about 500 members, most
of them academics from fields of sciences and medicine. Dr. Breiman, from
Tel Aviv University, acknowledges that there is less occasion and
prompting for a lecturer in the sciences to express a political opinion in

Breiman views refusal to serve as an illegal form of "desertion."
Encouragement of refusal to serve is also illegal, he believes. Such
infractions are not protected by the rule of academic freedom, the PSI
chairman maintains; they are subject to rule of law norms which govern
freedom of speech. Anyone who advocates "desertion" should face criminal

Academic freedom, Breiman explains, has limits. A lecturer has no right to
express his or her own opinion in class, he says, since such statements
pressure students, since they are afraid to express a contrary view, wary
that doing so might hurt their grades, or chances of advancement. He also
believes that discussion of the extreme right in a class must also be
balanced by treatment of the extreme left; otherwise, a lecture is
tendentious, and illegitimate. Should the idea of the transfer of Arabs
come up in a class, Breiman says (he himself opposes transfer), the
transfer of Jews should be opposed in a manner analogous to the
condemnation of the transfer of Arabs.

Breiman says that it's hard to precisely demarcate the borders of the rule
of academic freedom. Statements made by academics must be plausible and
prudent; it is best, Breiman says, to leave these standards of prudence
and good taste to the discretion of the lecturer. Prof. Zimmerman violated
these standards, Breiman believes, but he does not argue that Zimmerman
should face trial. The best course of action is for the academic community
as a whole to prohibit such wrongful statements of personal opinion.

Kremnitzer upholds a different conception of the essence of academic
freedom. It is clear, he says, that academic freedom does not protect
racist comments or remarks which can humiliate and flagrantly insult
persons, and statements that incite violence have no place in academia.
But racist or inciting expressions are banned by law. The specific meaning
of academic freedom as part of the principle of free speech is that
"persons from the academic community are allowed in in academic
institutions to pursue thoughts to the fullest extent. That is the ethos
of academic freedom."

Academics are expected to examine consensus ideas critically, and not to
accept them passively. An academic's vocation is to be critical and
skeptical. In order to protect this role, "the rule of academic freedom
has to be protected to the fullest extent permissible," Kremnitzer

The principle of academic freedom is anchored in the law. Section 15 of
the higher education law maintains that "a recognized [academic]
institution is free to administer its academic matters under its budgetary
framework as it sees fit." Yet a review of specific university regulations
which hold sway at the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, the
University of Haifa, Ben-Gurion University and Bar-Ilan University
indicates that the concept of academic freedom is not detailed.

It appears that this absence of a definition is no academic. Kremnitzer
explains that academic freedom is a complex concept, and "I am not sure
that any specific formulation can describe it in a full, satisfactory
fashion. So it's best to leave this as a matter of the general ethos."
Avineri says that were attempts made to define academic freedom, each
university would define the idea differently, and not standard, accepted
formula would be reached. However, Avineri adds, this fact is not
problematic. "The state enables universities to function economically, and
it does not intervene in terms of the contents of what is taught in them;
on the other hand, it upholds academic freedom in the sense that it allows
academic to enforce its own limits." He adds: "The academic community and
its members must relate to academic freedom as a cornerstone to be

The basic question remains: what is a lecturer allowed to say in class?
Prof. Zimmerman represents the extreme approach. As a historian, he says:
"History ends in the present. Thus, all these subjects, including refusal
to serve or Israeli behavior in the conquered territories, or problems
with Israel's political regime, are just as pertinent as any other
historical topic."

Avineri, in contrast, does not believe that "it is the role of a
university lecturer to express his political view in class." A professor
should "be cautious, and not digress toward current events, so as not to
transform university study into a derivative model of a current events
talk show."

As to Zimmerman's contention that history ends in the present, Avineri
replies: "That is the position of someone who wants to transform the
universities from responsible research institutions into schools for
political activity. That would be the end of the universities as we know

Kremnitzer rejects the contention that a lecturer's expression of his or
her personal view imposes pressure on students. For the same lecturer can
write an article in a newspaper, and his or her views are known in public
in any case. Students, Kremnitzer says, are not children, and a lecturer's
views have no special influence upon them.

He thinks it is acceptable if Prof. Zimmerman makes a comparative
reference to current events during a lecture on the history of Germany -
such current event comparisons are legitimate so long as students have the
right to express contrasting views. Such current event references "make
learning more challenging and real," says Kremnitzer. In any case,
academics tend to prefer persons who disagree with their own views rather
than ones who blindly agree with what they say. "It just isn't interesting
when somebody duplicates [my views]," he says. "I'm looking for someone
who will argue with me."

Prof. Moshe Zimmerman teaches a course for first years students at the
Hebrew University entitled "Introduction to the late modern period." Some
200 students were enrolled in the course this year. These included a group
of 40 students who are officers from the IDF's Tactical Command Academy.
In March, half an hour before the first class of the second semester,
Zimmerman was notified that this group would not make it to the lecture
since its members were deployed at roadblocks.

Zimmerman related to this development at the start of his lecture. A
review conducted by the Hebrew University in response to a complaint
lodged about the incident established that Zimmerman said the following:
"There is a group of students which cannot come today due to the excuse
that its members are guarding at checkpoints, and the like. Such an excuse
is not acceptable to me. Were they to be missing because they were serving
in jail due to a refusal to serve in the territories, that would be
satisfactory to me."

Prof. Menahem Kahana, from the Hebrew University's Talmud Department,
lodged the complaint against Zimmerman, based on a report of the incident
in the Makor Rishon newspaper. Kahana noted that the report suggested that
Zimmerman would discriminate against students who were absent from the
university due to reserve service, and that he would give preferential
treatment to those who refused to serve. Kahana withdrew his complaint
after the University's review established what Zimmerman actually said -
had he been aware of the precise contents of the remarks, he would not
have lodged the complaint, even if Zimmerman's statement was unworthy, the
Talmud scholar explains.

In parallel, the head of the Tactical Command College, Colonel Danny
Davidi, along with Brigadier General Yaakov Zigdon from the IDF's Command
and Staff College, sent a harsh letter to the Hebrew University's Rector,
Prof. Haim Rabinowitch. "The statements made by the professor are more
damaging and dangerous than the sale of weapons and ammunition to the
Palestinians," the letter declared. Zimmerman's comments, the two IDF
officers objected, would furnish an unlimited supply of propaganda
ammunition to the Palestinians. The letter's authors claimed that
Zimmerman used a history lecture as a platform for his own views, and
imposed his opinion about the officers on the class.

The officers' anger continues to simmer. Recently they worked out an
agreement with the Hebrew University's Dean of Humanities, Prof. Gabriel
Motzkin by which the introduction to modern history course will be given
to officers from the Tactical Command college in summer school, by a
different lecturer. The IDF Spokesman and the Hebrew University Spokesman
deny that this agreement constitutes a dictate imposed by the army, and
that the university surrendered to IDF pressure. Both spokesmen present a
number of specific, professional arguments to support the change in
arrangements for the course.

Prof. Kremnitzer says: "Had Zimmerman announced that `I will give bonus
points to persons who refuse to serve,' I would say that his remark is
unacceptable, and that it ought to be denounced. But if someone says, as a
personal opinion, `the refuser is closer to my heart than one who serves,'
I don't regard it an unacceptable remark." Kremnitzer also responded to
the harsh language in the officers' castigation of Zimmerman: "The
comparison drawn between Zimmerman's comments and the sale of guns to the
enemy is insidious. To put him in the category of persons who commit clear
acts of treason ... is the way of the witch hunt."
WITCH HUNT: Officers said Prof. Zimmerman's support for refuseniks was
"more dangerous than selling weapons to the enemy." 
(Rafi Kutz, Kol Ha'ir)
3.  Subject: Yemini vs. Yiftahel:  Maariv Takes on a Ben Gurion University
anti-Israel Extremist

Enemies of the "Zionist enterprise"

A response to Prof. Oren Yiftahel
Ben Dror Yemini

A week ago I was subject to a hail of invective by Prof. Oren Yiftahel, after critiquing Yiftahel's political commentary, in the guise of academic analysis. I could answer Yiftahel line by line, and point out that despite the fact that we are talking about a senior member of Israeli academia, he suffers, I fear, from serious difficulties with reading comprehension. After all, I have published my views-in favor of a return to the '67 borders, against the settler enterprise, against the occupation and all its miseries, countless times. And if despite all that, I am still one who "spreads the neo-conservative right wing party line", then any further response on my part would be superfluous.

Such that I will not waste time settling scores with Yiftahel, I will just get right to the point. Yiftahel fumes principally over the fact that I dare to criticize "important great thinkers" on the basis of their "attitude towards Zionism". Well, actually he's right, but let me be precise: I blame a group of several dozen of members of academia who spread lies and libels against Israel, while indirectly encouraging anti-Semitism. I blame this group of disregarding, even purposefully, the basic facts which contradict the demonic narrative that they try to lay on Israel.

Most of the members of this group are ecstatic fans of the saint Edward Said, now deceased. Said is the father of the paradigm that blames the west and Zionism for all of the misfortunes and maladies of the Arab world. How so? The Arab world vacillates between two different approaches. In one approach: the oft-repeated chorus of how the Zionists are to blame, the west is to blame. In the other, arising from the reformist's camp, which says hating the west is simply self-deception, and that the key to change is to be found in the processes of democratization and secularization of the greater Arab nations.

Said is the crown prince of the first approach. Despite paying lip service to criticism of Arab rulers, his greatest project is to place the blame on the west, and on Zionism. Said succeeded. The reformist camp, who despises this self-deception, has been left in the minority. The Arab world is now paying a terrible price for Said's success: Two reports issued over the past few years by Arab intellectuals indicate that social gaps are widening, and that a culture of oppression reigns.

And enough already of always hearing about how it is because of Bush and the Americans and Zionism. In countries where there is no American influence, such as Sudan and Syria for example, oppression is far greater than anywhere else.

Said's ignorant adherents disseminate their rabbi's bible wherever they can. For example, they circulate to the world the libel that "the Zionist enterprise" (Yiftahel's terminology) is the root of all evil. Al Qaida then claps its hands.

Not that there are no injustices committed against the Palestinians, and not that there is no room for criticism of Israel. But they ignore, almost completely, the historical Arab refusal to accept any sort of arrangement, starting from the time of the British Mandate, continuing on to the offer of dividing up the territories between Jews and Arabs, and on to the famous "three No's" of Khartoum, and of course- rejecting Clinton's exaggerated offer, which would enable the end of the occupation and the rise of a Palestinian state. They ignore the fact that Arafat does not want a Palestinian state, nor does he want an end to the occupation. He wants the destruction of Israel.

On the Saturday that Yiftahel published his diatribe against me, a program was broadcast on the official Palestinian Authority television channel asserting that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs. And here's another official statement: Arafat's closest advisors have clearly said that as far as they are concerned, "the right of return for Palestinians is the key element to successfully bringing about the annihilation of Israel".

But just as in the rest of the Arab world, there is a pragmatic element in the Palestinian camp. 135,000 people have already signed the Ayalon-Nusseibeh document, which includes renouncing the demand for the right of return. That's one of the realistic keys to a final arrangement. Rather than encouraging them, Yiftahel and his ilk publish articles against the "Zionist enterprise", and support, in one way or another, the Palestinian right of return.

Some of them, like Said, and like the extreme right wing among us, support the idea of one big country here, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Some of them do pay lip service to the desired solution of two states, but only under certain conditions. According to Yiftahel, a Palestinian state will be free of all Jews, but the other state, must under no circumstances be a state with a Jewish national identity, rather it should be a state for all of its citizens. The hypocrisy of Yiftahel and his group reaches astounding new levels: The Palestinians will have the right of return, but the Jewish right of return will have to be nullified.

So how exactly should a pragmatic Palestinian feel, one who wants to sign the Ayalon-Nusseibeh document, which subjects him not only to incitement against him from his own people, but also to Yiftahel's theses as well, who recommends the annihilation of the "Zionist enterprise"? This is how Yiftahel and his group ruin any chances of an agreement. This is how Yiftahel and his group encourage the insane demands of the Palestinians. This is how they help preserve the occupation.

People like Yiftahel have good intentions. They want a better world. But that doesn't release them from their responsibilities. They aren't willing to let facts confuse them, they are blind to them. And so that is how a dangerous coalition is born: made up of the Hamas, Arafat, the extreme right and the extreme left. It's a coalition of delayers of the only realistic solution that is both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian: A democratic Jewish state alongside a Palestinian one.

And one more thing: according to the "forces of progress", America and the "Zionist enterprise" are the root of all evils. In the Ayatollah version they are referred to as "the Great Satan" (America), and "the Small Satan" (Israel). But despite all this, contrary to Yiftahel's claims, I never tried to shut these people's mouths up. I'm not so certain that history will be as forgiving of them.

Zionist Professor Sued For Views in Israel  By Susan Rosenbluth (The Jewish Voice and Opinion)


The Israeli Left Defends Art
By Steven Plaut (1/04?)

Ah, the Israeli Left!   Every days brings us new wonders from it, new manifestations of anti-Semitism and treason.

   Among the Israeli or ex-Israeli leftist anti-Semites trekking the globe is one Mapplethropian "artist" named Dror Feiler.  Feiler hates Israel with a passion and supports Jihad and Palestinian terrorism.  He lives in Stockholm with his Swedish wife whence he spreads his views, including on the internet.  He also claims to be a musician who makes "music and noise" and my guess is more of the latter than the former.

    Among Feiler's recent "artistic" creations is a work celebrating the terrorist woman who blew herself up inside the Maxim restaurant in Haifa, murdering 21 people, some of them Arabs, many of the children.  Feiler seems to think this woman is a great hero, so he drew a portrait of her floating happily in a pool of Jewish blood.  The work is entitled "Snow White and the Madness of Truth" ( ). It was displayed in Sweden in a museum, the Historiska Museet, together with a poem that included the following phrases:

"She was also a woman

as white as snow, as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony

…. like a weed in her heart until she had no peace day and night

Hanadi Jaradat was a 29-year-old lawyer

Weeping bitterly, she added: "If our nation cannot realize its dream and

the goals of the victims, and live in freedom and dignity, then let the

whole world be erased"

Run away, then, you poor child

…. and the red looked beautiful upon the white".

It was all part of the preparations for some sort of Swedish conference on "genocide", which by all expectations will end up endorsing Arab plans to conduct genocide against Jews.

     The "art" was on display in Stockholm when the Israeli Ambassador decided to respond to it in a manner almost unseen by Israeli officials since the start of Oslo appeasement.  He responded to it as a Jew and a Zionist; after asking nicely that it be taken down, he vandalized the obscenity.    Curiously, the Ambassador is an appointee of Labor Party dove Ehud Barak, who was on Israeli TV soon afterwards cheering on the Ambassador for this rare act of Israeli self-pride and courage.  Surprisingly, Barak’s party and Meretz have NOT suggest that Feiler be granted the Israel Prize.

     Feiler runs a PLO front group called Jews for Israeli Palestinian Peace (JIPF).   He also serves as head of European Jews for a Just Peace, which might or might not have other members besides himself. The "artist" has filed a complaint with the Swedish police against the Ambassador for the vandalizing, and it set off a diplomat confrontation between Sweden and Israel. I personally think the Ambassador should say he was just engaging in theater and so his actions should be protected artistic expression.

"This was not a piece of art," the ambassador told Sweden's SR radio news

station. "It was a monstrosity. For me it was intolerable and an insult to the families of the victims," he said. "As ambassador [of] Israel I could not remain indifferent to such an obscene misrepresentation of reality."

Feiler describes himself as the "eye-bleeding ultimate composer of intifadic

and eruptive lung-outs." It turns out his parents were both communist party members in Israel and he was raised on a kibbutz.

     What is most interesting about this is how readily much of the Israeli Left has been to denounce the Ambassador for defending Jewish dignity and to defend the anti-Semitic "artist" and his absolute right to produce such obscenity. The Far Leftist daily Haaretz ran an editorial, several Op-Eds and lots of letters to the editor denouncing the Ambassador as a bully and vandal and defending the piece of "art".  They were joined by many others on the Israeli Left. Suddenly "artistic" expression is absolutely protected.  Except the theater by the Ambassador is not.

    Some in the academic Left are also chiming in.  Here is a letter written by Prof. Amiram Goldblum, one of the founders and long-time leaders in Peace Now, circulated this week on the web:

"The Stockholm Bully"

The aggressive response of Mazel to what seems to be an idiotic

artistic expression, will remain in public memory as another

display of Israeli violence, deriving from 35 years of occupation.

That is also the source of the governmental response, praising

the bully rather than recalling him and replacing him ASAP.

Israel has enough rednecks in the academy, no need to have them as


Amiram Goldblum, Ph.D. Cell

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

School of Pharmacy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

ISRAEL 91120 email:

    Now it is interesting to place this sudden absolutism of the Left regarding artistic expression in context.  This is the very same Israeli Left that insists that any poster

that shows politicians the Left likes in unflattering manner, such as Yossi Beilin or Yossi Sarid wearing an Arab kafiya, should be grounds for prosecution for "incitement".   This is the same Left that cheered uncontrollably when Tatiana Suskind, the poor young woman who had made a poster of the Prophet Mohammed as a pig, was sentenced to a long prison term.  These are leftists who want pornography suppressed because it dishonors women. This is the same Israeli Left that has campaigned to tear down and bulldoze a memorial stone marker for Baruch Goldstein, who shot up the Mosque in Hebron.  This is the Left that wants all members of the Kahanist groups behind bars because some of them put up posters or write graffiti whose artistic value the Left questions.  And this is the Left that argues that T-shirts that read "Where there are no Arabs there is no Terrorism" should be jailed for "racism" and "incitement".

    In other words, by defending this nazi obscenity in Sweden, the Left is showing how openly anti-Semitic and anti-democratic it is.

Speaking of leftist confusion, every time a gynonazi from the Palestinians has blown herself up as a murdering suicide bomber, the Left has whined that her actions prove how oppressed and suffering the po' Palestinians are, especially their

womenfolk.   Naturally, the same blubberings were heard this week after a mother of two from Gaza murdered four Israelis, including those guards who had just shown her pity, and wounded 9 others, two very seriously, when she made her children orphans.

    Now it turns out that the Feminist Take on the murderess has met with some snags.  It seems, the mother was suspected by her Gaza husband of carrying on an extramarital affair and the only way she could escape being murdered by him and to "restore" her family's honor was to carry out the suicide bombing.  She was coerced into carrying out the mass murder by the Hamas, which has now announced it will adopt as its general policy the coercion of women suspected of "moral offenses" to redeem themselves through such mass murders.

    So much for the theory that Israeli "occupation" and brutality cause

the terror....

    My guess is that one of these moons, the Palestinians will start

equipping pregnant women with explosives around the bellies to try to blow

up Jews.  You realize what that would mean?   Why, it would be the

Palestinian version of Roe vs Wade!

    Oh and I can guarantee you that at the next world Feminizt conference,

the Palestinian women will be there, cheered on by the Left, wailing about the harshness of the treatment of women ... by the Israelis.


Israel National News 12/29/03

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Justice Yoram Noam of the Jerusalem Magistrates Court handed down this afternoon the sentences of the ten Arutz-7 directors, broadcasters, and employees who were convicted of operating an illegal radio station.  Four defendants will perform community service for 3-6 months each.  The ten defendants were also fined between 20,000 and 50,000 shekels each, in addition to the fine imposed on Arutz-7 to the tune of 450,000 shekels.   The judge noted that the fines and/or community service can be served in the form of prison sentences.

Yaakov Katz, known as Ketzaleh - indefatigable Executive-Director of Arutz-7 and Beit El Yeshiva Center Institutions, wounded as an IDF officer during the Yom Kippur War and bound to a wheelchair for months afterwards, a founding member of the community of Beit El - was sentenced to a six-month term, commutable to public service, as well as a fine of 50,000 shekels and a suspended sentence of six months.  On his way out of the courtroom, Ketzaleh said, "All my life I have been doing public service work.  Neither would I have been afraid of actual jail time; I would have been able to study Torah there.   The most important thing is the preservation of freedom of speech."  He said that Arutz-7 would appeal the "unprecedentedly stiff fines," and the State Prosecution, as well, has said it will appeal.

Arutz-7 Directors Mrs. Shulamit Melamed and Yoel Tzur, and engineer Ya'ir Meir, were each sentenced to three months in prison, also executable in the form of public service.   They were fined between 25,000 - 30,000 shekels each.

The seven other defendants were sentenced to pay fines and/or serve suspended sentences.   They are:
Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed, Rabbi of Beit El since its inception in 1977, Dean of Yeshivat Beit El and Beit El Yeshiva Center Institutions, leading member of the Yesha Council of Rabbis, and co-founder of Arutz-7;
Haggai Segal, Arutz-7 News Director;
Gidi Sharon, veteran music broadcaster;
David Shapira, broadcaster and director of Arutz-7's French department;
Adir Zik, veteran fiery nationalist broadcaster;
Sha'ul Avni, captain of Arutz-7's Eretz HaTzvi ship.

The three broadcasters received four-month suspended sentences, as well as fines of 20,000 shekels each.  Rabbi Melamed received the same sentence, though his fine was for 25,000 shekels.  News Director Haggai Segal was sentenced to a six-month suspended term and a fine of 30,000 shekels.  The ship's captain Sha'ul Avni was sentenced to a three-month suspended term and a fine of 20,000 shekels.

Justice Arnon noted today that he took into account the fact that as soon as the conviction was handed down, Arutz-7 ceased its broadcasts and sold the ship from which the broadcasts emanated.  He further said that Arutz-7 consistently paid royalties, and noted that there was no proof that Arutz-7 ever interfered with air-traffic communications.  "The fact that the government did not enforce the law against the station over the course of many years," he stated, "gave its operators the impression that their sin was not grave - especially when important public figures, including MKs and ministers, were interviewed on the station."

Some 3,000 fans of Arutz-7, including several Knesset Members organized by MK Uri Ariel (National Union), demonstrated outside the courtroom prior to the sentencing.   "No to Shutting Mouths!" was the theme.  Among the participants were also Rabbi Dov Lior of the Yesha Rabbinical Forum and Tourism Minister Benny Elon.   Ariel said, "Arutz-7 is the mouthpiece of a very large public sector, and its silencing is a grave blow at the right to freedom of speech."

The Arutz-7 management has consistently denied the accusations against it.  Many Arutz-7 listeners continue to enjoy the station's broadcasts via the internet and over regular phone lines.  One of Israel's leading internet providers is now offering special deals for internet connectivity tailored to the Arutz-7 listening public.   For example, one deal for families that don't want exposure to the internet enables tuning into the webcast using a computer with no screen.

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Haggai Segal said afterwards, "The real punishment was the trial itself, which lasted almost six years...  The sentences were not light; a 30,000 shekel fine for a reporter whose only sin is broadcasting the public voice is not light."

Noam Arnon, spokesman for the Hevron Jewish Community who spoke regularly on Arutz-7, delivered a moving public statement after the sentence was handed down: "This group of defendants saved the honor of the Nation of Israel, and instead of being brought to trial, they should have been on their way to the President's Home to receive the Israel Prize.  They are like an air-freshener, purifying the media air that is all but conquered and polluted by the left side of the political spectrum.  No punishment will break them, and they will continue, with G-d's help, to work for the good of the Jewish people...  We here today who escorted them to the courthouse represent the hundreds of thousands of Arutz-7's loyal listeners."

Asked afterwards about the sentences, Arnon said, "I spoke with legal experts, and they said that these sentences are not at all light.  True, they won't be going to jail, and for this we are grateful, but they were sentenced to months in prison that can be commuted to public service - whoever heard of such a thing for actions of this type?   The fines, too, are very heavy, and we should not make light of this."




Bans of Free Speech When Politically Incorrect or Insensitive

   Israel's minister of trade, Ehud Olmert agreed to the attachment of special markers or notices on products produced in the West Bank and Gaza, that read "Made in Israeli-Occupied Palestinian Territories," or words to that effect. Steve Plaut explains that "This was so the Euro-trash and the Israeli leftists could boycott them."  In response someone put up posters that read "Olmert in service of the Left", and showed Olmert with a stamp that produced a yellow Jewish star and "Jude" across its mark, being stamped on packages of products produced by the "settlers" in the West Bank and Gaza.  Dr. Steve Plaut wrote about what happened as next as follows:

   Not only are Jerusalem police tearing down the posters on public
billboards that are making fun of Ehud Olmert in a manner that some might
find tasteless, but they have announced that they are hunting for the
perpetrators who pasted those posters up and will arrest them if they are
identified.  Their felony?  Exercise of the right of free speech by
non-leftists, which in post-survivalist Israel constitutes "incitement".

   So let us get this clear.  Screening of the Goebbals film "Jenin Jenin"
is protected speech in Israel.  So is justifying Arab suicide bombers and
praising mass murderers.  Arabs marching through the streets or on
campuses screaming "In fire and blood we will redeem Palestine" or
"Massacre the Jews", those are all forms of protected speech.

    But putting up a poster on a public billboard that shows Olmert
marking boxes of produce from the West Bank with a yellow star - now THAT
is criminal incitement and the perps must be jailed.    By the way, those
very same Jerusalem public billboards are regularly decorated with posters
advertising "escort services" and other establishments of prostitites. 
THEY are still up there and have not been torn down by the Jerusalem
thought police nor have their sponsors been busted.

The Israeli Thought Police
By Ariel Natan Pasko

Clump-clump, clump-clump, clump-clump, hark, I hear the sound of the
goose-stepping Bolshevik Israeli thought police in the distance.
Ultra-leftist Meretz MK Zahava Gal-On is at it again. This time she's going
after Arutz-7 - the Israel National News - Hebrew website. It's not good
enough that the Israeli Left-Wing Thought Police, hiding behind the
smoke and mirrors of legalism, have managed to silence the most significant
independent voice on the airwaves, Arutz-7 Radio. The erstwhile MK,
"guardian of the public," wants to protect the innocent from hearing other
views different than those she hears in her Leftist Ghetto. She claimed
that an opinion article published on their website entitled,
"Expulsion, not Transfer" constituted a violation of laws against incitement, and
called on Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein to investigate into it,
and he is.

Clump! -clump, clump-clump, clump-clump, MK Zahava Gal-On, just a couple
months ago, asked the Attorney General to look into a Jerusalem Post
editorial she said had "words of incitement to murder" in it. The
Jerusalem Post editorial said, "The world will not help us; we must help
ourselves. We must kill as many of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders as
possible, as quickly as possible, while minimizing collateral damage, but
not letting that damage stop us. And we must kill Yasser Arafat,
because the world leaves us no alternative." Where is Freedom of the Speech?
Where is Freedom of the Press? When was it ever "incitement to murder",
to call for the death of the enemy in wartime? Only in Israel, only on
the Bolshevik Left, only to shut people up and divert attention from
discussing the real issue, Arafat's war against Israel. By the way, in
the end the Attorney General found nothing prosecutable in the editorial.
Freedom of Speech 1, Thought Police 0.

Back in May 2003, MK Gal-On called on the Attorney General to "warn"
members of the Yesha Rabbinical Council against releasing a Halachic -
Jewish law - ruling against the Road Map "peace" plan. Well, what are
they supposed to issue, an economic impact report, they're rabbis? What?
They're not allowed to think differently from Zahava?

And what does Gal-On think? Well for one she thought that after 12 Jews
were killed in Hebron last Nov. 2002, the deaths be exploited to expel
the entire Jewish community of Hebron from the city. That's what she
told an Israel Radio interviewer, just days after the slaughter. And she
thinks it's just fine to meet with the leader of the enemy during
wartime. That's right she's met Arafat several times in the last three
years. Now that should be illegal!

Though Arutz-7 does not endorse the opinions it publishes in its op-ed
section, Arutz-7 noted that the sentence MK Gal-On questioned was taken
out of context, and does not incite to murder. "Incitement" you should
know, is the new catchall phrase the Left has invented since the Rabin
murder, to frighten all those who would think differently than them. In
fact, the author, Gil Ronen, writes in the article, "no one will have
to take the law into his own hands."  So, where's the incitement? I went
to check out this article myself on Arutz-7's Hebrew site. But
frightened of further persecution, it seems Arutz-7 deleted the listing from
the current articles list, and the page itself, although they forgot to
delete the title from Ronen's archive list. "Expulsion, not Transfer,"
the now "ghost" article, ran on October 28th.  

According to Arutz-7, the article's basic assumption was that since
there is no chance for reaching peace with the Arabs of Yesha - Judea and
Samaria, the West Bank and Gaza - there is therefore no alternative but
to "remove this 'nation' from our midst." Isn't that National Union MK
Benny Elon's plan? Ronen wrote that he does not support transfer, as
"the Palestinians are not European Jews, and we are not Germans."
Instead, he suggests a "gradual deterioration" in which the war against
terrorists expands, including more targeted killings, more house demolitions,
and more air raids. Sounds good to me, in fact I've written several
such articles, for example calling on the Israeli government to use attack
helicopters against Hamas political-rally funerals - "The Call of the
Israel Apache" - and suggested that, "There is Only A Military
Solution." I dare Gal-On to "investigate" me. It seems our dear "guardian of the
public," a child Olah - immigrant - from the former Bolshevik S
oviet Union - hasn't learned a thing about democracy, freedom of
speech or the press in her life! And as a policy analyst, that is my
professional opinion.

"No one will have to take the law into his own hands," Ronen writes.
"It's enough that officers and soldiers interpret their instructions as
broadly as possible and employ maximum force," noting as an example that
if a Jewish neighborhood is fired on, the military response should not
be limited to one specific window or house, but to the entire row of
houses from where the attack emanated. The sentence that troubled MK
Gal-On so much reads, "The only ones who will die will be Palestinians, and
whoever doesn't want to die, will be forced to run away." I disagree
with Ronen, it should become government policy, not just the purview of
individual soldiers; by the way, in wartime the goal is to kill the
enemy and not be killed. And, an overwhelming majority of Israelis consider
this wartime.

Gal-On implied that Ronen's call to abandon dangerous house-to-house
searches for terrorists, in favor of air-bombings! , is a form of
incitement "to genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians."
Notice her exaggeration to justify suppression. House-to-house searches
have claimed many Israeli soldiers' lives in the past three years. Why
chase after political commentators and media outlets? Why doesn't she take
her beef to where it really belongs, with Sharon and the Israel Defense
Forces (IDF)? They've used air-bombings several times already, against
Hamas targets, rather than go into the houses to get the wanted men.

By the way, several public figures including MK's have also expressed
the opinion that air-bombings should be stepped up. For instance, in
Dec. 2001, National Union MK Eliezer Cohen said, "This is war, not just
terrorism, and we must fight back accordingly. They are fighting us with
all of their resources and weaponry, and we must do the same. Our army
knows exactly what to do, and it is time to do it." And in Dec.! 2002,
National Union leader MK Avigdor Lieberman called for a "decisive
military victory." So why save Arab terrorists and their supporters, when you
can save the life of Jewish soldiers?

Zahava, they didn't teach you that in Bolshevik training school did
they? Clump-clump, clump-clump, clump-clump, here come those thought

Ariel Natan Pasko is an independent analyst & consultant. He has a
Master's Degree in International Relations & Policy Analysis.  His articles
appear regularly on numerous news/views and think-tank websites, in
newspapers, and can be read at:

(c) 2003/5764 Pasko

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By  Steven Plaut

Consider the following statements. At the end of them you will be asked to
explain what exactly the difference is among them:
1. Mohammed was a pig.
2. Butcher the Jews.
3. In fire and blood we will redeem Palestine.
4. Zionists are Nazis.
5. Bibi Netanyahu is a Nazi.
6. Rocks are not enough; bullets must be used by Arabs to liberate
7. The children of Jewish settlers are Hitler-jugend.
8. When I see religious Jews I really understand the Nazis.
9. The Germans had the right idea of how to deal with the Jews.
10. Israeli soldiers are Nazi storm troopers.
11. Religious Jews are collectively guilty of murder.
12. Judaism is a gutter religion.
13. Zionists are Judeo-Nazis.
14. We need many suicide bombers and "Engineers".
15. We will have a jihad until Israel ceases to exist.
16. Rabin was a mass murderer of Arabs and no one should honor him.
17. It is right and proper that settlers be gunned down.
18. We will never stop killing until Israel ceases to exist.
19. Zionism is a form of racism and colonialism that must be ended with force.
20.     Israel behaved like Nazi Germany in Jenin.
21.  Israel should expel the Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza.

Ok. So what is the difference? Well the answer is simple. Quotations #1 and  #21 above are criminal speech in Israel, for which one will do real hard jail time.  All the other statements above are protected speech, legal expressions of legitimate political opinion in Israel. Not only may you say all of these other things in Israel, for some of them you are likely to be granted tenure at the Hebrew University.

Statements #2 (Butcher the Jews) and #3 (In fire and blood we will redeem Palestine) are the universal chants at each and every gathering of Palestinians, and increasingly also of Israeli Arabs. Number 3 was chanted at Haifa University by Arab. For #8 (When I see religious Jews I really understand the Nazis) the "artist" Yigal Tomarkin was almost granted a Yad Veshem honor last week. Professors at the Hebrew University have stated #4, #5, #7, #10, #11 and #13.

4. Zionists are Nazis.
5. Bibi Netanyahu is a Nazi.
7. The children of Jewish settlers are Hitler-jugend.
10. Israeli soldiers are Nazi storm troopers.
11. Religious Jews are collectively guilty of murder.
13. Zionists are Judeo-Nazis.

Arab Knesset Members from the Communist party have stated #6, #15, #16 and #17.

6. Rocks are not enough; bullets must be used by Arabs to liberate
15. We will have a jihad until Israel ceases to exist.
16. Rabin was a mass murderer of Arabs and no one should honor him.
17. It is right and proper that settlers be gunned down.

And PLO officials have said almost all of the above, except of course #1. As for #12, (Judaism is a gutter religion) Chicken Lou Farrakhan's famous chirp, this did not cause Israeli officials to deny him entrance to Israel.

Of all the above, except for #1 (Mohammed was a pig) and #21 (Israel should expel the Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza), it is the official position of the Israeli political establishment and of the Israeli courts that the statement is simply protected free speech, perhaps crude, vulgar and objectionable, but protected speech nonetheless.  

A few years ago Tatiana Suskin made leaflets with the offensive passage about Mohammed.   She may have been a
fanatic, a naif, and perhaps even a bit dangerous. She used poor taste and was vulgar and crude. Yet her poster of the Prophet Mohammed as a Pig would be protected (if tasteless) speech in any true democracy in the world.

But not in Israel. In Israel it is a crime for which one does real jail time in hard-core prison, for a period of two years, more than many drug smugglers and rapists get.

Then the political establishment, under the Likud this time, launched a jihad against Arutz7, the only independent voice of non-leftist political dissent in Israeli broadcasting.   First the station was shut down, then the government announced it would seek to toss the owners into prison for long terms.  And now it wants to prosecute the Arutz77 web site owners because a columnist wrote an opinion containing point #21.   Zahava Gal-on, the Chief McCarthyist for the Meretz Party, petitioned the Attorney General to prosecute the web site operators because the columnist called for expulsion of Palestinians.  Of course, Gal-On's own party calls for the mass expulsion of Jews from the West Bank and Gaza, yet they have not been indicted for "racism".

Suskin's case and the jihad against Arutz7 have been proof of how selective democracy has become in Israel. Ever since the Rabin assassination, the Israeli Left has promoted a unique political philosophy holding that free speech protection should apply only to leftists, and that expression by non-leftists is criminal incitement and sedition. This was the official position of the Attorney General and the courts under the misrule of Israel's increasingly-fanatic Labor Party and its Marxist Meretz partners.

The Israeli establishment argued that Suskin's actions offend the Moslems.  Well, Moslem anti-Semitic speech and actions offend the Jews, or at least all Jews who are not self-hating lemmings. What is worse, porking Mohammed or applauding the Engineer and the mass murderers of Jews?  Israeli freedom and democracy are now in serious danger, this from a government led by the party of that great believer in democracy and constitutionalism Menahem Begin.

Free Speech For Fundamentalist Leftists Only Endorsed by the Supreme Court of Israel
Steve Plaut

Israel's Supreme Court has taken yet another step towards fulfilling its
agenda of imposing leftist fundamentalism on Israel.   The Court has just
ordered the Israel Broadcasting Authority to broadcast propaganda in favor
of the treasonous "peace plans" of Yossi Beilin and Ami Ayalon.

Lest you think this is simply an application of free speech in a
democracy, let us note that the TV station and radio stations operated by
the IBA are non-commercial state-owned stations that do not HAVE any
commercial advertisements.  While they are allowed
to broadcast "public interest messages", usually things like short sound
bites asking people to contribute to the Cancer Fund or to save water or
similar things, they explicitly are supposed to be prohibited from airing
political commentary as ads.

But evidently the Supreme Court judicial tyrants of the Fundamentalist
Left do NOT see anything political or controversial about the airing of
ads endorsing the treasonous "peace initiatives" of non-elected persons
who do not represent the country nor even their own party.  In other
words, ads promoting leftist ideology are not political at all, just
promoting peace, and so must be aired.

  What would be political, you ask?   Well,
things like ads suggesting that Oslo had been a tragic mistake, or ads
suggesting Israel should use force against Palestinian barbarism, or
reading the Rabin quote below, or reading the wrong parts from the Bible. 
THOSE would be political and controversial and so would be prohibited.

Let us note that just a few months back the Court supported the IBA in
banning ads asking people to recite Psalms from the Bible!

Here is the news blurb about the decision:

High Court nixes IBA ban on Geneva Accord, People's Voice  
By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent
The High Court of Justice on Wednesday morning
overturned a decision by the Israel Broadcasting
Authority and the Second Broadcasting Authority to
ban commercials promoting unofficial peace plans.
A three-justice panel headed
by Supreme Court President
Aharon Barak heard the
petitions filed by the
brokers of the People's
Voice, an Israeli-Palestinian
civil initiative established
by Ami Ayalon and Sari
Nusseibeh and aimed at
promoting peace between the
two sides, and the initiators of the Geneva

The legal battle had become a fight in principle
to annul regulations pertaining to the
broadcasting of advertisements dealing with
political disputes.

The petition filed by the initiators of the
Geneva Accords deals with the IBA's refusal to
air commercials notifying the public of the
start of a campaign to distribute copies of the
agreement in mail boxes around the country.

Some 1.5 million copies of the Geneva Accords
were sent out Sunday to addresses countrywide,
with another 1.5 million copies to follow in
the coming days.

The copy mailed to the home of Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon has yet to reach its destination,
after the security guards outside the Prime
Minister's Residence refused to accept the
envelope delivered by Yossi Beilin and MKs Haim
Oron (Meretz) and Yuli Tamir (Labor). Over the
past few days, the Geneva Accords initiators
have requested a meeting with Sharon, but have
yet to receive a response.

Also Sunday, Beilin, Oron and Labor MKs Avraham
Burg and Amram Mitzna presented the Geneva
Accords at a meeting of the Kibbutz Movement's
secretariat. A unanimous decision to adopt and
support the agreement followed the meeting.

The Kibbutz Movement also called on its members
at kibbutzim around the country to promote and
help to drum up support for the Geneva Accords
as an important alternative to the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Holocaust Denial Now Legal in Israel But Not in Europe
Steve Plaut

In many countries in Europe it is against the law to deny the
Holocaust.  These countries believe that those who deny there ever was a
Holocaust of Jews, who deny there were no death camps in World War II, are
not naive and simple-minded deluded people but rather they are nazis.  
Denying the Holocaust in these democratic countries is a hate crime. 
Lying about the Holocaust is a felony there.

    Israel, as you know, this week adopted free speech absolutism for
anti-Semites, in the form of a Supreme Court ruling holding that the
Goebbels-like film "Jenin Jenin" cannot be banned in Israel.  An Arab
fascist Knesset Member even proposed that it now be aired in the
parliament itself.

    Free speech absolutism in Israel appears to be restricted to
anti-Semitic lies.  So it is entirely likely that Holocaust Denial films
and books will now be proclaimed protected sppech in Israel in the
middle of a war for its national survival.  While the academic Left has
not yet produced open Holocaust Deniers in Israel, there are already a
handful who, in their anti-Zionist zeal, do themselves endorse OTHER
people who are Holocaust Deniers and neonazis, people such as Norman
Finkelstein or Abu Abbas or Hanan Ashrawi.

    And what is NOT protected speech in this new Orwellian Israel?

    It is NOT protected speech to wear a T-shirt on which it is printed,
"Where there are no Arabs there are no terrorist atrocities."   That has
been proclaimed racist incitement.  Those sporting such garb have been
arrested and are now awaiting trial in the land of free speech absolutism.

Freeman List 10/24/03
by Nadia Matar

The media dictatorship has struck once again. The directors of Arutz 7
(Israel National Radio) were convicted. The holy cannon of the leftist
judicial system, that represents a minority of the people, is trying to gag
the national camp,which speaks for the majority of the People of Israel. It
is a direct continuation of the Altalena affair - in which the shock troops
of the left shelled the Altalena ship with the "holy cannon".   The
conviction of Arutz 7 by the court is no less than a direct shelling of the
Arutz 7 ship, with the goal of sinking and silencing the national camp.

And so it happens that anti-Jewish radio stations, such as Kol Yisrael and
Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio) (which the national camp calls "Kol Yishmael [the
Voice of Ishmael] and Galei Ashaf" [PLO Radio]), that provide a free and
sympathetic forum to the internal and external enemies of Israel, continue
to broadcast. Arutz 7, a proud Jewish radio station, that broadcasts
programs of love and loyalty to the people of Israel, the Torah of Israel,
and the Land of Israel, is, however, forced to cease its broadcasts. The
"liberal people" who pretend to champion democracy and the basic right of
freedom of expression are silent. It seems there is freedom of expression
in Israel only for the left.


Totalitarian Purity is Restored
Israel National News
by Steven Plaut
October 22, 2003

Yet another nail was banged this week into the coffin of Israeli democracy. On Monday, the McCarthyist Left succeeded, at long last, in shutting down Arutz-7, the main voice of non-leftist dissidence in Israel. This under a government headed by Ariel Sharon.

Israel's Hebrew media are the occupied territories of Israel's Far Left. Haaretz is considerably less pluralistic than was Pravda in the days of Brezhnev and is increasingly advocating the "One-State Solution", meaning the Rwanda Solution, to Israel's existence, where Israel would cease to exist as a Jewish state. Yediot Aharonot is just slightly less extremist than Haaretz and its Op-Ed pages have been dubbed by some wags "Fatahland". Maariv is the most balanced of the Hebrew papers, although it also is more leftist than not.

The Jerusalem Post is balanced, but has a tiny market share - only among English speakers. Israel's three TV stations compete against one another over who can be the most extremist and leftist, who the most biased. They are considerably less pro-Israel than the BBC and CNN. Most radio stations are still state-run and - by definition - that makes them leftist. The Likud has never challenged the hegemony of the Left over the state-owned electronic media when it has held office.

That leaves the "pirate stations". Israel has a long history of "pirate" radio stations. These are broadcasters that operate transmitters technically outside the legal jurisdiction of Israel, at sea on ships, or just illegally from someone's attic. Pirate radio exists largely because the government has refused to sell broadcast licenses to private-sector groups.

The first pirate ship was that of leftist wacko Abbie Nathan, who used it to broadcast obnoxious rock-and-roll noise mixed in with political caterwauling from the Far Left. He was allowed to broadcast unfettered for decades, starting in the early 1970s, by governments of both the Labor Party and the Likud. He eventually went bankrupt and celebrated the shutting down of his "Peace Boat" by scuttling it smack in the center of Israel's shipping lanes.

But sauce for the goose in Israel has never been sauce for the lemmings. When the Right set up its own pirate radio station on a ship outside the territorial waters of Zion, the McCarthyist Left launched a jihad from its first day designed to shut it down. Despite repeated legal and legislative attempts to shut it down, Arutz-7 (meaning Channel 7 in Hebrew) has struggled on, with its shoestring of a budget, until this week. (A handful of other pirate stations, many with Orthodox religious orientation, have also broadcast on and off. Unlike the United States, the Israeli government has never looked kindly on religious radio stations having a right to part of the airwaves.)

Arutz-7 was a breath of fresh air in Israel's near-totalitarian world of Leftist media hegemony. It proved itself absolutely correct in its denunciation of the Oslo Accords, the only media outfit in Israel daring to oppose Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres' policies. The Left denounced Arutz-7 as "inciters", McCarthyist terminology for people who disagree with the Left, and the Leftists made no secret of their belief that Arutz-7 was directly responsible for Rabin getting assassinated. And this, at the same time that they said the Leftist media should not be held accountable for the 1,300 Israelis murdered so far by the Oslo "peace process" they touted.

The quality of Arutz-7 broadcasts varied. By far, the best program was the weekly commentary by Adir Zik. Zik is an eloquent and intelligent commentator, although he lost a lot of credibility by his promotion of the infantile Chamish conspiracy theories. Hagai Segal, who sometimes writes in Yediot, and Eliakim Haetzni are just behind Zik.

The Left had been filing petition after petition to shut Arutz-7 down. The same Labor Party that defended Abbie Nathan's ship to its last decibel has led the jihad against Arutz-7. It was joined by a host of leftists who have served as Attorney-Generals. Incredibly, some of the worst assaults against Arutz-7 were carried out when the Likud was in office, since the Likud always seeks to be the me-too Labor Party and to out-Mapai them.

Five years ago a leftist lawyer filed a suit with the court to shut down the station and indict its owners/managers. It took five years for the Court to find for the plaintiff and restore pure leftist hegemony over Israel's media.

Another Attack on Free Speech in Israel
Jun 3, 2003

     Free speech in Israel suffered yet another defeat
yesterday.  Left-wing McCarthyism enjoyed yet another victory.

      The latest assault on free speech took the form of a decision by
Israel's Attorney General to prosecute Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzberg under
Israel's ridiculous "anti-racism" laws.

       Ginzberg is a Kahanist and a Right-wing extremist.   You may strongly
dislike his views.  But meaningful tests of free speech are never performed
with moderates, only with extremists.

       Ginzberg has a long track record of supporting Kahanist "population
transfer" solutions with respect to Palestinian and Israeli Arabs.  He
wrote a book praising, or at least justifying, the murderer Baruch
Goldstein, after Goldstein killed 29 Arabs in the Machpela Cave's mosque in
Hebron, one of the every few actual cases where a Jew murdered Arabs.  And
Ginzberg has said other things that are generally not acceptable in polite
company or repeatable before young children.

       But the issue at hand is not whether or not you agree with
Ginzberg's extremist views and style of rhetoric, but rather whether you
believe in freedom of speech.   Nothing Ginzberg has said or written goes
anywhere near the level of venomous hatred and support for violence that is
expressed every day by Israel's Arab politicians and Islamic movement
leaders.  Yet the political establishment has long insisted that THOSE Arab
oral atrocities are all protected speech.   The same Attorney General who
has decided to prosecute Ginzberg and who has already prosecuted other Far
Rightists in Israel has NEVER prosecuted Far Leftist Israelis nor Israeli
Arabs for the countless expressions of support for Arab terrorism, for
calls to Saddam to annihilate Israel, for calls to see Israel destroyed,
for cheering on the murders of "settlers", etc.   So why is sauce for the
goose not sauce for the lemmings?

       The position of the Attorney General has always been that mere
praise for terrorist atrocities and mass murders that have ALREADY taken
place does not constitute criminal incitement, only direct calls to
perpetrate NEW atrocities.  That is the fig leaf used by the Attorney
General to justify his refusal to prosecute leftists and Arabs for such
incitement and speech endorsing terrorism and murder.   But at the worst,
this is precisely the same thing that Ginzberg did.  He praised Baruch
Goldstein's murders AFTER they had been perpetrated.   Actually, the
Attorney General is technically not even prosecuting Ginzberg for praising
violence, but for being a "racist".   But "racism" in Israeli Newspeak has
always been a term restricted to Kahanists saying negative things about
Arabs or calling for "transfer", and has never applied to Far Leftists
cheering when "settlers" are murdered, nor Arabs denouncing Jews in
blood-curdling terms and chanting "Massacre the Jews".   Not a single Arab
nor Israeli Jewish Leftist has ever been prosecuted under the Israeli
"anti-racism" laws.   SO why is Ginzberg being prosecuted while the Far
Leftist traitors are not?

        The prosecution of Ginzberg is part of the broader assault on the
expression and speech of Right-wingers in Israel by the Left, following the
Rabin assassination.   The Left has always preached the ridiculous canon
that holds that free speech by Rightists somehow caused the Rabin
assassination.  Moreover, leftist McCarthyists have always insisted that
some mysterious Rabbis were behind Yigal Amir's assassination of Yitzhak

       No one of course has ever produced any evidence that any Rabbi
anywhere called for Rabin to be killed or even justified the assassination
AFTER it took place.  As far as I know, even Ginzberg  never called for nor
justified that assassination, and if he had - it would have been the main
clause in the Attorney General's writ of indictment (but is not there,
reinforcing my contention).   Rather, the indictment of Ginzberg in my
opinion actually has nothing to do with his words of praise for Goldstein's
1994 atrocity.   If it had, he would have been indicted years ago.  His
book praising Goldstein came out in 1995.

       Instead, Ginzberg is to be indicted because of the desperation of
the Israeli Left to invent fanatic pro-violence Rabbis who can be blamed
for Yigal Amir and for Baruch Goldstein.   Beyond those two, the Left has a
great difficulty identifying any other violent "byproducts of the rhetoric"
of the Right.   A no less important reason is that the current Attorney
General, Eliakim Rubinstein, desperately wants to get himself appointed to
the Supreme Court and he needs the support of the Left for that to happen.

      So poor Rabbi Ginzberg may do some hard prison time to help
Rubinstein get that robe.


A Tee Shirt and Arab Incitement
Israel National News Opinion
Isaac Kohn
13 March 2003

Funny? Incomprehensible? Silly? Unbelievable?

None of the above. The correct phrase to describe the idiotic episode currently unfolding in the Israeli courts is “outrageously ludicrous”. It defies logic and sensibility and begs for a spray of deodorant to dispel the acrid smell of putrid and skewed liberalism. The perversion of logic and the enormity of stupidity causes even the most perspicacious amongst us to raise a perturbed and amazed eye brow. The people of the book, it seems, forgot how to correctly read and interpret current events.

The Moslem world has unleashed the most rabid anti-Jewish incitement the world has ever experienced since the birth of Judaism, 3300 years ago. The Nazi era anti-Semitic propaganda against the Jews takes a back seat to the finely tuned, well-oiled and ever-growing Islamic propaganda machine. The calls for the destruction of Israel, for the murder of Jews everywhere, anywhere and anytime, are openly emblazoned in headlines, shouted from Mosque turrets and in speeches of imams. Palestinian schoolbooks shamelessly depict Jews as pigs, monkeys and killers; spilling Jewish blood is depicted as an ultimate sacrificial gift to the name of Allah. And the world is silent. In fact, the world agrees.

In Israel, Daniel Haivri, whose heart and soul cries for those whose blood has been spilled in the name of the Oslo Debacle and whose pained heart goes out to the hundreds of orphans (a Leftist present to Israeli society), has been arrested and accused of wearing a tee-shirt emblazoned with Rabbi Kahane´s likeness and the words," No Arabs, No Terror". The Leftist liberal courts in Israel have decided that parading such a tee-shirt in public constitutes an incitement against the Arabs and therefore Mr. Haivri is subject to arrest, prosecution and sentence by the Liberal establishment. This is the same establishment that constantly incites against those with contrary views and opinions (the Right, settlers,Chareidim, etc.), in order to ´shut the mouths´ of those who´d rather resist than follow Beilin & Co. to an early grave. These ´liberals´ do not recoil at every dirty trick possible to dehumanize their opponents. Their illogical silence in the face of unprecedented Islamic attacks against Judaism leaves one perplexed and aghast. A reassessment of their moral bankruptcy and recklessness is long past due.

Past court decisions have relegated certain sectors of Israeli Jews to the ranks of "lice and vermin." Pronouncements by ´highly esteemed and regarded´ members of the radical-liberal establishment have called for the "return of these dark people to the ghettos of Europe." Placards distributed during the last election depicted the Chareidi sector as bloodsuckers and leeches; representatives of certain parties called for the ´eradication of certain sectors, who stand in the way of the civil revolution´ envisioned by these ´liberals´; a revolution that will exclude these ´troublesome´, uneducated, backward ´religionists´ to the dark past. And the ongoing hate-filled incitement has the tacit and practical stamp-of-approval of the liberal courts in Israel.

Searching high and low, deep and deeper, one can not recall an arrest or censure of any ´liberal´ screaming for the blood of the settlers. Ranan Cohen´s hate-filled harangues against the settlers still resonate loud and clear. After the 12 soldiers and civilians were massacred recently in Hevron, Mr. Cohen´s venom was directed not at the despicable Arab-murderers who committed this heinous crime, but rather at the settlers themselves. "The settlers are worse than the terrorists!" declared Mr. Ranan Cohen as he castigated the settlers without a word of remorse for the tragedy they experienced. Over 1000 Jews were brutally murdered by Israel´s "partner for peace", yet not once have we seen Mr. Peres or Ben-Ami or Beilin or any other bleeding-heart semi-comatose liberal attend even one funeral or perhaps comfort an orphan at a shiva call. The continuous calls for the dismantling of Jewish settlements and the forcible transfer of these Jews from their homes continues without letup. Yet, the mention of a transfer of Arabs out of Israel elicits a cry of indignation and consternation.

One would think that these attacks and demonizing of Israel and Judaism would elicit a response in kind; the Islamic world is very ´sensitive´ to any degradation of its ´religion of peace.´ One would hope that Judaism´s oratory talent would jump to the forefront in order to return the favor; to see Islam squirm as the true history of Islam´s bloody and murderous past (and present) is brought out in vivid colors. Yet, silence is the retort; acceptance of the on-going onslaught against Israel and Judaism is taken for granted as reasonable and deserving. After all, we Jews cannot lower ourselves in order to crawl in the same gutter as those besmirching us. We will not stoop to the level of castigating and ridiculing and responding. Damn our dignity, consideration is our motto. Liberalism Uber Alles.

As the graves become more numerous and the ever-growing Islamic incitement for murder and mayhem has yet to reach a crescendo, our ´liberal´ courts find it their holy duty to show the world how openly and radical liberal Israeli society is. It is a prudish attempt at self-sanctification and rotten to the core.

It is time for the ´liberal´ establishment to examine and cure the psittacosis it´s infected with. Today is not soon enough.
Isaac Kohn writes from Brooklyn, New York. He can be reached at

Israel National News (Arutz 7)
January 10, 2002

    The Central Elections Committee will convene tomorrow night in the wake of the political storm caused by the abruptly cut-off press conference given by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon last night. Sharon was in the midst of explaining, in a nationally televised speech, his position regarding the accusations that had been made against him over the preceding few days. As of yesterday, public support was down by some 25%, compared to a month ago, following several weeks of press reports of Likud party corruption. After about 14 minutes, however, the broadcasts were stopped, by order of Elections Committee Chairman Judge Michael Cheshin, who said that Sharon's speech included illegal electioneering.

    The Likud is furious at the decision, with at least one official accusing Judge Cheshin of "shutting the Prime Minister's mouth." Likud campaign headquarters announced that the attacks on Sharon had been ongoing for a number of days, "yet when he wants to respond to the unrestrained attacks, he is prevented from doing so." A Likud strategist said that the broadcasting networks had "arranged to interview Labor Party officials after the speech, thus maintaining balance - but Cheshin's hasty and reckless order disrupted the balance."

    The Labor Party demands not only that last night's appearance be deducted from the time allotted to the Likud for electioneering, but also that Sharon be indicted on charges of violating the campaign propaganda laws. The law forbids media electioneering in the weeks prior to the election, and carries a punishment of imprisonment.

    Many Labor spokesmen mocked Sharon's claim that he "did not know" the source of the money he used to pay back the campaign contributions.

    Despite the outcry, some Likud sources - including, reportedly, Sharon himself - said they were satisfied that his message had gotten across. It was noted that the order to end the broadcasts was implemented only after Sharon had inserted into his speech several sharp comments against the Labor Party and its head, Amram Mitzna.

2. SHARON'S SPEECH UNTIL IT WAS CUT OFF Prime Minister Sharon began his talk last night as follows: "I have come to respond to the despicable plot that has been woven against me and the Likud, and which has one goal: to topple the regime in Israel, and to take over in a deceitful manner.

    "I would like to describe to you the turn of events of the past months. About two months ago, the Labor Party decided, with its own internal political interests in mind, to drag the entire country into an election campaign. I said then that the elections were unnecessary, and that Labor's behavior in the midst of a struggle against terror, and on the eve of a possible war with Iraq, was wanton and irresponsible. I must admit that even I did not conceive how wanton and irresponsible their behavior could be. I will give you an example.

    "A few weeks ago, I paid a visit at the Home Front command, in order to check the preparations being made for war with Iraq... The chances that Israel will be attacked are not great - but they exist, and we must therefore be prepared in order to give Israeli citizens the best protection. Every child understands this - except for the Labor Party, its supporters, and all who help her. This responsibility is, in the end, upon me. I'm Prime Minister, and the ultimate responsibility falls on me. I go to visit and to check - sometimes in surprise visits - to see how the preparations are being made. I would betray my responsibilities if I did not do this. And here, the Labor Party and all who help it, started to attack me personally, as if these war preparations were just an election campaign trick - as if there were no crisis in Iraq, as if the entire world is not preparing for war, as if we were not attacked once before by Iraq contrary to the predictions of all the experts. [An attack like this] happened in the past, and we must be ready - but not according to the Labor Party. In their minds, there are only elections. The whole world revolves only around them, and around their chances of winning another piece of power. This is how they think - or at least, this is how they talk. This behavior, at the expense of our most sacred thing, is shameful - but even more, it is wanton and irresponsible.

    "This example is an indication of everything that has happened here in the past weeks. First, they embarked on a "witch hunt" against the entire Likud, trying to blacken the entire movement and all of its members, and present us as a Mafia and a bunch of mobsters and all for political motives. "You can compare the way in which I acted during this incident and the way in which Amram Mitzna acted. For in the Labor Party, incidents of the most serious nature were revealed - of election forgeries, polling booths that disappeared, buying positions with money. There are police investigations, indictments, invalid appointments, false affidavits, everything. Mitzna himself was interrogated by the police regarding two corruption scandals, and his lack of purity of action and his ties with contractors and financial figures in Haifa have been publicized. I, for my part, took immediate action; Mitzna has done nothing. I announced immediately that I would distance from the Likud and from the government anyone whose election was tainted - and I did so. Mitzna did nothing, nothing at all. I appointed a committee to change and revamp the Likud's primaries system, and adopted its recommendations. Mitzna did nothing when he saw the election forgeries - he did nothing, and will do nothing, because Mitzna and the press that accompanies him are interested not in corruption, or in proper behavior, but only in blackening the Likud. Only the Likud interests it."

    "Damage was done to the Likud in the polls, but despite this, Labor stayed stuck [in these polls], and Mitzna just didn't take off [and gain support]. So they decided to strike out at me via my sons. They took Omri, whose only sin was to come and help me as Prime Minister, and they tried to turn him into a mobster. When this did not work, they found some story about a Greek island and tried to stick it forcefully onto my son Gilad. Let it be clear: this is an old story of a few years, it has nothing to do with me, and the authorities have never asked Gilad even one question about it or to testify about it. Some journalist comes and writes a gossipy story, and the Labor Party immediately jumps on the booty. "Gilad, who is an economist, made an financial deal - and they call it corruption! Gilad received a fee for his work, and they call it Mafia. I ask: What, have you gone crazy? Have you gone out of your minds?! "And again, it didn't work. Mitzna was still stuck in the polls, he still can't make it, the aroma of power is still far away from them. So they go on to the next stage. Someone - whose identity is being investigated right now, by order of the Attorney-General - leaked a document filled with gossip and lies about Gilad's business dealings, as if they are tied to me. I would like to tell you the exact facts.

    "More than a year ago, the State Comptroller found that donations had been taken against the law, and he informed me of such. I was astonished at the findings. I returned home, discussed it with my sons, and told them - on my own initiative - that we must return all the money to the donors immediately, without waiting - even if we must again mortgage the farm, our home, in order to do this. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only one who did so, who returned this money. Barak has not done so until today, and Mitzna and his association have not done so, even though he should have. Only I did this, on my own initiative, without anyone forcing me to do so. The Comptroller didn't tell me to return it, but I did it on my own when I heard that the donations were beyond that which were permitted. I went on my own and decided on my own to return it all.

    "Now, we're talking about a large sum - almost five million shekels. I, after all, do not have financial means. Back in 1989, I removed the farm from my hands - and even before that there had been a trustee, until the boys returned from the army - as the law demanded. When the boys completed their army service, they took over the running of the farm. Today, Gilad runs it successfully, and I am not involved. This is what the law demands. I took my savings, and those of [my wife] Lili of blessed memory, and I gave about a half-million shekels - half of it in an overdraft from the bank - and Gilad took it upon himself to get the rest of the money. After a short while, he brought me the rest of the sum, a bit over four million shekels, and I then returned the money to the donors. [Actually] I returned the first half-million from our savings even before the other money came, in order to show that my intention, as opposed to others, was to return the money. With this, the incident came to an end as far as I was concerned.

    "I say here clearly: I did not know exactly how the money was obtained. We had talked about mortgaging the farm, and as far as I knew then, that's what happened. When the police asked me about this, I told them exactly that, and that according to the best of my knowledge, the farm had been mortgaged. If another way had been found, fine. My son Gilad is a businessman, a successful one, and he has made money, and I'm very proud of him. I know that everything was done legally and above board, with documentation and the way it should be. By the way, -"

    --At this point, Channel One television apologetically interrupted the broadcast, explaining that it must begin broadcasting the official election propaganda infomercials "in the spirit of the arrangement of the Elections Board headed by Judge Michael Cheshin." Voice of Israel Radio continued to broadcast the speech for another minute or so, however:

    "...but what will be with the scandal?! After all, he who leaked, and those who blew up the story, and those who celebrated it - did not do so because they sought the truth. The truth could have been found out very simply, by asking questions, receiving answers, checking documents. But if it's done that way, then of course there's no juicy scandal, and it can't be taken advantage of for political needs. They [knew that that's] not the way to take over power. So they make up things. They tell lies, blow up gossipy stories, and deal with illusions. Take, for example, the incident of my friend Cyril Kern. He is a man who -"

    --At this point, Voice of Israel Radio announced that the broadcast had to be stopped by order of Elections Board Chairman Judge Michael Cheshin, because of the electioneering that Sharon had woven into his remarks. The announcer then immediately began to interview Labor Party Secretary-General MK Ophir Pines, asking him not to engage in electioneering but rather to answer Sharon's charges that he had acted resolutely to deal with corruption on both the party and personal level, while the Labor Party leaders did not do so. Pines responded that Sharon had promised to produce facts and documentation, and instead of doing so, he produced "poisonous, deceitful, debased and vile propaganda..."

    Excerpts from the remainder of Mr. Sharon's remarks: "Kern [Sharon's old friend who loaned the money] has no, and probably will not have, business interests in Israel. Is there anything I can give him? Have you gone totally crazy?!"

    Regarding Mitzna's demand that he tell the police his story, Sharon said, "What am I supposed to tell them? About the despicable gossip and the wretched rumors they are spreading? Did he go to the police about his corruption? I refuse to play this low-down game. If the police want to talk to me, they can come; I will hide nothing."

    In conclusion, Sharon said, "I have confidence that the Israeli public will know how to differentiate between the dirty politics of cheap slander, and the politics with which, with national responsibility, we continue to manage the complex affairs of the State of Israel."

Israel National News (Arutz 7)
Tuesday Dec. 24, 02

Arutz 7 or Channel 7 is an Israeli station that broadcasts conservative views from International waters.  The Israeli left has tried to silence it several times.   Here is a news item about a recent effort by the Israeli left to silence Arutz 7.

Israel Police and Communications Ministry personnel raided the Eretz HaTzvi
broadcasting ship of Arutz-7 Israel National Radio this afternoon, halting
the station's signal for over an hour.  The ship's captain was warned not
to resume transmission of the broadcasts.

The raid began at 1 PM, just as the news magazine hour was about to begin,
and ended approximately 2:15.  The police photographed equipment and
workers, but confiscated nothing.  Reports on Israel Radio that the police
found only one person on board - the captain - are groundless, and in fact
there were close to ten crewmembers on board at the time.

Arutz-7 broadcasts from outside of Israel's territorial waters in order to
circumvent legislation that prohibits privately-owned radio stations from
airing nationwide.  A law duly passed by the Knesset granted Arutz-7 a
broadcasting license was recently nullified by the Supreme Court.

Arutz-7 management noted that this was the first time in the history of
Israeli off-shore broadcasting - including 22 years of Abie Natan's Voice
of Peace ship, and 15 years for Arutz-7 - that police had ever made such a
raid.  "Not under the governments of Yitzchak Rabin, Shimon Peres, or Ehud
Barak were police ever sent to raid a ship broadcasting from sea," the
station said.  "Only under Ariel Sharon did this happen.  Could it have
something to do with our opposition to a Palestinian state?"

Condemnations of the apparent blow against freedom of speech came only from
the right-wing.  Communications Minister Ruby Rivlin of the Likud said
today that he was "furious" at the raid, citing in particular its timing
during an election campaign.  While the raid was underway, the Council of
Jewish Communities in Yesha called upon Public Security Minister Uzi Landau
- ministerial supervisor of Israel Police - to renew at once the broadcasts
on Arutz-7, "which, especially during this period, is a national and
patriotic mouthpiece for the struggle on behalf of the Land of Israel."

A spokesman for Minister Landau told Arutz-7 that he did not know of the
raid in advance, and that it was initiated by the Communications Ministry a
while ago.  He preferred not to comment on the political aspects of the raid.

National Union party leader MK Avigdor Lieberman said that the raid is
"nothing more than political scheming, based on election-campaign
considerations and as revenge for Arutz-7's clear policy against a
Palestinian state."  His party colleagues also commented: MK Tzvi Hendel
said that this is a case of "political persecution on the eve of
elections," and demanded that Communications Minister Rivlin open an
immediate investigation into how this occurred.  MK Uri Ariel said that the
raid is an attempt to "shut mouths."  MK Benny Elon said that the
authorities of the Supreme Court - which put a freeze on a duly-passed
Knesset law legalizing Arutz-7 - must be curtailed "in order to prevent it
from making a mockery of Israel's democracy."

Blame for the raid is already being freely apportioned.  The police say
that the Communications Ministry ordered the raid as part of its efforts
against unlicensed stations.  The Communications Ministry, however, says
that the raid came in response to Elections Committee head Hon. Michael
Cheshin's call to ensure that unlicensed stations do not broadcast election
propaganda.  Arutz-7 announced in response that it is more careful not to
allow its interviewers and interviewees to speak on behalf of specific
parties than are Israel's public stations.

"For 15 years, the State Prosecution and the police have waged a campaign
to harm Arutz-7 by "hitting us in our pockets."  On two previous occasions,
police have smashed and confiscated our state-of-the-art broadcasting
equipment, under the pretext that the station's broadcasts are against
Israeli law.  No court has ever ruled that this is the case, but Arutz-7
has had to pay top lawyers' fees in order to defend itself against these
allegations.  Police raids like the one today are aimed solely at
portraying the station as illegal, thus bringing about an immediate
decrease in advertising income.
"The Prime Minister, Communications Minister, and Public Security (Police)
Minister all denied prior knowledge of and involvement in today's attempt
to silence Israel's only radio voice opposing the establishment of
Palestinian state.  How, then, did it happen?  Raids of this sort happen
under right-wing governments because extremist left elements control key
government institutions, including the police, the State Prosecution, the
courts, and the Israel Broadcasting Authority.  They are largely behind the
systematic attempts to financially cripple and harm the lone nationalist
voice on Israel's airwaves.  We turn to our listeners and internet readers
to fight this trend in whatever legitimate manner is available.  Please
speak out, write letters and faxes, and support the station in its
continual struggle to survive these blows against our right to champion the
Jewish Nation's right to in the Land of Israel."

Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee
by Steven Plaut 12/18/02

Israel National News

The IDF has decided that former Lechi fighter Ezra Yachin will no longer be
allowed to lecture to soldiers as part of the army's educational
seminars.  Meretz MK Naomi Chazan complained that Yachin tells his
audiences that Lechi soldiers did not carry out a massacre in Dir Yassin in
1948.  Yachin himself, who took part in the Dir Yassin battle, says that
the decision to keep him away from soldiers "astonishes" him.  He says that
just as there was no massacre in Jenin, there was none in Dir Yassin.

A work by ZOA National President Morton A. Klein, entitled, "Dir Yassin:
History of a Lie," brings to light important documents disproving the claim
that 250-300 Arab civilians were massacred by Jewish fighters in the
Jerusalem-area village.  The study finds that Dir Yassin was actually a
legitimate military target overlooking the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, from
where Jewish traffic was regularly attacked.  The pamphlet can be read at

Arutz-7's Nissan Ratzlav-Katz reports that Hazen Nusseibeh, an editor for
the Palestine Broadcasting Service's Arabic news in 1948, once told BBC the
true origins of the "Dir Yassin massacre."  Nusseibeh said that in
consultation with Hussein Khalidi, then-Secretary of the Arab Higher
Committee, "we wrote a press release stating that at Dir Yassin children
were murdered, pregnant women were raped. All sorts of atrocities."  When
residents of the village protested this portrayal of events, Nusseibeh
said, they were told that the lies were necessary to incite Arab armies to
help fight the Jews, and that Khalidi said outright, "We have to say this
so the Arab armies will come to liberate Palestine from the Jews."

Baruch Marzel Exiled from Hebron
The Hebron Press Office
Friday November 08, 2002

Yesterday morning 50 police approached Hebron resident Baruch Marzel on the
steps of Ma'arat HaMachpela (The Cave of the Patriarchs) as we was leaving morning prayer services. They
informed him that he was wanted for questioning concerning charges that he
had rioted during the eviction and destruction of Havat Gilad, the Gilad
Farm, several weeks ago. He told the police that he had to take his daughter
to the doctor in Kiryat Arba and following the doctor's appointment he would
arrive at the police station to be questioned. The police, despite that fact
that they did not have any kind of warrant, arrested him on the spot. Ten
policemen dragged him to a waiting police van, while beating him. From there
he was taken to the Kiryat Arba-Hebron police station, and from there to a
detention center at Ma'ale Adumim. Only at night was he allowed to see a
doctor, and was taken to a police medical facility in Ariel.

This morning Marzel was indicted for having maliciously attacked police
during his arrest yesterday, as well as for rioting during the Havat Gilad

At today's court hearing, Marzel denied having attacked any police yesterday.
When the Jerusalem Shalom Court judge Dotan asked why he refused to
immediately agree to interrogation he told her that the police did not have
any kind of warrant, and that legally, they cannot force him to attend an
interrogation from one moment to the next. The police claimed that they had a
warrant, but when the judge asked the police to produce it, they 'could not
find it.'

 The police demanded that Marzel be held in detention until the end of all
legal actions against him and Judge Dotan so ruled, that Marzel would
continue to be held in jail.

 Following further discussion between the judge and Marzel's lawyer, the
judge agreed to rule that Marzel would be held under virtual house arrest in
Jerusalem. He may not leave Jerusalem at all, and must be at his parent's
Jerusalem residence from seven at night until the next morning. He was also
forced to sign a statement agreeing not to appeal the court decision, which
forbids him from going home for at least a half a year.

 Baruch and Sarah Marzel have eight children, the youngest of whom is a two
year old girl.

 Baruch Marzel issued the following statement:

The proceeding against me are a farce. Yesterday's arrest was illegal. A
citizen may not legally be forced to voluntarily agree to immediate
questioning by police for an event that occurred several weeks ago. The
police did not have any kind of warrant, neither for questioning, or for my

 The police beat me, but then accused me of attacking them, a physical
impossibility, with so many policemen holding me and dragging me. There are
at least 20 witnesses.

 I was forced to agree to sign an illegal and undemocratic document by the
police and the court, forbidding me to appeal the court's decision, exiling
me from my family, home and work in Hebron.

 The judge's decision is totally incomprehensible. A special 'va''ad peula'
(committee) to fight the court decision has been established, which will
raise money to help me fund this struggle against police-initiated terror,
supported by the prosecutor's office and the court. It is unthinkable that
the State of Israel should follow in the footsteps of the Arabs and the
British, who exiled Jews from Hebron in 1929.  The Israeli army withdrew from
80% of Hebron, leaving it in the hands of armed terrorists, yet the police
claim that I am dangerous and a threat to 'peace.' We will fight this
decision and win!


Leftist McCarthyism
Dr. Steven Plaut's Email Newsletter
Oct 4, 2002

   Leftist McCarthyism in Israel is still alive and doing quite well under the Sharon government. The Attorney General has just decided to prosecute the Chief Rabbi of Safed, Shmuel Eliyahu, for "incitement to racism". The Rabbi had denounced some of the anti-Jewish Arab Knesset Members and had said of Arab students studying in Safed that they are an "alien element who endanger the town's people from both a security and a moral perspective." He said this right after a wave of suicide bombings. He also said he favors population transfers that involve emigration of Arabs.

   Now whether or not you happen to agree with the Rabbi's opinions, surely nothing he has said comes anywhere near the dozens of calls by Arab leaders in Israel to murder Jews and destroy Israel, nor the countless cheers from Israeli leftists every time a "settler" is murdered, nor the comparison of a mass murdering terrorist to Moses by a leftist shyster, nor a Haifa University faculty member promoting anti-Semitism at the University of Michigan. But of course all of THESE would be protected speech in post-democratic Israel.

   In another act of Sharonite democracy, the government just put out an writ of "administrative arrest", ordinarily used against Palestinian terrorists, but this time against Kahanist activist Noam Federman. Federman will be under indefinite house arrest. Federman is not charged with any actual crime, although without a doubt is guilty of political incorrectness and unruly behavior and possibly even graffiti composition. It is not clear if Federman's brother, a national hero who killed a terrorist trying to ram a pickup truck into a dance club, will be able to go visit the inciter.

The Israeli Far Left storms the IBA's Winter Palace
Dr. Steven Plaut's Email Newsletter
Sept 25, 2002

    A few days back we nominated Professor Gabi Sheffer, a don in the Hebrew University's Politics Department, for the Stupidest Professor on Campus Award, this on the basis of his Op-Ed in Haaretz decrying the "Right-wing Putsch" that had taken over Israel's media. Sheffer was outraged because recently here and there smidgens of pluralism have appeared in the Israeli media, which is generally under the totalitarian hegemony of the Far Left. In Sheffer's eyes, any such crack in the barbed-wire perimeter of leftist thought control represents a Right-Wing Putsch.

    It should be noted that Sheffer's politics department at the Hebrew University is itself about as pluralistic as the North Korean People's Assembly, where no non-leftist points of view may be heard from any faculty members. Strangely, Sheffer is not upset by this lack of pluralism.

    Now what really has the Sheffers of the country all upset, more than anything else, is the fact that recently Uri Dan has appeared on the airways. Uri Dan is one of Israel's most prestigious serious journalists. Among his many triumphs have been his co-authoring the defining book on the 1973 Yom Kippur War, his interviews with Meyer Lansky, his pieces on the PLO, and many others. Dan however is about as welcome with the Israeli Fourth Estate as would be a box of pork rinds at the Lubavitch headquarters.

    The leftist journalist elite hates Dan because he is a supporter of Ariel Sharon. He has liked Sharon for decades, even before Sharon crossed the Suez Canal in 1973. He has helped write some of Sharon's speeches, and has advised him on his campaigns. Dan has written columns and articles for Maariv for decades. The Left believes that all journalists should serve as spin consultants for Yassir Arafat and the PLO, but never for Ariel Sharon.

    Dan was allowed recently to speak on an Israeli radio show. But Israel state-owned TV and Radio have long been under the complete control of the Far Left, even when the Likud is in office. The past IBA czar Moti Kirshenbaum always stted quite openly that the job of employees of the stations is to promote leftist ideology. The channels feature far-leftist columnists as "reporters". News reporting consists largely of these leftists interviewing one another on the air, and inserting their own personal opinions after each news item. Among the "objective" reporters are the ultra-red Moshe Hanegbi, Amnon Avromavich, Hamas-supporter Gideon Levy, and others like them.

    When Dan was speaking on the "All Talk" show, a gang of leftist "journalists" at the Israel Broadcasting Authority burst into the studio and prevented him from speaking (see below), shutting down the mike, almost like students at bastions of free speech like Concordia University or Berkeley.. The Left ever since the attempt to allow Dan to speak has been screaming about the "politicalization" of the IBA by Sharon, and that is what really is behind the tantrum of Sheffer noted above.

    But it gets better and better. Now the station manager of Israel Radio Two who had allowed Dan to be interviewed, Amnon Nadav, has had his life threatened because he allowed Uri Dan to speak on the radio. Haaretz today (Sept 25, 02) reports that anonymous phone calls to Nadav have been made, saying if he lets Dan speak on the air he is a dead man. Moreover, Nadav believes those threatening to kill him are leftist journalists within the Israel Broadcasting Authority. Of course the leftist head of the leftist Israel journalists association, one Amikam Rotman, says it is all nonsense. Rotman was one of the bolshies hoodlums who stormed the station and prevented Dan from speaking!

    In another twist, Dan has just been fired from his position at Maariv, after being its star columnist for decades. Maariv is owned by the Nimrodi crime family, whose members have been convicted in recent years of assorted felonies, ranging from plotting to murder rival newspaper editors to tampering with a witness. Their editor in chief is the Leftist-and-Rightist-at-the-same-time columnist Amnon Denkner, who use to write for Haaretz, and who used to appear on Israel TV until he partially broke with the Left. Denkner fired Dan, supposedly because Dan offended another Maariv writer, Shalom Yerushalmi. Yerusalmi had stated in one of his articles that convicted criminals had been conscripting their criminal friends to sign up as Likud members and vote in its primaries. Dan expressed skepticism over the baseless charges by Yerushalmi, charges for which he presented no evidence. Dan wrote, "If you have any evidence, take it to the cops. But don't sit and spill filth and slander just on the basis of someone who told someone who told you. Tell us the names of the sources."

    Denkner decided to utilize Dan's criticism of a "colleague" to boot him out of the newspaper altogether, no doubt pleasing his Nimrodi bosses, upset that Sharon has not done more to prevent their own indictments for sundry felonies.

2. Leftist journalist hooligans riot against Uri Dan:

Leftist McCarthyism is Alive and Well under Sharon
Dr. Steven Plaut's Email Newsletter
Sept 18, 2002

    When I was 16 I was chosen in summer camp to be the Camper Judge in a show trial of Israel. It was the summer of 1967 and just a few weeks after the Six Day War. The show trial was to be an educational experience. Israel was on trial and of course would be cleared and the Arabs indicted. I agree to do it because I got to wear a mop on my head, bang a big hammer and threaten to clear the court.

    I was reminded of this cosmic event because the papers today report that Israel's leftist Attorney General is planning to indict one of the JDL acticists in the West Bank for running a summer day camp in which he organized a show trial of Shimon Peres. It turns out this is the exact same Kach-nik who had a salad throwing fight with the familty of Daniel Barenboim a few days back, Itamar Ben-Gvir, as reported in these incitements. He is to be indicted for criminal incitement.

  Now for those who think that the Israeli First Amendment, holding that free speech should be restricted only to leftists, was revoked when Sharon took office, think again. The leftist Attorney General continues to operate and continues the persecution of the Kach fringe groups as "racists" and "terrorists", while there has never been an Arab fascist endorsing terrorism and genocide and destruction of Israel who has been indicted on "incitement" charges by the same office.

  And, as a matter of fact, I have long called for putting Shimon Peres on REAL trial, not show trial, for "failing to prevent 1000 murders" and for performing cruel and unusual experiments on live Jews, both of which are real crimes on the books in Israel.

  I also believe that every law school should indeed be conducting show trials for the Oslo criminals as part of their education curriculum. Why not? Let the lefties make their case before the lawyer wannabes. What is wrong with that? The worst thing that can happen is that they will acquit.

  But of course suggesting such things is prohibited speech in the Israel of post-Rabin McCarthyism. And I am not sure what the statute of limitations is on all this. So if you do not hear from me for a few years, it may be because the Attorney General heard about my own judgeship in 1967.....


The Supreme Court´s Assault on Israel´s Self-Defense
Steven Plaut
September 4, 2002
Israel National News

One of the greatest threats to Israeli democracy is the anti-democratic behavior of its Supreme Court. Non-elected justices who cannot be impeached, and who are great advocates of “judicial activism”, which is essentially illegal judicial legislating by non-elected judges who trump the elected representatives of the people, dominate the Court.

The Supreme Court is composed largely of leftists and radical secularists who believe that their mission is, among other things, to constrain the Orthodox in
Israel and invent new "rights" that the people and the Knesset are unwilling to create, like the right to import pork but not kosher meat. The Chief Justice insists that the Court´s obligation is to issue rulings in line with "enlightened”- meaning leftist radical secularist- opinion.

A while back, the extremist Chief Justice of the Court ordered the Arab terrorist murderers of the Jewish child Dani Katz to be returned to the streets, until they were reconvicted of the murder. Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of the Court´s misbehavior, though, is its self-imposed need to micromanage Israel´s army and military defense activities. The justices believe that they have the right to dictate to the army in every single case what bullet, and in which direction, the soldiers may fire, and that they may second-guess every military micro-decision.

This week, the justices once again trumped the military by asserting their powers. The decision regarded the proposed expulsion of families of Arab murderers, as a deterrent to would be terrorists. As you know, an effective way to prevent Palestinian Nazis from blowing up busloads of Jewish children might be to execute the family members of the suicide bombers and similar murderers. In exchange for executing a couple of dozen guilty Palestinians, Israel would effectively save thousands of its own civilians from murder and maiming. But that offends the delicate sensitivity of Israel´s beautiful people, who prefer that Jews be murdered by terrorists rather than see "innocent" Arabs suffer due to atrocities committed by their kin. These are the very same people whose sensitivities never seem to be offended by hundreds of Jewish children being blown to pieces! (And the notion that all Palestinian adults must be regarded as ‘presumed innocent’ when polls show that nearly all of them endorse mass murders of Jews is mind boggling. Do I believe that endorsing and celebrating such terrorism in and of itself makes the endorser guilty and a legitimate target for reprisals? Absolutely!!)

The next-best option is to expel the kin of the murderers to Lebanon or Syria, but once again, the Israeli Left and its captive Supreme Court will not sanction any such "inhumane" behavior by the government. Never mind that the Palestinians being punished are not even Israelis but rather enemy aliens with no right to protection by Israel´s Supreme Court in the first place! The Left´s position is that it is okay for Israel to track down and punish those who actually plant bombs and blow themselves up, BUT if Israel cannot pinpoint these perpetrators with total 100% accuracy, then the country must simply put up with the Palestinians mass murdering Jewish civilians forever, rather than take any "collective punishment" action against their relations. In other words, since Israel will never be able to develop an effective defense and deterrent against terrorism that meets the utopian standards of the Left, the Left is willing to let the pile of murdered Israelis keep growing.

So as a third-best option, Sharon´s government has been trying to ‘punish’ the kin of suicide bombers by forcing them to ‘relocate’ from the West Bank to Gaza. Since Gaza is a sewer with worse living conditions than the West Bank, this is thought to have some deterrence value, although not exactly the same deterrence as teaching the siblings of suicide bombers how to dance the debka at the end of a rope. But even this mild step is “inhumane and racist" in the minds of Israel´s Left.

The Left filed a petition with the Supreme Court to prevent Israel from forcing three immediate family members of a Palestinian mass-murdering suicide bomber to relocate to Gaza. The Left prefers that they stay put and plan out some new mass murders to protest ‘occupation’. Leah Zemel, one of several accomplished Communist Party lawyers specializing in defending the rights of Palestinians to murder Jews, filed the petition.

This week the Court ruled that two of the three accomplices in question could in fact be ‘relocated’ to Gaza, but ordered the army NOT to move the third one, the brother of the suicide bomber. The Court stipulated that living in the same room with his mass-murdering, explosives-preparing brother and observing him setting off on his bombing trip did not make the brother an active accomplice and so he cannot be ‘relocated’.

So the bottom line is that once again the Court asserted its right to micromanage Israel´s defense policy against Nazi mass murderers and to second-guess professional military decision makers in Israel who are convinced of the deterrent aspect of relocation, if not deportation. However, there is an even more ominous aspect to this development….

Whatever else one might say about the Palestinian murderer’s brother who was rescued by the Supreme Court leftists from the fate of being "exiled" to the Gaza Strip, he was clearly guilty of "not preventing a crime". If for nothing else, on this charge he could have been prosecuted (it is a crime on the books of the Israeli judicial system). Nevertheless the justices decided he could not be shipped to Gaza as punishment for not preventing a crime, and in all likelihood will not pay for his crime.

Margolit Har-Shefi was a college student who was friendly with Yigal Amir, the assassin of Yitzhak Rabin, and she might even have dated Amir a few times. She was later prosecuted and convicted by a vengeance-seeking politicized Attorney General, not on charges of poor taste in men, but for "not preventing a crime". The very same Supreme Court justices and Chief Justice ruled that her belief that Amir was just letting off steam and displaying false bravado when he said he would murder Rabin was not an acceptable defense against "failing to prevent a crime".

So in other words, the Court was perfectly willing to imprison a pathetic college girl who did nothing wrong, but insists that the brother of a mass murdering Palestinian, who watched him prepare to murder Jews, is as clean as a whistle and needs to be put back on the streets with the Court´s blessing.



Silencing the Military
From the New York Post 8/27/02

When military men in Israel say things the Israeli left doesn't want to hear they are accused of improperly intruding into politics.  If military men petition against the "occupation" you hear no complaints from the left.  A recent example of the left's attempt to silence the military was when Israel's chief of staff Moshe Yaalon called the Palestinian uprising "a cancerous threat that must be defeated at all costs".  His comments were denounced by the leftist members of the Knesset and media, who said the country's top military leader was improperly intruding into politics. 


The Attorney General is not Amused
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

28, June 2002

   As you probably heard, Israel's leftist McCarthyist Attorney General, Eliakim Rubinstein, has ruled that Israel is prohibited from protecting Jewish children by expelling the immediate family members of Palestinian suicide bombers. You see, the Palestinian suicide bombers are dead, and there is nothing Israel can do to THEM to deter further mass murders. The only effective way to deal with suicide bombers is to expel their immediate family members, although it would be a far better and more effective way to protect Jewish children if Israel would assassinate these family members. It would also be a far more moral act, because it would deter mass murders of Jews more efficiently. It does not matter whether or not these family members actually participated in the suicide bombings. It is called war. In any case, the presumption in war should be that they all DID so participate. To refrain from killing them is to condemn far larger numbers of Jewish civilians to endlessly being murdered. Rubinstein does not seem to be very concerned about the mass deaths of Jewish children.

    In any case, as I say, Rubinstein declared that Israel cannot even expel the family members of the perps. The usual Far-Left anti-Jewish groups like Betselem have been lobbying against any such deportations, saying they would be "immoral", although the murder last week of a mother with her 3 children, or the other mass murders of civilians have never been denounced by Betselem as immoral.

    In an ironic twist, the Kach groups (JDL Kahanist related groups) have started harassing Rubinstein. Let us recall that Rubinstein sponsored the anti-democratic bans on the Kach groups and their being labeled by him "terrorists" and so placed on the US and EU lists of terrorist organizations (unlike the PLO). Rubinstein believes the free speech of every Arab openly calling for genocide of Jews and the annihilation of Israel needs to be protected while those of Kahanists do not. The Kahanists need to be arrested and denied free speech because Rubinstein disagrees with them.

    Yesterday, some Kahanists pasted a poster on the door of Rubinstein's offices that read "Rubinstein is a Traitor". Rubinstein is not amused. My guess is he will now file a petition with the courts to get the members of the Kahanist groups expelled from the country....

   David Wilder wrote the following in an article called Back to the USSR? on 5/24/02:

On Sunday it will be four weeks since several men were arrested for supposedly belonging to the new "Jewish Oslo Terrorist Underground." So far, no charges have been pressed. Some of the men are from the Bat-Ayin community just south of Jerusalem. One man is from Hebron and another from the Maon farm, just south of Hebron.

As of this writing it is very unclear, what exactly, if anything, these men perpetrated. A number of question marks have been raised, including a most  vital issue: are any of these men actually guilty of planning terror attacks against Arabs, or, are they the victims of another Avishai Raviv type plot, with Israeli intelligence baiting innocent citizens in order to begin a smear  campaign against the Israeli right.

   Ettie Dvir, was the wife of one of the arrested men.   She was interrogated by the GSS (Israel's General Security Services), and quoted by Israel National News (5/28/02) as saying that any confessions extracted by the GSS are not believable:

After what I went through for just two hours - they handcuffed me to a chair, slapped me, took my baby away with force, let her cry outside for an hour and a half and said that I couldn't nurse her until I talked, etc. - I can imagine that if my husband went through three weeks of treatment that was probably much worse, they would be able to get him to admit to anything they want.  They showed him pictures of the baby crying, and me tied to the chair and getting hit - so I won't be surprised at whatever he may have confessed to.

  After the interrogation three youths hung posters denouncing a police investigator involved in the recent “Jewish underground” case. The youths hung the posters, which included the officer’s name, address and telephone number, in his Mevaseret Zion neighborhood. The posters detailed alleged abuse by the police investigator during the questioning of Ettie Dvir.

The youth were arrested.  According to Israel National News Israel National News (5/31/02) the prosecution will be seeking conviction on charges of incitement. Friends of the three suspects have called the prosecution a violation of free speech. Similar posters were hung in proximity to the home of another police officer who was accused by Dvir of abusive behavior during her interrogation. In neither case did the posters call for harming the police officers.

Justice Mussolini
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter
4/11/ 2002

    With each passing day, it becomes more important to rescue Israel from its anti-democratic judiciary. The judiciary is under the control of justices who spout the anti-democratic doctrine of "judicial activism", according to which non-elected justices should have the right to dictate to the public and its elected representatives in all matters.

    The Chief Justice Aharon Barak is the country's leading proponent of this doctrine. But there are many other reasons why Barak is a danger to Israeli democracy.

    Aharon Barak is the man who ordered a retrial for the Arab murderers of the child Dani Katz, and his sidekick, the wacky Dalia Dorner, then put those murderers back on the streets. They were later reconvicted.

    Barak has led the judicial jihad to impose the vision of the radical secularist Left on the country. He recently ruled that the parliament or Knesset has no rights to pass laws. He led the assault against Orthodoxy and against the Arutz7 radio station. He ruled that the Knesset cannot decide which Rabbis oversea conversion to Judaism for purposes of the law.

    Barak has expressed the opinion that people should be prohibited from expressing criticism of the Supreme Court's decisions. He has never once acted against the McCarthyist attacks on free speech by the Left. He did nothing when anti-Oslo dissidents were jailed. He did nothing when Margolit Har-Sheffi was jailed. He has long held that it is the job of the courts to impose ideas favored by "enlightened" people (meaning secularist leftists), regardless of what the parliament legislates.

    But perhaps even more serious is the system of appointing justices that has been perpetuated by Barak. In Israel judges are not elected. They also cannot be dismissed by either the parliament nor by popular ballot propositions. Judges, including Supreme Court Judges, are appointed by a panel composed mainly of other Supreme Court Justices. This way, Barak and his allies on the Court protect their turf and perpetuate their hegemony over the judicial system.

    In reality, Barak's dictatorial control of the process of appointing justices is more radical than that. Israel has a bizarre system by which contenders for the Supreme Court bench are "invited" to do a "test run", sitting there as judges, a sort of apprenticeship. They participate in Supreme Court decisions, but as temps and fill-ins. It is all but impossible to get a real Court appointment without first doing a tour gig as one of these temps.

    Only problem is, the Panel for Appointing Judges does not decide who gets invited to do such an "apprenticeship". The decision is in the hands of one man and one man alone: Justice Aharon Barak, Israel's Judge Mussolini.

    In a development this week, one of Israel's leading justices resigned from the bench because the Chief Justice refused to allow him to do such an "apprenticeship" and so effectively blocked his chance of getting a seat on the Supreme Court. This judge is Amnon Strashnov, one of Israel's most respected District Court judges. He was the judge in the espionage case in which Nahum Manbar was prosecuted for selling military equipment to Iran. Manbar's lefty lawyers tried to throw the case by spreading rumors that the judge was sleeping with the prosecuting attorney, rumors that turned out to be false.

    Barak's jihad against Strashnov appears to be personal. So where can we find a judge whose career Barak has been promoting? Why Judge Oded Alyagon, the Beer Sheba bigot who likes to scream that religious Jews are lice and vermin!!

    Meanwhile, in another interesting development, Justice Mussolini has gone on the war path against professors of law in Israel. Now do not get me wrong here - the bulk of those professors are Oslo lefties and politically correct ad nauseum. However, Barak has antagonized them intentionally. Barak has launched repeated ad hominem attacks on leading law profs, reported widely in the press, including in Haaretz April 11.

    The problem is that Barak expects all of the law profs to behave like groveling sycophants and simply praise Barak and his ideas and decisions. One of Israel's leading legal minds and a brilliant lefty, Prof. Ruth Gavison, has a book out attacking viciously Barak's "judicial activism", and others have also come out against it. Other dons refused to endorse Barak's jihad against introducing "constitutional courts" in Israel. The Knesset considered these, but Barak sees this as a threat to his own unchallenged hegemony and wanted the Law School Deans and profs to sign up for his jihad against the idea. Not all did so. Still others have the temerity to question the wisdom and legality of some of Barak's more outrageous judicial atrocities.

    Aharon Barak is a danger to Israeli democracy. The Knesset should not only dismiss him at once (let him try to call in the cops when he rules that his own dismissal is illegal) but strip him of his pension as well.

War on Democracy
by Steven Plaut
Arutz 7
March 29, 2002

We have been warning for many years that Israel's Supreme Court is a threat to Israeli democracy. The Court is dominated by leftist justices wedded to the anti-democratic doctrine of "judicial activism", which holds that non-elected justices have the right to impose their personal views on the electorate and on the elected representatives of the people, as long as their views make leftists and radical secularists happy.

In recent years, the Court has imposed a long series of rulings on the country that have no groundings whatsoever in the Law and are simply attempts by the imperious justices to act as judicial legislators - that is, judicial dictators. The Court is also increasingly politicized. As events serve to discredit Israel's Left from week to week, the Court has rushed forward to impose leftist and anti-religious views on the country. It has never criticized leftist attacks on free speech nor McCarthyist prosecution of anti-Oslo dissidents, while repeatedly placing Arab terrorists and murderers back onto the streets.

Things came to their crescendo this week. The Supreme Court of Israel has gone far beyond anything else it has done before. The Supreme Court, led by the anti-democratic Chief Justice Aharon Barak, ruled simply that Israel's parliament does not have the right to pass laws.


The background to this judicial jihad against Israeli democracy is the battle over freedom of expression, with the Israeli Supreme Court consistently opposed to such freedom. Specifically, the ruling has to do with the Arutz Sheva radio station. The Israeli Far Left exercises near-complete hegemony over Israel's media, including print and electronic. There has, however, been one important challenger to that hegemony and that is the Arutz Sheva radio
station. Arutz Sheva is described as a "pirate radio station", but that is only because the government has refused to allow it to buy a broadcasting franchise.

Arutz Sheva was first set up as a counterweight to the Far Left pirate radio station set up in 1973 by Far Leftist Abbie Natan. That station was based on the belief that broadcasting nonstop loud rock and roll music and occasional leftist posturing was the ideal recipe for bringing peace to the Middle East. Despite the fact that Natan's station was illegal, it was protected by the Labor Party establishment. Even the Likud governments feared challenging its operations lest they be accused of assaulting free expression. Eventually, Natan's station went bankrupt and he scuttled the ship smack in the middle of Israel's shipping lanes, creating a permanent hazard.

Years after Natan's station was set up, the Arutz Sheva station was established and - like Natan's - at first broadcast from an offshore boat. However, the moment that Arutz Sheva set up operations, the very same Left that had always defended Natan's illegal station suddenly demanded that "law and order" be applied and Arutz Sheva shut down.

Ever since then, the Left has sought means to shut down Arutz Sheva and protect its hegemony over all broadcasting. It has tried assorted legal tricks and suits. It has tried Knesset initiatives. It has tried boycotts. Yet, Arutz Sheva weathered it all. The Left even accused Arutz Sheva of having "inspired" the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, because it broadcast attacks on Rabin's policies. It tried to get the operators prosecuted for "incitement", that catchall crime dug up by Israel's leftist McCarthyists every time they wish to suppress free speech. A few years back, it looked like the Left was about to succeed in silencing Arutz Sheva, but then some Knesset Members passed a law that legalized Arutz Sheva. That should have been the end of the story, but not in post-democratic Israel. Some leftist groups and individuals filed a court petition to declare the Knesset Law illegal.

Now, let us put this in perspective. There are countries in which courts can declare legislative decisions to be illegal, on the basis of a Constitution. Israel, however, has no formal written constitution and so there is no constitutional basis upon which a court can override a Knesset law. Indeed, this is precisely the constitutional showdown precipitated by the Court’s ruling that Reform conversions in Israel must be accepted by the government and the Knesset law declaring that they are not acceptable. There exist several "Basic Laws" in Israel that are regarded as being somewhat more powerful than ordinary laws, thus serving as building blocks for a future constitution. However, the legal argument here is shaky. In reality, these Basic Laws are simply laws passed by one Knesset and there is no basis for claiming that a law from an old Knesset can be used to restrict legislative powers of a new Knesset. Moreover, there is nothing in any of these Basic Laws that really can be seen as serving as the basis for the more atrocious Supreme Court rulings. There is nothing in them that can used to justify the Court's ruling on conversions or this week's assault on Arutz Sheva. Indeed, Arutz Sheva could make a reasonable argument that its continued operation is protected under the Basic Law guaranteeing freedom of occupation.

The Supreme Court of Aharon Barak does not need any legal figleaf for its capricious, baseless rulings. It is sufficient that trendiness and "enlightened opinion" (meaning leftist secularist opinion) is served. The Supreme Court ruled that the law passed by the Knesset decriminalizing Arutz Sheva was itself illegal. In other words, the Supreme Court refuses to recognize the right of the Knesset to pass laws. Ultimate decisions regarding laws and legislating henceforth are the prerogative of the non-elected Supreme Court justices.

These of course are the same justices who put the murderers of Dani Katz back on the streets, who ruled that Israel has to pay indemnities to Palestinians hurt while attacking Jews and who have a long track record of other arbitrary, politicized abuses of their power. There is only one way to deal with these characters and here it is: Israel's Knesset must immediately pass a new law dismissing the current Supreme Court and firing Aharon Barak as Chief Justice, preferably taking away his pension rights as well. It must institute new rules under which Supreme Court justices and other judges may be dismissed by the Knesset or by popular ballot propositions.

In addition, the Knesset must not only legalize Arutz Sheva, it must turn over to Arutz Sheva the now bankrupt, but brand new, Channel 10 television station. It must privatize all the state-operated radio and television services and dismember the Israel Broadcasting Authority. The original logic behind having the IBA was so that Israel could express its own voice in its own defense, but the IBA has long been the voice of the PLO and the Far Left and there is no reason why taxpayers need to finance that when the EU and the New Israel Fund are so willing to finance anti-Israel propaganda on their own.

The following is a report from Arutz 7 in March 28, 92.  Arutz 7 or Channel 7 is a radio station that broadcasts to Israel from a ship offshore. The Knesset passed legislation over three years ago - sponsored by MK Tzvi Hendel - legalizing Arutz-7, but the law was challenged in court by Knesset members of the left wing parties who did not like what Arutz 7 was broadcasting. They made this challenge even though the left never complained when Abie Nathan's Voice of Peace station broadcast from offshore.   The extremely left wing supreme court of Israel nullified this law in order to silence the radio station. 

   Prof. Eliav Shochetman, a Hebrew University law professor spoke with Arutz-7 on 3/28?/02) about the ruling: "It is unprecedented in that the Court has never before nullified a Knesset law to this extent; there were only two previous cases in which it nullified trivial aspects of Knesset laws... 'Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation' provides in paragraph 4 that the legislator may negate the fundamental right of free occupation [work] for a 'worthy purpose.' [This would imply that the Arutz-7 law is acceptable]. The Court's ruling deals with this question, and states that this is not a relevant consideration in this case, because, for one thing, Arutz-7 was illegal. However, this is very problematic, because Arutz-7 was never declared illegal, and in fact operated on the basis of previous guidelines governing Abie Nathan's Voice of Peace station that stated that a station broadcasting from the ocean is not illegal. Arutz-7's operations were always based on Communication Ministry legal counsels and on the Assistant Attorney-General to this effect. Therefore, it is unclear to me why the Supreme Court stated that Arutz-7 was operating illegally."

    "In addition, Clause 4 of the Punishments Law specifically states that the Knesset has the authority to turn illegal behavior into legal behavior. Therefore, even if we say that Arutz-7 was once illegal - an assertion to which I do not submit - the Knesset has the right to legalize it, thus that Arutz-7 should not 'suffer' at all from behavior that may have once been illegal... The legislator thus comes in the name of hundreds of thousands of people who do not want to hear radio broadcasts other than Arutz-7; can this not be termed a 'worthy purpose?' Technical details would have to be worked out, of course, but to call this law illegal is very [problematic]."

    It should be noted that the Court did not nullify the law based on the claim made by Attorney-General Elyakim Rubenstein, namely that the process by which the law was passed was faulty.

    The judges stated in their ruling, "The spectrum of frequencies for national commercial radio broadcasts is a limited resource that belongs to the entire public… The job of the authorities is to serve as a trustee for the public to preserve this resource and use it for the benefit of the public. In this framework, it is also responsible to allocate it efficiently and fairly among those who wish to utilize it." The Court's ruling was that the Knesset did not, in fact, allocate it "efficiently and fairly." However, the Knesset legal counsel claimed that it is precisely the prerogative of the Knesset, as the elected legislative body representing the national public, to be the one to decide what is to be considered an "efficient and fair" allocation.

The Assault by Haaretz on Freedom of Speech
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

17, Feb 2002

    Jews are murdered every day in Israel because the Israeli governments of Peres and Rabin and Netanyahu decided to follow the editorial advice of Haaretz and implement and sustain the Oslo "peace process".

    But the moral responsibility borne by Haaretz for the hundreds of murders since the beginning of the "peace process" are only a small portion of the indictment of the "newspaper".

    Haaretz has always been a newspaper in which nothing but Far Left anti-Jewish opinion may be expressed, with the exception of a single weekly token Op-Ed from someone from the Right. The ratio of Far Left to moderate Right is about 100:1. This is the manifestation of the Haaretz concept of pluralism. Even the letters to the editor at the paper are screened so that only the most dogmatic followers of the communist parties or the most anti-Zionist extremists are allowed to appear.

    And alongside this singleminded determination to give voice only to extremists and anti-Semites in Israel has come the long campaign by Haaretz AGAINST free speech.

    That campaign came to a head in this morning's paper in which the official editorial called openly for the suppression of free speech in Israel. Now let us be clear about something here. Haaretz has NEVER criticized any of the Arab fascist Knesset Members who regularly endorse the annihilation of Israel, support Hizbollah atrocities and attacks against Jews, support bin Laden's attacks on the US, and openly endorse Palestinian terrorism, including suicide bombings. That is all free speech. It is all protected expression.

    On the rare occasions when the Attorney General or police questions an Arab Nazi about such statements, Haaretz invariably rushes to his aid, moaning about democracy and the right to express any opinions openly. Even when Arab Knesset Members and others attacked Israeli police or other officials violently, THAT too was regarded by Haaretz as protected free expression as well, as are all acts by Arabs throwing rocks at Jews. And of course Haaretz has always regarded PLO murders of Jews with more than a drop of understanding, what with all those settlers creating frustrations for the Palestinians and all.

    But Haaretz has always found that certain forms of speech are illegitimate, NOT protected by rules of democracy and so in need of prosecution. Those of course are expressions and speech with which Haaretz disagrees. It has never criticized any of the McCarthyists from Meretz and the Labor Party who file regular petitions to prosecute Rabbis and other dissidents. And it goes without saying that Haaretz has never protested the banning and criminalization of the Kach-Kahanist splinter groups nor the declaration by government McCarthyists that these are "terrorist groups" and "racists". All of a sudden, controversial opinion is NOT in need of defense.

    In the editorial today (Feb 17, see below), the Haaretz editors remind everyone of how consistently they have opposed free speech and democracy when it comes to those Kahanist splinters. Haaretz regards the Kahanists as racists, unlike those Arabs calling for genocide against the Jews and praising Hitler. And in post-democratic Israel, opinions that a leftist regards as "racist" are prohibited under Israel's racist "anti-racist" laws.

    In today's editorial, Haaretz calls on the police and the leftist Attorney General to expand their net, and to arrest and prosecute all others who express "racist" opinions, such as the opinion that says that supporters of Arab terror and of the PLO should be expelled from Israel and the "territories". These calls for "population transfer" by some on the Right constitute racism and fascism, in the eyes of the Haaretz editorial writers, and so should be prohibited. How many Israelis should be jailed according to Haaretz injunctions? Well, the editorial mentions that according to a recent opinion poll, 35% of Israelis support the idea of "population transfer" for Palestinians, and Haaretz makes it clear that it expects the police to arrest all 35% of the population who thinks so. The fact that Haaretz itself has always supported the forced ethnic cleansing and expulsion of all Jews from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip does NOT apparently constitute racism and fascism though.

    It is there in black and white. Haaretz is demanding that the "Moledet" political Party, and Avigdor Lieberman and his party (not mentioned by name in the editorial but clearly indicated), should be arrested, banned and criminalized in the name of protecting democracy and free speech. So should anyone putting up a bumper sticker that reads "Where there are No Arabs, there are No Terrorist Atrocities". The editorial also mentions by name the ex-general Efi Eitam, Israel's most promising and fascinating rising politician from the National Religious Party (an ex-kibbutznik turned Orthodox Jew and a powerful speaker). Seems HE dared to disagree with the Haaretz commies as well.

    Now I have never understood why newspapers that openly oppose free speech and democracy should be exempt from becoming themselves targeted by everyone from the police to hooligans. I have never been able to work up a tear when Neonazi or Stalinist newspapers or magazines get trashed by critics and opponents. I would find it hard to cry if a PLO Kassem 2 missile hit the Haaretz editorial headquarters at high noon.

    And if a future government of the Right should ever decide to send in troops to shut the newspaper down, then please excuse me if I sit out the protest rallies and demonstrations supporting the right of Haaretz to publish its papers freely.

Haaretz's Editorial: Legitimizing vile talk

    Comments filled with contempt for Palestinians in the territories and Arab citizens of Israel have recently been echoing widely through public forums. Right-wing politicians have started to speak openly about a need to remove Palestinians from the territories. Sometimes they are careful not to use the word "transfer" which still carries a public stigma - but transfer is nonetheless exactly what their suggestions mean. In an atmosphere of frustration and despair stirred by the lethal conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, such proposals win an unprecedented measure of public support. In a poll Ma'ariv published this weekend, 35 percent of respondents supported transfer.

    The government, the Knesset and the main political parties are failing to clamp down on the degenerating norms of public discourse. Racist, fascist formulations attain quasi-legitimacy when they come from the mouths of ministers, Knesset members and rabbis. Minister Binyamin Elon's comments supporting transfer and a public campaign staged by Moledet on this subject have not been met by a single denunciation. Blunt statements made by Minister Uzi Landau suggesting that we do to the Palestinians "what the Iraqis did to the Kurds," and vituperative comments made by Minister Avigdor Lieberman, have been condoned as natural expressions. It appears that media outlets eyeing improved ratings prefer such spokespeople to more temperate speakers, and so they give them ample air time.

    In such circumstances, it is little wonder that people who want to grab the spotlight and hope to join the national leadership, ratchet up the tone of their statements and end up making truly reprehensible comments. Efi Eitam for instance was not ashamed to call the Arab citizens of Israel "a cancerous growth." In a public appearance last week, Eitam also developed some kind of theory about the "feminine" character of Islam. If there were not now a fear that his views might catch on, they could easily be dismissed as mere drivel spouted by an ignoramus.

    After a prolonged debate about principles, the Kahane-led Kach movement was deemed illegal. Movements such as Moledet, and various public figures, who express positions regarding the Palestinian population which resemble Kach's views ought to face legal review as well. The government attorney general recently ordered the police to launch an investigation into who was responsible for the slogan "No Arabs - No terrorist attacks." After issuing such an order, how can the attorney general close his ears and ignore similar explicit statements made by public figures?

    Israeli society is not alone in being exposed to such extremist viewpoints during a time of national crisis. However, the tensions now gripping the society are not some warrant that justifies a gross slippage of national moral standards or the corruption of public discourse by extremist right-wing leaders who managed to carve a place for themselves in the consensus. Israel's society is not just locked in a struggle to achieve security - it retains a strong obligation to preserve its values, and to protect them, even in circumstances of crisis. This is a crucial task which should not be under-estimated.

Another Blow Against Free Speech
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

31, Jan 2002

    Free speech has been under attack in Israel since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Today it suffered yet another blow. What is unusual about this assault on free speech is that it is being made under a Likud-Sharon government.

    Today the Attorney General instructed the police to start arresting on sight on charges of "racism" all drivers having on their cars bumper stickers that read, "No Arabs, No Terrorist Atrocities". The stickers have been distributed by Kahanist style organizations. The issue here is not whether or not you agree with the message of the sticker, which is that the way to prevent terror is to carry out a population transfer in which Arabs will not be resident in Israel's territories. The issue is whether people have the right to express unpopular or controversial views.

    Let us state this more clearly. The same Attorney General has made it abundantly clear that he views as free speech all expressions by Arabs condoning terror, calling for the destruction of Israel, cheering on murders of Jews and suicide bombings, calling for the annihilation of Jews, supporting genocide against Jews, denying the Holocaust, justifying the Holocaust, etc. Israeli Arabs, including students at the universities, routinely demonstrate while chanting "In Fire and Blood will we redeem thee Palestine."

    Similarly, the Attorney General would never think of arresting for "racism" anyone calling for settlers to be murdered by terrorists, or for the expulsion of all Jews from the West Bank and Gaza and even East Jerusalem. It is not racism to prevent Jews from praying on the Temple Mount. "Racism" has always been something the Left charges the Right with, not something Arabs or Leftists could possibly be guilty of. The countless slanders against religious Jews are not "racism". When the Left repeated for 8 years that all non-Leftists and all Oslo opponents are collectively guilty of murdering Rabin, this was not "racism" nor bigotry. Israel's "anti-racism" laws are judicial atrocities, anti-democratic outrages, and are themselves the highest form of racism.

    In short, the Left's First Amendment, under which only leftists enjoy free speech and everyone else with whom the Left disagrees needs to be arrested, has taken a giant step forward. All this, while Ariel Sharon is nominal Prime Minister.

    The next in line will no doubt be those people who recently put a slightly different bumper sticker on their cars that reads, "No Leftists, No Terrorist Atrocities". I have been thinking of getting one for my jalopy. I will then send you my new email address from prison. Who was it who said that when living under an oppressive regime, the only place where honest men are to be found is in the prisons?

Israel Supreme Court's Latest Judicial Atrocity
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

9, Jan 2002

   In the latest judicial atrocity by Israel's Supreme Court judicial activists, the Robed Rascals have ruled that Israel's Rabbinate is not entitled to declare which food plant is kosher and which ain't. The issue came up when the Rabbis cancelled the kosher certification of a food plant that was using the same equipment to prepare kosher and non-kosher food products (which is a No No from a halakhic point of view). The plant of course would be free to sell its products as non-kosher foods, that is, with no kosher certification. But the owners ran to the Supreme Court posse and they issued their fatwa that the Rabbis in Israel, unlike in the US, had no right to withdraw the kosher certificate of the plant simply because the food produced there was not kosher.

Technion may fire rabbi for linking Peres, September 11
By Ha'aretz News Service
January 02, 2002

    The Technion is considering firing its rabbi for having written that Foreign Minister Shimon Peres bore moral responsibility for the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Israel Radio reported Wednesday.

    In remarks published Tuesday in Ha'aretz, Technion Rabbi Eliyahu Zeini wrote in the rightist Arutz 7 internet site that "moral responsibility for Bin Laden's acts falls on all those all those who preached to humanity that we had reached a messianic age in which swords had turned to plowshares - first among them the fellowship of Oslo.

    "The imprimateur that the Foreign Minister of Israel is granting terrorism in his meeting with the arch-murderer (Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat), the teacher and the rabbi of the murderer Bin Laden, smacks of trampling on the blood spilled in New York."

    Zeini was further quoted as proposing that Peres be declared persona non grata "for his efforts to shake off his moral responsibility for what took place in New York."

    The radio said the president of the Haifa engineering university had approached Techinion legal advisors to discuss the possibility of firing the rabbi, or, alternatively, cancelling the official position of rabbi of the institution's synagogue.

    National Religious Party legislator Shaul Yahalom called the Technion's response hypocritical. "When others, people on the left of the political map, utter serious, terrible remarks, such as the Jerusalem professor that compared children of settlers to the children of the German Reich, everything is put off to freedom of expression.

    "But when it comes to the remarks of a veteran rabbi of the Technion, Rabbi and Doctor Eliyahu Zeini, a rabbi with a large following of supporters ... they investigate him and weigh deposing him, while another 1,000 (leftist) lecturers say things that are even more terrible and nobody touches them..

    Yahalom said that Zeini was declaring that "the moment that you kiss and hug the greatest of murderers Arafat, who is connected to Arafat with close ideological ties and in other links including exchanges of terrorist arms, who grant legitimacy to terror, and if you grant legitimacy to terrorism, then one time it will hit Israel in (a suicide bombing) at Sbarro's restaurant in Jerusalem, and another time it will hit New York in the Twin Towers."

The Rabbi and the McCarthyists
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

1, Jan 2001

    We have had occasion before to discuss Rabbi Eliyahu Zeini.

    Rabbi Zeini was born in France to Sephardic parents. He did a PhD in math at the Sorbonne, got a black belt in karate, and became an Orthodox Rabbi. He later moved to Israel and for many years has been the Rabbi of the Technion in Haifa, where he also teaches math, and - I think - astronomy. He is a fascinating and popular speaker and teacher.

    The last time Rabbi Zeini was in the news was at the height of the campaign of leftist McCarthyism in the wake of the Rabin assassination. Zeini dared to express "controversial" anti-Oslo opinions at the time, like saying Oslo was a disaster. Even worse, he not only believed that Saint Yitzhak Rabin's policies had been foolish and harmful, but it turned out that among the many students who came to hear him lecture was Margalit Har-Sheffi, the girlfriend of Yigal Amir, later herself convicted of failure to prevent a crime (in contrast with Shimon Peres, who failed to prevent almost 700 murders of Jews by his Oslo partners but was never prosecuted).

    Anyway, the Left, including a few Technion profs, lobbied back then to have Rabbi Zeini "investigated" by an On-Campus Inquisition for his views. Old-timers may recall that we organized a write-in email campaign at the time to protest the political persecution of the Rabbi.

    It worked, and the campus Inquisitors backed off.

    Since then, Zeini has kept a low profile.

    Until this week.

    Suddenly Rabbi Zeini is once again being targeted by the McCarthyist Left, and this time the Witch Hunt is being led by Akiva Eldar, the extremist anti-Jewish leftist columnist for Haaretz (as well as Tikkun). We have discussed Eldar often in the past. You may recall that it was Eldar who fabricated the claim that Yoram Hazony, head of the Shalem Center, was a follower of Meir Kahane, this on the basis of the fact that as a student Hazony had once written an Op-Ed that was titled "Farewell from a Non-Kahanist". Eldar is journalistic slime and dishonest as the day is long.

    This time (Haaretz Jan 1, 02) Eldar is targeting Rabbi Zeini and claiming that Zeini thinks that Shimon Peres is responsible for organizing the attack on the World Trade Center. Eldar is calling for the Technion once again to "investigate" and persecute the Rabbi.

    What Zeini actually said was that Peres and Oslo had for years created a climate in which terror was not to be combated but rather appeased, where terrorism should be "fought" by addressing its "underlying roots" and meeting the demands of terrorists. That Peres had elevated and legitimized terrorists by meeting with them and turning them into "negotiations partners", and so indirectly serving to make the world not alert with respect to terror. And so Peres has partial moral responsibility for the events of Sept 11.

    Now there is absolutely nothing in all of that which is not true, and nothing we have not said ourselves in far stronger language for years. But Eldar, the sewer columnist, misrepresents this as making it sound like Zeini says Peres organized the WTC attacks, much the same way he fabricated the story of Hazony being a Kahanist. The Technion is once again "investigating" Zeini.

    Now no one on the sane side of Barry Chamish and his straight-jacketed set of followers believes Peres "organized" the Sept 11 events. (Of course Chamish also believes that Peres downed JFK Jr's plane, downed the Egyptian Air plane, and is involved in every other unusual occurrence on the planet, together with space aliens and the omnipresent Council on Foreign Relations bogeyman.)

    Lest we be misunderstood, let us emphasize the fact that Chamish is deserving of pity and not rage, for he is unbalanced, and we should all pray for his recovery. The fact that he has a handful of followers, some with academic credentials, does not indicate that he is correct about anything, but merely illustrates how it is possible for extremely gullible or flaky people to be also academic faculty members. If I have discussed the Chamish cult repeatedly in these postings, it is not because anyone serious takes Chamish's lunacy seriously, but rather because the failure of some people on the Israeli Right to see through Chamish's lunacy has done enormous damage in discrediting the Right and so indirectly in keeping Oslo going.

    If you wish to express your opinion to the Technion's PR people or President, their web site is (in English).

    Letters from High Techies would have the STRONGEST effect there!

The Sneak Attack of the Robed Rascals
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

30, Dec 2001

    It is getting to the point where nary a day goes by without the non-elected justices of Israel's politicized Supreme Court imposing their leftist bias on the rest of the country, all in the name of "judicial activism".

    In the latest judicial atrocity, the Robed Rascals of the Court has issued a fatwa that Ehud Yatom be prohibited from serving as a public servant, the chief of the Prime Minister's anti-terror Staff .

    Let us explain. Ehud Yatom is an unsung Israel hero. Worse, he has for 16 years been the straw man victimized by Israel's Caring Left.

    Ehud Yatom was a very senior officer in Israel's secret service. In April, 1984 four PLO terrorists hijacked a civilian bus headed from Tel Aviv to Ashkelon, Egged's Bus 300. The bus was filled with women commuters, some pregnant. The four terrorists threatened to murder them all.

    The bus was stopped at a roadblock and an elite Israeli military unit stormed the bus, killing two of the hijackers on the spot and capturing two others. In the firefight, a teenage woman soldier in the bus was killed.

    The Israeli military then issued a laconic statement that all four terrorists had been killed in the firefight. In fact two were left alive; they were conducted to a nearby field and then dispatched to the great peace process of the sky by the Israeli secret servicemen, led by Yatom. (Had they been left alive, they would doubtless have been released by the Israeli government in one of its "prisoner exchanges" with Ahmed Jibril or similar terror groups.)

    A leftist photographer named Alex Lubek (today working for Haaretz) though snapped a photo of the two terrorhoids being led off, and then illegally published it, complete with the faces of two secret servicemen, despite orders by the military censor to refrain from publishing it (Israel still has on paper a military censor past whom all military matters must be run before being aired in the media).

    Yatom should have been proclaimed a hero for dispatching the two remaining terrorists. After all, they had been threatening to kill the entire bus full of women and as a result of their antics, one woman was dead (and I believe another miscarried). Moreover, by summarily executing them, Israel was saying that terrorists who hijack buses of women are deserving of neither a criminal trial with due process nor "rights" as military prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention. They are nothing but human garbage. They are deserving of the same treatment as the al-Qaeda terrorists holed up in the prison in Mazar a-Sharif in Afghanistan.

    But the Israeli Left has always insisted that Arab terrorists are entitled to more rights than their Jewish victims. The same mindset of the Left that STILL pays survivor pensions to the widows and orphans of Arab suicide bombers who perpetrate mass murders of Jews intervened in the Yatom case. Yatom became the bogeyman of the Israeli Left, the man the Recreational Compassion Lobby most loved to hate. They insisted he be put on show trial for "murder" - of the captured terrorists. Making about as much sense as trying Bush for the deaths of the Mazar a-SHarif prisoners.

    In 1986, Shimon Peres was acting Prime Minister in a national unity government with Yitzhak Shamir of the Likud as his sidekick and Foreign Minister. Already gearing up emotionally for his debut as Israel's Oslo Neville Chamberlain, Peres insisted that Yatom and his staff be indicted for the "killings" (in fact, for the litter removal) from Bus 300. The entire matter became known as the "Bus 300 Affair" and featured prominently on all PLO and Israel-bashing web sites around the planet, those trying to prove how inhumane and savage Israel was. Beating to death two handcuffed terrorist murderers, tch tch tch. A commission of inquiry "investigated" the matter, and it included Peres' leftist buddy Yossi Ginossar, currently a partner and co-owner in the PLO's casino in Jericho.

    In any case, before the show trial played itself out in its entirety, the President at the time, Chaim Herzog, granted blanket immunity to all those involved in the matter, including the hero Yatom. The Left ground its teeth, soiled its nappies, and ran to the Supreme Court, but the Court would not override Herzog, one of the last non-lemmings to be among the Labor Party leaders of the 1980s.

    The hero Yatom then joined the Likud and became politically active. In 1998, Netanyahu tried to appoint him as the security officer of the Knesset Building, but the McCarthyist Leftist Attorney General, Eliakim Rubinstein, warned he would oppose the appointment in court. The Chairman of the Knesset at the time was Likud's High School Don (Don Tichon) and he weenied out and capitulated.

    Now let us note that Yatom was never indicted of any crime and was granted blanket Presidential clemency by a Labor Party Presidential appointee for any "crime" that might have taken place.

    So let us sum things up. The very same Left that has murdered nearly 700 innocent Jews through its imposition of Oslo on the country still regards the hero Ehud Yatom as a criminal for possibly executing two guilty Palestinian murderers.

    Led by Uberlemming Yossi Sarid, the Left petitioned the Supreme Court to block Yatom's appointment by Sharon as head of his anti-terror team. The Left would prefer that Uri Avnery head it up or perhaps Azmi Bashara. I mean, come on, we sure don't want the anti-terror staff headed up by someone who knows how to KILL terrorists, do we?

    The politicized Supreme Court of Mister Judicial Activism Aharon Barak yesterday agreed and issued a fatwa prohibiting the appointment.

    As you know, Aharon Barak and his team of leftist justices have been leading a campaign to PREVENT the creation of a "Constitutional Court" that could, among other things, override the politicized and arbitrary decisions-on-whim of the robed gang of rascals currently holding the country hostage from Israel's Supreme Court bench.

    I can think of no better reason why such a Court should be created.

Judicial Atrocities
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

27, Nov 2001

     We have often commented on Israel's biased and politicized judiciary, led by Mister Judicial Activism, Chief Justice Aharon Barak, and on the dual justice system of Israel, in which two systems operate alongside one another, one for leftists and the other for everyone else. We have reviewed many cases over the years that illustrate this politicization. Now, one of the best analyses of the biased judiciary has been composed by Professor Eliav Shochetman from the Hebrew University's law school. Shochetman in the past led the campaign against the misuse of the law criminalizing "failure to prevent a crime", used by the McCarthyist Attorney General to prosecute Margalit Har-Sheffi who was guilty of nothing except dubious taste in choosing her dates.

    Shochetman is one of Israel's leading law scholars. Unfortunately, his new volume is only available in Hebrew, although English synopsies might be. It came out as a policy study with the Ariel Center for Policy Research, The new volume is entitled "Justice Justice Shalt Thou Pursue".

    Shochetman's study focuses on a judicial atrocity that we have also had occasion to comment upon over the years. The case involved one Nahum Korman, a 30-ish religious security officer at a "settlement" in the West Bank. One day in 1997 Korman was driving along next to Husan near Bethlehem, when a group of Palestinian guttersnipes were minding their own business and simply throwing rocks at cars with Jews inside, including Korman's. Korman stopped, got out, and chased them. He caught one of them, an 11 year old (some say 12 year old) guttersnipe named Hilmi Shusha. He struck (or perhaps kicked) the child once. The child fell and died. Korman tried to revive him and called in an ambulance.

    Hilmi then became the poster child for the usual leftists intent on proving that Palestinians are the perpetual victims of barbarous Israeli "settlers" who have long noses and are greedy, backward, unhygienic, and reject the Oslo Messiah. The usual glut of "human rights" groups, those who think the Palestinians have a human right to murder Jews and destroy Israel, marched in also, led by Amnesty and Betselem, and practically deified the guttersnipe.

    Meanwhile, the Israeli Left and the politicized McCarthyists at the Attorney General's office decided to make a political example out of Korman. They tried him for manslaughter.

    Among the problems of the McCarthyists was that the postmortem pathology report did not support their position. The State Pathologist reported that junior may have had a congenital problem with an artery, and so being slapped or just being scared by a raging settler he had just provoked might have caused the death. Similarly, he might have died when he fell and struck his head on a rock, and not because he got slapped by Korman. In any case, Korman's behavior was that of a justifiably angry driver, not of a killer, and the fact that he gave the child mouth-to-mouth and called in an ambulance hardly shows the personality of a mad murderer.

    Korman was at first acquited, but Israel does NOT have protection against double jeopardy. With all the international hullabaloo, Israel's official Leftists at the Attorney General's office could not let the case go. They retried Korman, and eventually it went to the Supreme Court on appeal. Ultimately Korman was sentenced to six months and to pay 70,000 NIS to the family of the child.

    Now such a punishment would be a crime if Korman had really committed a crime and killed anyone. But it is just as much a crime if Korman was guilty of nothing other than slapping a brat who had thrown a rock at his car. Let us keep in mind that such Palestinian rock throwing has resulted in deaths and maimings. Just imagine what the US Marines in Afghanistan will do if any Taliban guttersnipes throw rocks at them!

    Shochetman analyzed the trial and appeal in his volume. While I cannot do it justice, it is an overwhelming indictment of the politicalization and bias of Israel's Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ignored the official report of the state pathologist, who had concluded that there was no evidence that the child had died because he had been slapped by Korman, and the Supreme Court decreed in its fatwa that Korman HAD killed him. This was a total violation of the role of the Court. In Israel, like elsewhere, appeals courts do not change or add or challenge FACTS, discovered at the lower court level, but rather only review trial procedure and application of law. But not in the Korman case. The Supreme Court illegally overstepped its role and arbitrarily set aside facts and issued a judgement based on political bias and the desire to make a political statement and example of Korman.

Israel's Newest Judicial Atrocity
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

9, Nov 2001

    One of the most harmful things in Israel, after Oslo, is the imperious judiciary, the domination of the Courts by the anti-democratic ideology of "judicial activism", which holds that high-minded self-righteous non-elected justices should have the right top veto, trump and dictate decisions by the elected representatives of the people in the parliament.

    One expression of this judicial imperiousness has been an assault on religion and the religious in Israel. Now the Court seems to have expanded its assault. Its new target is Zionism.

    It was recently reported that the main proponent of judicial activism, Chief Justice Aharon Barak, prohibited the singing of the national anthem Hatikva at ceremonies for swearing in judges, lest the Arabs present be "offended".

    This item was first reported in the Jerusalem weekly Yom Hashishi this past Friday, Nov 9, 01. It's editor is a fellow from Petach Tikva who served in the army in Galei Tzahal - the one Orthodox fellow in 50 years who actually made it into Galei Tzahal.

    The item appeared in Yom Hashishi, page 34, 2nd column: "The Opening Ceremony for the Courts was held in the Jerusalem Theater. The ceremony finished without the typical recital of "Hatikva". The reason given was so as not to offend the Arab judges. Justice Minister Meir Shitreet was present and he silently acquiesced. "

    The article mentions that when Barak next speaks high-sounding about the Jewish state, he should be reminded how he was willing to give up the national anthem. They also mention this is a good reason to establish a Constitutional Court to remove total control of the courts out of Barak's hands.

Israel's Newest Judicial Atrocity
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

9, Nov 2001

    We have had many occasions to speak about the unspeakable, that is, the biased courts and the dual judicial system in Israel, in which one set of laws and rules operates for Leftists and a second for everyone else. The system is run by the Supreme Court and by Mister Judicial Activism, Chief Justice Aharon Barak (no relation to Ehud other than in political philosophy), the man who put the Arab murderers of the child Dani Katz back on the street, the man currently blocking any introduction of "constitutional courts" in Israel lest they infringe on his turf. And while everyone is suddenly celebrating the uncharacteristic courage of the Knesset in stripping Arab Fascist Knesset Member Azmi Bashara of his parliamentary immunity - this for calling for murders and attacks on Israel while seated alongside the head of the Hizbollah, there is in fact nothing to celebrate. All that will happen is that the dual justice system will acquit Bashara in the name of free speech, all the while holding that Kahanists must be prevented by the police from speaking or holding posters because they are "terrorists" unlike the PLO.

    But none of the previous atrocities by the politicized courts can match this. Friends, the Courts have decided to make war on the family of MIA Ron Arad and make them pay money to his kidnappers and possible murderers.

    Ron Arad is the Israeli airman who has been missing in action ever since he bailed out over Lebanon and was captured by a Shi'ite terrorist group headed by one Mustafa Dirani. Dirani then "sold" Arad to Iran, in violation of the Geneva Convention, and he has never been heard from since. Israel later captured the very same Dirani, along with the bloody Sheikh Obeid, the "religious" guru for the Hizbollah. The two have been guests of the Israel prison system ever since, passing their days watching the VCR and playing computer games. And since Israel has no death penalty, they simply await the next time the Hizbollah grabs a group of Jewish hostages before returning to their civics activism.

    Now the leftist Jewish lawyers for the two captive terrorists have been lobbying for them for many years, and a few months ago appealed to the Israel Supreme Court to order that the government allow the Red Cross to visit these two Nazis. The military opposed, but Mister Judicial Activism agreed and issued a writ ordering the visits. He said it was all part of being "humane", and - as you know - when any Israeli politician talks about being "humane" it is time to run for the bomb shelter and to hide your wallet. Now let us note that these two gents are neither Israeli citizens nor ordinary prisoners of war, but murderous barbarian terrorists, who have about as much rights under the Geneva Convention as does bin Laden.

    The family of Ron Arad was outraged. No Red Cross visits with Ron have ever taken place, and Mister Judicial Activism did NOT condition the Red Cross pilgrimage to the two Nazis on their first visiting Ron Arad or with the four other missing Israelis held by Hizbollah (three of whom have since been pronounced dead, apparently murdered by the Hizbollah while in captivity).

    So the Arad family submitted its own appeal to the Supreme Court and protested the previous ruling. No Ron - No Red Cross Visits with the Nazis, that is their position.

    Their petition has not been heard yet, but the Supreme Court, headed by Mister Judicial Activism, has now ordered the family of Ron Arad to deposit 10,000 sheqels of their OWN money as collateral with the Court. The idea being that if - as is expected - the Court finds in FAVOR of the terrorists, then Dirani and Obeid will be awarded the Arad family deposit as "compensation" for their court expenses. Meaning, the Arad family will be coerced by Israel's imperious politicized leftist Supreme Court to grant vacation subsidies to the two terrorists, one being the kidnapper and possible murderer of their son.

Kahane Family Awaits Supreme Court Ruling
Israel National News
Sunday, Nov. 4, 2001

     The family of Rabbi Meir Kahane has been holding an annual memorial
ceremony for their father/husband for 10 years, but this year it has suddenly
become of matter of contention with the police. Police Commissioner Shlomo
Aharonishki issued a closure order on the Jerusalem hall, Heikhal David, in
which the ceremony was to take place tonight, claiming that it was being run
by a "terrorist organization," namely, Kach. The family's appeal to the
Jerusalem District Court was rejected this morning, despite its claims that
the memorial is only a family affair.

      Rabbi Baruch Kahane, lone remaining son of his father - he has two
sisters - following the terrorist murder of his brother Binyamin and
sister-in-law Talya on Dec. 31, said today, "This affair is our initiative,
with the friends of my father z"l [of blessed memory] helping out... It is
well known that to make a memorial for one who died is the obligation of the
son, as the Talmud says, 'He must honor him both in his lifetime and after
his death' - it is my obligation, and I am behind the whole thing." The court
did not accept this claim, saying that the memorial was to be a "public event
of a known political character."

      The Kahane family's attorney, Naftali Wurzberger, said that the police
were engaged in "shutting mouths, which is not the police's job in a
democratic state. The criteria for shutting down an event must be actions,
not opinions expressed there. The family members must not be turned into a
terrorist organization just because someone says so." The Kahane family
issued an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court.

Police Attack Memorial Ceremony
Israel National News
Nov 5, 2001

Hundreds of supporters of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane stood outside a
Jerusalem hall last night to hold a spontaneous memorial ceremony for him,
despite a Supreme Court ruling forbidding a similar ceremony inside the
hall.  The police used clubs and indiscriminately hit men, women, and
children to disperse the gathering, and arrested six people.  One
participant, Hagi Ben-Artzi, told Arutz-7,
"We were hundreds of people, standing outside the hall, conducting a
memorial ceremony for Rabbi Kahane, may Hashem avenge his blood.  There
were speeches by rabbis and public figures, and the crowd was behaving
perfectly.  Suddenly, from out of the blue, without any provocation, tens
of special-unit policemen swarmed down on the crowd, and started punching
and kicking and used violence that can simply not be described.  I was
shocked.  I simply could not understand why the Israel Police was doing
this to people participating in a painful memorial, who had caused no
public disturbance at all."

Deputy Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra criticized the decision not to
allow the memorial for Rabbi Meir Kahane.  He told Arutz-7 today that it
was not the police that objected to the memorial, but rather
Attorney-General Elyakim Rubenstein who ordered its banning.

MK Michael Kleiner (Herut) addressed the crowd, reaping praise for his
courage in coming to an event that most politicians prefer not to be
associated with.  He extolled Rabbi Kahane for "analyzing the situation
correctly, identifying it before anyone else...  He was a true patriot, a
true Jew...  He did not know the meaning of fear.  He waged an unceasing
struggle on behalf of Soviet Jewry, and refused to soften his positions
whatsoever in order to find favor with the Israeli
establishment..."  Kleiner showed courage of a different type when, later
in his speech, he objected to the use of the slogan, "No Arabs - No

The Supreme Court had ruled that the ceremony was organized by a "terrorist
group," Kach.  Kahane family members maintained that *they* were behind the
memorial for their father, but the Court did not agree.  Attorney Naftali
Wurzberger said that the police were engaged in "shutting mouths, which is
not their job in a democratic state.  The criteria for shutting down an
event must be actions, not opinions expressed there."

The Likud's First Amendment
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

2, Nov 2001

    As you know, in Israel it is protected speech for Arab fascists to call not only for the destruction of Israel, but to call openly for more terrorist atrocities against Jews, to endorse genocide against Jews, to call on Saddam to drop anthrax on Jews. Similarly, Israeli Leftists writing in Haaretz routinely call for more PLO terror against Jews so the Jews will at last get it. Arab leaders call for victory for bin Laden, cheer the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon.

    But you will be happy to hear that at last the government has decided to take real steps against such criminal activity. Yes, friends, the Labor Party government of Ariel Sharon has decided to prohibit the JDL-Kahanists from holding a memorial for Rabbi Meir Kahane, the Right-wing Rabbi murdered by an Arab assassin.(Haaretz Nov 2)

    You see, holding such a memorial would be criminal incitement and justification of racism, unlike those Arabs calling for genocide against Jews and Israel's destruction with the cheers of Israel's Far Left.

    And after prohibiting the Kahanist memorial, no doubt memorials next year (or on the 30th day this year) for Ze'evi will be prohibited, cause after all Ze'evi was not all that far away from Kahane in his views. And after that all opposition to Oslo will be prohibited by the Likud branch of the Labor Party because after all opposing Oslo is a clear and present danger of violence.

    Of course, memorials for the man who imported tens of thousands of PLO terrorists into the suburbs of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and who put the country's very existence in imminent danger, the man who is directly responsible for the murders of hundreds of Jews as a result of his mega-folly, the man that was then elevated to a North Korean style cult of personality and deified by the Israeli Left, THAT man's memorials are all to be held as scheduled. (Yitzhak Rabin)

Although free speech of Jews is circumscribed in Israel that does not apply to the Arabs.  The following is an excerpt of an essay by Rachel Gold of the The Middle East Political Forum called ONLY IN ISRAEL.  The following excerpt was broadcast by the Freeman Center on October 28, 01

Only in Israel can elected officials call for seditious acts upon the very
government they serve.

In the last week, six such elected officials made vitriolic, treasonous

Jerusalem Post (October 24th and 25th editions) report Israeli Arab Knesset
members have slammed the IDF's morning incursion into Beit Rima and other
Palestinian areas.

MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash) said Israeli soldiers are carrying massacres and
planned murders.

Arab MKs slammed the IDF's incursion into Beit Rima in sharply worded
speeches in the plenum yesterday, comparing Israel to anthrax and Nazi

Hadash's Issam Mahoul said Prime Minister Ariel Sharon "was right when he
said that the situation in Czechoslovakia in 1938 is comparable to today, but
that he needs to know that he is on the German side of the comparison."
Mahoul said that Israel has an "anthrax government" and a government of

Tawfik Hatib (United Arab List) said that Israel is "cynically using the
murder of tourism minister Rehavam Ze'evi to close old accounts and assist
extremist settlers at the expense of regional stability."

"Sharon, the murderer of Sabra and Shatila, is sowing death in Palestinian
hills and towns," said Azmi Bishara (Balad). "The Israeli public must wake up
and stop his actions, which are bringing Israel to chaos and the region to

Hashem Mahameed (United Arab List) said security cannot be used as an excuse
for committing murder. He called upon UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the
nations of the world to take any action necessary to secure the well-being of
the Palestinians and the withdrawal of Israel from the territories.

Deputy Speaker Rahamim Maloul of Shas, who was chairing the session, issued
no warning to the Arab MKs.

The latest news reports that MK Talab Asana called upon members of the
Bedouin community not to serve in the IDF following the shooting death of a
Bedouin tractor operator in Gaza on Friday. The Arab MK accused the soldiers
that fired the lethal shots of being “too light on the trigger” because the
tractor operator was an Arab.

PA Terrorizing Journalists
From: Eli Pollak []

The Israel Broadcasting Authority has reported the following item:

The Palestinian Authority has threatened the lives of photographers and has
announced that it will prevent journalists from operating from within the

The subject is photographs from Nablus and Ramallah, where PA policemen
participated in 'shootings of joy'. IBA reported Danny Zaken reported that
senior PA officials have demanded from most news agencies to tone down their
reports on the joy in the PA territories. This morning the BBC broadcast
that only a handful of Palestinians took part in the 'festivities' even
though yesterday, other pictures were broadcast which indicated a different
version of the events.

and this letter has been sent:-

                            September 12, 2001
Alain Modoux
Director, Freedom of Expression and Democracy
1, rue Miollis
75732 Paris Codex 15

Dear Mr. Modoux,

    It has been reported here in Israel that as a result of threats exerted by
officials of the Palestinian Authority, journalists have ceased broadcasting
the scenes of Palestinians displaying joy and jubilation, as well as
distributing candy, in the aftermath of the terror attack on the United
States (see in the Hebrew - ).   They have
also stopped filming such scenes.

    This is an intolerable attack on the sacred principle of Freedom of the
Press.  This behavior should not be condoned.

    We call upon you and other international media organizations to condemn
this phenomenon and to make public your call to halt this interference.  The
peoples of the world have the right to know what occurs and this blatant
attempt to censor the news is to be rejected.

    In addition, disappointment must be expressed to those news agencies and
broadcasting networks which have surrendered to such threats.

    I hope to hear from you soon as to the active steps you have taken.


Professor Eli Pollak
Chairman, IMW

The Person the Israeli Left Most Loves to Hate
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

20, Aug 2001

   The person the Israeli Left most loves to hate these days is Minister of Education Limor Livnat. Livnat is a feisty trench-fighter, intolerant of political correctness and of the Treason-Chic leftist fads her predecessor in the job had been inculcating in the curriculum. Among her first acts as Education Czarina was dumping a Revisionist history text that made the entire Middle East conflict the Jews' fault and made the Cold War all the fault of the US.

    Now the Left is being driven to new heights of frothing at the mouth, because Sistuh Limor is proposing to base school funding in part on loyalty to the country. This means that Arab schools encouraging treason, flying PLO flags, teaching violence and terrorism, and openly identifying with the PLO and other enemies of the state will have their funding cut.

    Atrocious, screams the Left. Now lest you misunderstand, it is not that the Left is outraged because someone in the government has the temerity to question whether all Israeli Arabs are loyal to the state of Israel. Instead, it is because it is so obvious to all that the bulk of Israeli Arabs (but not ALL) are proudly DISLOYAL to the state and identify with its fascist enemies that the Left is upset. The bulk of Arab schools will be in danger of losing funds under the Livnat Plan.

    All of which is in such sharp contrast to the educational funding policies of Meretz Commissar Yossi Sarid, the Far-Leftist who held the post before Livnat. His idea was to deny funding to anyone showing LOYALTY to the state of Israel, especially if they were in a religious Jewish parochial school. The Sarid mantra has long been "Israel - Hate it or Leave It", and he did everything to teach hatred of the country when running the schools. The "poetry" of PLO terrorists was taught in the schools, there were proposals for days in which both Arabs and Jews could mourn the tragedy of Israel's creation, the Arab "narrative" of events (meaning, Arab falsehoods) were taught as history, etc.

    The same Israeli Left that never had any problem with the politicalization of the school curriculum under the Barak junta is now suddenly screaming "Fascism" when the schools teach patriotism and loyalty to country. Labor's ever-McCarthyistic Ofer Pines, the man who submits petitions weekly to prosecute anti-Oslo dissidents for expressing their views, attacks the new curriculum for threatening co-existence between Jew and Arab, unlike - say - teaching Arabs that Israel's creation was a Naqba (catastrophe) that needs be reversed.

Hypocritical Interrogation
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

16, Aug 2001

    The Israeli Leftist First Amendment, under which Arab Nazis and Jewish Leftists may say anything they wish including justification of genocide but anti-Oslo dissidents must be prosecuted for "incitement", continues to hold even under the "Rightish" government for Sheriff Sharon. This week Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzberg is being interrogated.

    Ginzberg is not exactly a Quaker, and indeed is a Kahanist leaning zealot. He is being interrogated and may be prosecuted for saying nice things about Baruch Goldstein, the fanatic who shot up the Mosque in Hebron back in 1994. Only problem is, the Attorney General has recently adopted the policy whereby MERELY praising acts of murder and atrocities that have ALREADY taken place is no crime at all, which is why all those Arab Knesset Members and related fascists have never been prosecuted. Now the worst thing Ginzberg is accused of doing is praising an act of murder that already took place (Goldstein's) and so should be protected speech under these rules.

    Or at least it WOULD be were Ginzberg a pork-chomping leftist bleeding heart.

Stripping Bills of the Fabric of Sanity
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

26 June 2001

 The bill that would have made incitement to violence a crime was voted down yesterday in the Knesset, so Azmi Bashara and his followers can continue to call openly for genocide of Jews. Before voting on it, however, the Knesset, including much of the Likud and led by the Left to which the Likud now belongs, first voted to STRIP the bill of that clause that would allow people to express approval of the use of violence against terrorists and enemies of the country. Because of this, SHAS at the last minute refused to back the bill.

New Free Speech Rules In Israel
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

25 June 2001

Ok, folks, we have a current events quiz for you.


    Name the only country in the world where it would be a felony to say that Hitler should have been assassinated.

    Yep, that singularly democratic country is . (drumroll) . Israel. Or at least it will be if the Israeli Left has its way in rewriting the rules of free speech for the country this week.

    As you know, free speech and free expression in Israel have been under nonstop assault by Israel's anti-democratic Left, led by the Labor Party and Meretz, ever since the Rabin assassination. Under the Israeli Left's First Amendment, Arab fascists should be free to call every day for the mass murder of Jewish civilians, Israeli Leftist should be free to exclaim "Great!" every time a "settler" is murdered by the PLO, but anyone saying, "I do not think Oslo is a good idea" or "Yossi Sarid is a modern Pharaoh" should be indicted for criminal incitement.

    In the past few weeks, the rhetoric of violence by the Arab Stalinist-Fascist Knesset Members has risen to new heights, especially when Azmi Bashara, the new hero of the Post-Zionist Left, ran to Syria to call for Israel's destruction while standing fang-to-fang with the heads of the Hizbullah and with the junior Assad.

    That in turn led the Israeli government to initiate some changes in Israel's "anti-incitement" laws. Israel is the only democracy around in which "incitement" is even a crime. In any case the anti-incitement laws have NEVER been used against Arab fascists and their leftist amen chorus, but rather used to persecute Israeli Rightists. They were the laws under which the Kahanist splinters were criminalized and banned. They were the laws by which the heads of the Zo Artseinu protest organization were prosecuted and convicted.

    Now that Bashara and the rest of the progressive Arabs are openly calling for Israel's destruction, the government wanted to tighten up the anti-incitement rules so that these could be prosecuted or at least stripped of their Knesset membership perks.

    Ah but then in stepped the Israeli Left. You see, in rewriting the anti-incitement laws, the government proposed that a clause be inserted so that people saying they thought bad things (or, if you prefer, good things) should be done to terrorists, mass murderers, or simply to the enemies of their country, should NOT be regarded as engaging in "incitement to violence".

    Not on your life, scream the Caring Leftists. We demand that anyone saying things like, "Israel should assassinate terrorist leaders", or "Israel should kick Arafat's butt" be prosecuted under the law. Which means that should the Left ever return to power, such as after another year of Likud Incompetocracy, the ONLY people who will be prosecuted are such people.

    So let us make clear what Israel's Left is demanding. Among the thing for which you may be sent to jail should the Caring Left get its way would be:

  1. Singing that old Spike Jones song from the 1940s, "When der Fuhrer says we ist the master race, we Heil PPPFFFF Heil PPPFFF right in the Fuhrer's face." Spitting is violence you see. Also singing old anti-German partisan songs.
  2. Singing the World War II song "Hitler Had Only One Left Ball".
  3. Any suggestion that Israel use its military for anything.
  4. Any Israeli officer telling a soldier to fire at a terrorist. (That would be incitement to violence against terrorists and illegal.)
  5. Expressing approval of the execution of Eichmann.
  6. Expressing approval of the execution of Timothy McVeigh.
  7. Saying "Death to the PLO" or "Death to the Hizbullah" or "Death to the Tanzim". On the other hand, all those countless bumper stickers on the cars of Israeli leftists that read "Death to Religious Zealots" would be protected speech.

    In fairness, it should be pointed out that not ALL Israeli Leftists are calling for such things. Some, like the legal commentator for Haaretz Zeev Segel, just think Israel should have no laws whatsoever that would make it possible to prosecute people like Bashara for calling for the violent destruction of the country and for genocide of Jews. Segel, who has never been disturbed by the banning of the Kahanists, is suddenly a free speech absolutist.

    Or is he? As it turns out, I happen to have had some direct personal experience with Zeev Segel's concept of open and free discourse. About seven years ago, Comrade Segel organized a panel discussion at Tel Aviv University on the issue of affirmative action preferences and quotas. He asked me to attend, although would not pay for my gasoline. The forum consisted of two and a quarter hours of one-sided worship of dumbed down standards and the rest of the affirmative action agenda, presented by feminizts and leftist professors. Tel Aviv University students from the public policy studies program were REQUIRED to attend. Then after two and a quarter hours of North Korean style brainwashing, Segel introduced me and announced I would be given three minutes to present the other side of the debate. I stood up and walked out of the room. Several students ran after me to shake my hand.

Hypocrisy of the Israeli Left
by Karl Ericson

  Although the Israeli left has harrassed and arrested the right wing for making right wing statements on the grounds that their statements might lead to violence they have not  done anything to Uri Avnery, one of their own who called on Palestinians to continue their violence against Jewish settlers

   In an article in the official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al Hayat al-Jadida, Avnery wrote, "The Palestinians have attained a great victory in the battle over the settlements. The conclusion is that you should not stop the intifada, but if you must [stop], then do so only for tactical reasons." (Thursday June 21, 2001 Arutz 7)

The Grand Entente
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

18 June 2001

    The history of the Middle East over the past 20 years can be reduced to the growing alliance between Jewish leftism and Arab fascism. The entire Oslo "peace process" and the collapse of Israeli survivalism is the byproduct of this alliance.

    Jewish leftism and Arab fascism are today fully allied, not only in Israel but around the world. The Jewish Left in America, from the Tikkunies to the New Israel Fund and New Jewish Agenda types, have always been cheerleaders for Arab fascism. There is no act of Arab savagery that cannot be blamed on the Jews and no act of Jewish defense they are willing to tolerate. The menopausal Marxists from the Women in Black have never felt any discomfort standing moustache to moustache with Arab fascists. The Sapersteins, Siegmans, and Yoffies have never felt any qualms about promoting the Arab fascist political agenda, even though the PLO refuses to admit open homosexuals as Gestapo leaders.

    And in Israel, the Left - when it launched the Oslo atrocity - might have been composed primarily of naifs and innocents and fools. But now, ten years into the "peace process", most people still clinging to such leftism are no longer motivated by naivete, but by psychopathological Jewish self-hatred and treason.

    The Jewish Left is all in favor of democracy and human rights, but not when it comes to Arab regimes. It is never disturbed that the PLO it blindly follows openly proposes to create a regime like that in Iraq or Iran. It is outraged that Arabs earn less than Jews, that Israel is not perfectly egalitarian, that Arabs complain of discrimination, at the same time that it has never had anything to say about Arab regimes, nor even the PLO's kleptocracy.

    The Jewish McCarthyist Left in Israel banned the Kahanist parties of the Right and declared them "terrorist organizations", parties in fact less radical than all those "National Front" parties that operate legally and run openly for election in Europe. At the same time, the only reaction by the Jewish Left to the most brazen expressions of Arab anti-Semitism and treason is to wring their hands about Jewish insensitivities. I have no doubt that were they alive in the early 1940s, they would have devoted their lives to making Jewish inmates in concentration camps less intolerant of German Nazis and more sympathetic to the plight of stormtroopers and their families, lobbying anti-German partisans to disarm and open dialogue because violence never solves anything.

    Now all of this is becoming ever more unambiguous, especially following the antics of Azmi Bashara. Bashara is the most openly treasonous and pro-genocide of all of the Israeli Fascist-Stalinist politicians. Bashara was in Syria this past week meeting openly with Asad and the heads of the Hizbollah, issuing open calls for Israel to be destroyed and for violence against Jews to escalate.

    The reaction of the Jewish Left to all this is interesting to watch. Many of the kneejerk anti-Jewish Jewish Leftists are rallying support for Bashara. (Rabbi Moonbeam, Michael Lerner, leads them in the US.) Haaretz columnists are goosestepping out to demand that Bashara NOT be prosecuted or stripped of his Knesset seat.

    A petition appeared in the Israeli press a few days ago by people identifying openly with Bashara and demanding he be defended and endorsed. The petition was signed by the usual hoards of Israeli Arab fascists. But what is noteworthy is the large number of Jewish leftists signed on the pro-Bashara treason petition.

    Among these, perhaps the most interesting is Prof. Yehuda Shenhav. Shenhav is a Marxist sociologist at Tel Aviv University's monolithically-left sociology department and an activist in Peace Now. He strongly endorses diversity and pluralism when it comes to affirmative action preferences for Arabs, but not when it comes to political opinion in his sociology department. He edits Israel's main pseudo-intellectual Marxist rag, a Hebrew journal named "Theory and Criticism". For those of you outside the insanity of academia, you may not be aware that in academic gibberish, "critical" and 'criticism" are code words for Marxism. Critical Legal Studies is Marxism for Shysters. Critical Criminology is how crime is a progressive protest against capitalism. And so on.

    Now Comrade Shenhav has joined the jihad in favor of Bashara and Arab fascism. You might want to mention his activities to any donators to Tel Aviv University so they may learn of how their contributions are being used and of what they are in fact financing.

    Who else is on the petition? Well, there is Prof. of Talmud at Berkeley Daniel Boyarin, best known for his books about how all of Judaism may be reduced to the struggle against heterosexuality, recently spotted leading demonstrations on campus by Arab students identifying with intifada atrocities.

    We have the tenured communist faculty members on the petition, like the Technion's Stalinist Kalman Altman. We have vintage New Historian and Revisionsist Gabriel Piterberg from Ben Gurion University. We have radical fabricator Prof. Kais Firro, the guy who sponsored that MA thesis that fabricated a massacre of Arabs by the Palmach. And so on.

    What is perhaps noteworthy is that the usual kneejerk Jew-bashers among Israel's literary Left seem to have refused to sign the petition in favor of Arab fascism. Perhaps there is hope for them.

Protected Speech
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

24 May 2001

    The Post-Democratic state of Israel continues to exercise its First Amendment. Under this McCarthyist version of free speech, people whose political opinions are unpopular with the ruling elite are denied free speech, whereas each and every fanatical anti-Jewish racist, every Arab fascist, Stalinist and neonazi, every Leftist traitor cheering on Arab atrocities against Jews, enjoys total protection of free speech. A Rabbi is persecuted by the judicial authorities for calling a Leftist a Pharaoh, but Arab fascists every day call for ending Israel's existence and for more terror against Israel and for more Hizbullah rockets on Israel, and this is all protected speech.

    Under this Post-Democratic First Amendment, the splinter factions of Kahanists - leftovers from Meir Kahane's movement - have been declared "terrorist organizations" and legally banned in Israel. This for having and expressing radical unpopular opinions. The issue here is not whether or not one agrees with the Kahanist rhetoric or agenda. No one has ever accused the Kahanist movements of being moderate, cool-headed and parliamentary. The issue is whether Israel is to have free speech for ALL, including Rightists, or just for the anti-Jewish fanatics, Holocaust deniers, pro-violence Arabs, Islamic fundamentalists, and similar people.

    Yesterday four Knesset Members of the Right proposed a bill in the Knesset to take the Kahanist splinters OFF the list of banned "terrorist" organizations in Israel. The proposal was shot down in the Knesset by 42 to 4. For those of you without a calculator, that is 10.5 to one opposed. These opponents of establishing free speech in Israel included MK's from the entire political spectrum, including the Likud of Ariel Sharon.

Do you think he got all his books back?
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

22 May 2001

    David HaIvri, a known follower of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, was arrested on Sunday night in the Western Wall Plaza for selling books and pictures of the late Member of Knesset. HaIVri, who asked police what he did wrong after they told him he was under arrest, was told that the very sale of the items was in effect "supporting a terrorist organization." When asked why they only decided to move in and arrest him after he had been selling his items for two hours, they did not have a response.

    HaIvri told 'INN' that he and his colleagues were orderly, quiet and polite, just standing aside their table selling to those who expressed interest. He added it was fitting to offer the Kahane items for sale, anticipating a large crowd on the eve of Jerusalem Day.

    HaIvri was taken into custody and charged with supporting a terror organization at about 7:15pm. He was released from police custody at about midnight.

Arutz 7 News
10 Apr 2001

    Israel army officials have ordered the Commander of the IDF Hevron detachment, Col. Noam Tivon, not to speak to journalists and politicians. The new policy is a response to last week's meeting between Tivon, two journalists, and National Religious Party MKs in Hevron. During that session, Col. Tivon harshly criticized the police department's treatment of Hevron's Jewish residents. He also stated that the Hevron Protocol signed by the Netanyahu administration with the PA was a '"bad" agreement, adding that the Jewish community lives under most difficult conditions that the majority of other citizens of Israel would not be able to endure. "From our perspective, we are ready to reconquer the Abu Sneinah hilltops [the area from which Shalhevet Pass was shot to death two weeks ago]," said Tivon. "I am convinced that the Palestinians must pay the price for any terrorist attack they conduct."

    The new policy governing Col. Tivon became apparent yesterday during Tourism Minister Rechavam Ze'evi's visit to Hevron. Ze'evi, himself a former senior member of the IDF, asked to speak to the commander to receive an update on the security situation, but was told that Tivon was not in the town. It was later learned that Tivon was in fact there at the time, but did not want to violate the orders forbidding him from talking to politicians and journalists.

Freedom of Information Act Ignored
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

10 Apr 2001

    For years we have been warning about the judicial tyranny of Israel's Supreme Court and the "judicial activists", led by Chief Justice Aharon Barak, who are implementing the anti-democratic doctrine by which non-elected justices may in effect legislate and trump the elected members of parliament, all in the name of the superior sensitivity and enlightenment of the justices. This has produced a long series of judicial atrocities in Israel, from a "right" to import and sell freely pork but not kosher food, to the denial of the rights of local authorities to grant discounts in property taxes to large families because of the desire of the Court to bash the Orthodox, to setting Arab murderers of Jewish children back on the streets, to invention of a prohibition on spanking children.

    In recent months the Court, led by the Chief Justice, has been attempting to create new "rights", such as a "right" to a minimum consumption level, a "right" to receive housing and medical treatment, and so on, all as part of a new campaign to institute "human dignity" in Israel. Only problem is, all these are "rights" that are opposed by the elected representatives of the Israeli parliament, something that has never stopped Aharon Barak and his posse before.

    Now this is all the more interesting because of the new Court ruling in the matter of the "Freedom of Information Act". Seems that the Court is willing to ignore democracy and overrule it when its "enlightened sensitivity" dictates, but when an actual law establishing basic civil rights is passed by the Knesset, the Court refuses to enforce it and attempts to revoke it.


    About two years ago, Israel finally got around to passing a "Freedom of Information Act", purportedly granting citizen's the right to gain access to information from the government and public authorities. No they cannot gain access to any "security" or military information, but that was hardly the basis for the government's long opposition to such a law. The Israeli government has long enjoyed the privilege of operating in darkness and hiding, where the public is incapable of learning what the government does. The politicians like this, cause no one can hold them accountable or document their major errors and boondoggles. In particular, it is next to impossible to trace flows of funds and discover what is going where and why.

    As a few examples, in the past when attempting to gain information, I was refused the information and told it is a state secret when requesting: 1. The budget of the Israel Broadcasting Authority 2. Financial information on disposal of funds by the funeral societies, 3. Information on the number of people employed at the Bank of Israel. And so on. The Freedom of Information Act was supposed to repair the situation.

    A veritable paradise for corrupt politicians! But the situation is far worse at the level of municipalities. If Israel is a borderline First World country with high tech and consumerism and a semi-democracy at the national level, at the level of the local authorities and the municipalities it is a dark Third-World country with immense corruption.

    Since passing the law, it has been observed mainly in its non-enforcement. National and municipal authorities just conduct business as usual, and respond to any attempt to receive information with blanket refusal. The only way to force their hand is to sue. In my neighborhood, only the willingness of some local civic activists to go to court forced the City to reveal some details about one of Amram Mitzna's dirty deals: a tower it was trying to allow a contractor to build in exchange for?, was in fact on land not even legally owned by those involved and in direct violation of all zoning rules. Without the suit, with its expenses and delays, the information would not have been released

    This week, the Israeli Supreme Court refused to order compliance with the Freedom of Information Act passed by the Knesset and for all intents and purposes signaled its unwillingness to see the law enforced. The case involved yet another local authority and one of its questionable deals. It was the first time the Supreme Court had an opportunity to stand behind due diligence and good government by enforcing this law, and it refused. It prefers the old system of smoky back rooms in which dirty deals are cut.

    The Court's decision was written by Eliyahu Matsa, the man who invented affirmative action quota "rights" in Israel a few years back when he led the Court in its opposition to equality of opportunity and established the "rights" of demographic groups to proportional representation in civil service jobs, irregardless of qualifications. Of course, Matsa is himself a sort of affirmative action appointee to the Court, by people who sought to have a token Sephardic Jew there.

    The judicial activist legal commentator for Haaretz, Zev Segel, has a column today criticizing the Court for its cowardly decision.

Latest Victim of Assault on Free Speech in Israel
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

10 Apr 2001

    Speaking of assaults on democracy and judicial-police tyranny, allow us to introduce to you the latest victim of Israel's anti-democratic McCarthyist assault on freedom of speech, Mordecai Megzimov. Yesterday he was arrested for exercising his freedom of speech. Megzimov attended a rally in which the Labor Party's smurfette, Dalia Itzik, was speaking and he started chanting at her, "The regime that you represent is worse than the Nazi regime". He was then whisked off by the police and interrogated. During interrogation he stated, "Yitzhak Rabin was worse than Hitler," after which he was locked up. (Haaretz April 10, 01)

    Now factually of course Yitzhak Rabin was NOT worse than Hitler, nor is Dalia Itzik, but in a democracy one is permitted to say things that are not factually correct. One is even permitted to say things that others find offensive. And of course the same police that arrested Megzimov have never arrested Arab fascists calling for genocide against Jews, nor have the latter been indicted by the Attorney General.

    What were the police afraid of, that Megzimov's speech might cause someone to try to assassinate Yitzhak Rabin?

    Now we have grown used to Israel's assault on the freedom of speech of people expressing disapproval of government policies in impolite or offensive words. But what is significant here is that this is the first McCarthyist arrest by the new regime of Ariel Sharon. In arresting Megzimov, whom I suspect is a recent immigrant and refugee from communism, Sharon's regime is showing that it plans to be as anti-speech and as McCarthyistic as was the regime of Bibi Netanyahu.

More Judicial Atrocities
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

5 Apr 2001

    Well Israel's politicized and imperious Supreme Court decided to get in one last atrocity of judicial activism before Passover. The Court is dominated by the anti-democratic doctrine of judicial activism, according to which non-elected judges get to invent laws and "rights" that the elected reps of the people never would approve.

    The Court has used its powers to invent rights for everything from the right to spousal benefits for partners of gays to the right of children to be never spanked to the right to import and freely sell pork but not kosher food, not to mention the rights of Arab murderers of Jewish children to receive retrial and furloughs during the retrial.

    Well, yesterday the Supreme Court tyrants issued a ruling that prohibits the elected representatives of the people in municipalities from granting reductions in municipal property taxes to families with a lot of children or to yeshiva students. Some city councils give such discounts, along with assorted other discounts to low-income people, to immigrants, to college students, and so on. SO now college students can be granted discounts by a city council or mayor but not yeshiva students. And the prohibition against discounts for those with large families is part of the naked campaign by the Supreme Court tyrants against Orthodox families.

    Oh the Court ruling was in response to a petition by Arnan Yekutiel, who used to be the head of the Meretz faction in the Jerusalem City Council. You may remember Yekutiel as the chap who threatened to "retaliate" against the Orthodox by staging a parade of naked women through their neighborhoods. He only backed off when it was discovered that if Yael Dayan and Shulamit Aloni were to join in the parade, he would be indicted for human rights abuses together with Milosevic.

Haaretz on Free Speech at Yale
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

29 Mar 2001

    Oh Dear. It seems Haaretz is angry again. And this time it is at Yale University.

    No not because Yale let George W. graduate from there. And no not cause Yale forces Orthodox Jewish students to live in dorms in which the showers are coed.

    Haaretz is upset because Yale extended the freedom of speech to Right-wing commentator Elyakim Haetzni.

    You see, Haetzni spoke at Yale recently, which was bad enough. I mean, don't they know that freedom of speech should only apply to Far Leftists? But then it turns out that the talk was nominally sponsored by the Shimon Peres "Peace" Center, never mind the oxymoronic character of that name. (Peres this morning responded to the bus bombing in Jerusalem and the wave of murders of Jewish children by the PLO by saying that Arafat is still our peace partner but one who sometimes makes mistakes.)

    The idea of the Peres Center sponsoring a talk by a political opponent might sound salutary. After all, Peres has been given platforms to express himself in journals of the non-Left, such as Nativ. Nevertheless, the Center now has explained it was all the work of a renegade American volunteer at the Center and without the approval of His Spacemanship.

    But how COULD they?, whines Haaretz. I mean, Haetzni is not even in favor of Osloid "peace".. I mean, don't they understand the rudiments of freedom and democracy at the Peres Center and at Yale?

The Leftist First Amendment
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

22 Mar 2001

  The Israeli Leftist First Amendment continues to operate. A policeman
who called Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi a turd has been suspended and faces
indictment. Tibi, who is the official PLO rep in the Knesset and regularly
calls for violence against Jews, cannot be called a turd in PC Israel...

  Today is a Day of Infamy for Israel.  Today one more nail was hammered
into the coffin of Israeli democracy.  Today Margolit Har-Sheffi begins
her jail term in the same prison filled with prostitutes, drug dealers and
terrorists, after her appeal was rejected by the anti-democratic judicial
activists of Israel's Supreme Court.   All this after being convicted for
having improper thoughts.  For failing to prevent Yigal Amir from killing
Yitzhak Rabin because she did not take the bravado of Amir seriously.
Convicted by the same Judicial-Labor-Party-Military-Industrial Complex
that failed to prevent nearly 600 murders of Israelis by Oslo.  Convicted
because the Left wanted to paint all Rightist anti-Oslo activists as
criminals.  And perhaps also because her uncle is a leading Rabbi in the
"occupied territories"..

Free Speech and Ben Gurion University
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

14 Mar 2001

    Israel is suddenly filled with the outraged whimpering of leftists. You see, the new Minister of Education Limor Livnat has the temerity to attempt to take apart the one-sided regime of leftist propaganda that had been introduced into Israeli school curriculum under previous governments.

   The ELIMINATION of one-sided pro-Arab propaganda that had been disguised as "educational texts" is being denounced as brainwashing, censorship, and even "McCarthyism" by the Israeli Left. You see, whenever the Israeli Left loses its hegemony over something, that constitutes McCarthyism. When it exercises hegemony and suppresses all non-Leftist dissent and denies freedom of speech to non-leftism, that is progressive and democratic.

   Take for example the assault on the new curriculum policies of Livnat by a Far Leftist Post-Zionist propagandist at Ben Gurion University, David Newman, in the Jerusalem Post today:

   Comrade Newman, as you see, is outraged that Livnat has the gumption to eliminate the Far Leftist revisionist history textbook the Far Left had worked so hard to introduce into Israeli schools. The same text an independent commission of historians appointed by teh Barak government had the nerve to say was unprofessional, shallow, ignored major historic events, and was propagandistic.

   Now what Comrade Newman neglects to mention in his piece calling for pluralism and open debate is that he sits in the department of politics at Ben Gurion University and that his department is one of the LEAST open, pluralistic, and democratic academic departments outside the Third World. Not only is there not a single member of his department who is NOT a leftist, there is not even a single person in his department who is not an EXTREMIST leftist!! His department touts such people as Neve Gordon, whom we had the pleasure of telling you about recently (the fella who wrote the Haaretz piece praising Jewish Holocaust Denier Norman Finkelstein to the sky). As it turns out, Newman is not even really a political scientist, but some sort of geographer.

    More generally, Ben Gurion University is the most extremist of all of Israel's universities, firmly under Far-Leftist and anti-Zionist hegemony. Entire departments at the university have not a single dissident non-leftist among their faculty. Strangely, Comrade Newman does not find that a matter of concern.

    Instead Newman tells us in the above piece: "Livnat and Leibler also repeat the same mistake made by so many so-called educators. They equate "nationalist" education with Jewish education, as though a lack of knowledge about Judaism is related to their willingness to make peace and to recognize the rights of others."

    Got that?

    There is no peace cause the damn JEWS refuse to recognize the rights of others. This after 6 months of atrocities in response to Barak's suicidal peace offers.

    Comrade Newman's department may be examined at , and take a special look at Comrade Newman's OWN publications record as well as Neve Gordon's.

The Israeli Supreme Court Porks Democracy
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

12 Mar 2001

    You will be excused if you never heard about the very latest judicial atrocity of Israel's anti-democratic judicial activist tyrants. Indeed they are running hog wild. Pigging out. Porking our democratic processes to pieces.

    But here it is.

    Israel has on its books a "freedom of occupation" law, which is considered to be a "Basic Law" and so superior to ordinary laws, in effect a piece of a constitution being slowly laid brick by brick. Under the "freedom of occupation" law, Israelis are supposed to be free to choose and work in any occupation that they wish.

    Of course, like any law, this "constitutional" right must have limits and necessarily involves tradeoffs. Does the "right to choose a profession" extend to prostitutes? How about pimps or drug dealers or arms merchants? Apparently it does NOT.

    In reality, the judicial enforcement of the "right to choose a profession" has been highly selective and highly politicized in Israel. The "pirate" (unlicensed) radio operators have been prevented from defending themselves against prosecution, using the "freedom of profession" law. Their "right" to be radio operators counts for less than the "right" of the government bureaucracy to maintain the leftist hegemony over the electronic media. Israelis do not have a "right" to be a taxi driver or a bus driver or bank operator, lest this upset the monopolies and cartels. And so on.

    This week, the Supreme Court decided to intervene in a legal battle in the town of Beit Shemesh concerning the operation of stores that sell pork. Beit Shemesh has a municipal law prohibiting sale of pork within town boundaries. The would-be pork sellers, some of them Russian immigrants who sell to other Russians (not necessarily Jewish), together with the radically anti-religious political party SHINUI, decided to appeal to the Supreme Court, arguing that the law violates their "freedom to choose a profession". There was precedent for this, as one of the few other cases in which the Court decided to overturn rules in the name of "freedom of profession" was for pork importer, when a would-be importer petitioned the Court to override a Knesset law prohibiting such imports. The Court complied. After all, non-elected enlightened and sensitive judges know better than elected legislators what is in the interests of the people.

    At first glance, the Court's ruling might strike you as little more than enforcing separation of synagogue and state and a bit of judicial activism in the name of enlightened tolerance. After all, no one is being forced to buy anything in the pork stores. But at second glance, you might think otherwise.

    The problem is that among the areas in which the same enlightened judicial activists of the Court have NEVER been willing to intervene and apply the "freedom of occupation" law is in the import and sale of KOSHER foods.


    Among the foods that Israelis are prohibited from growing, producing and selling freely are:

    Milk, Honey, (think about THOSE two!!) Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken, Eggs, Milk Products, Beef, Flowers, Imported Kosher Meats, etc.

    How come? In Israel there operate agricultural cartels and monopolies with government blessing. These prohibit the wholesale sales of most food items to distributors and retailers. An Israeli who tries to bypass them can go to jail. If you grow tomatoes in your yard and try to sell them in a shuk without a license, you go to jail.

    Israelis are also prohibited from importing many kosher food items. You cannot import Empire chickens or Hebrew National salamis, so says Israel's bolshevik Higher Authority. Nor fruit nor unprocessed veggies nor milk products.

    In other words, the activists at the Supreme Court did NOT intervene in the pork market to protect the entrepreneurial rights of pork sellers but to challenge the right of voters in a town in Israel to choose to prohibit open marketing of pork within its boundaries. (The Court did NOT say that this is simply the will of the local electorate and then note that any consumer who wants to buy pork can go to any Christian-majority town in Israel and buy it freely.)

    The Court was NOT protecting consumer choice but instead acting as judicial tyrants in imposing its own radical-secularist worldview on the country!

    In other words, business as usual at the Court..

    2. If you read yesterday's incitement, you will no doubt find this of interest. Yesterday we reported on how the new cabinet minister for minority affairs, Druse Leftist Salah Tarif, was interviewed two months back on PLO TV and called for the intifada to continue, for the Arabs to liberate Jerusalem from the Jews, and denounced the pollution of the Temple Mount caused by Sharon's stroll there.

    Well, now the Labor Party coalition partners of Sharon are demanding that as part of his new gig, Tarif be granted control of the Israel Broadcasting Authority, the parent of Israel's Channel One, Channel Three, and most radio stations.

    Where Tarif can continue to speak about the Jews as pollution. Then again, if he were granted control of the stations, I guess little would really change there..

    3. Speaking of constitutional rights, while celebrating the "freedom of occupation and profession", one might expect our lefties also to have something nice to say about consumer freedom. The right of consumers to choose. Their right to select imports that bypass the cartels. Their right to select the taxi driver and bus carrier of their choice. Their right to fly with whom they choose. (Everyone has been livid over the decision by American Airlines to stop flying to Tel Aviv, but I personally suspect the Israel Ministry of Transportation is behind it. The Ministry tries to dissuade all foreign carriers from entering Israel to protect El Al's turf.)

    So you will not be surprised to hear that Haaretz columnist Shahar Ilan today (MAr 12, 01) lashes out at those primitive ultra-Orthodox haredim who refuse to buy magazines and weeklies that criticize their favorites Rabbis. Such Neanderthal primitives!

    4. You might want to send a cyber Mazal Tov to Yoram Hazony at For years he has been battling almost alone against the introduction of anti-Zionist "New History" brainwashing into the curriculum of Israeli schools. He has been savagely bludgeoned for this by the Left and its captive media, and Haaretz ran for months a mud-slinging campaign against him.

    Now, not only has the new Minister of Education Limor Livnat declared that purging the curriculum of such propaganda will be her FIRST priority, but an independent commission of inquiry set up by the LAST Minister of Education under Barak and staffed with professors of history having NO association with Israel's Right has come out and denounced the "History Textbook" Hazony was most critical of: World of Changes", whose chief editor was Hebrew University propagandist and far-left Post-Zionist Israel Bartel. The commission denounced the book as bereft of coverage of major historic events, and as being shallow propaganda and as historic "revisionism" (which is a nice word for lies).

    But of course, the replacement of pro-PLO propaganda in the schools with history texts will be denounced by the Left as indoctrination and brainwashing by the Sharon government.

    Here's a thought. The Likud has never been very interested in school choice and vouchers, but is not this conflict over texts the perfect trigger for introducing school choice in Israel? Parents who want their kids to learn the poetry of the PLO's Darwish, who wish to learn the Benny Morris version of history, who wish their kids to learn about homosexual techniques in bed and the latest feminizt theory, can choose appropriate schools (those teaching with the materials introduced by the Barak government). Those who wish their kids to learn a bit about Judaism can choose THOSE schools. And everyone will be happy!!

Return of the T word
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

27 Feb 2001

    Ever since the Rabin assassination the leftist McCarthyists from the Israeli Labor Party have argued that referring to someone as a "traitor" constitutes criminal incitement. After all, we ALL know that Rabin's death was caused by the exercise of freedom of speech by anti-Oslo dissidents and that, among these, a few hotheads did in fact scream "Rabin is a Traitor", and clearly THAT caused the murder. Using the Talmudic principle of "kal v'chomer", the McCarthyists then concluded that any criticism whatsoever of leftists constitutes criminal incitement and a clear and present danger of violence and so people guilty of such incitement have been prosecuted and investigated ever since, even Rabbis.

    And especially anyone using the "T" word.

    Well, imagine my surprise when I flip on the evening news last night, devoted entirely to the Labor Party convocation, and here I see the unwashed masses of Labor Party cadres are standing and screaming at Haim Ramon "Traitor Traitor". You see, the Peres camp is re-imposing its hegemony on Israel's Labor Party and the Peres camp is unhappy with some of its competitors from the anti-Peres camp, including Shlomo Ben-Ami, but especially Haim Ramon. The venom was chin deep in the Labor Party Kremlin, with Red Haim (Ramon) demanding that those screaming the "T" word at him clarify which illegal "amuta" or "soft money campaign organization" was paying them. (Barak won the 1999 election making liberal use of these.)

    Meanwhile I think the Attorney General should order the mass arrests of all those who were present at the Labor Party assembly when the "T" word was used..

SUPREME INJUSTICE Israel's Anti-Democratic Supreme Court
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

22 Feb 2001

    Of all of the anti-democratic institutions operating in Israeli society, on of the most dangerous and most harmful is the Israeli Supreme Court. The Court is dominated by "judicial activists" who believe that non-elected justices have the right to trump and veto the decisions of the elected representatives of the people. They also believe they have the right to invent new rights and laws that the Knesset is unwilling to legislate thanks to the superior enlightenment and sensitivity of the Court justices. In one of the most absurd applications of this "activism", the Court last year declared it illegal for Israeli parents to spank their children, whatever the reason or provocation, despite the total absence of any law on the books hinting at such a prohibition. We are not talking about violent child abuse by a parent but about a spank on the tush when junior floods the basement or batters his younger brother. By Supreme Court logic, no doubt the Book of Proverbs, with its comment about sparing the rod, should be banned. If the justices had their way, they would also tell Israelis what time to go to sleep and what to eat for breakfast.

    Even worse, the Court has long played an active and central role in the "Democracy for Leftists Only" movement. The Court has never once interfered with the McCarthyism of the Israeli Left nor its assault on free speech and expression. It has never once voiced a concern about the police and prosecutorial persecution of non-Leftists, including Rabbis, for expressing their opinions. The Court has created a dual judicial system for all intents and purposes, one for Leftists and one for everyone else. When offered a choice between upholding the rule of one law for all or of promoting fashionable leftist causes, the Court usually goes with the latter.

    Israeli judges are not elected, but are selected by a commission consisting mainly of other judges. There is no recall or impeachment procedure.

    Which is tragic, because no doubt the very best opportunity for recalling Supreme Court justices has now occurred. Yesterday the Court performed one of the very worst anti-democratic judicial atrocities in the history of the country when it turned down the appeal of Margolit Har-Sheffi and ordered her to start serving her prison sentence.

    Margolit Har-Sheffi is a victim of leftist McCarthyism in Israel. She was convicted of "failing to prevent a crime", when she failed to take seriously the boasting of Yigal Amir that he would murder Rabin. Har-Sheffi knew Amir from campus life and from political activism in the anti-Oslo movement. She may have dated him a few times. She dismissed his threat to kill Rabin as empty bravado, as did everyone else who heard it.

    Ordinarily, no one is EVER convicted in Israel of "failure to stop a crime". The only time the charge is ever used is as an add-on for other charges to raise the sentencing for criminals indicted for other crimes, and even then it is used almost exclusively against terrorists who did not actually plant the bomb or pull the trigger. No one has ever been convicted of "failing to stop a crime" by itself. Until Har-Sheffi.

    It is quite obvious that Har-Sheffi is being forced to play the role of scapegoat by a Leftist Establishment still anxious to pin the tail of the Rabin killing to a Rightist donkey. In fact, Har-Sheffi is far less guilty of "failure to prevent a crime" than are the heads of the Israeli General Security Services (Shin Bet) and their agent Avishai Raviv. Raviv was actually running as a mole the far-Right political group to which the assassin Amir belonged. Raviv heard the same threats as Har-Sheffi. He not only failed to pull Amir's plug, but he even egged him on to "show his manhead" through killing Rabin. Neither Raviv nor the GSS chiefs running him have been convicted of "failing to stop a crime" (and for the record, I do not think they SHOULD be charged with this either), nor have the incompetent bodyguards who failed to prevent Amir getting within shooting distance of Rabin. All of this is the same double standard and anti-democratic hypocrisy that put a Russian Jewish immigrant woman in prison for making a derogatory poster of the Prophet Mohammed but has never taken any action at all against the Israeli Arab political leaders who daily call openly for violence against Jews and sometimes engage in it themselves.

    And while we are on the subject of "failure to prevent a crime", if Har-Sheffi is "guilty" of this, then how much more so are the political leaders of Israel, from the Labor Party, Meretz, and the Likud. All of these failed to prevent the murders of nearly 600 Israelis, when they failed to stop Oslo. They failed to keep the murderers out of Israel, they failed to prevent the arming of the PLO, they failed to put the PLO areas under siege. At most they closed down the entrance points into Israel after each murder for a day or two and then re-opened them for the murderers to come waltzing through.

    Har-Sheffi was sentenced to two years in prison plus parole, and with good behavior is expected to sit for 9 months. While her appeal was pending, Ehud Barak in one of his last vindictive acts before facing his Waterloo had her sacked from her job as a teacher (in his capacity as acting Minister of Education).

    I could make my peace with this sentence, as no doubt could Har-Sheffi herself, if the perpetrators of the Oslo "peace process" were sentenced to far longer sentences for THEIR failure to prevent hundreds of crimes. And for their assault against free speech and equal treatment before the law.

    As for the anti-democratic justices sitting on Israel's Supreme Court, I would not rule out a good spanking.

    2. Quick! Name the only democratic country on earth in which Jews are prevented from competing for a wide range of civil service positions.

    Yes, that country is Israel!

    You see, in the name of "affirmative action", the Barak junta introduced rules that prevent Jews from competing for many such jobs. And no I do not mean things like Mosque preacher or official for church affairs. I mean things like physicians and lawyers, and even economists, engineers and geologists. The civil service officials are publishing ads this week for people to fill a wide range of these positions and these ads make it very clear that No Jews Nor Dogs Need Apply!! (Haaretz Feb 22, 01)

    Oh and NO the Supreme Court did not have anything to say about this anti-Jewish discrimination.

    3. There are plans afoot to build a $70 million "Center for Tolerance" in downtown Jerusalem. With fancy complex designed by architecture superstar Frank Gehry.

    Only problem is, the Israeli Left led by Haaretz is having one of its Bad Hair Days. It is upset you see. The Center for Tolerance, with museums and courts and theaters, will be constructed on lands that some Arabs claim once belonged to THEM. (And to whom did they belong before that?) And so it is unbecoming to have a Center for Tolerance constructed on the injustice of using lands some Arabs claim as theirs. Much better to exhibit tolerance by turning the lands over to these same Arabs so that the PLO can place mortars and katyushas there.

The Radical Secularism of Tel Aviv University
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

21 Feb 2001

    Tel Aviv University is home to such luminaries as Asa Kasher and Stalinist Professor Shlomo Zand and a host of "New Historians". It also has long been home to Orthodox-baiting and radical secularist Philistinism. When a Swiss philanthropist offered money to the university to construct a campus synagogue, the campus filled with protests by leftist students and professors demanding that no such "pollution" be introduced into the secularist campus.

    Now when I was a grad student at Princeton, my office was literally in the shadow of a gorgeous gothic-style campus cathedral and I never once felt offended by its presence there. The Gush Don Cossacks however insisted that campus secularists would feel "violated" by such a campus synagogue and demanded that the cash be thrown back in the face of the philanthropist.

    When religious women students at Tel Aviv University asked to be allowed to use a campus classroom to conduct religious studies (no credits, only voluntary), they were turned down. The radical secularists want to keep the campus "pure" and secular with no hint of religion. Unless of course we are talking about Moslem students. Several Israeli universities, including Tel Aviv U, are now proposing to establish Moslem "prayer rooms" on their campuses. Never mind that Moslems only pray in groups on Fridays and Israeli universities are virtually shut down on Fridays.

    All of which brings me to the fascinating tale of Dr. Gabriel Handler. He teaches Operations Research (a form of math) at Tel Aviv University. Born in Britain, and holding a PhD from MIT, Dr. Handler has upset campus authorities. According to an interview with him in the Lubavich weekly "Sichat Hashavua", Dr. Handler requested to be allowed to use a classroom on campus in which voluntary and non-credited lectures on Judaism would be offered by him to any students interested. The campus authorities turned him down and he had to hold the talks in his own office instead, underground fashion. Apparently drugs may be supplied on campus more openly than lessons in religion. Of course had he wanted to give lectures to Arab students on why Israel must be destroyed and why PLO terror is justified, now THAT would have been proper free speech and open campus discourse..

The True Tale of the Arrest of Ralph Kronenthal
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

7 Feb 2001

    Some of us, at times, think it hilariously funny that Israel's democracy and even its judicial instruments can go haywire. Well, Ralph Kronenthal isn't laughing. He's astonished.

    On Sunday, February 4 this year, he was detained by the police and asked, in an understatement more typical of the British, to aid the police in their inquiries. It seems that he was accused by a citizen named Suissa - no other detail was provided him - of shouting at a traffic junction near Kfar Saba that Ehud Barak deserved to be killed.

    This supposed major violation of Israel's criminal code was done, so says Suissa, on November 4, 2000. And Suissa even has a picture of Kronenthal standing at the junction. Kronenthal was there, as he is every week, demonstrating against Ehud Barak's policies. But, he claims, he never uttered those words.

    He immigrated over 30 years ago from the United States and is well versed in civilian rights as well as holding a deep belief in non-violent protest. He publishes an economic bulletin, Israel Business Today and only recently became involved in political activity.

    But let's get back to the police station. Kronenthal is confronted by the complainer, Mr. Suissa. Kronenthal denies and Suissa says he did incite to murder. The police decide this is a serious matter, lock him up in handcuffs and leg irons and place him in a vehicle for an appearance before a judge to extend his arrest period. But just before setting off, an officer decides that the chains and cuffs are a bit too much. After all, Kronenthal is no spring chicken.

    The judge, Mrs. Galit Zeigler, is addressed by Police Sergeant Nechama Rabiya. She requests house arrest to enable the police time to draw up a charge sheet. According to the minutes of the court session, Document M - 6089/01 in my possession, the judge is unconvinced but, in the interest of protecting the Prime Minister and placating the police, who have done such an excellent job, she decides that he is to be released in his own cognizance, dependent on 15,000 NIS self bond and 7,500 NIS third party bond. Furthermore, Kronenthal is to avoid any demonstrations related to the elections, at junctions or any other location, for the next 15 days.

    Ralph Kronenthal believes that the police will indeed bring charges against him. He's taking things quite seriously now.

One Last Act of McCarthyism
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

6 Feb 2001

   In the very last act of McCarthyism just before Little Napoleon is thrown out of office, Barak's politicized court system convicted one Daniel Hazan, age 46, of sending an angry letter to Shimon Peres and writing to him that "You are a murderer and deserve the death penalty." The author of the letter was sentenced to pay 5000 NIS in fine.

    You see, he went beyond the limits of free speech in Israel. Now had he said that Ariel Sharon is a murderer, THAT would have been free speech, clearly protected under the Labor Party First Amendment. Had he been an Arab and marched about shouting "Murder All Jews" of "In Fire and Blood will We Redeem Palestine", now THAT would have been free speech. Of course if a Jewish hothead shouts "Death to Arabs" after a terrorist bombing, that would also be prohibited speech; for proof see Prof. Shlomo Avineri's Op-Ed in Haaretz from Feb 5, 01.

    Is that clear now?

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

6 Feb 2001

    Speaking of free speech, Amos Oz, one of the leaders of Israel's Literary Left, is cited in Globes Feb 6, 01 as saying that anyone who does not vote for Barak is a traitor, mentioning in particular leftists who abstain from voting. Yep, he used the "T" word. But this is odd because, ordinarily, saying people are traitors in Israel (at least when referring to Leftists) would be regarded as a clear and present danger of violence and criminal incitement deserving of prosecution and incarceration, or at least a good stiff fine.

    Many of the other Literary Reds are also using the last hours of Oslo to call on Israeli Arabs to come to the ballot booth to help maintain Israel's path of self-destruction, including David "Yellow Wind in his Shorts" Grossman. These of course are the fellas who were starting to show some tiny signs of encephalic activity the past few weeks, and raised objections to NeBARAKnezzar's plans to destroy Jerusalem.

    3. Yesterday, just before he had a chance to vote, 23 year old Israeli soldier Roja Salame was murdered by the PLO. He was checking out the illegal North-Vietnamese-style tunnels the PLO has from the Gaza Strip into Egypt, through which the PLO daily smuggles anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles while Barak closes his eyes. A PLO sniper spotted him and murdered him.

    There would be nothing very unusual about this in the Israel of post-survivalist Oslo, except for one thing. Salame was neither a Jew, a Druse, a Circassian nor a Bedouin. Those are the folks ordinarily serving in the Israeli military. He was an Israeli Christian Arab from the Galilee. He had volunteered to serve his country in the military.

    For ages we have been hearing all the whining from the Israeli Left as to how Israeli Arabs are "discriminated against" because they are not conscripted into the military and then are denied veteran's benefits. Salame is proof that nothing stops an Arab from volunteering to serve his country. He was one of many exceptions to the rule of Oslo-produced Nazification of Israeli Arabs. And he is just the latest victim of Israeli mega-stupidity and - ironically - of Arab hatred of the Jews.

Silencing Victims of Arab Terror
The following is an excerpt of a piece written
by Dr. Eugene Narrett (1/30/01) about how Barak's
Government has been Silencing the Victims
of Arab Terror

    In October 2000, the Rosh Hashana Arab assault on Israel was accelerating. Joseph's Tomb had been besieged October 04, and destroyed, Rabbi Hillel Lieberman murdered while trying to rescue holy books (10-07). Then Arabs attacked his funeral procession. Tanzim-Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti stated publicly that "the blessed intifada will continue at full scale" (2). Arafat and Saddam Hussein paid bounties to families who sent their children to riot (3). Arabs in the Galilee repeatedly assaulted their Israeli neighbors. Jews were torn to pieces by a mob in Ramallah. Three dozen hikers on Mt. Ebal were ambushed, and Rabbi Benjamin Herling, a holocaust survivor was murdered (10-19). Barak minimized and delayed rescue efforts, then he and his Central Region Commander, Isaac Eitan joined "Peace Now" in blaming the hikers (4) even as he continued to transfer 40 million shekels a month to the Palestinians. A prominent American columnist described Barak as "perhaps the most calamitous leader any democracy has had. He risks forfeiting his nation's very exchange for Arafat's promise, which is akin to Hitler's promise at Munich" (5).

    The day this assessment appeared, a hundred Arabs wielding axes, clubs and saws approached the Samarian hilltop settlement of Itamar. Mrs. Yael Tenne has described what happened in detail. The aftermath, overseen by Israeli police has been worse than the original standoff with the mob (6).

    Alerted by a passing motorist, Mrs. Tenne's brother, Yaron Dagani grabbed a rifle and headed up the hill where he encountered the Arabs. He told them to disperse and they screamed, "slaughter the Jews." Dagani fired a few rounds in the air to summon help, then one shot toward the crowd. Gaddi Tenne, praying in synagogue, heard the shots and ran to the site. When soldiers and police finally arrived, the Arabs clamored that Tenne was a "murderer" though no body was produced or any wounded seen. The police, servants of Justice Minister, Yossi Beilin, driving force behind Oslo and enabler of the gutting of the Temple Mount, arrested Dagani and Tenne.

    Within two days Gabril Rajoub, Chief of "Preventive Security for the West Bank," demanded a death sentence for Tenne and Dagan. The Beilin-Barak government, acting as if Rajoub and his Jew-killers are their gods, is pressing charges, breaking their families financially. Yael Tenne writes, "our crime is that our husbands defended our settlement from an Arab mob." Heroes become criminals; the criminals become plaintifs backed by the government whose nation they seek to destroy.

    Similar events occurred that same day at the Samarian settlement of Eli. Alon Zargani, waiting at a bus stop, was run over, murdered by an Arab driver. The sole witness, Alex Garbash, called an ambulance and the police, and described "a deliberate attack." But Beilin's police force wanted to report it as "a traffic accident," to preserve the 'peace process.' When Garbash persisted in giving his evidence, the police arrested him for stoning the Arab car and causing it to run over Zargani.

    "These charges are totally baseless," his wife wrote. "There was no sign of damage to the vehicle, now were stones found in the road. The attacking driver [says] he does 'not remember anything.'" Nevertheless, and to further "the peace," not only Zargani but Moshe Attia who had driven him to the bus stop were charged with manslaughter of the friend whose murder they reported (7).

    Taina Garbash recognizes that "this is a political indictment meant to silence those who speak truth contrary to state policy. This method of silencing individuals was suited to the Soviet Union of the 1970s, not to a country that presumes to be democratic and free." Much less should it occur upon the Land covenanted as the eternal inheritance of the Children of Israel and intended even by the secular left, originally, to be protect Jews from violence. The crowning depravity in this case is the opinion of the judge. "Possibly, when the land will be at rest, it would be appropriate to reconsider" detaining the two Jews, he said. But Mrs. Garbash notes, "whether the land will be at rest or not is dependent upon Arafat." Abandoning his primary duty of maintaining public order, Barak has thus created a situation where "our family's fate depends upon the goodwill of the 'president' from Gaza" (Ibid).

    The habit of Israeli governments to blame and prosecute Jewish victims of Arab violence gains force via the Secret Service (GSS) and police that have entrapped, summarily arrested and in several cases, physically tortured innocent Israeli soldiers and civilians (8). This is part of a policy to vilify the settlers in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The media then uses official briefings about "rightwing extremists" to editorially justify abandoning the settlers to Arab assault and flight from their homes.

    This policy was escalated by former GSS Chief Carmi Gillon and his deputy Eli Barak, "a lunatic who runs the Shabak's Jewish Department," as one agent described him (9). Gillon's Master's Thesis claimed that "the criminal ideology of the extreme right [settlers and their supporters] is a threat to Israeli democracy" (10). The extra-judicial and punitive harassment of settlers (at its worst in Hebron, as internal police documents showed) attempts to distract the public from the collapse of support for Oslo, the Labor Party and its decades-long project of alienating the heartland of Israel and its holy sites.

    The ordeal of officer Edri shows how Beilin's police seek to break the Garbash and Tenne families and all the settlers until they give the danger and persecution drive them out. After weeks of torture, five months of incarceration and a trial, Edri was cleared of all charges. Instead of redress for his physical and emotional suffering he was left with a legal bill of $60,000 (11).

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9. Barry Chamish, the Last Days of Zion (Zionist Book Club, 2000) has the most complete background, 37-9, 57-117, 144-9.
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Received from Steve Plaut but probably not authored by him
28 Jan 2001

    A law suit was filed in the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court today against the Golan-Globus Company over its refusal to screen a political ad in its movie theatres. In the legal complaint brought by the activist group Shalom Le'Dorot it is alleged that Israel's largest theatre chain pulled the short film, which harshly criticized the Oslo Accords and terrorist leader Yassir Arafat, after its president Yoram Globus viewed the ad and found it personally against his own political views.

    Initially, Shalom Le'Dorot entered into an agreement to have its film shown in 260 theatres across Israel in the weeks leading up to the February 6th, national elections. However, when the theatres owned by the Golan-Globus chain received the film they notified Shalom Le'Dorot of their refusal to screen it. Letters from lawyers for the group went unanswered by the theatre chain.

    Today's lawsuit claims that the Golan-Globus company, which owns over 110 theatres, controls such a large share of the market that they virtually constitute a monopoly in the Israeli movie industry. Moreover, their refusal to project the film piece is an unfair restriction on political speech at a time when Israelis are going to the polls in the most decisive election in the State's history. Shalom Le'Dorot charges that the company is allowing its own political views to dictate what hundred of thousands of Israeli theatre goers will see and hear.

    Israeli born Yoram Globus, along with his cousin Menachem Golan, traveled to the United States in the 1970s and formed the Cannon Group which became a major Hollywood film production company. The pair produced numerous blockbuster hit films before breaking up the company in 1986. Their jointly owned Israeli theatre chain has managed to successfully control a majority of Israel's movie theatres.

    The attorney for the plaintiffs, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, has said that she: "anticipates that the company will contact her to try and work out an agreement about screening the film. After all, what theatre chain wants to publicly be condemned of censuring a film piece right before an election?"

    FOR MORE INFORMATION: Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner 053-513953


Sarid's Petition to Prevent Arrest of Meretz Activist
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

26 Jan 2001

More Meretz Party First Amendment:  A Meretz activist yesterday screamed "Murderer" at Ariel Sharon.  She was arrested, despite Meretz Chief Yossi Sarid intervening with the cops to prevent her from being busted.  The cops arrested her anyway, later releasing her.   Sarid insists she was only expressing her opinion, protected speech.  This is the same Sarid who petitioned the Attorney General to arrest Rabbi Ovadia this week after he recommended that people not vote for Barak.

Sarid's Petition to Jail a Rabbi
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

25 Jan 2001

    One of our predictions in this corner was that the closer Barak and the Left come to losing the election, the more aggressively they will escalate the McCarthyist assault on freedom of speech.

    Well, the head of Meretz, Yossi "Call Me Ishmael" Sarid, has just filed petition with the authorities (again) to prosecute Rabbi Ovadia Yosef for "criminal incitement". The same Rabbi already under investigation for calling Sarid a Pharaoh. The grounds this time for Sarid's petition? Rabbi Ovadia suggested that people not vote for Barak. That is "clear incitement to violence", you see. Actually what the Rabbi said was that in the elections "Barak would fall and not arise again." So by the Meretz First Amendment, the Rabbi should be jailed.

    Yediot reports that the CEO of Israeli state-owned radio is complaining that the Smurfette of the Labor Party, Dalia Itzik (Ministress of Communications), is pressuring the radio staff to dictate the contents of radio broadcasts. For example, when the radio news broadcast Barak's latest idea for destroying Israel, namely the transfer of the Western Wall to the PLO's control, the McCarthyist Smurfette had a little blue conniption against the radio staff.

    There are of course cases of free speech under Labor Party McCarthyism. The Arab Stalinist-Fascist Knesset Member Muhammed Baraka has been screaming that Ariel Sharon is a "war criminal whose hands are drenched in blood". Protected speech.

    Then there is the cute new official doctrine of "free speech" by the Attorney General. You may recall that a few weeks back, before the son of Kach/JDL's Kahane was murdered, the same junior Kahane was convicted of "incitement" the very same day that an Arab journalist who had praised the killings of Jews by the intifada stormtroopers was acquited. The Attorney General's new explanation is that it is illegal to call for violence to occur (Kahane, for suggesting that the Israeli government adopt a policy of bombing Israeli Arab strongholds of Islamist terrorism), but it is legal to praise acts of violence that have already occurred (the Arab journalist in question).

    Got that?

    The reason this is deliciously comic is that it forced the Attorney General to release from prison Joel Lerner. Lerner is a Far-Right extremist best known for pouring hot tea on Yael Dayan (leftist Knesset Member from Labor) to see if she would melt. He was doing time for putting out a book praising Baruch Goldstein, the US-born "settler" who murdered a group of Moslems in a Mosque in Hebron in 1994. But Lerner was just praising acts of violence that already took place, so the Attorney General had to release him under his own new rules.

    Now it is also of course prohibited in Israel to call any politician from the Left a "traitor", because under the McCarthyist Labor Party First Amendment, yelling "traitor" caused the assassination of Rabin. Ever since, anyone suggesting that a Leftist is a traitor is regarded as constituting a clear and present immediate danger of violence.

    All of which is why Ehud Barak must be immediately arrested for incitement. How come? Because Ehud Barak has just called Ehud Barak a traitor.

    Really. Huh?

    Barak gave a speech yesterday in which he claimed that anyone trying to give away control of the Temple Mount to the Arabs is a traitor (Haaretz Jan 25, front page). Now since the whole world knows that Ehud Barak is trying to give away control of the Temple Mount to the PLO, Barak is in effect calling Barak a traitor. Which means he is engaging in criminal incitement to violence.

    Call a Cop!!!

His Opinions Frighten Me!
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

22 Jan 2001

   The Supreme Court of Mister Judicial Activism, Chief Justice Aharon Barak continues to try to act as the real government of Israel. Better that non-elected judges who are sensitive reign in the place of elected legislators, you see. This week it is hauling the army into court to demand that it explain before the Court why it has assassinated some terrorists who were merely involved in murdering Jews and firing into Jerusalem. Ah, but here is a case no doubt the Supreme Court will NOT be interested in hearing. Seems an Orthodox soldier stationed in Hebron was kicked out of his unit because he expressed politically incorrect opinions to his fellow soldiers. (Haaretz Jan 21) His commander stated, "His opinions frighten me."

    My guess is the soldier said he was not sure that Oslo would work.

So Come Get Me!!
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

7 Jan 2001

    One of the repeated predictions in these quarters has been that the Israeli Labor Party would react to its sagging in the polls by assaulting freedom of speech in Israel and by trying to criminalize its political opponents. After all, the Labor Party is a fundamentally anti-democratic party. Its indifference to the rules of democracy were apparent in the McCarthyist assault on freedom of speech in Israel after the Rabin assassination, and the attribution by the Labor Party propaganda machine of that assassination to the exercise of free speech. It is apparent in the weekly petitions by the Labor Party's chief McCarthyists to the judicial system to indict everyone with whom they disagree. It is apparent in the willingness of the Labor Party junta of General Barak to pursue a treaty of capitulation and national suicide with a 22% support rating in the polls and with no Knesset support and an election weeks away. It is apparent in the Third-World dirigiste kleptocracy Labor has always practiced as economic policy, and in the trade-union crime and terrorism it has practiced through the Histadrut.

    I also predicted that the Leftist McCarthyists would not be content with mere persecution of "extremists" like the Kahanists. (As you know, Bill Clinton just helped out his buddy Barak by ordering the FBI to raid the offices in Brooklyn of the "terrorist" organization of followers of Meir and Benjamin Kahane.) Not content with going after such "extremists", the Labor junta is now targeting mere protesters against its policies, in a desperate attempt to discredit the anti-Oslo opposition.

    Friends, it is now official. Yesterday the Israeli Labor Party junta filed a petition with the Ministry of Justice's registrar of non-profit organizations to ban the "Women in Green", the valiant anti-Oslo protest organization. The reason? Can't you guess by yourself? "Criminal incitement" of course. Incitement and "sedition" against Ehud Barak, in the words of the petition. On what grounds? The "Women in Green" had put up stickers and banners that read "Indict The Oslo Criminals" and "Barak is Tearing out our Heart" (referring to Jerusalem), and this was obviously a clear and open call for violence. The initiator of the petition? Ophir Pines, the number one Labor junta McCarthyist, of course.

    Since the Labor Party junta wishes to indict everyone with whom it disagrees, and since it has defined "incitement" as the saying of something with which Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres disagree, let us get this over with.


    Ok, guys, come and arrest me!

Metastatizing McCarthyism
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

5 Jan 2001

    One the strange aspects of Israeli anti-democratic McCarthyism is how it seems to metastasize, even to the bastion of free speech itself - the United States. First, Israeli McCarthyists declare the Kahanist organizations, Kach and Kahane Chai, to be "terrorist organizations", unlike the PLO which is in fact a peace movement. Then Israel convinces the Yanks to add the JDL and the Kahanists to THEIR list of terrorists. Then, while the Kahanists are still sitting shiva for the son of Meir Kahane who was murdered along with his wife this week, the FBI decides to raid the Kahanist offices in Brooklyn, no doubt at Israel's instigation, to "suppress terrorism", while leaving alone the Nation of Is-Slum headquarters there. In fact, all of these actions are merely designed to enforce the Israeli leftist assault on the free speech of non-leftists, with the Clinton administration well in step. The only "terrorism" of the Kahanists is that they expressed opinions with which you may or may not agree.

    So if Kahanist opinions are "terrorism" and criminalized, subject to raids by the FBI and the Israeli police, then what is free speech? The answer? Ads that show piles of corpses at Sabra and Shatilla with the caption "This is the doing of Ariel Sharon". Such election ads have been running in the Israeli Arab press, placed by the Labor Party Kremlin. When the Hebrew press learned of this, Ehud Barak "apologized" for the ads.

    Want another example of prohibited incitement and undemocratic criminal abuse through speech? Well, remember the famous photo of the paratroopers who liberated the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967, reached the Western Wall, and - despite most of them never having been inside a synagogue - breaking into tears? Well, there is now a petition to the courts from the Shinui party of Israeli Orthodox-bashing Klansters, demanding THAT THIS PHOTO be prohibited. Should not be used in political posters, lest it cause Israelis to think that Jerusalem should remain under Israeli control and that turning it over to the PLO Reichlet might not be a good idea.

    Really. (Haaretz Jan 5, 01)

New Attacks on Free Speech
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

29 Dec 2000

    As predicted in these corners, the strategy of the Labor Party to push through its program of Anshluss in Jerusalem will be through attacking free speech in Israel. The Labor Party at the head of the Israeli Left has long argued that only leftist opinions should be allowed to be expressed in post-democratic Israel.

    The number two McCarthyist in the Israeli Labor Party junta is of course Dalia Izhik, the multiracial smurfette of the Israeli Left. (Number one is Ofir Pines). She just launched the official Labor Party First Amendment festival by demanding that Rabbis criticizing the plan by Barak and his junta to agree to Clinton's proposed Anshluss should not only be silenced but imprisoned. Itzik is of course pulling out that old McCarthyist favorite in Israel from her little blue head, the claim that Rabin's assassination was caused by the exercise of free speech in Israel. People should be prohibited from criticizing the Left because such criticism causes assassination, squeaks the smurfette.

    In particular, the targets of her little blue McCarthyism are Rabbis.

    Many Rabbis are not happy with the idea of turning the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount over to PLO fascists, as Clinton demands. And Barak has already said "it will be hard to say no to Clinton if Arafat says yes." Hard? Watch! Read my lips. NNNNNNNNooooooooooooooo!! Just say No!! What part of NO don't you understand Ehud?

    But Itzik and her fellow lefty smurfs plan to prevent such people from stopping the Anshluss, by demanding they be imprisoned for "criminal incitement".

Bolshies on the Warpath
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

27 Dec 2000

    The Labor Party bolshevik machinery is gearing up for action. No one even knows yet the full extent of the appeasements to which Ehud NeBARAKnezzar has agreed, yet here we already have large ads in the press by Peace Now (and War Next Year) endorsing the abandonment of Jerusalem to the PLO fascists. Labor Party apparatchiks and captive generalissimos are appearing every hour on TV and radio to explain how Israel has not really been in control of East Jerusalem since 1967 anyway, and so giving it up to PLO rule will not make any serious difference.

    Ah, but perhaps the most significant tool in the bag of Labor Party slime is an escalation in the assault on free speech in Israel. Labor Party McCarthyism is about to escalate with a vengeance.

    The immediate target of Labor bolshevism is General Efi Eitam. Eitam is one of the most interesting people in Israel. Raised on a kibbutz, he became Orthodox and a career officer, rising to the rank of Brigadier General. It is generally agreed that had he not become Orthodox he would have been a clear contender for the Chief of Staff of the IDF. The current Chief of Staff has made no secret of his intentions to block Eitam's career and prevent him from moving to even higher rank. Can't have any of those non-Leftist Orthodox running around the IDF headquarters can we?

    Given the campaign against him, Eitam has decided to leave the army and is commonly regarded as contender for party head of the National Religious Party, someone who might extract it from mothballs and light a fire under it.

    In the past week or so, Eitam - who is still in uniform - has been speaking his mind more freely and with less fear of retaliation (since he is leaving anyway). And this has upset the leftist machine. In particular, Eitam said "The government must NOT turn Jerusalem over to that murderer Arafat."

    This statement has caused Israel's Lemming Left to soil itself with anger. First, how dare Eitam criticize the government for its pursuing the leftist agenda? It is not exactly like he was joining all those other generals and Shin Bet officers urging Barak to make even MORE concessions to the Palestinians. THEY of course should enjoy protected free speech.

    But to call Arafat a murderer? In post-survivalist post-democratic Israel of Ehud Barak? Unthinkable. The Israeli leftist parties, including Meretz, the Arab Fascist-Stalinists, and parts of the Labor Party are openly demanding that Eitam be sacked at once, stripped of his position in the military, and even denied financial perqs he has earned.

    This assault on Eitam's right of free speech and expression is merely the first taste of things to come. Once Barak actually brings his Munich capitulation up for formal passage, get set for the bolshevik assault on free speech in its full vigor.

The Israeli Intifada Against
Direct Election of the Prime Minister
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter
30 Nov 2000

     Ever since Israel adopted direct election of its Prime Minister the legions of professional political hacks and permanent party unemployables have been trying to scrap it.  There are two things they do not like about this form of election, also known as democracy.  The main problem is that it takes power away from the smoky back rooms full of party hacks and transfers it to the man or woman whom the Israeli voters elect, something that arouses the fury of many of those party hacks who know THEY never have a chance of taking the party chairmanship or of being elected PM.  This opposition to empowering the Israeli voter cuts across party lines and the hacks in BOTH the Labor Party and Likud have been battling to restore the powers of the smoky back rooms.  The second reason for opposing democracy in the form of voting for the PM is that Israel's Left was unhappy about who was elected by this method first time round (Netanyahu) and obviously a voting system that does not produce the correct candidate should be scrapped.  Just ask Al Gore.

   Ever since Netanyahu was elected, the hacks have barnstormed the country, arguing with a straight face that there is not a nation on earth that allows mere voters to select directly their Prime Minister or Head of State.  Legions of conscripted academic hired guns have been goosestepped out to condemn direct election as a gross violation of basic democracy.

  Part of the problem is that direct election is blamed by these people for the growth of all the "third parties" (outside Labor and Likud) and the sharp drop in the strength of the Labor Party and Likud.   (For the record, my prediction is that in the next election, SHAS will emerge as Israel's largest party.)  Of course there is always the alternative possibility that Labor and Likud collapsed because the voters see them as parties of imbeciles and incompetents.  Labor prefers to have a system where its only real challenger is the Likud because the Likud can usually be counted on to help Labor get elected.   But with a dozen smaller parties competing, voters can easily cast a plague on both their houses.

    Some argue that the system encourages "vote splitting", where people can vote for a Prime Minister candidate from a large party and then vote for Knesset reps from some other party.  And the academic hired guns have been explaining that there is not a place on earth that allows people to split their vote and elect a Head of State from one party and a parliamentary rep from another.  In any case, the evidence that people would vote for the larger parties if prevented from such vote splitting is weak.  A Meretz voter will not switch to Labor because vote splitting is outlawed; he will still vote for Meretz knowing Meretz is an automatic member of any Labor Party coalition.

  23 of the Knesset members of Labor support eliminating the democratic election of the Prime Minister, 17 MKs from Likud, 4 from the defunct "Center Party", 3 from Meretz and most of the Arab Stalinist/Fascists.

Tamirian Democracy
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

27 Nov 2000

What is the second most dangerous development in Israel in the past decade? (The FIRST we all know is Oslo.)

I have been arguing for years that it is the assault on freedom of speech by Israel's Left. While there were glimmerings beforehand, the wave of anti-speech McCarthyism in Israel crescendoed after the assassination of Rabin. The official explanation for that assassination, now dogmatized by infinite repetition, is that Yigal Amir murdered Rabin because he was influenced by Israeli dissidents exercising their rights of free speech. Never mind that Amir himself denies any such thing.

Ever since, the Left has sought to suppress any form of free speech that MIGHT end up influencing people like Yigal Amir and MIGHT foment violence. That clear and present danger of course is all speech that consists of criticism and opposition to the Oslo policies of Israel's Left. Israel is the only "democracy" on earth where one may be prosecuted for expressing a political opinion which "Might" be misinterpreted by some fringe lunatic resulting "possibly" in that lunatic engaging in violence. And the scientific "proof" that anti-Oslo speech causes violence is that anti-Oslo dissidents first expressed themselves and then after that Yigal Amir shot Rabin. Of course Yigal Amir also shot Rabin AFTER listening to lectures at the law school he attended. How does anyone know that attending law school did not cause the crime?

"Incitement" has become the Official Israeli Synonym for expressing an opinion contrary to what the Israeli Left believes. People are routinely prosecuted and sometimes jailed for such "incitement", but only non-Leftist Jews. Arabs who call for random murder of Jews are merely exercising their democratic rights.

This past week, freedom of speech is once again in the news and being debated. The focus this time is Labor Party cabinet minister Yuli Tamir. Like many of the most extremist Laborites, she is also a member of the Tenured Reds. Prof. Tamir demonstrated her commitment to democracy two weeks back by calling for the sacking of a high school teacher who had criticized the Cult of Personality ceremonies being held at Israeli schools, designed to indoctrinate the children in "Rabin's Policies", policies currently resulting in murdered Jewish women and children every day. The teacher was subsequently sacked but then reinstated after the Labor Party was deluged in a maelstrom of protest from around the world.

Recently Moshe Feiglin got Yuli Tamir's she-goat. Feiglin was head of the ZO Artseinu movement which held anti-Oslo protests back when Rabin and Peres were Prime Ministers. In response, the McCarthyists had him prosecuted and convicted for "incitement and sedition". He did several months of unpaid community service as a sentence. Feiglin, who is currently an underdog contender for becoming party leader of the Likud, has long been demonized by the McCarthyist Left and blamed for causing the Rabin assassination because he dared to state that he disagrees with Rabin's polices.

Recently Feiglin had the effrontery to state on the radio, "People are being murdered every day because of people like Yuli Tamir." Feiglin and Tamir were both debating one another at the time on a show on the nominally-army radio station Galei Tzahal (actually just another state-run pop station). No sooner did Tamir dry her tears than she ran to the police and filed a petition to have Feiglin prosecuted for - you guessed it - "incitement". (Haaretz Nov 22)

Last evening Tamir was on the TV news explaining her behavior and the new Labor Party rules of free speech in post-democratic Israel, the rules under which she will demand you be prosecuted if you fail to comply. You see, under the Tamir rules of free speech, you are indeed allowed to say "I humbly disagree with the policies of our glorious Prime Minister Ehud Barak," and you are even allowed to say "I do not agree with all things the Labor Party promotes."

However, you are NOT allowed to say "Barak is a traitor," or "Peres is a Quisling" or even "Tamir is a dingbat." You see, all these things are criminal incitements.

In other words, you can express dissent ONLY if you express yourself with calm eloquence and civil speech. Never mind that the Israeli Left can use rhetoric that makes longshoremen or East LA gangbangers sound like choirboys and Israeli Arabs can make Der Sturmer sound tame.

The problem with this of course is that most humans are not professors (never mind that I could give you a long list of professors with the foulest of mouths) and do not formulate their arguments in calm, eloquent, academic jargon. They yell what is on their minds and call names and sometimes cuss.

To restrict free speech so that only such calm non-offensive words are used is for all intents and purposes to eliminate free speech altogether. Countries where people are prohibited from speaking angrily and offensively are totalitarian dictatorships.

2. Police yesterday stormed and shut down the Jerusalem offices of the extremist Kahanist KACH movement, run by the son of Meir Kahane of the JDL. Kach has been declared illegal in post-democratic Israel. The illegal Jerusalem offices of the PLO at Orient House are still open for business as usual. SO are all the offices of the many Arab nationalist, Islamist fundamentalist, and Fascist-Stalinist Arab parties in Israel.

3. There are plans afoot to set up in Israel a "Human Rights Authority". Such an initiative might be a great idea if there were any chance its mission would be to defend human rights. There is no such chance however. The idea to set it up comes from Yossi Beilin, currently Minister of Justice.

Would such an Authority defend people like the teacher fired at Tamir's injunction for expressing an opinion? How about protecting the rights of the Kahanists to express their opinions? How about defending Rabbi Ovadia from being persecuted for having called the head of Meretz a modern Pharaoh?

Not likely, grasshopper. Any such Authority will act to defend the rights of Arabs to proportional representation in all jobs and professions and university slots. It will defend the rights of Arabs to protest violently, to throw rocks at Jews, to block highways as "free expression". It will defend the due process rights of terrorists. It will struggle to get jailed terrorists released, such as those from Lebanon Israel is holding.

In short, it will defend every Arab human right, while trampling on Jewish human rights including that of Jews to stay alive and defend themselves.

4. Remember the days when the whole world, the Israeli press, the White House, etc. assured us that if Israel pursues Oslo it will be welcomed and accepted by the Arab states? Well, Israel pursued Oslo. It offered Assad the entire Golan plus swaths of pre-1967 Israel. Almost 100% of Palestinians are now living under the gentle rule of the PLO. Barak offered Arafat 95% of the "territories" plus chunks of pre-1967 Israel to "offset" the remaining 5%, plus offering to accept the "Right of Return", plus accepting an immediate Palestinian state.

In response, Arafat launched two months of atrocities and every Arab country that maintained a cold peace with Israel beforehand has cut off diplomatic ties (with Arafat cheering on the departing diplomats) and all are openly talking of preparing to provide armed support for the Palestinian "victims" of Israeli aggression.

And what is the lesson our fearless leaders have learned from this? That only more generous concessions can motivate the Arabs to seek peace.

5. Free speech is not only under assault by the Israeli Left but also by the White House. You see, the White House is upset at Israel's "White Book". The Israeli government has published a book listing many of the countless atrocities, acts of violence and violations of the Oslo accords by the Palestinian Authority. The White House and State Department are livid. How dare Israel? Can't Israel see that such provocation is an obstacle to peace? Like settlements? (Haaretz Nov 22)

6. A Molotov cocktail was tossed at a bus by Israeli Sudeten Arabs near Carmiel in the Galilee yesterday. Only two passengers were injured.

7. "Subliminal propaganda messages" were an issue in the US Presidential elections, which may not be over before Barak's government collapses. Gore was upset that in Bush's ads, there were little nasty subliminal blips being shot in mini-seconds to the subconscious minds of Americans. Now the Israeli Left - or at least Haaretz - has a new cause and it is the "subliminal propaganda messages" of Avshalom Kor. Dr. Kor is a TV and radio regular and has been for many years. He gives a little filler show called "A Moment of Hebrew", in which he discusses Hebrew linguistics and grammar and the etymology of words. If that sounds like the makings of a great tranquilizer, you have not seen Kor. He is a talented and funny guy who takes what should have been the most boring of materials and makes them into fascinating and enormously entertaining short filler mini-programs. Partly it is because the guy is so darned charming and likable. I mean, saying something nasty about him would be like badmouthing Will Rodgers or Oprah.

But the troglodyte PC TV critic at Far-Leftist anti-Zionist Haaretz, the daily infommercial for Israel's Far left, has gone where no leftist has gone before and targeted poor Avshalom. You see, in one of his grammar lessons last week he discussed the term "galgal" (wheel) and its sources and many uses. Kor likes to link grammar with explaining the origins of place names. He mentioned the Biblical town of Galgal.

Haaretz's critic, Rogal Alper, had a conniption. Galgal was near modern Jericho and so it MUST be the case that Kor was giving out sublimated underhanded messages based on Eretz Yisrael Hashlema and colonialist reoccupation of the liberated lands of the Palestinian Authority.

Really. (Haaretz Nov 22)

Now I suppose I should be above board with you and let you know that while you have been reading this incitement I have been playing with your heads and sending you subliminal messages that Haaretz columnists are the posterior patoots of Arabian horses.

8. Quotation of the Day: Barak spokesman Shlomo Ben-Ami: "This difficult incident ruins that feeling (of openess)...But still this trend (reduction of violence) has to be preserved. We have to think about the day after."

THIS DIFFICULT INCIDENT!!! Was the murder of two teachers and the mutilation of children, three from a single family.

Jews Do Not Have Free Speech in Israel
Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

27 Nov 2000

    Free speech suffered yet another setback today in post-democratic Israel. Two cases came before Israel's Supreme Court, which is increasingly a bastion of judicial activism and politically correct leftism.

    The Court heard two appeals by extremists convicted of that amorphous "crime" used in Israel to suppress free speech, "incitement and sedition". This was the "crime" for which the two leaders of the Zo Artseinu protest movement were earlier convicted for blocking a highway intersection. Never mind that students, Arabs, and others who block roads in protests are never indicted. It is also the catch-all crime for which assorted public and nonpublic figures are routinely interrogated in Israel, including Rabbi Ovadiah Yossef (for referring to the head of leftist Meretz as a modern Pharaoh). "Incitement" has become the bully club used by the Israeli Left and its captive judges and police to persecute nonleftist dissidents who express disagreement with the Left.

    In today's appeals, the first involved the son of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who currently heads one of those Kahanist factions that have been criminalized by the Israeli Left, banned under Israel's laws as a "terrorist" and "racist" organization at the same time that the PLO-front groups, the Arab Fascist-Stalinist parties, and the Islamist fundamentalists all operate legally and openly.

    What was junior Kahane's "crime"? Seems that Kahane the Younger had handed out leaflets expressing his personal opinion that it would be advisable for the Israeli military to bomb the Israeli Arab town of Umm al-Fahm, which is headquarters of the Islamist fundamentalists and the scene of frequent anti-Jewish violence. Kahane's call to bomb the town came after town residents had butchered three sleeping Israeli soldiers in a tent near the town. Kahane himself did not engage in any violence nor even call upon plain citizens to use violence but simply expressed an opinion, albeit one you might not agree with, regarding how the Israeli military should handle violence by Israeli Arabs. An earlier Supreme Court appeal in 1998 had acquited Kahane but under Israel one is not protect against double jeopardy and so the prosecution, led by Labor Party loyalist Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein, appealed it to the Supreme Court.

    In the second case, an Israeli Arab journalist named Muhammed Jabrian was indicted for publishing articles that praised the anti-Jewish violent acts of Arabs. His pieces literally included cheers of "Hoorah Hoorah" for Arabs who attack Jews. His articles also called for driving the Jews out of all of "Palestine". Jabrian had been convicted of incitement to violence and an earlier Supreme Court decision had upheld his conviction.

    The Supreme Court, which meets with panels of 3 justices in ordinary cases, met today with an expanded panel of seven justices to decide the two cases.

    The Israeli Supreme Court has made little efforts in the past few years to hide the fact that it is a partisan and politicized affiliate of Israel's Left. Here is the Court's decision from a few minutes ago:

From Jerusalem Post web site:

(11:05) Supreme Court convicts Kahane, acquits Jabarin

    The Supreme Court this morning voted five to two to convict Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane of incitement to rebellion.

    The son of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane was accused of distributing flyers in the last elections, calling on the IDF to bomb the town of Umm el-Fahm.

    The decision overturned a previous Supreme Court ruling.

    The court also reversed by four to three, another ruling, acquitting journalist Mohammed Jabarin of incitement.

    Jabrin published articles in the early 1990s extolling intifada stonethrowers.

Free Speech in Israel, May It Rest in Peace

The accepted wisdom and common explanation for events of the past two months are that they are the result of institutional discrimination and racism in Israel. From today's Court decisions, you can see how correct this assertion is. Only problem is that the institutional racism and discrimination in Israel is against Jews.

Israeli Police and The Freedom of Information Act

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

17 Nov 2000

     A few days back we reported that a police officer had revealed that when Netanyahu had been Prime Minister, the Israeli police - always pretty much an extension of the Israeli Labor Party - was bugging and listening in to chats on the phone between Bibi and his chief of staff in the PM's office, Avigdor Lieberman. The story was the scoop of Globes, Israel's business daily.

     Now that the story is leaked, the police are busy doing something in response and setting things right. They have hauled in the ex-police officer who leaked the story and gave him the Third Degree. Sweaty hot lights in the face and that sort of stuff.

     I mean, how DARE he tell the press what the police did. Never mind that Israel is supposed to have a new Freedom of Information Act in place, observed more in its violation than in its enforcement.

The Labor Party's Selective Assault on Free Speech

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

12 Nov 2000

Ever since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli Labor Party has assaulted the freedom of speech in Israel. Hardly a day goes by without someone in the Labor Party Kremlin demanding that a dissident who has expressed an unpopular opinion be persecuted, prosecuted, or indicted. The victims range everywhere from Rabbi Ovadia Yossef to the hapless school teacher, Israel Shiran, fired last week for writing a letter suggesting that schools stop indoctrinating children in the divinity of Rabin's political policies.

And in the past few years the main pitbull of the Labor Party in attacking free speech has been backbencher, Knesset Member Ofir Pines.

For many years, a special target of McCarthyism in Israel has been the splinter factions left over from the Kach movement of Rabbi Meir Kahane. This is the same Kahane who set up the Jewish Defense League in the US. He moved to Israel, set up a political movement, which was banned from running for the Knesset after he took two seats (out of 120), and later was murdered in New York by an Arab assassin.

The issue here of course in not whether or not one agrees with the political opinions of the assorted Kahanist splinters still existing but whether Israel is to be a democracy. In democracies, unpopular or extremist opinions are allowed to be expressed.

But the situation in Israel is far more absurd. In the name of suppressing "racism, extremism and terrorism", the Israeli government has criminalized the Kahanist groups and even put them on the same "list of terrorist organizations" to which the PLO no longer belongs. In Israel, the leaders of the various Arab Stalinist-Fascist political parties, including their Knesset Members, speak openly every day in favor of violence, in favor of terrorism, in favor of destroying Israel. They do so in the midst of war, while openly identifying with those waging war against Israel.

These same people sometimes also deny the Holocaust took place and express the most obscene anti-Semitic filth. Yet none have been criminalized, none have been banned, none are in jail, none have been prosecuted. All this at the same time that the Kahanist groups are persecuted and criminalized. Moreover, by international standards, the Kahanist groups are far LESS extremist than are the assorted radical Right groups that operate openly in Europe and often sit in the parliaments of European countries, such as the assorted "National Front" parties. This has not changed the assault by Israeli McCarthyists on free speech for the Kahanists.

In recent days, one of the Kahanist groups rented the convention hall at the Binyamei HaUma convention center in Jerusalem, to hold an assembly of their movement on the tenth anniversary of the murder of Kahane. They paid a 10,500 NIS deposit. Knesset Member Ofir Pines petitioned the Binyamei HaUma, which is a state-owned enterprise, and demanded that the convention center be ordered to deny the Kach people access to the building. Pines' reasons were that Kach is a movement that promotes "racism and hatred of Arabs", although the same Pines has never petitioned to have assemblies prohibited of the HADASH party, which promotes racism, terrorism and hatred of Jews, or similar Arab groups openly calling for violence against Jews. Indeed, Pines supports bringing these Arab fascists into Barak's coalition government.

The politically-appointed manager of Binyamei HaUma agreed. The Kahanists then petitioned a Jerusalem Magistrate's Court and demanded that it order the state-owned convention center to comply with its contract with them. The court refused to do so, merely ordering that the deposit be returned with a small add-on in compensation (7500 NIS), but did not rule out the option for the Kahanists to file a larger suit. However that turns out, the refusal to allow the assembly, especially AFTER a contract had been signed, is just the latest pang in the slow death of free speech in Israel. Had the assembly been for Arab Islamist fundamentalists calling Death to the Jews, it would have taken place, and indeed would have featured assorted Knesset Members addressing it.

Meanwhile, there is a growing political alliance between the McCarthyist Israeli Jewish Left and Arab fascism. On many fronts. The criminalizing of the Kahanist groups by Israeli McCarthyists has now spilled over into the United States. Consider the following news piece. Bear in mind that the young Kahane, son of Meir Kahane, has US citizenship: US Islamic group seeks arrest of Binyamin Kahane By Janine Zacharia

WASHINGTON (November 12) - The Council on American Islamic Relations CAIR), a Washington-based Islamic advocacy group, has asked the FBI to detain Rabbi Binyamin Zev Kahane, founder of Kahane Chai, which is designated by the State Department as a foreign terrorist organization and was banned by Israel in 1994. (Note: Kahanist groups operate openly and legally WITHIN the US, protected by the First Amendment)

Kahane, son of the assassinated radical Israeli-American rabbi Meir Kahane, is due to speak today at the Ocean Avenue Jewish Center in Brooklyn at an event marking the 10th anniversary of his father's murder

"Because material support for Kahane Chai is illegal, CAIR is calling on law enforcement officials to investigate the funding sources for and backers of Sunday's event," read a statement issued by CAIR

According to the Kahane Chai Web site, Kahane directs a yeshiva in the West Bank settlement of Tapuah, and is currently standing trial in Israel on charges of sedition and disturbing the peace during protests against the Oslo agreement. Kahane Chai has claimed responsibility for the killings of several Palestinians

2. Well, that of course is not the only case of a politicized court decision in Israel dual judicial system, in which one court system operates for lefties and another for everyone else.

Take the matter of Nahum Korman. We have commented on this case for several years. Briefly, Korman was driving his care one day when some Palestinian guttersnipes threw rocks at his car. Apparently unaware that the Israeli government regards throwing of rocks at Jews as an inalienable Palestinian national right, Korman got out of his car enraged and punched out one of the guttersnipes. He hit the kid once, and the kid died. The dead kid then became poster boy for the anti-"settler" demonology campaigns of the Left. Some sources claim the kid had some medical problem which was compounded by the punch. In any case, a lower court acquited Korman of all charges. But in Israel, there is no constitutional protection against double jeopardy, and the prosecution then went to the Supreme Court to demand Korman be convicted. The result is now in:

The Supreme Court has overturned a lower court decision and convicted Nahum" Korman of the murder an 11 year old Palestinian child.

Korman, a security officer in the Gush Etzion bloc settlement of Upper Beitar was charged with manslaughter in the death of Hilmi Shoushi on October 27, 1996.

Shoushi and a number of stonethrowers from the nearby village of Houssan were hurling rocks at passing cars when Korman stopped his vehicle and chased the youths towards the village

The State had charged that Korman kicked Shoushi in the thigh and then hit the child in the head with the butt of his pistol, killing him

The settlement and the village are located southwest of Bethlehem"

3. Well a few days ago Israel took the uncharacteristic step of actually shooting a Palestinian terrorist leader while out for a joy ride in his car. An Israeli chopper dispatched him, taking along with him two Arab women whose car was stopped near his, allowing the whole world to express a quadruple Tsk. Haaretz columnists are already out screaming that this is bad for the peace process and Israel should fight PLO terror by making concessions, not by defending itself.

Meanwhile, we have suggested repeatedly that we suspect Israel has one of those "informal" deals with the PLO whereby Israel does not murder PLO leaders in exchange for the PLO "merely" targeting ordinary Israeli civilians and not Israeli leaders. But after the terrorist leader was dispatched Apocalypse Now style from a chopper, the PLO started talking about targeting Israel's Chief of Staff and other leaders. That seems to have gotten the attention of the Israeli government, whose mind rarely focuses on anything at all, and today's Haaretz (Nov 12) reports that the government has now decided it will no longer target Fat'h (PLO) terrorist LEADERS.

I mean, Israel will continue to shoot the street urchins attacking soldiers once in a while to help Arafat in his PR campaign with the press, and will even issue statements about "returning fire to the source of the shootings", but the REAL sources of the shootings - Arafat and his Gestapo chiefs - will be immune from the violence. Oh Haaretz ALSO reports that those few "economic sanctions" Israel had implemented against the PLO for its pogroms are also being lifted, what with Arafat demonstrating his commitment to peace and all.

The Labor Party's First Amendment Strikes Again

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

5 Nov 2000

     The Labor Party's First Amendment strikes again. In Kiryat Malachi, the home town of Israel's President Moshe Katsav, it seems a teacher printed up a leaflet and urged that it be distributed. The leaflet urged that official and school commemorations for Rabin NOT be held this year and read, "Since he is the main person responsible for the horrific situation in which Israel finds itself, Rabin's legacy is in fact a legacy of appeasement, surrender and groveling, and - worst of all - of handing weapons to the Arab Palestinian enemy." The leaflet goes on: "The man Rabin and his legacy are no longer matters of interest for the Israeli public and especially not for educators and their pupils. On the anniversary of his death, commemoration ceremonies should not be held."

     Now it goes without saying that in Post-Rabin Israel the author distributed this leaflet anonymously, knowing the consequences. Nevertheless, Labor cabinet minister Yuli Tamir is demanding that the police track down the criminal, fire him or her, and put him or her behind bars.

     Ah, but what sort of free speech do the Labor Party people want to defend? Well, take Knesset Member Muhammed Baraka, head of the Stalinist Fascist Arab communist party HADASH. Baraka has been openly calling on Arabs to attack Israeli police and otherwise engage in constructive violence, and over the weekend called on Israeli Arabs to participate directly in the "Al-Aqsa intifada" pogroms. Will Yuli Tamir call on the Attorney General to lock Baraka away? Will Barak's boys prosecute? If you believe so, I have some oceanside property in Arizona I'd like to sell you.

     Oh the Haifa local weekly Kolbo (Nov 3, 00) quotes Post-Zionist University of Haifa lecturer Illan Pappe, a member of Hadash, as calling on Hadash to revise its official platform favoring a "two-state solution" and come out unambiguously for the elimination of Israel and its replacement by a unitary Palestinian state. That of course is also protected speech.  

After Steve Plaut wrote this the teacher was caught.  Dr. Steve Plaut writes about the events that followed below.

More Assaults on Free Speech

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

6 Nov 2000

     Since beginning these cyber-incitements, the second most important issue that we have incited about has been freedom of speech in Israel. Freedom of speech is under increasing assault. Israel's Left has never been particularly respectful of basic democratic freedoms, especially not free expression, but since the murder of Rabin Israel has been swept up in a campaign of Leftist McCarthyism. People are investigated, indicted and prosecuted for expressing non-leftist opinions. At the same that the Sudeten Arab fascists call openly every day for violence against Jews.

     Yesterday we reported to you on calls by Labor Party cabinet minister Yuli Tamir to sack the teacher who had written a leaflet calling on schools to cease holding commemorations in which "Rabin's Legacy" was the subject of indoctrination. You may or may not agree. In any case, there was no chance the education system, itself part of the same Rabin cult of personality that has been imposed upon the country, would comply.

     What was noteworthy of course was the open call for the sacking of a teacher for expressing an unpopular point of view. No such sanctions have ever been imposed on teachers from the far left. Indeed, a kibbutz high school teacher who held a class discussion while Netanyahu was Prime Minister on the question of under which circumstances it would be justified to assassinate Netanyahu is apparently still teaching.

     As it turns out, the teacher who wrote the leaflet is one Israel Shiran. He teaches in the Kiryat Malachi schools under a special Judaism enrichment program. His salary is paid by a non-governmental organization. actually a parents group, named Torat Haim Barkai, which raises money to promote Jewish studies and so he is not technically employed by the Ministry of Education.

     Be that as it may, Shiran has been sacked, in less than a day from the time that the McCarthyistic Labor Party minister Tamir issued the call. In post-Rabin and post-democratic Israel, it is verboten to express criticism of the "legacy" of the demigod Yitzhak Rabin. It will remain forbidden even when Rabin's policies endanger the very existence of Israel.

     The contents of Shiran's leaflet can be read by clicking here.

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