Israel's Racist Anti-Racism Law

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

30 Oct 2000

    Some years back Israel passed an "anti-racism" law. Its purpose was to suppress the freedom of speech of some fringe groups among Israeli Jews. Its main target was the set of splinter organizations that had originated in the KACH party, set up by Rabbi Meir Kahane of the JDL before he was murdered by an Arab in New York. One splinter is still run by Kahane's son.

    The "anti-racism" law purportedly outlawed "racist" organizations and racist speech. It was passed even BEFORE the wave of McCarthyism that suppressed free speech in Israel after the Rabin assassination. Specifically the law prohibited organizations deemed to be "racist" from running for the Knesset. The law's language was so poorly formulated and thought through that it would have made statements like "I do not want to date non-Jews", or "I do not like blond women" to be crimes. Effectively it was only used to criminalize the Kahanist organizations, which were not only banned from running for the Knesset, but made illegal altogether and then declared "terrorist organizations" (at the same time that the PLO was taken OFF that list).

    The "anti-racism" law was of course not merely an assault on free speech and expression in Israel, but is itself the most racist law Israel has on its books. From the start, it was apparent that it would not be used against any form of racism except that allegedly espoused by the Kahanists. No racism by Arabs, no bigotry by Israeli leftists (or people like Tommy Lapid, whose entire party is based on anti-Orthodox bigotry). The racist anti-Jewish fascist-Stalinist political parties, supported mainly by Israel's Arabs, have never been banned or prosecuted under this law, even while their leaders call for terrorist violence against Jews, call for the destruction of Israel, and themselves sometimes engage in violence (see below).

    Even more surrealistic is the fact that while Arab pogromchiks march about screaming "Butcher the Jews", not a single one has been prosecuted under Israel's "anti-racism" law.

    As for the Kahanists, they have never approached the levels of extremism to be found in such European parties as the "National Fronts", operating in nearly all European countries, parties that can get up to 20% of the votes or more in their countries. These European parties operate freely, which has never stopped the Euros from cheering on Israel's "anti-racism" law and its banning of the Kahanists. Similarly, the US State Department has not only cheered on Israeli McCarthyism but has itself added the Kahanists to its own list of "terrorist organizations" at Israel's behest. This at the same time that the JDL operates freely under the First Amendment in the US, and while the US has never done anything to declare people like Farrakhan of Sharpton to be racists. The Kahanists in Israel never took more than two seats of the Knesset's 120.

    Since the Kahanists have essentially been driven underground due to their persecution by the Israeli McCarthyists under the "anti-racism" law, and have been doing little more than putting up posters and occasionally holding small marches, the anti-racism law has pretty much sat on the shelf.

    But then came the High Holiday pogroms this year. With thousands of Israeli Arabs marching under banners calling for death to the Jews, with attempted lynching of Jews, with attacks on police and cars with Jews, sometimes yanking all the Jews out of cars while leaving the Arabs, in Nazi-style "selection", and roughing them up. So you might expect some of these to be prosecuted under the "anti-racism" law on Israel's books, right?

    Well, Israel's politicized Attorney General, Elyakim Rubinstein, has been operating as the partisan arm of the Israeli Labor Party since the election of Barak. Rubinstein yesterday revealed that "dozens" of indictments were in fact signed and issued by his office under the "anti-racism" law during the High Holiday pogroms. And all of them, or almost all of them, were issued against JEWS, rowdies who had rioted after Yom Kippur in Tiberias and Upper Nazareth.

    Now the anti-racism law was passed by the very same politicians who have been cheering on the "investigation" of Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, because the latter described Meretz chief Yossi Sarid as a "modern pharaoh and modern Haman". Rubinstein is still investigating the Rabbi for those comments, under suspicion of "incitement to violence", not to mention "insulting a public servant" (under an old British Mandatory law still on Israel's law books).

    Which is remarkable because yesterday Knesset Member Muhammed Baraka, from the Stalinist-fascist HADASH political party, was brought in for questioning. NOT because of all those "Nice day for Murdering Jews" comments he likes to make nor for his urging Arabs to attack police violently. No, Baraka was NOT indicted under Israel's anti-racism law. Baraka was questioned because he had himself personally punched out policemen who had come to guard a demolition crew knocking down an illegal structure put up illegally by some Arabs, probably on land they did not own. Talk about "offending a public servant"! This was about a month back.

    But Israel's lefties, still trying to declare Oslo alive - a bit like some Lubavitchers refuse to accept the death of their Rebbe, insist it would be absurd to prosecute Baraka under that archaic law against offending public servants. That same law under which people have been arrested for calling Shimon Peres an ass. Rabbi Ovadia MUST be prosecuted for his exercise of free speech, they insist, because only this way will those Orthodox be put in their places. So say the crusaders against bigotry and racism.

Israel At Last Acts Against Violence with Determination

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

12 Oct 2000

     Well the High Holiday pogroms are not yet complete, but at long last Israel has evidently decided to take a vigorous stand against violence. It has decided to fight violence by convicting Avigdor Eskine of having bumper stickers that read "He will redeem us."


     Let me explain. Eskine is one of the more active of Israeli Kahanists. Originally from the USSR, he has been in frequent courtrooms and trouble in Israel for his activities. He tossed a pig's head on the grave of a Palestinian terrorist killed in the 1930s. The same Israeli government that did nothing to prevent the destruction of Joseph's Tomb last week or a construction of a mosque on top of it this week found the pig's head business insensitive and tried to charge him. Eskine was also accused but not convicted of torching a Dor Shalem (leftist protest movement) office.

     Yesterday, Israel tore up what little is left of freedom of speech in the country. It convicted Eskine of violence and incitement to violence. What for? Seems in 1996 he was handing out bumper stickers that read "He will redeem us." What was the problem? "He will redeem" in Hebrew is Yigal - the first name of the killer of Yitzhak Rabin and the police said he was saying something nice about the murderer in the bumper stickers, at least when properly deconstructed. Of course Eskine wears a yarmulka and so it was just possible He will Redeem might have been referring to someone else.

     SO what is this like? As if someone had a sign that said Peres is a Dolphin, and you see if you read it quickly, a Dolphin, becomes adolph in, a clear reference to Hitler and so a call for violence against Peres.

     In case anyone thinks the Likud is any more democratic than the Labor Party, the prosecution of Eskine for the stickers began under Netanyahu.

     Now for the past two weeks, the fascist leaders of Israeli Arabs, including the Knesset Members from the Stalinist/fascist parties, have been openly calling for violence against Jews, especially against the police. They have called for more desecrations of Jewish religious shrines and synagogues, applauded the destruction of Joseph's Tomb, and supported the pogroms. The number of Arabs who have been arrested or indicted for "incitement to violence" from all these events is a great big zero.

     But have no fear. Democracy is safe. Eskine may be going to prison.

Excerpt From
Barak's failure to deliver


     The prime minister does not have a majority. He is trying to ignore the Knesset and carries out mass political firings. The state is trying to take over the Broadcasting Authority, just like in mostly totalitarian countries, and is planning a Russian television channel to disseminate propaganda to
immigrants from the former Soviet Union who are repelled by Barak's policy.

Ofir Pines and Free Speech

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

25 Aug 2000

   Since the Rabin assassination, free speech in Israel has been under constant assault by leftist McCarthyists who argue that free expression caused Rabin's murder and who argue that everyone who disagrees with the far-Left should be prosecuted for criminal incitement.    Of the Leftist McCarthyists, none is so extreme and none devotes as many of his waking hours to petitioning the authorities to prosecute people for incitement as Labor Party backbencher, Knesset Member Ofir Pines.   Nary a day goes by without Pines petitioning the Attorney General to prosecute some non-Leftist for expressing his or her political opinion, an opinion that invariably is one with which the good Knesset Member disagrees...Yesterday Pines kept up his weekly scoreboard and filed petition with the Attorney General to prosecute some SHAS Knesset Members who denounced the Supreme Court confirmation of the conviction of Arie Deri.   You see, by Pines' rules, if you express criticism of the court that found OJ Simpson guilty then YOU are guilty of criminal incitement and should be jailed.     The McCarthyist Attorney General ... is now investigating the SHAS pols for exercising their free speech.   

State in turmoil
By Ariel Sharon

AUGUST 14, 2000

    (Barak is deepening animosity and internal hatred and thus, endangering us all.  The writer is a Knesset Member and Likud leader)
    Black clouds loom over the clear skies of Israeli
democracy this week. On the other hand, US democracy  has
demonstrated its strength  as a system that provides equal
opportunities to any candidate for the vice presidency.

    Anyone who observed this past week the brutal,
inconsiderate way ambassadors and  officials were removed
from office - apparently on order from the Prime Minister's
Office - must be concerned with democracy. You can fire
someone; you can remove a person from his post, but there
is no need to insult, to hurt, to trample on a civil
servant's honor and dignity. This is despicable. A real

    Democracy is in a state of turmoil. There is a prime
minister without a government, without a majority in the
Knesset, and without a majority among the public; a prime
minister who violated the pledges that got him elected.  On
top of all that, the Knesset has already passed with a 61
majority vote the preliminary call for an early

    In any viable democracy a prime minister who vows to
safeguard his country's security, protect its holy sites
and uphold its unity, and who then violates them,  simply
goes home.

    The prime minister violated his  security promises and
agreed to hand over the vital Jordan Valley to Palestinian
Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. Ehud Barak has promised
to keep and protect the holy shrines, but accepted the
American ideas of handing over sovereignty of a large part
of the Old City to the Palestinians; offering them control
of the Temple Mount, an office for Arafat, and free access
without Israeli inspection!

    As for Hebron, we were told about Barak's proposals and
non-binding exchange of ideas - an exercise in deception
designed to remove the Jewish community from the city. He
wants to expel  Jews from the Cave of the Patriarchs, a
national monument like no other nation on earth has.

    THE HOLY shrines have suddenly disappeared from Barak's
pledges. He has crossed a red line no government ever did:
agreeing to make concessions in Jerusalem. What was once
firm and unequivocal has now become solt and flexible.
This, I am afraid, will only invite more pressure in the

    No government and no prime minister has the right to
decide by itself to hand over the Jewish people's holy
shrines. We are dealing here with national and historical
assets of the Jewish people. Whoever decides to give them
up, must first obtain the people's consent. Barak simply
has not got it.

    Barak speaks about unity but creates a critical
division among the people, a cleavage that will only become
wider and deeper. I am fearful of  what this may bring

    I know that the Jewish residents of Judea, Samaria and
Gaza will not evacuate themselves, and no one can say today
what dire consequences may result if it is decided to
abandon them. Barak is deepening animosity and internal
hatred and thus, endangering us all.

    Contrary to his statement that what was discussed in
Camp David is null and void, Barak continues to conduct
clandestine negotiations, and is ready for additional
concessions, from the same point where the Camp David
summit ended. Apparently, he is using an artificial crisis
planned by both Israel and the US in order to adjust the
negotiations to a more convenient time schedule based on US
domestic political considerations.

    A prime minister in any democratic system that does not
speak truth to his constituencies is usually forced to
resign. In a healthy democracy, a prime minister who
patronizes and despises the Knesset and the people's
elected representatives, would be on his way home, and

    Prime Minister Barak hurries to report to the president
of Egypt; is quick to update the king of Jordan; he sends
emissaries to the Gulf States and around the world to brief
them about the details of the negotiations. But at the same
time he bypasses a Knesset law by refusing to report and
update, as required, the head of the opposition party. ln
any other democracy such practices by the prime minister
would serve as a case for removal.

    In order to survive and develop, a stable democracy
requires secure and lasting peace. Therefore, we must take
all the necessary steps for early elections with a
government based on broad national consensus that will work
to bring real and secure peace, peace with Jerusalem, peace
that will safeguard the vital national interests of Israel
and protect the historical rights of the Jewish people in
its one and only homeland, Israel, and in its undivided
capital, Jerusalem.

    Only such a government is capable of restoring the
confidence of the people in the viability of democracy.
    The writer is the chairman of the Likud Party.(c)
Jerusalem Post 2000

The Labor Party Police Force Strikes Again

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

Tues, 08 Aug 2000

     In totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, the police force often acts as a mere partisan appendage of the ruling party, and ever since Ehud Barak took office Israel has joined the ranks of countries in the Third World where the job of the police force is to keep the ruling party in power and to attack the Opposition.  I suppose it is only a matter of time before Israeli police become like those in Indonesia and charge the Opposition leaders with having performed illegal sodomy.

    The Israeli police have tried to drag out as long as possible the investigation of Netanyahu and his wife for packing away to a government warehouse some trinkets from the Prime Minister's residence when he left after the election. It was simply unable to find anything wrong with the bribes and payoffs Ezer Weizmann took.  It thinks Rabbi Ovadia Yossef should be prosecuted for incitement.   It thinks lots of other anti-Oslo dissidents should be also.  It never seems to find anything Arab politicians do that is worth prosecuting.  It saw nothing worth prosecuting in Barak's campaign finance shenanigans.  And so on.

    Under the Labor party's pseudo-intellectual du jour, Police Minister Prof. Shlomo Ben Ami, the partisan use of the police has become more open and flamboyant.     Which is why it is hardly surprising that Ben Ami has now ordered the police to take the Labor Party's revenge against the new President of Israel by prosecuting his brother.  Moshe Katsav beat Peres, and Ben Ami means to make him pay for this crime.  The brother of Moshe Katsav is Lior Katsav and is mayor of Kiryat Malachi, a porr development town.  The partisan Labor Party police force has just recommended that he be prosecuted for corruption and bribery.  How come?   Brother Katsav was running for Mayor and offered an opponent a position in the City government if he dropped out of the race. Got that?  THAT is corruption and bribery according to the Labor Party's official state-financed enforcement mechanism.

    Only problem is, not only is such an offer neither illegal nor immoral, it is par for the course in Israeli municipal elections.  Lots of Israeli candidates strike such deals at both the municipal and national level. Barak offering David Levy the Foreign Ministry for dropping his bid for Prime Minister comes to mind.  In Haifa the Mayor from Labor bought off the Likud contender with a similar deal, making him Deputy Mayor in exchange for not running for mayor, and darned if the police have found anything to investigate THERE!

New Recruits to the McCarthyist Jihad
Against Free Speech in Israel

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

Mon, 07 Aug 2000

    The McCarthyist assault on free speech and democracy by the Israeli Left  continues, but this week what is interesting is the collection of new allies  that have joined the Leftist jihad against free speech.

    As you recall, the McCarthyist Left launched an "investigation" of Rabbi  Ovadia Yossef, the spiritual guru of SHAS, because he called far-Leftist  Minister of Education Yossi Sarid a modern-age Pharaoh and a Haman.  The  Left insists this constituted a clear and present threat of violence because  there may be SHAS followers out there unawares that Pharaoh died 3500 years  ago and that Haman died 2500 years ago and so they just might try to murder  Sarid.

    This is the same Left that soiled itself in outrage when the same Rabbi  Ovadia allegedly asked the SHAS Knesset Members to vote against the Left's  candidate for President this week - Shimon Peres.  Just because Rabbi Ovadia  is being persecuted by the police and attorney general for his free speech  at the behest of the Labor Party, THAT is an excuse for voting against   Shimon Peres?       Now Rabbi Ovadia at first cooperated with his Inquisitors, but after  explaining his statements a few times, he decided enough was enough and he  know longer is willing to undergo Inquisition interrogation by the  McCarthyists.  The Attorney General is now trying to decide whether to  prosecute him for his refusal.  I am kind of hoping he DOES, as this will at  last force SHAS to get off its fence and take a position on the Left's  McCarthyism and Oslo suicide, as opposed to being nothing more than a party   of "religious" pork barrel kleptocracy.

     Meanwhile,  the campaign against Rabbi Ovadia and free speech escalated  this week after the "betrayal" by SHAS of Shimon Peres.   The Labor Party  regards SHAS as traitors and lying renegades because SHAS indicated they  might split and partly support Peres and then apparently in the actual vote  they did not.  Of course, the fact that the Labor Party lied when it ran on  a campaign platform swearing never to divide Jerusalem, never to stage a  unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon, nor surrender of the Jordan Valley is  just one more of those irrelevancies.

     Now the Labor-led campaign against Rabbi Ovadia's freedom of speech has  picked up support from an interesting group - Ahmed Tibi (the open agent for  Yassir Arafat in the Knesset) and the Arab Knesset Members.   Divided among  several party splinters that are either openly Stalinist or openly fascist,  these Arab politicians and other "Arab lawyers" have launched a petition  demanding that Rabbi Ovadia be prosecuted for expressing his opinions.  Of  course, these are the very same people who openly cheer on Arab terrorism  and call for violence against Jews, who cheer on the Hizbullah and call it a  heroic force of resistance to Israeli fascism, who openly call for the   destruction of Israel, and who are never ever prosecuted for incitement to   violence, sedition or treason.  Whose freedom of speech is always   scrupulously protected even when it should not be.

    And who else has joined the McCarthyist bandwagon against Rabbi Ovadia?

    Hold on to your streimel - because it is the Israel Committee for a  Constitution.  These are people who think Israel needs its own constitution  and bill of rights.  They have large ads in the papers today calling for the  DENIAL of the freedom of speech to Rabbi Ovadia.  The ads are under the  slogan "For freedom of religion in Israel".   In other words, in the name of  "freedom of religion" these great believers in constitutionalism are  demanding the denial of freedom of speech to Rabbi Ovadia and his  prosecution.  Got that?  (Wanna send them a cyber-moon?  Address

    Now the immediate straw that upset these camels of constitionalism and  their fellow liberals was a speech by Ovadia this week.  In it he expressed  his own theological theory of the Holocaust.  Briefly, he believes in  reincarnation of souls (gilgul nishamot) and thinks that every few centuries  or so a huge tragedy occurs in which all the accumulated sins of these souls  over their numerous reincarnations are purged and punished.

    You may agree or disagree.   Personally, I find the idea distasteful but  I have never found any other theological explanation of the Holocaust any  better or any worse than this.   In other words, I doubt there can be a  satisfactory theological explanation of the Holocaust. And life means living  with that impossibility.  (Not sure social science is any better at  providing an explanation.)  I try to keep theology out of these incitements,   but since we have gotten into this, let me just say that in my own humble  and unlearned personal viewpoint, all theology must allow for the  observation that humans cannot conceive of a world in which there is a God  who could allow the Holocaust to occur and at the same time they cannot  conceive of a world without God and so in essence humans cannot conceive the  world at all.

     Now be that as it may, regardless of your own belief or disbelief, there  can be no system of rudimentary democracy in which freedom of speech is  denied, which means that all those attempting to deny Rabbi Ovadia's freedom  of speech are anti-democratic and clear and present dangers to freedom and  democracy in Israel.

The Imminent Threat to Israeli Democracy

Dr. Steve Plaut's email-newsletter

Sat, 05 Aug 2000


     The central political fact of life in Israel at the beginning of the twenty first century is that the Israeli Left does not believe in democracy.

     This is critically important because the Israel Left generally controls the government and always controls much of the country outside the government. The Left has a near-monolithic control of the Israeli media, including the electronic and print media. It also controls the courts and the universities. And ironically it has the "loyalties" of much of the business class, as it hands out deals and contracts to corporate cronies in exchange for political support.

     The Left is fundamentally anti-democratic. It goes beyond the political correctness oppressions familiar from other countries. The Israeli Left quite openly seeks to suppress freedom of speech and expression. It wishes to confine democratic freedoms to other Leftists only. It does not think non-Leftists should be able to express their opinions, not in the media, not in the universities, not in the schools. The Left would like to criminalize disagreement with its doctrines. And its doctrines are essentially the total dejudaization of the State of Israel and the pursuit of insane national policies that will produce the self-annihilation of the State of Israel. The Left consists of vulgar bigots who despise traditionalist and Orthodox Jews, but their hatred stems from their own aim of detaching Israeli-ness from anything Jewish. The Left consists of elitist buffoons willing to bend all rules to defend its perks and privileges.

     The anti-democratic nature of the Israeli Left has been exposed this past week as well as on any past occasion, with respect to the election of Moshe Katsav as President of Israel and the defeat of Shimon Peres for the post.

     The reactions of the Left to the defeat of its demigod Peres reveal in supremely transparent fashion how the Left thinks about everything. The Left is of the opinion that it is its entitlement to hold exclusive and near-totalitarian power in Israel. It was the entitlement of Peres to be elected by the Knesset for President because he was not only a Leftist, but THE Leftist. The godfather of Oslo, the Prophet of Post-Zionism and unilateral disarmament. The guru of surrender to Arab demands, and of the return of Israel's neck to the Arab hangman's noose - all for peace of course.

     Knesset Members had no right to vote against him. The SHAS Party behaved in criminal manner because voting against a Leftist is a crime. Even worse, the SHAS party had indicated that it would split and vote partly for Peres. Never mind that no one really knows how it voted, the presumption is that it voted against Peres. And the press is full of articles denouncing SHAS for this crime.

     In 21st century Israel, the Left believes it should be a crime to oppose the Left.

     Columnist Ron Miberg, a Maariv regular, writes a column (Aug 4) declaring "Moshe Katsav is not MY President and this is because SHAS decided to avenge itself on what it calls the Ashkenazi elite." Miberg is representative of th eanti-democratic Left. The Left challenges the legitimacy of anyone elected with whom it disagrees, and denies the legitimacy of any law with which it disagrees. There is a short distance between the refusal to accept Katsav as President expressed by Miberg and the refusal to serve in the army or obey the law which also characterizes the Left. The Maariv political reporter Ben Kaspit, "reports" as usual - his own opinion of events - and denounces the election to President of someone of whom the Left disapproves as a "stinking trick". It would not have stunk - only if a Leftist was elected. The big stink? Well, SHAS had sent out some hints to Peres that some of its Knesset Members might vote for him. And when they did not, THIS was the rotten double cross. As is well known, no other politician in the world outside SHAS ever changes his mind or votes out of strategic political and party considerations. And the very fact that a few days before the election the team representing Peres' ideology was hard at work handing the PLO East Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the Old City is just an irrelevancy that should have no bearing and does not mitigate the crime of SHAS one bit.

     And then we have the deep intellectuals of the Left. There is Maariv legal correspondent Moshe Negbi, a darling of CNN and the BBC it might be noted. Negbi, that diligent defender of democracy and the rule of law thinks it was a violation of law and order for newly-elected Katsav to visit Rabbi Kadori. It is (I quote), "outside the limits of identifying with a legitimate political viewpoint. It is an act of self-negation by the person selected to symbolize the fundamental values of the state before someone who represents the theocratic-fundamentalist rebellion against these values". Got that? Not only is Kadori not entitled to an opinion about anything, but Katsav went beyond the Pale to pay him a visit. Kadori and no doubt all other Rabbis are beyond the Pale of democracy because they practice Jewish religion. This makes them theocrats and fundamentalists. Had Peres been elected and visited heads of the Islamic fundamentalists in Umm al-Fahm, now THAT would have been the epitome of democracy and opposing fundamentalist theocracy. Negbi goes on, "I believe in freedom of speech but", and the "but" is followed by a long diatribe of why he in fact opposes freedom of speech. (Maariv Aug 4) . The "but" says it all.

     AH but the very best example this week of the opposition to democracy by the Left is Asa Kasher. Asa Kasher is the Israeli Michael Lerner (Lerner is the editor of Tikkun magazine who got his Rabbinic ordination from Rolling Stone magazine; Kasher does not pretend to be a Rabbi, unlike Lerner; Lerner is a Rabbi the same way Seinfeld's George Costanza is a marine biologist). Kasher is a professor of ethics (philosophy) at Tel Aviv University, but also a shallow prophet of political correctness and pop ethics in the media. He was a valiant defender of the campaign of McCarthyism launched by the Left after the Rabin assassination, demanding that all dissidents opposing Oslo be prosecuted for "incitement". Kasher regularly writes Maariv columns explaining why all of ethics can be boiled down to this week's Leftist cause or fad. He wrote the "ethics code" for the Israeli army that just happened to forget mentioning defending one's country as an ethical value. Kasher is also a long-time promoter of the comic-book explanation of the Rabin murder, namely, that it was all caused by non-Leftists expressing their opinions. The proof? Why only a week before the murder Likud Knesset Member Limor Livnat stated in the Knesset, "You all (in the Labor Party) are not reliable." (Maariv Aug 4) Can anyone doubt that this was the direct cause of bullets striking the Prime Minister?

     Mister Ethics, Asa Kasher, is another one who refuses to accept Moshe Katsav as President of Israel. Democracy is to be honored only when it produces electoral results of which he approves. He writes a column "Don't Congratulate him in MY Name" in Maariv Aug 4.

     And what is the source of Kasher's refusal to accept and acquiesce to the election of Katsav? Well, it seems that back in those days when the Likud was murdering Rabin by expressing its disapproval of Oslo, Katsav once speculated that if Ben-Gurion were to rise from the dead and try to pass the Israeli declaration of independence, it would not pass the Knesset (with its Labor-led-majority at the time).

     The fact that Katsav was more than correct does not matter. Can you imagine the Knesset of Barak, Beilin, Yossi Sarid and the Arab Fascist-Stalinists today passing an Israeli Declaration of Independence?

     But much more important is the simple fact that Kasher sees Katsav's observation as a crime, as incitement to violence that needs be suppressed, as an opinion that needs to be criminalized.

     Because Asa Kasher and all of his pseudo-intellectual clones in the Israeli media and academic institutions very simply do not believe in democracy. They believe in a Leftist hegemony and totalitarian control of society by the Left to make it progressive, enlightened and egalitarian.

     As for Shimon Peres, his policies have produced such disaster and he is popularly and correctly regarded as so mega-stupid that I doubt today he could get himself nominated the designated driver at an Allenby Street nightclub.

Dr. Steve Plaut 
Tue, 01 Aug 2000

     For five years the Israeli Left, led by the Israeli Labor Party, has led a campaign of McCarthyism against democracy and free speech in Israel. It has insisted that anyone who criticizes the Oslo leadership is guilty of "incitement".  It has argued that protesters against Oslo are collectively guilty of murdering Rabin through the exercise of free speech.    But the biggest bugaboo in the bonnet of the Leftist McCarthyists has been the use of the "T" word.   Before Rabin was murdered, some of the demonstrators who were hotter under their collars carried signs and shouted slogans calling Rabin a traitor.      In the "minds" of the Left, this constitutes empirical proof that such slogans caused Rabin to be murdered. Ever since, the anti-Oslo dissidents have been terrorized into lowering their decibels and censoring their rhetoric, lest they be accused once again of using free speech that carries a clear and present danger of violence. The Likud routinely orders its cadres to avoid flamboyant rhetoric.    Instead of telling the Left to take its accusations and stick them up its McCarthyism.     Now I mention all this because the "T" word was bandied about more yesterday than on any other day since the murder of Rabin, and this time the petard was being hoisted by the McCarthyist Left.  The Left went on a witchhunt last night to discover who the "traitors" were who voted against Shimon Peres and in favor of Moshe Katsav for President, and the "T" word was being tossed out more often than sunflower seed shells.   You see, unlike most Knesset votes, yesterday's vote for the Prez was secret.  No one knows how anyone voted, and there was no way to enforce party discipline.  Every MK votes his or her conscience (loosely defined).    When it became clear that Peres was being sent off to the Lemming Retirement Home, the media could not contain itself.  It made no attempt to hide its anguish and anger that the wrong man had been elected.    And the Labor and Meretz leadership spent hours debating in front of the cameras who the filthy traitors were.  Suspicions were that several Labor Party MK's had actually voted against Peres.   The main accusations of treason were directed against the SHAS Party MK's, although no one really knows how any of THEM voted.   The great beauty here is that it is likely no one will ever know who the "traitors" were.   The Bliss of the Secret Ballot.     Neverthless late into the night the TV broadcast Israeli journalists interviewing one another (in typical Israeli manner, journalists always interview one another as "experts"),  seeking out the hidden traitors.

Try to imagine an American Congressman getting up in the House and praising the Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor or the Germans for sinking the Reuben James.

Well, even that would not adequately describe the speech yesterday by the Arab Knesset Member Azmi Bashara in the Knesset. Bashara represents one of the Stalinist-fascist Arab parties in Israel. He spent the afternoon singing the praises of the Hizbollah from the Knesset podium, adding "For the first time since 1967 we taste the sweet taste of victory (in the Hizbollah chasing out Israel from Lebanon). The Hizbollah has the right to feel proud of how it debased Israel."

The Israeli town of Umm al-Fahm this week also held an official "Victory for Hizbollah" celebration. Umm al-Fahm is where the Islamic fundamentalists have their center.

We have been arguing all along that one of the worst forms of Oslo damage is the Nazification of Israeli Arabs.

And how many of the above Hizbollah celebrators have been taken off for police questioning for "criminal incitement and sedition"?

Not a one!

You see, the security services are too busy these days pulling in "Rightists" and "settler leaders" for questioning. The Israeli McCarthyist Left is once again wheeling out the tired old "Free Speech Killed Rabin" mantra, and warning - with eyeballs rolling - how the free speech of opponents of Barak constitutes a clear and present danger that Barak might get assassinated. One loud-mouth settler leader fell in the trap when he predicted that if Barak forces Jews to abandon their settlements Barak would get assassinated. He then insisted that he opposes violence and it was only a factual prediction. But that did the trick and the McCarthyist Left, which never set much store by democracy and free speech anyway, is all over the TV and press warning that the same "they" who murdered Rabin with their speech are back and "they" will now try to murder Barak. The "they" being everyone who does not agree with the Left.

From: "Steve Plaut" < 
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 09:41:03 GMT

    News from Israel's Today in the Inquisition:

    A letter in Haaretz April 4 details one of the best recent examples of  Leftist McCarthyism in post-democratic Israel, in which the Inquisition  against free speech advances.     Two weeks ago, a Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak was invited by a student group at  Hebrew University to speak.   The Rabbi specializes in bringing secular Jews  closer to religion and "repentance".   About 40-50 students showed up to  hear the Rabbi.  But when he got up to try to speak, 6 or 7 of the campus'  best known Meretz fascists got up and started screaming to prevent the Rabbi  from being heard.   They continued to scream non-stop for 150 minutes, at  which time the auditorium was closed for the night.   The Dean of Students  there has apparently not done anything to punish these students nor defend  free speech on campus.  The Meretz Party has not renounced these cadres.    This is not the first time that Meretz student fascists at the Hebrew  University used such behavior and violence to prevent people from speaking  on campus.     The Israeli Left is fundamentally anti-democratic and opposed to freedom  of speech.

April 4, 2000

Today's Inquisition Headlines

    As you know the Israeli Attorney General has decided to "investigate" and may prosecute Rabbi Ovadia Yossef for calling Leftists names, under the law against promoting terrorism, and under the claim that people listening to him will be driven to commit violence. You see, saying Yossi Sarid is a Haman might cause those people unawares that Haman died 2500 years ago to run out and hang Yossi Sarid.

    Well, we thought you might be interested in who is NOT getting prosecuted in Israel. The same Attorney General and Supreme Court nominee-wannabe has just decided that ex-General Shlomo Gazit will NOT be prosecuted under any of Israel's anti-incitement or anti-racism laws. Gazit is a devoted Oslo apologist who compared people who wear yarmulkas to Nazi stormtroopers, something that could easily cause someone in Israel, like a Holocaust survivor, to run out and murder yarmulka-wearers, right? But nope, the Attorney General has just given Gazit a free pass. No prosecution. Naturally none of the other Far-Leftists who have made similar comments, such as junkyard "sculptor" Yigal Tomarkin, who says he really understands the Nazis when he looks at religious Jews, will be prosecuted.

    And who else will NOT be prosecuted? Why all those police captains with corrupt crony ties to Ofer Nimrodi, who practically spent time in bed with Nimrodi (Maariv publisher) after he was indicted on criminal charges and under investigation for attempted murder, they will NOT be prosecuted. You see, THEY did not run off with any ashtrays and trinkets.

    Oh dear, I fear I left out the very BEST example of incitement to violence that will not be investigated and prosecuted by Israel's Grand Inquisitor Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein.

    Yesterday was "Land Day", the traditional day in which Israeli Arabs demonstrate in favor of destroying Israel. In yesterday's "holiday", Arab mobs assaulted Jews and police and other living things INSIDE Israel's 1949 borders.

    In one Arab town, Knesset Member Mahmid, one of the Stalinist-fascists in the Knesset, spoke before a mob and openly declared that Israeli Arabs must learn from the example of the Hizbollah in Lebanon and follow in its footsteps. (Israel Radio, few minutes ago.) The crowd roared its applause, yet another example of the success of Oslo in Nazifying Israeli Arabs.

    SO will the Grand Inquisitor recommend that Mahmid have his immunity stripped and stand trial for openly calling for terrorism against Israel? If you think so, I have this bridge over the East River I can offer you - wholesale.

March 30 and 31, 2000


   Barak and his henchmen are proceeding with plans to "investigate" and indict Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, who used to be the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, for exercising his free speech.  The Rabbi may be indicted for "promoting terrorism and violence" and also for "insulting a public official".  All this because he called MERETZ Chief Yossi Sarid some names. You see, in post-democratic Israel, one cannot say anything critical or disrespectful of public officials, assuming the official is a leftist of course, lest one go to jail.   Rabbi Ovadia says he plans to welcome the Inquisitors to his home with wine and bread.

March 28, 2000

    The Death of Free Speech in Israel

    It is now official.

    Free speech in Israel is dead.

    It was terminally ill anyway, but the government of Ehud Barak just finished it off, in a Kevorkian-style mercy killing.

    Free speech is dead because it is now the official position of the government of Israel that free speech and expression is restricted to those who agree with the government. People of the Left may say anything they wish in Israel, in any manner they wish, whether in calm eloquent words or in the most base obscenities. This includes Arabs, even Arabs such as the slug who started telling the Pope about how that Jew Holocaust was all an exaggeration. People who disagree with the Left are not allowed to express their opinions in Israel. If they DO express their opinions, they will be persecuted, investigated, indicted and jailed.

    That is the essence of the meaning of the decision of the Attorney General of Israel, at the direct instructions of the Barak government, to "investigate" (in fact, to prepare to indict) the Rabbi Ovadia Yossef for calling a leftist bad names.

    Let us be clear. The just-announced investigation of the Rabbi is for nothing more than name-calling. Yet the Rabbi will be investigated under "suspicion of promoting terrorism." Why? Because he called Yossi Sarid, the anti-Orthodox pro-Palestinian Minister of Education and head of MERETZ, a "Haman", a "Pharaoh", and said Sarid is anti-Judaism. (Not only IS Sarid anti-religious, but he is quite proud of this fact.) Under Sarid, Israeli children will be taught the "poems" of a PLO terrorist, but prohibited from learning to say Shma Yisrael in their schools.

    Does the Attorney General really believe the Rabbi's words would mislead anyone into believing that Sarid is Haman (who has been dead 2500 years) or Pharaoh (who has been dead 2500 years)? The Attorney General is arguing with a straight face that there is a clear and present danger that people will be misled by the Rabbi into thinking that Sarid is Haman and hang him from a tree. Never mind that the Rabbi repeated on four separate occasions in a single week that no act of violence by anyone is permitted under any circumstances. But the Hebrew word for a human is an "Adam" and Adam was driven out of the garden. SO if I refer to an Arab now as an Adam, am I demanding that he be ethnically cleansed and driven away?

    Welcome to the new era of Israeli post-Zionist deconstructionism.

    SO let us now summarize the rules of free speech in Israel. You cannot say that a leftist politician is hostile to Judaism even when he is. You cannot express criticism of the decisions of the government, because this would be "criminal incitement". You cannot express any criticism of the ideas or policies of Yitzhak Rabin, for this would be blasphemy. You can go to jail for calling leftists names.

    AH, but what about declaring that there was never any Holocaust? That the Jews just invented it? That the crimes of the Jews against Palestinians make the Jews Nazis? That Israel has no right to exist and that Arabs are perfectly justified in using violence? That terrorist atrocities are not only understandable but justified? That the Jews are not a people and not even descendent from Biblical Hebrews? That the Jews have no right to live in the Middle East and must leave? That the Jews make matsos for Passover out of the blood of gentiles? That the Jews inject Arab babies with AIDS? That settler children are Hitlerjugend? That the murdering of settlers is not only justified but commendable? That Arabs need to escalate violence against Jews?

    What about all those things?

    Oh come now, grasshopper. THOSE statements are all FREE SPEECH, protected under the brand new First-Amendment-for-Leftists-Only rule of post-modernist deconstructionist Israeli politics.

    For now, I suggest we all express our support for Rabbi Ovadia. You need not agree with the thrust of the content of his comments (I happen to agree) nor with their style (I happen to dislike it). Let us challenge the McCarthyists of the Israeli Left. Let us see if they can put us ALL in prison!!

March 27, 2000


Background: Many members of the left wing believe that the Religious School of the Orthodox at Joseph's Tomb in Shechem is an obstacle to peace since the Arabs are opposed to Jews being there.

  Moshe, a resident of a community in Binyamin, told Arutz-7's Haggai Seri
today about the quick military trial and sentencing of his son to 35 days
in army prison today:
"My son is a medic, who was recently called to serve in Yeshivat Od Yosef
Chai at Joseph's Tomb in Shechem. The commanding officer immediately told
him that he was not allowed to spend time in the yeshiva, aside from taking
part in the prayers. He told my son, 'You're one of the pray-ers, so you
can't be with the yeshiva students during your free time.' My son, who
grew up here in Yesha, is very attuned to the importance of the Land to the
Jews, and particularly the holy sites, such as Joseph's Tomb. He saw how
the army reacted to the yeshiva students' putting in a new floor, and it
bothered him very much. In private conversation with some of the other
soldiers, my son expressed his opinion that the commander was acting with
political motives, and seemed to want to placate the Palestinians more than
to protect the Jews living there. These remarks somehow made their way
back to the commander, who called him in, tried him and sentenced him on
the spot to five weeks. I ask you: If a young soldier can't express his
deeply-held views in private conversation, then what is left for him? Is
it a crime to speak?!"

Arutz-7 News: Sunday, March 12, 2000

Fri, 18 Feb 2000

The New Israeli Rules for Free Speech for Soldiers

     It is now official. Israel has new rules governing the ability of senior military officers to speak publicly about their political views. The rules are quite simple: officers are permitted to express support for the partisan views of Israel's Labor Party and in particular for the latest Oslo fads. They are not permitted to express any dissident opinions that contradict what Israel's Leftists think. Ever since Oslo began the Labor Party organized public petitions of military officers and public speaking tours by the same, who assured the public in Israel and the world how Israel was not being put into any danger by the Oslo plans to return Israel to its Auschwitz borders of 1949, how a PLO state would represent no security threat at all. They lectured the world about how the only true security was that derived from striking deals based on turning over Israeli lands to Arab fascists. In recent months the politicalized officers are on TV and in the press almost daily, explaining how having Syrian tanks parked on the Kinneret beaches would not threaten Israeli security in any way. And of course how simply pulling out of Southern Lebanon would make the Hizbullah just go away and create peace and tranquility on the northern border.

    AH, but then along comes a poor officer this week, Colonel Shmuel Zakai, and refers in a conversation to the "Four Mothers" protest movement (which demands immediate unconditional surrender to the Hizbollah) as the "Four Rags". It was in a private chat with some of his soldiers in Lebanon. He also refers to Sheli Yachmelovich, a Far-Leftist radio/TV bimbo, as Shmatalovich (Shmata means rag). Within nanoseconds, the calls were going out demanding he be court martialled, including from Labor Party Smurfette, Dalia Itzik (Environment Minister under Barak), and the usual McCarthyists from the Left. The poor Colonel apparently was under the delusion that Israel was a democracy and that political expression for the military goose was as permitted as is political expression for the military lemming.

Thursday, February 10, 2000

   Court overrules minister of education concerning rabbi’s lecture   (IsraelWire-2/10) Despite orders handed down by Minister of Education Yossi Sarid to cancel a planned lecture by noted outreach personality Rabbi  Amnon   Yitzhak on Tuesday night, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court overruled the minister and ordered the planned event take place as scheduled. Once Sarid heard that the planned event was to feature Rabbi Yitzhak, the Meretz Party minister ordered the event cancelled. The rabbi’s attorney took the matter to the Jerusalem court and the event did take place as planned.

Sat, 29 Jan 2000

   A while back we reported to you the case of poor old Dr. Rado Reichlin.   Dr. Reichlin is a threat to the public safety,  at least according to the Committee on Public Safety of Chaver Robespierre, er - I mean - the Israeli government.

     Reichlin is a retired grandfather, a man who immigrated from Russia after years of being persecuted for his Jewishness, and now lives as an Orthodox Jew in Haifa.  He taught electronics engineering for years at the Technion, and maintains his own internet site on which he posts his thoughts and comments on events of the  day.  (I do not have the address, but if interested try a web search.)   He also tends to be a bit on the anti-Oslo side of things.

     Reichlin was in the news last year because in a fit of temper he sent a nasty letter to Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him some foul names like traitor, murderer and criminal.  In post-Rabin Israel, saying something impolite about a Prime Minister is tantamount to threatening to murder him, despite the fact that Reichlin never even tried to get within shouting range of any politicians.   For letting off steam and frustration in this way, he was arrested by the police and had his computer equipment impounded by the politeness patrol.

     Anyway, he did not learn his lesson, and in general seems to be having difficulty making the adjustment to a totalitarian society after leaving the Soviet Union.   This week,  Zeta Reichlin was back in the slammer. You see, he has been accused of threatening to murder Israeli President Ezer Weizmann.  (Ba-Ir, Jan 28, 2000).   Did Reichlin attempt to break into the President's palace with an Uzi?  Maybe stalk him with some weapons?

     No, grasshopper.   Reichlin wrote an enraged opinion of the acts of Weizmann on his internet site, responding to Weizmann's recent misbehavior and the assorted news scoops about Weizmann's corrupt past.   Reichlin, who is not about to win any awards for Mr. Congeniality when it comes to expressing his political views,  wrote as follows:  "Weizmann, I hope for the sake of our country that we shall soon be able to urinate on your grave."     Some sociology students in Tel Aviv stumbled on this and reported the incident to Robespierre, who promptly had Gramps Reichlin arrested for attempted murder.    You can see right away the clear and present danger, because Weizmann stood to become the first President in human history to be murdered by an electronic obscenity.

      Now I have long argued that any society in which political criticism is only permitted when it is polite, calm and eloquent is in fact a totalitarian dictatorship.   Countries in which impolite criticism is banned are countries that do not have freedom of expression.  No one says anything impolite in North Korea.   The level of civilization of the leaders of a country are an INVERSE function of the amount of obscene pejoratives heaped upon them.

    Ironically, Israel's judges and legal community include many who have been at the forefront of demanding that course and impolite criticism be criminalized, especially when it is directed at the Courts and legal system.     Kind of reminds me of the California Bar leaders who blamed "lawyer jokes" for a  shoot-up of a law office in San Francisco a few years back, and so demanded a law criminalizing the telling of such jokes.  Among such Israeli members of the Committee of Public Safety has been Chief Justice Aharon Barak, the Guru of Judicial Activism in Israel.   (To their credit, some other leading legal intellectuals have denounced this judicial Robespierrian approach to free speech.)    The Committee has been arguing ever since the Orthodox held their quarter-million-man-march against judicial tyranny in Israel that criticizing the Courts should be prohibited and criminalized.

     Now let us put all this in perspective.   In Jewish tradition one is perfectly free to criticize the judgement calls of God, protesting against injustices in the world and God's "failure" to correct them.   The Book of Job comes to mind, but not just there.  The non-elected Court Justices of the secular state of Israel are, however, to be beyond reproach.    Call them to account and you risk joining Zeta Reichlin in the klink.    Or is that the Bastille?

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 07:21:24 GMT

    One of the most significant indicators of the state of Israel's quasi-democracy is the fact that you probably have never heard the name Omer Klugman. Klugman was in the news this week, but you would have had to search the papers to find his name on the back pages with a strong magnifying glass. Which you may find surprising, given the fact that Klugman had set up an internet web site on which he broadcast calls to assassinate Ehud Barak. When the Israeli police got wind of this, they contacted the FBI and eventually the cyber-leads led to Klugman's abode in Tel Aviv where he was arrested. Now ordinarily, every time any crackpot or hothead mutters any words that could be deconstructed to indicate a threat of violence, even such as when a soldier says Boom Boom over the phone as a joke, Israeli authorities take the matter with the gravest seriousness and the perp is usually behind bars faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket. Moreover, the press simply LOVES such stories, especially when they can be spun to show how the entire anti-Oslo dissident majority has no respect for democracy and is seeking violence and obviously they are the true ones who murdered Rabin.

    A few days ago, when an activist in the struggle against giving up the Golan mentioned in passing as a joke that the Golan residents would blow up bridges to prevent their evacuation, the press put the story on the front page with big photos of the "inciter". ("Blowing up bridges" is a bit of a metaphor in Israel going back to the 1940s when bridges were in fact blown to prevent access to Palestine for Axis Vichy troops and later to harass the Brits.) Yet here we have a bizarre counter-example. Young 20 year old Klugman broadcasts calls to murder Barak and the press suddenly has no interest in the story. Now - you tell me cause your guess is as good as mine. But do you think the explanation for all this MIGHT just have something to do with the fact that it turns out that Klugman is a leftist enthusiastic booster FOR Ehud Barak and pro-Oslo and that his internet assassination web site was set up to make it look like it was the intiative of the awful anti-Oslo Israeli Right, once again calling for violence? Naturally Haaretz does not think this is interesting enough to report but all the other papers have leaked this part of the story.

Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 16:11:22 +0200

    A new law has been submitted to the Knesset that would establish free speech as a "constitutional" (or "basic") right, a sort of First Amendment. It was submitted by Amnon Rubinstein, who spent the period following the Rabin assassination as Minister of Education calling for school children to turn their teachers in to the police for "incitement". Wonder how all those anti-Oslo dissidents will be prosecuted as criminal inciters once this new law gets passed?

Sun, 24 Oct 1999 08:49:07 +0200 (IST)

    The Haifa Museum of "Art", owned and run by the City of Haifa, has been in the news before. You may recall haow a couple of years ago it featured a "sculpture" of a teenage Orthodox boy with yarmulka being hanged, no doubt a protest against incitement by the religious against Oslo.

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:30:25 +0200 (IST)

    Betselem is a far-Left anti-Zionist group of extremists masquerading as a human rights watchdog group. It has never much had any interest in the human rights of Jews, such as their right to ride a bus without getting blown up, and has never once spoken out against the assault on freedom of speech by the McCarthyist Left or the governments of Israel. When the Attorney General this week announced he would implement a criminal investigation of a group of Rabbis for expressing their opinions over matters of Talmudic Law, Betselem had nothing to say.

Fri, 17 Dec 1999 08:41:37 GMT

    The anti-democratic McCarthyism of the Israeli Left under Barak continues its jihad against free speech. On the day that Barak took to the air to meet with Ribbentrop, a bus load of university students from Bar-Ilan University who wished to protest against Munich on the Golan at or near the airport were stopped and detained for hours by the police lest they embarrass Barak and catch some media attention. On the other hand, bus loads of school children sent out for official hooky playing by their principal who wished to demonstrate FOR an abandonment of Israel's Golan territory were let through.

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 12:26:07 +0200 (IST)

    In the early days of Israel it was believed that over time Israel's ideas of freedom and democracy would rub off on the Arabs and eventually these would install those "bourgeois freedoms" such as freedom of speech and religion. Instead, what has in fact been happening is traditional Arab authoritarian concepts have been infiltrating Israeli society. None is as frightening as the wholesale assault on freedom of speech by Israel's Osloid Left. The McCarthyist assault by the Left on its political opponents climaxed after the assassination of Rabin. Ever since that killing the Left has repeated its daily mantra that Rabin was killed by dissidents using their right to free speech, that all those who disagree with Leftists are "inciters", that "incitement" needs be suppressed by the police and that "incitement" is defined as that which Leftists disagree with. In short, free speech and expression needs be confined to the Left. All non-Leftist expression needs be suppressed, such as by denying dissidents access to the media, or criminalized. Since the Rabin assassination, nary a day passes without someone from the Left petitioning the authorities to investigate, prosecute and incarcerate "inciters" from the non-Left for their crimes of disagreeing with the Left's dogma.

    In the latest example of all this, the far Left "peace" group Peace Now has petitioned the Attorney General of Israel to prosecute the publishers and editors of Nativ magazine. Nativ is a Hebrew political magazine of the Israeli "Right", the closest thing to an intellectual medium for "Rightist" writers and thinkers. In its last issue, Nativ carried the story of the "Peace Now" organiztaion that operated in the US in the 1940s, a group of German sympathizers who lobbied for appeasement and US staying out of the war, financed by German money. (This was the source of the posting on this group I sent out a few days ago.) The point of the article was clear; just as the Peace Now of the 1940s was a group advocating weakness and appeasement, so - in the view of Nativ - is Israel's Peace Now today. You may agree or disagree. Peace Now reps then rushed to the Attorney General and petitioned that the Nativ editors be prosecuted. For "incitement". Now no one in Nativ has EVER advocated violence or disobedience of the law. Over anything. But the Peace Now petitioners claim that by criticizing Peace Now and comparing its positions to those of the pro-appeasement American Peace Now of the 1940s, Nativ is threatening Peace Nowniks in Israel with violence and so Nativ editors should be indicted and jailed. Of course, what they are REALLY demanding is that all those who do not agree with the radical defeatist and far-Left political views of Peace Now be criminalized. Which would be entirely consistent with the views and actions of Israel's McCarthyist Left over the past few years.

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 19:32:38 GMT

    Yossi Sarid, Minister of Education of the state of the People of the Book, has issued a fatwa prohibiting a Haifa area Rabbi from addressing school children. Anywhere anytime. The Rabbi in question is Rabbi Meir Druckman, the young Chief Rabbi of the Haifa suburb of Kiryat Motzkin. His crime? He has spoken out against Oslo. (You may recall that under the Peres regime before Netanyahu, the Rabbi of the Technion was similarly witch-hunted for criticizing Oslo.) Rabbi Druckman was in the news a couple of months back, when he spoke his mind. Two religious college students, boyfriend and girlfriend from Haifa, were murdered by an Israeli Arab near Megiddo who seems to have had nothing more important to do with his time that day. The boyfriend was from Kiryat Motzkin. After the funeral, the Rabbi denounced the Oslo accords in harsh terms and even said that those who signed them (meaning the PLO) were accomplices to murder or murderers, and even called them Nazis. A Labor Party member in the City Council named Friedman went through what has by now become the Labor Party's alternative to daily prayer and petitioned the authorities, including the police, to go after the Rabbi for "incitement". The other City Council members refused and Friedman then denounced these fellow alderman as resembling those Germans who kept silent while the Nazi crimes were taking place. Curious how Friedman was never prosecuted for THOSE statements. Now lest you be confused by all this, let us make things clear. In post-Rabin Israel, it is possibly a crime (the police are still investigating Druckman's statements) to say the PLO is a group of Nazis. But to say that people who do not denounce a Rabbi or demand his arrest are Nazi collaborators through their silence, THAT IS FREE SPEECH!! All clear now? Now word of all this Druckman incitement was whispered into the antlers of the Minister of Education. Sarid has now issued an injunction prohibiting Rabbi Druckman from entering any school on pain of arrest. Once it became clear that Druckman would not recant his comparison of the PLO to Nazis, as demanded by the Ministry of Education, Sarid issued his fatwa. The Rabbi responded by suggesting that Sarid go and reside in Gaza. Sarid says Druckman is similar to Rabbi Meir Kahane, the ultimate insult when voiced by a Leftist Israeli, although Druckman is NOT a Kahanist.

Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 08:02:39 GMT

    While the courts in Israel generally back up the McCarthyist anti-speech jihad of the Left, every once in a while they DO defend the rights of free expression, but in a somewhat selective way. Take Prof. Moshe Zimmerman, the Hebrew University historian and far-Leftist anti-Zionist who regular compares "settlers" with Nazis and says settler children are "Hitlerjugend". Well, after one such bout of lunacy a group of settlers decided to sue the good Professor for slandering their children. Yesterday the court in Jerusalem tossed out the suit, defending free speech. Now, had Zimmerman said that Oslo is a foolish idea, he might be doing time as we speak, possible in the cell next to Tatiana Suskind.

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