The most important single ingredient in the formula
of success is knowing how to get along with people.

Theodore Roosevelt, 1858-1919,
Twenty-sixth President of the USA

The most important single ingredient in getting along
with  your boss is being successful

A wiseguy, 4/2003,
after reading Theodore Roosevelt's quote,


    Interpersonal relations is key to success and happiness. Friends are one of the best antidotes to unhappiness.  Ironically sadness, low self esteem and other emotional distress often makes it harder to make new friends.  People don't want to be emotionally dragged down by the unhappiness of others.  In fact one may lose friends if one constantly drags them down.  One may become hostile at people because of rejection and that in turn will make it harder to make friends.  The loss of friends and rejection by potential new ones can lead to more distress which in turn makes it harder to make new friends and a cycle is created which leads to social isolation.  A happy person with high self esteem is much more attractive to people than an unhappy person with low self esteem. 

    The self help section describes ways to improve one's mood.

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