Judging People

    There is an old Indian Saying.


"Let us not judge any man until we have walked a mile in his moccasins..."

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    There is the belief that people should be totally nonjudgmental.  I don't agree with that.  We have a judicial system because judging is important.  As with everything there is a balance.  Before we judge though we should try and understand.  If we can't walk in someone's moccasins we should at least try and understand what it would be like to walk in them.

    A good way to get other people to understand you is to ask them to put themselves in your shoes.  For example I wanted my girlfriend to lose weight.  She said that if I loved her I would accept her the way she was and wouldn't try to change her.    I tried many arguments with her but was unsuccessful until I asked her to imagine she was dating a 300 pound man. I told her "You could love him and still want him to lose weight".  That seemed to get across to her.

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