Time Allocation

    Good time allocation is an important part of being successful.  For most people it's important to learn more in order to get ahead.    Many jobs however, put pressure on people to spend all their time working instead of learning.  It's very easy to give in to the pressure and to stop learning the skills or knowledge that could help one in the long run.  Investing the time in learning however may save a lot of time in the future.  Bad decisions based on ignorance can waste a lot of time.  In order to see to it that one does learn the knowledge and skills one needs it is helpful to create a rigid schedule in which certain times will be allocated for learning and for working.  Scheduling helps one see the forest and not get lost in the trees.  It helps one plan from an overall picture instead of being lost in details.  We can struggle with little problems and forget about another approach because we didn't set aside time to look at the overall picture in an organized way. 

    I often find myself in the situation where I have more ideas and projects to do than I can do.  There again it is important to realistically allocate time and determine which ones one can accomplish.  Printing out the form below and  filling it out is a simple way to start allocating one's time.  One cannot always stick to a schedule but a schedule is a starting point.

    If one wants to accomplish something one has to choose how many projects to work on.  If one is doing too many projects nothing will get done.  If one just does one project there will be times when one is waiting for something that is holding up the project during which one could be working on something else. 


Time Project
6 - 7 AM  


7 - 8 AM  


8 - 9 AM  



Time Project
9AM - 12 PM  


12 - 1 PM  


1 - 5 PM  


5 - 6 PM  



Time Project
6 - 7 PM  


7 - 8 PM  


8 - 9 PM  


9 - 10 PM  


10 - 11 PM  



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