Taking Risks

    Life involves risks,  however many people take unnecessary risks because it enables them to do something faster.  I was driving on a highway covered with freshly fallen snow and noticed how cars would speed under the treacherous conditions.  Surely enough soon there was an accident which created a traffic jam that extended for miles.  Because one person had to get somewhere quick thousands of people wound up getting to their destinations a lot slower including the person in the accident. 

    If one takes risks it's important to carefully think through what the consequences will be if your luck isn't with you and events take a turn for the worse.  An example of a common risk some people take in the information age is looking at pornographic sites at work.  They can lose their job doing this.  People take risks by avoiding medical checkups.   Diabetics take risks by eating sweets.  Rarely do the diabetics think to themselves, eating sweets could cause my kidneys to fail or eating sweets could cause my legs to be amputated.  

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