Most of us want to be happy, we just aren't.  So why am I listing reasons to be happy?  One reason is that part of the secret to happiness is motivation to be happy.  The other part is knowing how to be happy.  Happiness in addition to helping us feel good helps others feel good.  When a person is happy that happiness is like a ray of sunshine that enters the hearts of those around him and brings happiness to them.  A woman who does training for a software company told me a story that illustrates this.  She said that she is tired all the time because she has to travel every day to train people in different cities.  The day she had told me this she had just flown from Washington D.C. to New Jersey and was about to fly to Texas.  She said the hardest thing about the job was getting through the day when she's tired.  She then smiled and said that she didn't expect to have a problem getting through the day in Texas because the salesman who was going there with her was so upbeat.  His happiness gave her strength.  There are links to poems about how happiness spreads on the smile page of this web site. Happiness makes a man less likely to be angry when he should be forgiving and understanding.  Happiness makes a person more popular and more attractive.  Nobody wants to be with a depressed person.


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