When I was a boy I would say a prayer every morning when I woke up.  The prayer is a Jewish prayer which partly translated into English is

I am grateful in front of you,
Living King,
That you have returned in me my soul.

    I am no longer religious but I still think it's of value to think the equivalent of a morning prayer every morning.  This equivalent could be making a resolution to do try and be happy and to do good today.  It could be taking time out to cope with emotional pain with self help.  The morning prayer I used to say thanks God for restoring life or our soul to our bodies.  Whether we are religious or not we shouldn't take life for granted.  Life is now.  The morning prayer I used to say also teaches us to be grateful for what we have.  Our parents are responsible for us being here so we can remind ourselves to be grateful to them. 

   Every day is an opportunity to start over in our relationships with others.  We may be upset about something our partner did yesterday and still be angry at them.  Our partner may still be angry at us.  If we can try and let go of that anger every morning and resolve to be as nice as we can to our partner that can go a long way to making our relationship a happy one.


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