The Pressure Pyramid

    In most companies there is a pressure pyramid where ambition and competition motivates the boss to pressure his subordinates to perform faster and they then in turn pressure their subordinates who pressure their subordinates.  The pressure generally takes the form of a threat.  The threat could be that we will terminate your employment if you don't perform faster and put in longer hours.  This kind of threat is very common and is a major cause of unhappiness and loss of inner peace.  It is important to know how to defend one's emotional health against threats like this and it's important to know how to stop the fear that arises from this kind of threat. 

    The approach I use is

    One way people may respond to threats is to motivate themselves to deal with the the threat.  For example they may think to themselves:

  1. I'm not good enough if I don't get it done faster.
  2. Things will be terrible if I don't get it done faster.
  3. My boss will hate me if I don't get it done faster.

    The first of these (a) generates low self concept, (b) generates pessimism and anxiety and (c) generates paranoia.  These are the three core problems that are the psychological roots of depression and mental illness


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