Our happiness is often affected by how we perceive our current situation.  Dr. Julian Simon expressed this as a mood ratio.  One way to be happy is to appreciate what we have.

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Oh, I got plenty o' nuttin'
,An' nuttin's plenty fo' me.
I got no car,
got no mule,
I got no misery.

De folks wid plenty o' plenty
Got a lock on dey door.'
Fraid somebody's agoin' to rob `em
While dey's out amakin' more.
What's for?

I got no lock on de door,
(Dat's no way to be)
Dey can steal de rug from de floor
Dat's okeh wid me,

'Cause de things dat I prize
Like de stars in de skies
All are free.

Oh, I got plenty o' nuttin',
An' nuttin''s plenty for' me,
I got my gal,
got my song,
got Hebben de whole day long!

No use complainin'!
Got my gal,
got my Lawd,
got my song.

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