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    In the story Lost Horizon by James Hilton a group of Westerners are kidnapped to the hidden lamasery of Shangri-La in the Kuen-Lun Mountains.   Shangri-La is a peaceful idyllic place.  Perhaps the most important guiding philosophy of the monks of Shangri-La is "everything in moderation".

    James Hilton was probably telling us what he felt was important for a Shangri-La to exist. 

    Extreme beliefs are usually wrong (although not always sometimes the majority of people are wrong and the groups considered extreme are right).  and can lead to strife between people.  If people were less likely to become fanatical and stick to moderate beliefs the world probably would be a more peaceful place. 

    If we our moderate in the way we eat and exercise we are likely to be healthier than if we engage in extreme activity.

    If we our moderate in our emotions we are less likely to get ulcers and more likely to get along with people


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