Whenever you have an irresistible urge
Lie down and let it pass

    The sage words of advice above were given to me by my father after I did something foolish.  Being the stubborn person that I am, I have ignored that advice almost every time I have had an irresistable urge to do something and almost always regretted not heeding it later.

Though Fate Allows
The cruel to rule
Fate is cruel,
to the fool.

   Life is dangerous.  Easily made mistakes can have very consequences that are very hard to repair.  I have a friend who has financial difficulty but managed to scrape together money for a used car which she bought from a mechanic who she trusted.  The mechanic turned out to be untrustworthy.  She spent a lot of money on repairs on the car whose engine finally burned out and she lost the money she put into repair as well as the money she spent on the car.  After many months she earned enough money to put a downpayment on another car.  She checked to make sure the insurance rate would not be too high and then paid the downpayment.  Afterwards she found out that the insurance was higher than she had thought because of technicalities she did not know about.  Now she is faced with losing her deposit.  This friend of mine is not a stupid person.  She made mistakes that many of us could have made.   Mistakes are easy to make and can be very harmful.

    Often in life it is tempting to take unnecessary risks.  Taking a risk can make it easier for us to accomplish something faster or it can help us get what we want when we want it however, the consequences of things not working out can be terrible.  President Clinton took risks with his extramarital relationships.  He reasoned that if he and the woman didn't tell no one could prove anything and that even if the woman did tell he could deny it and it would be unprovable.   He was wrong.  His sexual escapades are now available for everyone to read in the Starr report.  He was impeached as a result.  House of Representatives speaker Bob Livingston who advocated the resignation of the president had to resign himself when his affairs were bought to light.  There is value to being paranoid about what can happen, when one considers taking risks.  Actually the ideal is to be realistic about what can happen.  A little paranoia may make us more realistic than if we just believe what we want to believe which is nothing will happen.  This kind of rationalization is one used by people who take the drugs or who engage in unprotected promiscuous sex.  They know there is a risk but they minimize it to themselves.  The consequence can be AIDS. 

    Sometimes we may not be sure of the right course to take.  Our logic may tell us one thing and our emotions another.  I tend to trust my logic more than my emotions but there are many times when my logic is flawed, and when I make mistakes.  Sometimes my gut emotional reaction is right.  In this case it's important to listen to one's heart and not just one's head. 

    One could argue that there is no such thing as a purely emotional reaction and that every emotional reaction is based on some kind of logic, yet I have definitely been in situations where my logic told me one thing and my emotions another.  Perhaps there are two lines of reasoning going on in my mind at once.  Whatever causes this conflict, the line of reasoning to which one's emotions are attached may be the right one and shouldn't be ignored if it conflicts with other lines of reasoning.

    A lot of what determines whether you have a happy successful life is whether you have good judgement and whether you follow your judgement even when it conflicts with your impulses or desires.  Life is like a chess game. Every move you make counts and affects the outcome.

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