The Danger of Jokes

    Making people laugh is a good way to make friends but sometimes I have experienced people taking seriously jokes that I have told them.  There are times they have concluded that I was strange and other times when they were offended. Sexual jokes can easily offend people.

    One can subdivide jokes into positive and negative jokes.  Negative jokes would be ones that contain putdowns such as ethnic jokes that make fun of the stupidity of an ethnic group.  There is always a risk of offending someone with such jokes.  One can make negative jokes about oneself, in fact Rodney Dangerfield made a career out of it, but people can such jokes seriously and conclude that one has low self esteem or that one is strange.  A woman I knew once told me that there is always an element of truth in jokes.

    Positive jokes are safer and create good feeling.  Jokes both positive and negative can be found on the Laughter is the Best Medicine page.



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