Translation of Yisrael Shiran's letter: (Written Oct or Nov 2000)

Please hang in the teacher's room

Principals, Teachers, and Senior Educators! The following letter is addressed to the Prime Minister and Education Minister. Please read this letter. If you identify with its contents, and you wish to join the educators who have already shown their sympathy, added their signatures, and believe in their ability to influence, please sign at the bottom of the letter and return it as quickly as possible to fax: 04-8258923. Photocopy this letter and distribute it among your fellow teachers and principals. All the copies of the letter, with your signatures, will be delivered to the Prime Minister and Education Minister on Thursday, November 2, 2000 with the prayer and hope for better days, and with our thanks to contact the principals and educators who have initiated and written the letter: cell phone: 050-570832 fax: 04-8258923


To: The Prime Minister and Education Minister Mr. Ehud Barak

     Marheshvan 11, the day on which the Prime Minister, Mr. Yitzhak Rabin, of blessed memory, was assassinated is approaching. Until now, since the horrible murder of Y. Rabin, the heads of the Education Ministry would order the many school principals to conduct on this day memorial assemblies and to discuss with their pupils the "heritage of peace of Yitzhak Rabin." Now, in a time of "distress and hardship" for Israel, in which we realize - whoever has a rational mind and eyes in his head - every day, and sometimes every hour, that it was "Rabin the man" who bears the actual and primary responsibility for the horrendous situation in which our state and our people find themselves. The "Rabin heritage" is, in fact, a "heritage" of capitulation and servility, and, most seriously, a "heritage" of the giving over of firearms to the Arab/Palestinian enemy, who in these very days is aiming those weapons at us, at our children, and at our homes. This leads us to the clear, painful, and obvious conclusion: Rabin the man and his "way of peace" are what brought us to this grave and intolerable situation, with an actual war being waged before our very eyes throughout our land. (We naturally will not discuss in this letter the degree of responsibility of the others who shared in this "way.")

     We principals, teachers, and educators from the State and State-Religious educational streams ask you to "take stock," an action that (we hope) will lead you to rise and admit, before the people and the world, that "Rabin the Man and His Heritage" are no longer a subject for study by the public at large, and certainly not by the educators in Israel and their pupils; that on the day on which Prime Minister Rabin, of blessed memory, was murdered, there will be no directive by officials in the Education Ministry to conduct various manner of memorial assemblies and spiritual stocktaking. We also expect that no directive will be given to hang the picture of Rabin, of blessed memory, in public (of course, it is not fitting, on this day, specifically, to express our view, that can be understood from this letter, regarding "Rabin and his heritage").

     We will in no manner agree that the man who handed over the weapons of war to the enemy who "rises against us to destroy us" will be the man whose heritage, way, and personality we will study. All the above, it should be emphasized, is despite our great shock at the very despicable act of assassination, about which it is fitting and necessary to talk, to relate, and to denounce the act and the one who committed it!

     We will not agree to be false to ourselves!

Copies: Members of the Knesset Education Committee

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