It is the peace of the grave that Olmert/Peres embrace Before the "peace process" terror attacks against Israelis were rare and severely punished. Israel didn't release terrorists. Israel, though much smaller than today, was respected by friend and foe alike. What have "peace" talks done for Israel? Cost us the Sinai. We'd be infinitely better off with the Sinai than worthless paper. Cost us tens of thousands of murdered and maimed civilians. Cost us the respect of all, including ourselves. Our pursuit of "peace" has been a complete disaster. We'd be far better off pursuing strength and self respect. Olmert/Peres lead us only to the peace of the grave.

    In politics honor is often sacrificed to avoid war and the result is a more costly war.  Neville Chamberlain pressured Britain's ally Czechoslovakia to give the Sudetenland to Hitler in return for a promise of peace.   When Mr. Chamberlain returned to Britain he was given an ecstatic reception.  He stood outside Number 10 Downing Street read the peace agreement and concluded:

"My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time."

Winston Churchill denounced the Agreement in the House of Commons:

We have suffered a total and unmitigated will find that in a period of time which may be measured by years, but may be measured by months, Czechoslovakia will be engulfed in the Nazi régime. We are in the presence of a disaster of the first magnitude...we have sustained a defeat without a war, the consequences of which will travel far with us along our road...we have passed an awful milestone in our history, when the whole equilibrium of Europe has been deranged, and that the terrible words have for the time being been pronounced against the Western democracies: "Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting". And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.

Churchill was right.  Later on when reflecting on the disaster of Munich Churchill wrote about the problem of deciding when military force needed to be used.  He wrote:

"There is, however, one helpful guide, namely, for a nation to keep its word and to act in accordance with its treaty obligations [Churchill is referring to France's obligations to Czechoslovakia]. This guide is called honour. It is baffling to reflect that what men call honour does not correspond always to Christian ethics...Here [] the moment came when Honour pointed the path of Duty, and when also the right judgment of the facts at the time would have reinforced its dictates."

    Honour is a guide as to when it is right or wrong to use force.  Chamberlain announced peace with honor but there was no honor in the betrayal of England's ally Czechoslovakia and the result was a much more brutal and costly war than otherwise would have been fought and the death of millions who might have been spared. 

      Often there appears to be a tradeoff between making peace and honor.  We see a similar scenario to the sacrifice of Czechoslovakia with the pressure being put on Israel to give up land for peace.  Unfortunately there are many influential Israelis who are more than willing to sacrifice principles and honor for peace two examples being Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres.   One reader of Israel National News, Chaim, (19/07/07),  wrote:

One thing the Saudis insisted on was that they not shake hands with the Israelis.  Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said that while he was going to Annapolis, he would not join in any Arab-Israeli handshakes like those stage-managed by U.S. officials at past conferences, such as the one between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat in 1993.

If you have to sacrifice your honor and your principles for peace than most likely you are not getting peace.

“We are not prepared to take part in a theatrical show, in handshakes and meetings that don’t express political positions. We are going with seriousness and we work on the same seriousness and credibility,” he said after the meeting.  Arabs at Conference Called Step Forward 

How serious is Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal about peace if he won't even shake hands?  How willing to compromise is he?  It is likely that there are religious reasons he won't shake hands.  In medieval Iran, Jews could not walk outside in the rain lest the water that touched them wash onto Muslim feet. (Badging Infidels in Iran)

Dan Senor wrote in the Wall Street Journal 12/3/07 that Israeli reporters were kicked out of a press event for the arrival of Arab League foreign ministers (they had to cover it from out in the rain, while the rest of the press corps was given access).  If the United States actively engages in such discrimination Israel should not participate in any more peace conferences.

An American woman soldier sued the U.S. government for forcing her to wear Islamic dress in Saudi Arabia?  The way America crawls in front of Saudi Arabia is shameful. 

    According to Israel National News  two young Israeli men, David Rubin and Achikam Amichai were murdered while hiking in the Telem Stream region near Hevron. They were ambushed by four terrorists, but managed to return fire and kill two of them.   The two surviving murderers are Ali a-Hamid Rajeb Dandis, a clerk at Hevron’s Islamic Court and member of Fatah’s intelligence wing, and Amr Bader a-Halim Taha, a resident of the Abu-Sneineh hills opposite Hevron’s Jewish community and member of the Fatah-controlled PA security forces. The two took refuge shortly after the murders among their fellow PA security men in an apparently successful attempt to avoid arrest by the IDF.   The Olmert government probably in order to help the peace process, agreed to let the murderers remain in PA custody.  The IDF has operation plans ready and was poised to intercept the terrorists but the Olmert government refused to grant authorization.

     Allowing terrorists to get away with murder of one's brethren is dishonorable behavior to say the least.  Perhaps it was done with the idea that it would help bring peace but inevitably it will encourage more murders since there is no price to pay for murdering.  Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu slammed the decision, saying “the humiliating agreement of the Olmert-Barak government to give up on arresting the PA heads that murdered Achikam Amichai and David Rubin is yet another testimony to the weakness and loss of national honor on the part of this government. An immediate demand that the murderers be handed over must be made.”

Nachi Ayal, who directs the Land of Israel Legal Forum, said the decision constitutes an open invitation to terrorists to attack any citizen of Israel, since in exchange they will be presented with a vacation sponsored by the Palestinian Authority.


   Does the president pray to God for guidance?  The guidance is already given to us.  It is out sense of honor and ethics and right or wrong. 

French honor guard for Arafat was shameful but may not be relevant to this article.  Didn't prevent the riots.





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