The Value of Hate


Jeff Jacoby wrote an article in the Boston Globe (11/21/04), titled When Hatred is Necessary after Arafat died and President Bush said "God bless his soul".  Jeff Jacoby wrote:

To bless the Hitlers and the Arafats of this world is to betray their victims. That we must never do...This theme has been explored in the journal First Things, in a brilliant essay by Meir Y. Soleveichik titled "The Virtue of Hate."    But when hatred is called for, he notes, it serves a vital function. "Hate allows us to keep our guard up, to protect us. When we are facing those who seek nothing but our destruction, our hate reminds us who we are dealing with. When hate is appropriate, then it is not only virtuous, but essential."   

   Shmuley Boteach wrote an article titled Moral people must learn how to Hate.  I include two paragraphs below:

Hatred does not cause wars, it ends them. Because Churchill truly hated Hitler, he inspired a nation to put an end to his blitzkrieg conquests. The French, who did not hate Hitler, collaborated with him, instead. It is indifference to evil, rather than its hatred, that sends a message to the tyrants that they pick on anyone they like for the world will be silent.

He who does not hate Abu Musab al Zarkawi – a monster who shouts "God is great" while sawing off the heads of innocent human beings – is barely human themselves. Can a man love innocent victims without hating their tormentors? Loving victims might generate compassion for their suffering. But hating the perpetrators will generate action to stop their orgy of murder.


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