Humankind cannot bear very much reality
T.S. Elliot

It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is
than to persist in delusion,
however satisfying and reassuring.
Carl Sagan

    I dated a woman who had trouble facing reality.  She was diabetic and wouldn't take care of herself.  She would rather block her diabetes out of her mind.  I managed to get her to participate in a research study where they examined her and found that she was in imminent danger of losing her eyesight due to retinopathy.  The doctors participating in the research study performed emergency laser surgery and saved her eyesight.  By not wanting to see she almost lost her ability to see.   If she hadn't had gone to the research study and continued hiding from reality she would have gone blind.  Apparently my girlfriend is not alone among diabetics and people with other illnesses who choose to deny reality and not taking appropriate treatments for their illness.

   According to Recovery web:

Denial is the PRIMARY psychological symptom of addiction. It is an automatic and unconscious component of addictions. Addicts are often the last to recognize their disease, pursuing their addictions into the gates of insanity, the collapse of health and ultimately death. Sadly, many addicts continue to act out on their addictions while their world collapses around them - blaming everything but the addiction for their problems.

Denial is one of the reasons that recovery from addictions is seldom effective if the chemically dependent person is forced into treatment. You cannot work on a problem unless you accept that it exists.

   A friend of mine was engaged to a woman who refused to face reality.  He didn't face reality about her because he loved her.  His sad story is told on the False Memory Page of this web site.

   Should we face reality if reality is bad?  Isn't it better to be happy than to worry?  If we don't worry we won't take the appropriate action to prevent problems from getting worse and the worse they get the less happy we and others will be. 

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