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    Many of us at one time or another in our lives have the urge to be famous and to be in the spotlight.     It's important to be aware of the danger of being in the spotlight.  If everyone watches your every move they're also watching your every mistake.  A friend of mine was told by a talk show that a handsome man from her past wanted to  reveal himself to her on the show.  She was very curious as to who this man was and started fantasizing about all the men in her past that she wanted to be with and hoping that he was one of them.  She agreed to appear on the show.  The man turned out to be someone she did not want to be with.  She had to reject him in front of a national audience and appear cruel and selfish.  I managed to get some newspapers to interview me about a political project I did.  I had to answer questions quickly and answered them foolishly and my foolish answers were printed for all to see.  The lesson from all of this is before stepping in the spotlight be prepared and know what to expect.  



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