In 2004, Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Robert B. Charles compared the loss of life in the United States to drugs with the loss of life on September 11, 2001.  We lost 21,000 kids in this country last year to drugs—that’s seven Twin Towers.

     The best arguments against drugs are the stories of what happens to the people who take them.    Here are two such stories:

Excerpts from Heart of Darkness (New York Post Nov 28, 1999)

Excerpts from Death Duo's Sad Descent Into a Drug Nightmare (New York Post 5/15/02)

   According to a New York Post article 'Mary Jane can make you Insane' (11/22/02)

"Very young adolescents who use cannabis have an increased risk for developing schizoprehenia as adults," Dr. Louise Arseneault, of Kings College in London, reported in the British Medical Journal.

In a study of 1,037 people born in New Zealand between 1972-73, Arseneault found that those who began using cannabis as teens were four times more likely to suffer from psychiatric problems as adults than adolescents who did not use the drug.

     Sometimes there are toxic batches of drugs.  The consequence can be seen in the pictures here.  People steal and stab to get money to get more drugs.

     Drugs don't just adversely affect the people who take them.  According to Sandy Berger (August 2000) drugs are threatening to turn the country of Columbia into a dictatorship.

Colombia is a country going through a violent period of kidnappings, massacres by paramilitaries and Marxist rebels, and drug trafficking that funds an insurgent conflict. White House National Security Adviser Sandy Berger said the country is engaged in a "life-or-death struggle" for democracy.

   If the devil exists and wanted to create a magical powder that would make man evil, he could not do better than drugs.  The story below is based on this idea.

      In ancient times before man lived on the earth the struggle of good and evil was taking place between God and the Devil.  And God created plants and made them beautiful and bear fruit and flowers and the devil was jealous and corrupted some of the plants so they produced poison.  In order to do this the devil had to give up his strength and he became weak and close to dying after using his magic to do so.  Then God created man and some men ate of the poisoned plants and became sick. As they suffered the Devil gained in strength and intelligence.  Since God gave man intelligence man soon learned to avoid these plants.  The devil weakened again until men realized that the poison in the plants could be put on the tips of arrows  and these arrows could be used to kill other men.  With each murder the devil grew more powerful and more intelligent and his desire to do evil to men increased.  Although his plant poisons killed some men the devil thirsted for more death and more pain.  As man killed man the Devil's intelligence increased and one terrible day the most horrible and brilliantly evil inspiration thrilled the Devil.   What if he could create a poison that man would desire?  Better yet what if he could make this poison addictive so that the more a man partook of it the more man would desire it.  Soon man would be a slave to this poison and consume more and more until it destroyed him.  In the mean time he would kill to get more of the poison and to get more money from selling the poison.  The Devil knew that to create such a poison would weaken his powers but he also knew that once it was created his power would grow.  Then the Devil entered the poison laden plants and with all his power managed to change some of the poisons so they would be appealing to man.  So much of his power did the devil use that he was close to death.  Soon man discovered the poison and soon after men were partaking of it.  Men became slaves of the poison and killed and were killed and the devil grew to be a match for God himself.   When God saw the evil being done by man to man he commanded the poison to change back but the poison did not change.  The devil said, "You cannot change the poison my power is a match for yours and growing.  If I grow strong enough soon even you will be my slave."  And God was said "You have done great evil and I fear that you will triumph but I will do all I can to educate people not to take drugs".  Educate laughed the Devil.  "People won't listen to your messengers, they'll believe that drugs are harmless they will rationalize anything to have more.  Haven't you heard people say how drugs help their creativity.  You don't have a chance."


One of the Goo Goo Dolls wrote a song called Black Balloon about losing his wife to drugs.  It's a great song and an explanation of it is given here. 

Marijuana is considered safer than other drugs but it's dangerous too.  See

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