When a person is punished for doing wrong he has a choice.  One choice is to accept that he has done wrong and deserves the punishment and to feel guilt and low self esteem as a result.  The other is to convince himself that he is right and the person who is punishing him is unjustly hurting him for evil reasons.  The second choice creates paranoia.  The first choice involves hurting one's own self esteem.  If one follows the first choice one's mind will most likely keep trying to find a way to take the second choice. 

    Is there a way to accept that we have done wrong and protect our self esteem at the same time?  Before we can boost our self esteem we need to make a decision not to repeat the behavior and to try and make amends for what wrong we have done.  We can then be proud of the fact that we are willing to face that we did wrong, that we are going to do what we can to make amends and that we will make out best effort not to do the offending behavior again.  


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