I'd rather die fighting for my country than live in fear all the time
Daniel Cherry explaining why he enlisted in the Marines two days after the World Trade Center terrorist attack

Courage is doing what you have to do even though you are afraid
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's father to his son.

     Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck starred in a movie called The Snows of Kilimanjaro, based on the story by Ernest Hemingway.  In it Cynthia, Harry Street's wife, finds out that she is pregnant.  She asks a friend whether she should tell her husband.  She is afraid that she might lose him if she tells him.  He friend responded with the following words:

    When you run away, you are most likely to stumble.

    Part of courage is not being afraid to reveal reality and another part is not being afraid to face it oneself. 

    Happiness often takes courage.  It's easier to worry.  If one looks worried at work than one's boss thinks one takes one's work seriously.  Worry is a defensive action.  If one chooses to be happy that can be a choice to not be in a defensive mode and that can take courage.

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