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    Sometimes people dwell on problems which continuously make them more upset.  Being upset about a problem can be a good thing if it motivates a person to take action to solve it.  Sometimes however one can dwell on a problem and get nowhere and just become more and more unhappy or angry.   Dwelling on something upsetting over and over again is analogous to a broken record that keeps repeating the same phrase and so I refer to this problem as the broken record problem.  These broken records can be very dangerous in real life.  Lets take the example of a man who has been rejected by his girlfriend.  He may keep dwelling on this rejection because he still loves her and wants her back.  He will think about her because he wants her back and as he thinks about her he will think about the way she rejected him.  If thinking about the rejection makes him angry than constantly thinking about it could lead him to hurt her.  If it makes him feel low self esteem than constantly dwelling on the rejection could lead him to hurt himself.


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