Asking Questions

Asking Oneself Questions:

   Questions can lead a person to focus on a problem they are having and can help them analyze it.  This leads to better understanding of the problem and a better ability to deal with it. 

Asking Others Questions:

    Recently I spent a couple of days trying to solve a computer software problem.  A coworker who was working with me asked her boyfriend who is a programming guru to help her solve the problem.  He did in a short time because he knew a fact that I would have never guessed was true.  One can spend a long time trying to figure out what an expert can solve quickly.  We can't ask experts everything because they don't have the time to solve all our problems for us.   Often they are very busy.  Often I have felt uncomfortable asking help of people who I knew could help me for that reason. 

     Sometimes when we solve our own problems ourselves we can learn a lot.

    It's not good to be at either extreme.  If a problem is taking a long time to solve it's probably time to ask an expert.

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