Self Hate

    Self hate can occur in groups as well as in individuals as David Solway has written.

Sander Gilman wrote Jewish Self-Hatred [7] (titled after Theodor Lessing’s seminal 1933 book [8]) and called the “historiography of self-hatred,” a lengthy chronicle of Jews committed to “altering their sense of self,” to neutralizing the power of the demeaning cultural stereotype of the Jew “as if it were a valid set of descriptive categories,” and to becoming “what they wish themselves to be.”..

Israeli novelist Benjamin Kerstein, who at one time belonged to this perverse school of thought and behavior, confides [10] that “we were taught to be essentially self-hating. If we didn’t hate ourselves and hate Israel, we were told that we were racist.” Young people indoctrinated in this way are the victims of “psychological abuse” and their preceptors subject to a kind of “auto-totalitarianism.” For Kerstein, such reflexive loathing is nothing short of a “psychosis.” And there can be no doubt that this is a specifically Jewish phenomenon. Who ever heard of a self-hating Muslim?

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