Women want to find one Mr. Right,
and men want to find all the dream girls they can get their hands on.

Bill OReilly in Esquire Interview January 2002

Are you a girl who doesn't know what to say to men to attract them?  L.A.-based journalist Alli Reed set out to create the most despicable, gag-worthy dating profile imaginable. For her Cracked column, she wanted to see if she could create a profile so repulsive, so utterly insane, that no man would respond -- despite the array of smokin’ pics that accompanied it (she used pics of a model friend). And guess what? She got more than 150 messages in the first 24 hours.  Alesandra Dubin wrote: "But wait, there’s actually more: After Reed discovered the initial flood of emails, she set about on the new goal of trying to turn off the men through batty, barely coherent messages. In the end, nothing worked. The responders were like zombies who kept lunging forward with drooling mouths agape."

I think you the lesson here is that you have to say isn't that important if you're pretty.  What about women.  Someone should post a picture of a very rich and good looking man and see what happens.  Actually a commenter said he did.  He wrote:

"Yes, well I did my own little dating experiment years ago on Love@AOL. For years I had a profile - I'm athletic, good looking, have many interests in the arts, etc - and I would receive maybe one email per month, BUT I didn't list my salary. I was pretty specific about what I wanted in a woman, someone with like interests and athletic like me. One day, I decided to include the fact that I made over $100,000 per year. BINGO! I found the secret.. I started getting two and three emails a day - from women that were 10 and 15 years different in age and very different in lifestyles. So it appears that men are looking for big "boobs", and women are looking for big..... "wallets".


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